Under the Influence of Attention

http://www.strategicprofits.com/blogpics/1_ideaicon.jpgHow influential are you? 

Tough question, isn’t it? I encourage you to give it serious thought.

First, let’s define the term to avoid confusion.

Influence is the ability to become a compelling force on others. It is an ingredient of persuasion.

Influence spreads quickly and easily among an audience.

Don’t confuse this with influenza… That’s something altogether different.

Influence can bring greater attention to the influencer as ideas and emotions are spread.

Other times, influence escapes our visible attention. Instead, it is felt –  a silent emotion. It is a feeling that pushes us or pulls us in one direction or another.

What is the greatest influence in your life? Perhaps that’s where you should place your most attention.

Our parents warned us in our childhood about bad influences. They are the kinds that lurk in the alleyways and in the deep recesses of our mind.

Now we are grown and accountable for our actions. We seek good influences, the kind that will propel our business and enrich our lives.

But who or what is providing influence on you right now? Is this influence for the good or is it steering you away from your goals?

Perhaps that’s not so easy to determine, but determine it you must.

Many people think of influence as something that comes with power or money. We see it on display in politics and celebrity culture. We often give attention to those we perceive to have great influence. This is not always wise, but it is quite common.

When we ourselves have influence on others it comes bundled with responsibility. You may feel this as a mother or father. You may know this as the owner of a business or leader of a community group.

As you create and develop your online business, think about the influence you have and what you intend to do with it.

If you have the ability to influence others, how will this realization shape your online business?

Who will you reach with your messages? How will you improve their lives?

As a business owner, each day you stand at the edge of a cliff. The cliff represents opportunity. From your vantage point, you overlook the marketplace. If you could just influence this market, you will find success.

But you are on the edge of that cliff for a reason. You know rewards do not come without risks. If you take a misstep, you will fall from the cliff. Such are the perils of entrepreneurship.

So, what will influence you to take the proper steps toward success? What is the source of influence that allows you to move forward with confidence?

Imagine me as an entrepreneurial traffic cop. I’m approaching your vehicle with this question: Is your business driving under the influence (DUI)? If so, where are you driving your business?http://www.strategicprofits.com/blogpics/1_drinkicon.jpg

–  Is your goal to influence buying decisions among the marketplace?
–  Do you hope to influence others with your wisdom?
–  Are you intent on using your business influence to improve living conditions in your home and in your community?

In the Attention Age, everyone is an influencer. What makes this age special is that now all of those influencers are becoming networked.

Consider this: Just by writing a blog, I have influence. People see my name; they recognize it and give weight to my ideas and opinions, for better or worse.

By reading a blog and sharing a message with others, you have influence. By linking to this blog and encouraging others to do the same, you help spread the messages that influenced you. You are building a network of influence.

Your comments on my blog have influence, too. I read them, and so do many others. By providing us with comments, you help influence the decisions of online entrepreneurs just like you whom you may never meet.

Your words provide inspiration. Your insights deliver clarity and give others a sense of purpose.

I know they do for me.

So I’ll ask you a simple and direct question to spark some comments:

Who are the greatest influences in your life?

There may be one or there may be 100. Let me know by sharing your comments on my blog.

By becoming a source of information for others, you exhibit influence. That influence may develop into a profitable business for you. It could provide the basis of future friendships. Or, you just may be content in being a trusted conduit of attention for influential information.

Give influence your attention.

Understand its power and impact on your daily decisions.

Commit to positive influences that lead to greater rewards. Your business deserves your utmost attention.  Let the influence on your business be one that promotes growth and brings happiness.

Post your comment here… 

37 thoughts on “Under the Influence of Attention”

  1. Hi Rich,
    Influence is a great topic, and one after my heart. At 52 years of age, I often feel like a child in the overall scheme of things.

    Coming from a musical background, and as a blues guitarist, some of my biggest influences were other guitarists, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

    In my marketing career I have been influenced by other marketers, starting way back with Napoleon Hill, then Larry Thompson, Mark Hughes, Jim Fobair, Mark Yarnell, and more recently other Internet Marketers, Corey Rudl, Declan Dunn, Mark Joyner, Alan Bechold, Ewen Chia, Matt Bacak, Mike Filsaime, Stephen Pierce, and even You. Seems like you just can’t help but learn from everyone.

