A Shocking Confession About Success

If you listen to coaches and consultants at my level talk about ourselves, you’d think we all have a permanent address at:

#1 Top Of Our Game St.
Piles of Money-ville, USA

Like we’re bullet-proof or something.

Sometimes we even start to believe our own stories.

But they’re not entirely true…

We’re human just like you. And when our own entrepreneurial mortality smacks us upside the head, we struggle the same as anybody.

A couple years back I got smacked in the head.

I found myself and my business in a place I never thought I’d be. A crossroads I didn’t want to acknowledge much less talk about out loud.

It was a life-altering experience.

But precisely because it was, I felt like I HAD to share it.

So I recorded a video.

It’s a little personal. (And a little embarrassing.)

But it’s really important that you watch it.

And leave me a comment below. Let me know if you’ve ever experienced something like this and what it was like for you…

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  1. Love you, man! Thanks for this deep, personal story and lesson. I’ve definitely had periods of my life that were far from ideal. Stepping out the door for an appointment, so can’t list any in detail now, but will circle back. Wanted to send love and support your way before stepping out, though. 🙂

    • Hey Nick – My pleasure. I thought it was important because like I said in the video, no one really talks about their struggles. Glad it inspired you.

  2. Thanks Rich for sharing your deeply personal story. And I thought I was the only one who went through a similar “dark night of the soul”. Your story gives me hope and inspiration!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this mostly hidden secret Rich! It is very interesting that most of us will fall into this trap and probably never realize…. Perhaps what we value most (especially when living in our heads) is often turning against who we really are.. My personal experience is that in the darkest hour, often preceded by frantic thinking and striving (because we think that is how we solve thinks)..we have to accept first..become silent (which is bloody difficult) and find a way to connect to what really makes us happy not by the same efforts that got us there in the first place! Coming to peace with yourself, not being afraid of what is and really connecting to and engaging with the world around us at a high level, is in the end probably the most precious and most human gift that we can have. Wish you all the best.

  4. Yes, Rich, Thanks for Your Substance of Authentic Sharing. Your video, Right NOW, is kind of an incredible Synchronicity for me. I learned from Deepak Chopra, and personal experience that precise synchronicities are really miracles in our lives. Your video is synchronous with the processes of where I am at, too. However, I have arrived at a rather happy, joyful self Entity of BEing Aware in the realities of Limitless Benevolent Universe. Like, as you’ve alluded: the expansiveness of letting go, and discovering new empowering realms of energies and knowingnesses, free us from past mythical burdens, revealing new quality Character Choices. Chopra advised watching for the miracles of sychronicities in our lives. He was right. They are real, and help to validate our choices and pathways. I’ve always admired and enjoyed Your work, and delivery of presentations. Very best regards !!! “Existence is Benevolence and Benevolence is Existence!” – NJA

  5. Many people don’t realize they are living life through their heads, and the filter of those thoughts clouds everything they see. Those thoughts are generally from past events, which translates to not fully experiencing this moment, and it creates a future “polluted” by restricting thoughts and stories (which can seem true but often are not) about the past. It is a limiting experience, and was for me until I took a course called “The Forum” done by Landmark Education which got me to see how I was going through life with so little freedom.

    That was 2001 and I continue to be aware of and use those tools everyday. It added a new dimension to my experience of living. I felt like I was able to get hold of the levers that were controlling me but that I was not conscious about. Wow. Talk about transformation! It was liberating and it was the crap and baggage I was holding and being able to identify that which allowed me to experience freedom in a way I had not experienced since a child.

    As marketers, there is a tendency to be run by looking good and having it all together. That was definitely me- before this experience. There is no freedom like that which is given by cleaning up the messes and living authentically. It will take some courage, but you’ll never look back. It matters what you are thinking, but of far more impact is who you are being. I use to be one who did not see himself as one who made much difference. Now I am someone who does make a difference. I’m asking those of you that are resonating with this message to do something about it. Seek out a source like I did and it will transform your life. Thanks for bringing this up Rich.

  6. Yeah, we all have those dark periods in our lives and maybe they need to be experienced to appreciate the better times…I don’t know. But I do know that as a physician I see patients that are literally fighting for their lives…they have husbands and wives and kids. They don’t know if they will see their kid graduate high school…or be there for their daughters wedding…and the debt they have accumulated trying to last just a few more months is astronomical. So when I see this I think to myself…how dare I have one moment of self pity or depression because I have “lost my purpose.” I don’t know, it is what it is… In any case, I’ve always admired you Rich and your programs have certainly helped me build my organization…Maybe helping guys like me isn’t enough and I get it with the whole burn out thing…god knows if you’re in medicine right now you have moments when you feel the world is against you….but then I remember….I’m not fighting for my life. Sorry for venting.

    • I think it is incredible that your country levels these charges at people for their health, the National Health system of the U.K and the Australian health system both have their flaws, but at least ordinary people can get medical help if they are sick and not have to lose their houses, and all of their life savings, it is barbaric!

    • No problem RD. You have a unique perspective and, it sounds to me, you embrace “a cause bigger than yourself”. That’s something far too few entrepreneurs understand. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts.

  7. Rich, I have been in the same morass for a couple of years. What has contributed to sustaining it for so long is, that unlike you, I haven’t been bringing in any income. It has put a strain on my relationship with my husband. He hasn’t kicked me out of the house or threatened to leave or anything permanent like that because he knows my greatness. He’s just frustrated that I’ve forgotten it and haven’t been BEing great. I learned – as a child and as a soldier – that when things get bad “just suck it up.” But “just suck it up” is a standstill. And like you said, the world gets physically smaller and your brain gets more and more crowded with SHOULD and it just. keeps. on. going. that way. I think – hope – that I’m coming out the other end of this and I’m also afraid I’m not.

