Your Key to Mastering Success… Snow!

Today’s lesson is all about why some entrepreneurs always do better than others. It’s about why some consistently kill it without breaking a sweat. While others can work ninety hours a week and never get off the ground.

And it’s about snow…

If you’re scratching your head, watch the video. (And don’t forget to leave me a comment. What’s your big takeaway? How much “snow” do you see?)

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5 thoughts on “Your Key to Mastering Success… Snow!”

  1. Heeey Rich great words of wisdom. This reminds me of how the old greek text has several distinctly different words for the word LOVE but in English we only have one. Which means that there is a lot of confusion when I say I Love you online. So to solve the problem I created a video that I re-release several times a year that deals with this distinction so people are not confused by what I mean by the world Love. likewise being a very talented visual photorealistic painter I recall how a very talented friend of mine shared with me about another level of how to see color. One that was so much more profound than what I knew at the time. When I began to open my mind up to this new distinction he described and I began to re-educate myself on the subject of color…as my vocabulary grew so did my distinctions but more importantly…the power of how I portrayed Light in my paintings Exploded with a new level of Energy…but it did not happen without “Intense Focus”…like the Shaolin Priest using the word Kung-Fu to mean “Any Study, Learning, or Practice that requires Patience, Energy and Time to complete. One of the things you’ve been sooo great at helping people with is “Clarifying and Correcting”…Separating “What we think we know is Right” from “What Really is Right…and then Learning to Be Comfortable with “How we See it”…metaphorically and literally. Thanks again for helping us to Re-Focus on “Distinctions”.

  2. Are you a liar?

    I found the first comment at the sales-page is this:

    “A fifteen hour day is bull$#[email protected] I’m hungry, tired and exhausted and they want me do more work before bed?”

    – Jim F.


    It appears with different name.

    “A fifteen hour day is bull$#[email protected] I’m hungry, tired and exhausted and they want me do more work before bed?”

    “Of course I now know EXACTLY what was causing the emptiness. Found that out on the first day of the workshop.

    “So now I’ve reconnected myself with the purpose of the business which is continuing to provide value to the customers and students, simply because I am. No other consideration. I no longer shy away from “work” that provides the greatest value. After joining BGS back in 2011, this is the best decision I’ve made for myself personally as well as for the business.”

    – Yusuf Mullan

    WT… Hmm..

  3. Who is Jim F & Yusuf Mullan at your sales page?

    Their comment is similar, but the person is different. Are you lying?


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