    Now entering my 10th year online, and after signing up over 250,000 Affiliates and approaching $65 Million in Online Sales, I’m starting to feel like I may actually have a little influence myself.

    All The Best!


    • Hi Steve,

      I’ve heard some pretty shady things about Jim Fobair are any of those true? And if so, does that mean that any influence gained by associating with a person like that (assuming any allegations are true) make that influence on you (or me) something to keep as far away from as possible? In other words, is Jim fobair a person to stay away from or can one do legitimate business with him?

  2. The major influence of my life summed up the primary requirement for success in business and life when he said “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” The golden rule is just as relevant to life’s success today as it was 2000 years ago when those words were first uttered by Jesus Christ.

  3. Unlike the not so funny comic Kathy Griffin who made the following offensive remark about Jesus at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards…

    “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus,” an exultant Griffin said, holding up her statuette. “Suck it, Jesus. This award is my god now.”

    I would have to say that Jesus IS my main influence in how I live my life. Even if it was not for the Christianity part of it all, He still left great examples for us all to live by. Read the book 🙂
    He was also a great word of mouth marketer. I mean, it’s been 2007 years and people are still talking.

    Secondly I would say my Mom (Turned 75 on the 17th of September). The trials she faced throughout life and the way she has overcome them has been a great inspiration for me. She is my major human influence and gets the credit for all that I will ever become.

    Last but not least, Bob Marley.
    I’m sure we all have a musical hero who’s lyrics and music has lifted our spirits and gave us a boost of energy or motivation at one time or another. Growing up listening to Bob is also a major reason why I was “influenced” to now mainly listen and Produce Reggae Music as opposed to other styles.

    That’s it for my influences.

    Arnold Hugo Stolting.

  4. Hello Rich,

    Obviously you have a great influence on me, with all the wise & valuable content you share.

    I used to be greatly influenced by too many different so-called gurus when first getting started online to the degree of going in too many different directions, ending in total confusion.

    I do now know who I trust & who I don’t. 🙂

    Now I only have about five actual gurus, that I read their emails & listen to what they have to say. All are very successful & are a positive influence.

    I do also have a couple of mentors in my main business which has had a huge influence on me & has allowed me to get more direction & remain much more focused now.

    I would love to be a positive influence on others from what I have learnt. (mainly the hard way) 🙂

    The tricky part is earning that trust online, especially when people don’t really know who you are. 🙂 and as you know that doesn’t happen overnight.

    It can be difficult to share with people something that you know can help many, but with so much BS out there, why should people believe you, unless they know you, 🙂 they tend not to.

    Just another sales pitch, is the usual thoughts…. & who can blame anyone for thinking that way, when we get bombarded every single day with useless crap… (to be blunt)

    I have recently started networking a lot more these days, & have made some really nice friends & business associates, so I’ll just keep doing more of that, & over time people will start to realise I am honest, down to earth & genuinely out to help others as best I can.

    If you look at all the big names in Internet Marketing, it has taken them years to get where they are now, so persistence & “keep on keeping on” with honesty & integrity & it will pay off big time.

    Knowledge is power, & I guess we never do stop learning, and I still have a lot to learn, but having the right influences it is much more fun than stressful these days.

    Thanks, Dianne Kneller 🙂

    “Some Pursue Happiness – Others Create It”

  5. Dale Carnegie wrote a book a long time ago called “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Notice one of the key phrases, “Influence People.” When I first saw the title, I thought Dale was going to try and sell me on “tricks” to get people to do what I wanted. It was just the opposite. Being forthright and honest and dealing from integrity were keystones. Based on Rich’s direction in this post, I think I’ll go back and read Dale’s book again. What was good for us then is bound to be good for us in today’s online world.

    Thanks for the post, Rich.

