Would you like Rich Schefren to share with you books he’s reading?

This past week, Winston a very animated visitor from Belgium who’s been visiting the Strategic Profits office grabbed the key’s to Rich’s apartment and made the following video…

Here’s the deal…

As you can see by Rich’s reading process (video below) he reads a lot of books.

If you would like him to share with you what he’s reading in the form of reviews vote below now!

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Rich Schefren’s Reading Process

P.S. Here’s the books mentioned in the video…

13 thoughts on “Would you like Rich Schefren to share with you books he’s reading?”

  1. Overall mindset – followed by productivity – is crucial because everything else hinges upon those two. My humble opinion, anyway.

  2. Any category – just should be practical and applicable. Or how Rich turned the information and insights into personal and business growth. Thanks!

  3. Can we get Rich’s reading process in a pdf/text format?
    He mentions another follow up video, but I haven’t been able to find it.

    I’m most interested in how he organizes his notes.

    At the moment I find myself reading books and having notes scattered in different binders, notebooks, or scraps of paper. This makes it almost impossible to review my notes in the future because I have no idea where they are…and, when I find the notes they are lacking.

    This is what I got from the video:

    1. Skim book one time to get an idea of the major topics

    2. Read book one time while highlighting

    3. Take book to be unbound and scanned

    4. Have VA create pdf with only the highlighted notes
    4a. Upload pdf to Calibre to turn the document into an epub file

    5. Upload pdf into speed reading program – Quickreader

    6. Consume information at 2K WPM, Then 3K WPM, Then 4K WPM.. then go back to 2000 words per minute

    7. After the speed reading review. Sit down, and summarize what you have learned and retained—On paper.

    8. Repeat every day for a week

    How notes are organized:

    Put printed pdf notes into binders. You can have about 20 to 50 books in a binder.
    Label the binders by topic, and index of books.

    Now the specific tools:

    – Guillotine

    – High speed double sided color scanner
    Canon DR- 9080C

    – Binder; Unikeep binder

    – Speed reading application


    Used to create pub file

    Used to read faster


    Think about your day and figure out how you can
    apply what you have learned.

    Plan ahead for a project by reviewing all relevant books.

    – Books you have never read
    – Books you have read only once
    – Books you have read more than once
    – Book notes, in binders

  4. I do something like it with my kindle books. I highlight the important sections, then go to AMAZON and download them and they go into a binder from there.
    I’m inspired how you have them organised, might take some time and do the same and organise them by topic. Even print some out multiple times where they are relevant to other topics.

    I haven’t forgotten all the productivity hacks I learned from you and Pete a few years back! I love this idea, great to see what you are doing!

  5. Oops! Almost forgot…about your process for capturing information from books…my approach is similar in concept, but I use old school manual methods I guess (highlighted data to files used like index cards logged under main categories by my assistant). I love my books so I would have trouble destroying them, but I see your reasoning. Your automation steps could help speed up my process immensely. Thanks for the overview, Rich.

  6. Wow!! Love this! I cannot do the full process yet, we are currently living in an RV.. but I can do some of this. Time to learn to read faster and put it to use.


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