Nokia Is Stalking My Wife

Take a good look at your telephone. I mean, really look at it.

Now think about how important that phone is to the growth of your online business. More on that later!

If you are like many people in the Attention Age, your cell phone is probably your primary telephone. It may also be the most important social connection tool you’ll ever own.

Whether you carry it on your belt or in a purse, your cell phone is always with you, always there. You’re never more than just a phone call away from anyone in the world from anywhere in your world.


This is a monumental development that has only occurred in the past few years. And it’s worthy of our attention because things are changing in a hurry.

It seems that the companies that manufacture our cell phones are not content with merely providing us with cool and colorful little gadgets.

Phone manufacturers want more, much more of your attention and your business.

That’s why I think that Nokia is stalking my wife and she doesn’t even know it.

My wife has developed quite an ability to send text messages on her phone. She is constantly tapping away on that phone like a woodpecker in search of a juicy meal.

What’s more remarkable is knowing that her friends are doing the same thing, at the same time, wherever they may be as they continue conversations that “just have to happen right now.

And phone companies such as Nokia are loving it.

AdWeek reports that Nokia recently purchased Enpocket as part of a larger strategy to challenge MySpace as a social networking giant.

Nokia sells about a million phones a day worldwide. The company has 850 million phone users. That’s a lot of people available for immediate social connection.

Nokia has developed something called MOSH short for mobilize and share which will allow consumers to swap photos, videos and audio files via cell phone.

Just imagine what my wife can do with this service. And she’s not alone!

Since its Aug. 9 launch, MOSH has registered more than 100,000 new users a day. The ability to connect people through voice, texting, photo images, and wireless Internet is astounding.

This brings me back to your business:

  • What impact can this type of social networking have on your online business?
  • If you could connect this easily with customers all over the world through their cell phones, what kind of success might you claim?
  • How would you become a major player in the marketplace?

But before you get carried away, really look at your phone and be honest with yourself:

You don’t have any idea how to work this thing, do you?

I mean, beyond the basics of “phone rings, I answer it. Many of our phones now have texting features, video capabilities, MP3 music enhancements, Internet connections it’s crazy.

Yet how often do you really use the phone for making connections that will help your business grow?

I ask this important question as it relates to growing and marketing your online business.

When I started my business, it all began with phone calls to the people I thought could help me the most. I called Jay Abraham. I called John Carlton. I called John Reese. I called many of the top Internet marketing, copyrighting and business minds I knew and picked their brains for ideas on success.

I set up interviews. I met them in person. I built my business on the relationships I developed, and I learned from their experiences.

My success began by overcoming my fears and picking up the phone.

cell_worldblog.jpgSo many online entrepreneurs have great ideas, but don’t have the gumption to put them into action. Perhaps you fall into this category. If so, it’s time to re-evaluate your goals.

If your ideas are so great, why can’t you pick up the phone and call someone about them? What’s holding you back? If you don’t take the risk, you won’t see the reward.

If you want to develop and market your online business, you’d better learn about social networking and get involved in some of the most influential circles that can make your business take off.

The Attention Age waits for no one. It certainly won’t wait for you to decide when you’re ready to jump into the water and start swimming for more successful shores. Whether this means making a simple phone call or commenting on the blogs of the most influential people in the blogosphere, you have to get started now. Don’t delay your success.

You have to take action yourself before your competitors do.

And if you are thinking about asking my wife to do it for you, you can forget that now! She’s already too busy texting her friends. 😉

The Nokia social networking news should be encouraging and empowering for your online business. And it serves as a helpful reminder for us all.

Take advantage of the technology tools around you, but let your own inner drive for achievement be the greatest spark for your business.

Ask yourself: Are you helping your business through social networking? What’s your favorite tool?

Success begins two days after the day before yesterday. Are you ready?

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9 thoughts on “Nokia Is Stalking My Wife”

  1. I am just getting into this new technique.. it takes a lot of work, so I’d suggest using one of the top ones and an up and comer..

    I see you added Shpinn. It seems to have a lot of potential.

    I like my Blog Log- It has a social aspect and also has stats…

  2. Social networking is a great tool, but it takes a couple of hours a day to keep it working. Is this something we should pay attention to? I think so, but it can eat up an awful lot of your time if you let it.

  3. You’re right!
    People are becoming increasing impatient and don’t like to be kept waiting. They’re increasingly accustomed to getting what they want, when and where they want it. And slow Internet services just don’t sell. As broadband increasingly becomes the norm, services will have to include music, gaming, information updates, news, sports, weather, multimedia messaging combining images, video and voice as well as global positioning services that locate friends, a taxi stand or a nearby restaurant and the information must be instantaneous.

    I work for Ericsson right now (besides running my business) and I can tell you, this year, Ericsson Consumer Lab interviewed 31,000 consumers of all ages in 25 countries around the world and found out around 65% of them always take a mobile phone with them when leaving home (if you consider only those who actually have mobile phones this figure goes up to 90%). On the other hand when they asked the most advanced internet users in the most advanced age groups (15-39), in three of the most advanced countries (US, UK, Japan), about their laptop use, 80% of the people had used a laptop at home, but only 20% said they had ever used one out in the town.

    One of the features that graped my attention and as high as 50% of consumers (in the study) show interest to is “instant product info”. Basically you can point your mobile phone at an individual barcode on a package of any hamburger from McDonald’s, to connect to the internet and find how many calories the burger has:-)

    It’s like the world is in your hand, and your hand is in the world. So, get them where they are. They’re right in your hand:-)


  4. Great post. Its the thought of spam marketing that kept me from posting my phone number.

    Would have loved it if you ended the post with, “can you hear me now? “..Hehehe

  5. Great article. Are you Australian? I am. Can’t wait to get the report. I hate the Mobile but you are right. I must learn. Sorry about your wife though. She can ring me anytime. Cheers.
    Margaret Le Foe

    • Hi Margaret,

      I’m from Brisbane. Where do you live?

      My current blogs are on personal development and nlp in daily life.

      What are yours on?

      Great networking blog, Rich, thanks.


      BTW – great postings also.

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  7. The remark directly above this one is the reason I am very reluctant to put anything personal online! Now should you remove that stupid (Forget that I wasn’t going to use anything negative today in any aspect of life) post that looks as if a carnally obsessed virus munched on it, no one will have any idea why I wrote this.

    According to your great content about the mobile telephone, it looks as if soon I will have to go back on my promise to myself when I threw out my last cellphone that I would never carry another. Sigh…and that I would never purchase or use a laptop. Cha-ching. n.kateus


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