  6. Hi Rich.
    The greatest influences in my life were my late parents and grandparents. I am compelled to comment today because I recall my grandfather telling me that “if a person can offer a service, he can make money”.
    Now the cool thing is, in starting my Internet business, I am enjoying helping people who visit my website. Yes, the money is important, but the joy is in trying to become an influence to others.

    And by the way, I enjoy learning about the Attention Age.

  7. Interesting question. The span of a lifetime reveals many who have influenced along the way. Reading a post from above reminded me of course of Napolean Hill and his “if you can see it in your mind’s eye it can be.” Which has always served as my compass point north in believing in my ideas and entire vision of what can be.

    Then you have to factor in Carl Jung and the concept of the collective unconsciousness and the power of synchronicity, and then my belief in God and my understanding of free will and knowing there are no real coincidences, and that is a powerful influencer.

    In every day life my mother’s ethics as taught silently through example to me have sculpted the manner in which I deal with people and how I treat people. Also, my nephew has been a tremendous influence on my life because I keep my head on straight and behave in a fashion which I know is being mirrored in his eyes, and that is primally important to me.

    Enthusiasm, sincerity and honesty influnce me in my every day dealings with people. When I encounter someone who absolutely walks and talks with genuine enthusiasm for who they are, what they are doing, it is a strong magnet. It is their belief in their own situation which captures my attention too, and I get curious and want to know more, and I want to learn about them and find out what creates their sparks. I don’t necessarily want to be like them, I am just curious about what makes them tick.

    My customers influence me because they rely on me to influence their reading and book buying. And their needs influence me to continually educate myself and try and stay a step ahead and keep the next delight in front of them.

    And yes, you influence me because you present the obvious in a fresh manner without “screaming it to the crowd” through your words. You do provide gentle reminders of the simple elements which we really innately know, but just haven’t thought much about as it would apply to enhancing our business life.

    I do follow and pay attention to the iEntry websites, SEO News, AddMe and Internet Retailer. I read them all because I always walk away with something I can apply or think about to fashion into both my online and bricks and mortar store.

    One element which I do long for are intense “in person” peer to peer dialogues of discussion of free exchange of ideas without the one-upping power plays in the middle of the table. Being able to talk safely about what you want to do without seeing it in someone else’s headline the next day. It is sometimes difficult to be out in front with concepts and ideas and needing an answer (or even the next question) to “What should I really do here?” “What is my next move?”

    And I certainly can’t dismiss that stranger on the street who meets your eye and renders a genuine smile and asks, “How are you today?” That is a powerful influence.

    These online forums give us the opportunity to answer some of those questions. Thanks for asking!

    Cheryl C. Cigan
    Known Books

  8. Very interesting topic, influence, especially as I’m changing businesses (note new website) and am coming under a whole bunch of new influences. I’m busily sorting these out to determine which ones to really pay attention to.

    As to influences on my life, the main one is my spiritual path, Eckankar. Also my mother, music and the sea.

    Rich, your posts always make me stop and think. Tonight I have a thousand other things to do but I chose to respond to your post first. How’s that for influence!


  9. Anwar Sadat influenced me when he courageously moved from being a terrorist to sitting down and working things out with Israel.
    Adults in my neighborhood influenced me as a child, sharin ghteir experetise.
    A two year old in my life influences me as I see the world from her eyes.
    A young mother has influenced me in her commitment to being present to her children.
    A friend was ordained as a minister on Sunday in a faith other than the one she was born into. The ceremony was very touching and nourishing. My friend’s mother was moved to say that the ordination experience was “wonderful”. Not only was I influenced, many of us were that day and my friend is a great reminder to be totally myself, genuine and authentic.

    Stephen Covey in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has influenced me and experiencing cancer has influenced me.

    All the great spiritual teachers have also influenced me and when I think deeply, every body I have ever met has coached me in some way, sometimes only to teach me what I do not want to do.

    Rich, like you taught us a year ago, the CORE is what counts. That is what we resonate with in each other. Thanks for being you.

  10. I guess I am most acquainted with the ministry as that has been my sphere of influence for over 50 years. So if you are going to influence anybody, we must live so that our conduct and conversation speaks clearly of what we truly are. Do people get mixed signals about what we believe and live? Setbacks and disappointments are just as guided as the fulfillment of our dreams. Giving not rooted in love is not self-less; it is self-serving. Love has limits, selfishness does not.
    One influences for good or bad. I would want to be an influence for the good of those I touch. It takes more grace to keep us humble on the mountain top than to make us strong in the valley.
    You can’t control the length of your life, but you can control it’s width and depth. Be an influence of a child of the victor and not the defeatist. Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind.

  11. Hi Rich,

    Very interesting post.
    I was (am) influenced by a friend who is a leader on internet.
    When i was a child i didn’t remember being influenced …

    Take care !

  12. Inflence #1 was my Grand Mother , with whom I share my habit of meditation and prayer for Universal Peace and Prosperity. #2. was my mother who was a millionaire’s daughter but opted to live a life of austerity to allow my father to build and maintain his informal School for the disadvantaged children of the Village, converting our home into a School of sorts. Upto twenty children lived under roof and cooked and ate the same food. It was a lesson in life for us in the theoretical and practical validity of collective enterprises.

    #3 was my father who taught me the virtue of standing up for principles, come what may.

    #4. was my first Boss who taught me the game of gaining expertise by first jumping into the water and then learning to swim .( He would introduce me to others as the expert on a given topic and then urge me to better be the real expert in it.)

    #5. My son whose brief life of less than fourteen years taught me the immense possibility for even a child to influence Adults towards great achievements through prodding and innocent applause!

  13. It seems to me that influence is felt in many different ways – I recall a couple teachers from my school life – hindsight says they were passionate

    During my “career” again just a handful who were passionate, sometimes called workaholics, but not really

    In my family, the passion of my late Dad, not wealthy by any means, yet everybody seemed to know him and his passion for animals – large draft horses in particular

    My spiritual life -in practical terms – Robert Schuller – in un- understood terms – the still small voice of “intuition” – all passionate!

    Again influence today is felt from those that are passionate about anything they are doing.

    My wife is passionate about “just being” in the day, such a powerful influence to us future seekers!!

  14. One of my greatest influences is curiosity. I allways wanted to find out how things work and learn, when I was a kid.
    Then I discovered music. That has changed my life forever.
    But making a living as a musician can be quite a challenge. You easily find yourself in the ” starving artist” trap.
    Then I discovered all those inspirational and motivational books and blogs that strengthened my positive approach.
    Now I use my new knowledge and point of view in my musical carreer.
    My influence on people is to make them feel good, as that is what my music does. I notice that people can relax, just feel a little lighter and positive when they listen to my cds. That’s why I called my latest album “Feels So Good”
    That’s what it’s all about.

  15. I had real difficulty with this question. I understand exactly what you, rich and the others are saying with regard to the most influential people in your life, but my real personal and business growth does not come from this direction now, let me explain.

    When I first entered the business world, I read more biography’s than I care to mention, most of the big names in the business world, branson, dell, gates and many others including the gospels and the life of jesus.

    Each had the ability to influence people for various things and each are a shining example of leadership to varying degrees.

    However, I have to say that the more I looked into the lives of entrepreneurs and mentors, the more I realised that I couldn’t pull more than a few gems of wisdom from each. Each one excelled in only one or two areas.

    Later I realised by observing news and newspaper articles and nine times out of ten being depressed by the actions of some, that by understanding why these people did what they did, you could also learn substantial lessons from those too, learning from the mistakes and bad attitudes of others.

    Soon as I realised that you can learn something from everyone, whether they be your peers, your friends, enemies, business associates, good people, bad people young and old, everyone can teach you something, you just have to look at the lessons they provide for you in their own lives.

    When I examine the lives of others, which I do every day, it would be impossible to say who has taught me the most about any one subject. I ask a lot of questions and listen intently to the answers. On big business or personal decisions I will research as much as I can, think of like for like situations and ask people what they think.

    Since I have adopted this approach, I personally feel that my growth as a human, an employer and leader, and a husband has accelerated beyond what I thought was possible.

    Now if you think at this point that I am giving the impression that I never make mistakes, you would be very, very wrong. I make real big ones everyday. But I pick the golden lessons from them and I have a goal never to make the same mistakes twice, which I think is the most we can ask for.

  16. Hi Rich,

    Right now the people who have the greatest influence over my live are

    – Steven Covey, for showing me why I must live principled-centered lives

    – My aunt, multi-millionaire who is demonstrating the principle-centered life before me

    – Rich Schefren, man of principles who showed me the brutal truth amidst all the hype

    – Jesus, creator of the principles before the world began

  17. Influence has to the single most important factor in shaping our lives. I had one friend influence me simply through one e-mail years ago that eventually changed the whole direction of my life. This is why I talk about influence so much in my blog; it can make or break you.

    Often people say that, in general, people don’t change, that some ideas are just too deep rooted. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I don’t have one close friend who has not changed or been greatly affected by my influence in the past 3 years.

    Whenever I encounter someone new who feels threatened by my ideas I know it’s just a question of time before influence kicks in and they start to assimilate them, open their mind and eventually embrace them. Our minds are so susceptible to the influence of others it’s frightening.

  18. Hi ! What a great subject and so clearly delivered. Thanks.

    I guess we are so open to be influenced because to have a ‘comfort zone’ is essential to living our lives. Someone or thing that we can identify with.
    The blind acceptance of these however can lead many to the edge of the cliff without any safety harness and disaster is completed when we fall. What is even more stressful to people is when the influence is proved be flawed and the iconic messiah is defrocked.
    I find that it pays to be prepared as a “Bungee-Jumper” when approaching the edge of the cliff as while~

    “We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how.” Anon

    The basic tool needed is the ability to create better self-worth.
    Great mind teaser.
    Thanks again and wish everyone a Great Day!

  19. Hello Richard!

    Last night I read your post and I slept thinking about this question you asked:

    “Imagine me as an entrepreneurial traffic cop. I’m approaching your vehicle with this question: Is your business driving under the influence (DUI)? If so, where are you driving your business?”

    All I imagined is me inside the cup 🙂
    I woke up at around 4:00, I slept again, I saw me inside the cup again!

    I don’t know what that means; but, I shouldn’t read your posts at night, they influence my dreams:-)

    Serious now, I recently dropped all my sources and kept you.

    First thing that graped my attention was you saying the naked truth in an audio I received once from someone. Before you, I was surrounded with fluff. A lot of it. And me, I like to be around positive people, but not around suck ups you know (excuse my language). I don’t feel comfortable in such environment. I like to see reality than lot’s of fluff. So, when I heard you the first time talking, before I see you at the seminar, your words fed my mind. It sounded just right to me. A guy with authority, knowledge, carizma, intelligence, the charming voice, in control, knows exactly what he’s talking about and knows the changes happening around him. Added to this, after seeing you at the seminar, you really have beautiful wide eyes you know that? :-0)

    You do influence me… I’m trying to think since yesterday night about other influencers in my life at the moment but no one else comes up in my mind right now.

    so yes, my vehicle is driving under influence. And my goals are the ones you listed exactly:
    – influence buying decisions among the marketplace
    – influence others with my wisdom
    – use my business influence to improve living conditions in my home and in my community.

    keep a smile:-)

  20. Jesus Christ is the only true influence in my life. He renewed a tired, divorced, disillusioned 50 year-old building contractor. After a couple of years of experiencing my new life, I can’t help but share His good news. Jesus wants all of us to succeed abundantly, to share and expand His kingdom on this earth.

    We have been conditioned to build wealth for others and trust that we will be rewarded for our efforts. For many of us, our dreams, ambition and trust have been devastated!

    Exposure to marketing, unexplored territory thus far in my life, has opened many doors. Sharing products and services that can change peoples’ lives has become my passion! The likes of yourself, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Masterson, Derek Gehl have had a profound influence on my new endeavor.

    God Bless!

  21. Hey there Rich,

    Our greatest influence is Jesus Christ Our Lord.

    The counsel of the LORD stands forever,
    The plans of His heart from generation to generation.

    Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD,
    The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.
    Psalm 33:11-12

    Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God!
    Mark 12:28-34, John 17:17-21, Psalm 9:11
    Greater love has no man than this, Peace!

    Thanks Rich, for having wisdom enough to ask!

  22. Hi Rich,

    I have been influenced by many different sources. Some for the good (such as marketers and pros) like yourself. While others are constantly trying to voice their negative ways on me. I truly believe that those that express their negative influence on others “all the time” can be a drain on productive learning and reaching ones true goals.

    I believe credibility and trust play important parts in getting people to feel what you do and say are influential in their immediate lives.

    The smilies add a lot of character to this blog post Rich.

    Enjoy reading your posts.


    Sue Chartock

  23. Help!! I cannot answer the question!

    Having said that, it is of utmost importance that I find out!
    Thank you Rich for bringing up that question ..
    What the heck is the influential spell I am under, working more hours than necessary in my “9 to 5″(??!!) job, although I want to quit it and working on my website, boosting my beginning copywriting career…
    Is it still that teacher who scared the hell out of me with his near nazi methods in elementary school? A symbol of authority?
    But nobody gives me orders to get me working late – it is just that I am subliminally bribed by my own sense of responsibility towards our customer, picking up responsibilities others just refrain from taking although they are genuinly theirs!
    I am struggling with gritting teeth and feeling like a heroine, and then coming home I feel like a complete idiot…

    So WHO or WHAT is influencing me?

    I really have to find out or I will never quit that madhouse of a company I am working for…

  24. Influence is a very powerful tool. I see my business and what I create in the world as a place to influence people to take more control of their world, their feelings and reactions to it, and the results they create for themselves, their employees, and their customers.

    I have been influenced by many, including the great marketing powerhouses of P&G and Coke, where I was mentored early in my own career, but one of the biggest influences on my coaching has been the More to Life training program: www.moretolife.org, which combines the best known psychological and spiritual knowledge to help people get out of their own way and access their inner strengths.

    I think the most important point is to recognize the influences on your life and business and the influence you have on others and be conscious of what you are creating. Soak up influence from those you want to be like, and exert influence to create a better world.


    Laura Huckabee-Jennings
    Taking the Pain out of Your Growth

  25. What a neat thought. We are all influenced by someone along the way
    good or bad. We see people that are successful and we watch them.
    We have been influenced. We watch someone stumble and fall. We have
    been influenced. We observe people and how they live. I hope that when
    I fall they always see me getting up and moving forward.

  26. The words attributed to the one called Jesus and the meanings behind those words have been a profound influence and teaching in my life, whether the man actually existed or the circumstances of his life were true. He provided tantalising glimpses in to our true nature, the eternity of life and our innate healing abilities. He also warned us of who and what our common enemy was and is with plenty of examples for our guidance, particulary in these times. All this in contrast to the religions purportedly built around his wisdom and teachings which do not adhere to his words or his way. Indeed, Jesus wept!

    For a contemporary one who truly ‘brough light to the world’ my hero is the extraordinary Nikola Tesla; another Wise One misunderstood and vilified for his gifts to mankind. Royal Raymond Rife and Wilhelm Reich are two others of whom I am aware who gave freely of thier gifts for our benefit.

    I shun the established ‘role models’ put forward as heroes for our examples of greatness, wealth, philanthropy and wisdom as, upon closer examination, the majority are false prophets raking in false profits!

    Even though my heroes (our heroes) were not attributed the deserved wealth or fame according to history, their values had the potential to transform our world profoundly. I believe the time is now for this potential to be realised for the benefit of all who will embrace it and live in right attitude. And this realisation fills me with hopeful and excited expectancy for what we will become.

    • Serena, I’m sorry but if Jesus didn’t actually live then the teachings about Him are all fabricated…lies.

      And if I believe that something or someone “is” when they are not then I’m in a state of delusion.

      Simply put Jesus Christ not only lived but…LIVES!!

      A guy named Paul wrote a letter to a bunch of believers in the city of Corinth and said, “If Christ hasn’t risen from the dead than our faith is useless and we might as well just eat and drink and party because if Christ wasn’t resurrected then neither shall we be…,”

      The Scriptures are explicitly clear of the parent the birth place, the city in which he grew up, the circumstances, people surrounding his death, even the name of the guy who lent his tomb…What more do you need to substantiate that Jesus Christ truly lived and worked and walked on this planet?

      My friend Jesus did live but more than that he DOES LIVE!!! tim

  27. Interesting question. Many of the successful people I know seem to be successful DESPITE themselves. Should I be influenced by them? Probably – there is alot to be said for sheer persistence and hard work, which seems to overcome all manner of significant character flaws and shortcomings.

  28. Too many to list but I think Stephen Pierce, Jim Rohn and ancient leaders influence me (yep….those who have shown if their politics worked or not like Napolean Bonaparte and Catherine the Great!!)

    Even odinary people can influence when they give often-overlooked but wise point of views. “Odinary” people like Paul Potts – his voice is amazing but his experience is a learning experience for rest of us.

    Bad news can also influence us and we tell ourselves never to do this or that…..ever.

  29. Hi Rich,

    You make very solid points on this subject. I would have to say that my greatest influincer is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Second would be my wife. These are the most positive inluinces in my life.

    Unfortunately I have a few negative ones as well, and I am striving to not let them take my attention away from what I know to be important. The main negative influince that I have is my Mom who I love very much, but she has the unfortunate habit of frequient negativity.

    One situation that I can refer to was this: I recently had to start looking work. In fact Im starting a new job monday. When I spoke to my mother about it, her first comment was if you lost more weight, employers would think better of you. It upset me for a while, until I finally was able to let it wash off. Thank God for my wife for her ability to help me spot the truth in situations. Incidentally I am not giving up on the idea of owning my own business, I am taking a step backwards so that i can take several more foward.

    Rich you also are a major infulince in my life. Your concepts from the internet business manifesto on have shaped my thinking. For a long time there is one coversation my wife had with you on the Platiinum Black call, that has stuck with me. I still have the recording. It was simply “Find something that is uniquely you and can help the world, and create a business from it” We are still trying to define what that means for us. But we are closer than we ever have been before.

    God Bless All

  30. Aloha Rich,
    The greatest influences in my life are 1. Universe 2. Mother Earth/Nature 3. The Magnificent Body I live in and through 4. My Heart and Soul Directives 5. My wonderful mind and ability to learn and grow and change my beliefs 6. My great inner wisdom that I am willing to listen to and take action in delivery and expression. 7. Every person on this planet is my teacher….and I am the eternal student of LIFE.
    You are a great GIFT to me and millions of others.
    Mahalo Nui Loa,

  31. You got my fires stoked on this one Rich…
    Rich, this is big in my eyes, really big…
    When I think of “influence” I also think of “direction,” and “purpose…”
    In other words “UNTO” what end is the influence we are receiving or giving— leading…
    Influence can be of the “pull” or “push” variety but either way it is trying to redirect that which is already moving (either an object or a being) or is trying to put in motion something inert and static.

    You Rich are very good at helping people (me for sure)see the big picture, the long range, the coherence into a whole of scattered pieces. And although the quality gap of what you teach compared to most other “gurus” is very wide, I still believe you leave people hanging.

    As you know projects differ from recurring tasks in that “projects” have an “end” while recurring tasks do not.
    My question for you is what is the “End” you have in view for all the influence that you exert?

    You are far beyond me in strategic thinking and disciplined planning. I’m just curious… Does not all planning, and sequential mapping out of details need a goal in view for proper orientation and direction?

    What is your ultimate goal as you lead, guide and influence the minds of men? Perhaps you have thought no further than making their businesses profitable…

    With no concern of whether those “profits” in dollars become “losses” in character used for mere selfish ends or for a further good.

    You may be content to stay within your small circumference of influence… impacting the lives of men for this age only…

    But I challenge you to seek the One Who made you and sustains you…The One who you may or may not know but even now oversees your autonomic bodily functions holding your very breath in His hands…

    If you don’t know Him Rich then your “Influence” may continue growing in width but will remain shallow in depth.

    I live to spread the fame of The Name—Jesus. tim

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