    I don’t find comparing my life – my emotional state or financial or health – with someone else’s life to be the least bit empowering. The good fortune to have been born in the US, with a sound body, and all the other advantages that I have doesn’t negate the hollow, emptiness that I experience. Nor does it fill that emptiness. They co-exist.

    Thank you for sharing. I honor your candor with my candor. I feel you, Rich. I AM you.

    • Hey Ruth – you hit on an important point. Comparing your life to anyone else’s is about the worst thing you could do. It takes some work, but when you can uncover the things that are hiding in your “blind spots”, you can take steps to transform yourself and get free of all that. And then everything changes in a hurry. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks Rich, I know/understand your path. Years ago I failed at my greatest dream, my dream life as an army officer. It took me three years to put my life together from just doing what I had to do and could do to get back on track. From there everything soared, and I get back on my personal track. Covey was/is right when he said “begin with the end in mind.” Then create a path to get there.

  9. Hey Rich, at least you became AWARE that the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall (in the words of the late great Stephen Covey) and you fixed it. Unlike the masses that will go through life in apathy and self despair. Yes, those limiting beliefs we carry from childhood, the inner voices, and the voices of others is a REAL Bitch to annihilate! I damn know all too well. However, if we would all take “heed” to this quote from Dr. John DeMartini we’d all be God-like.

    “When the voice and the vision on the INSIDE becomes more clear, profound, and louder than the voices on the outside…you’ve mastered your life.”

    Many Blessings Brother,


    • Hey John – I wrote in a recent client report on performance that life is an internal experience everyone confuses with an external one. For me that’s key. Thanks for sharing…

  10. Thank you for being real! I understand fully We adopted our granddaughter whom is autistic and at birth weighted 28 ounces. She has taught me so much just about life and hope. Even in the darkest moments there is light and it ll boils down to attitude I have been following you since 2009 and I have so much respect for you. I try and read all your info but with having to be a caregiver for two family members it is hard to have a set schedule and I take advantage of my time which is normally after midnight. Every negative action reinforces a positive action. It is all learning not matter what! A great man once said or sang there are no problems only solutions! Rick I wish I just could afford your training!
    Happy Holidays
    Happy Trails To Where Ever They May Lead!!!
    Michael Peace and Health To All !

    • Hey Michael – It sounds to me like you have a cause bigger than yourself. Fully understanding that is what keeps you on track. Thanks for sharing and all the best!

  11. Thank you so much for opening up about this, Rich. If I understood it correctly, you found your way out by going back to what you envisioned for yourself at the beginning of your career – am I right?

    • Hey Fabi – Exactly. I discovered it’s too easy to let your criteria change to match your accomplishments. My transformation caused my big re-set. Thanks.

  12. You’ve heard those stories where they say,

    “Yeah, I know success. Over the years I helped start 3 businesses for other people. I was successful in most areas of my life. I was helping other people build their dreams, but I wasn’t building my own.

    As it seems to go, “things” came up. Things you can control and things you can’t. Things that hit hard and can send you to a low place financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally. You know how it goes. I had to start making things happen or lose everything and really endure some pain

    What happened? I just froze up.

    The truth? I was always busy, but not productive. Listen, bills were piling up. No money was coming in.

    And then one day, It finally hit home. I had studied enough. I had let fear stop me long enough. I knew what to do. It was time to do it. Not only that, but commit to keep doing it no matter what.

    The next day, I did make calls. The day after that I made more calls than the day before. I started selling products and services I could stand behind. I was reaching out, getting rewarded for it, and my life grew better in all areas.”

    You’ve heard those stories, right? Well, think about that part where they say “it hit me and the next day…” That’s
    where I am. Tomorrow is my next day.

    • Hey Daniel – Glad you were able step back up and take action. Sorry you had to experience what you did to do it. One of the things I learned going through my transformation what that we really control everything in our lives. Even the “bad” things we think are beyond it. Thanks for the great share

  13. Rich,

    This was profound expression of your awareness towards your business & life! Something very personal that most entrepreneurs would never admit or share publicly.

    While talking to several other entrepreneurs and taking in consideration my own experience, this realization is a big TURN on THE PATH we have chosen to walk.

    My story is pretty similar to yours. I built up myself & everything around for huge success in my business and life, from scratch. Worked day and night to reach where I wanted to reach. Achieved everything I worked hard for. Finally I found myself completely detached to my achievements, life, family & business. I stopped working because I didn’t have to plus I lost all the interest and nothing appeared to appeal anymore.

    Few weeks became months and those months became almost 3 years. Tried out everything including diving into spiritual & philosophical oceans. Nothing brought me the push required to kick myself back in.

    But at the end, everything I experienced built up a higher self-awareness of who I am & what I was doing. This pause of time & actions has in itself given me so much understanding that now my connection with my work, family, team & friends have entirely transformed. Now there’s higher purpose to the life and the work that I am doing. The attachments have deepen to the core with everything and everyone around. All while realizing that I am completely detached.

    In my opinion, when we walk this path to reach the peak of our human potential, these turns are strategically laid out by the nature to ensure that everything that comes out of us is more of contribution & for well being of everyone around and the nature as a whole. This is kinda qualifier when we are entering a state of command, what we wish – we GET, where our every action affects masses.

    While you have reached here, I can surely say that your would have been experiencing a MUCH HIGHER state of awareness, love, care towards everyone around you, your business & life PLUS a BIGGER fire to serve this humanity. Do you agree?

    • Hey Apoorv – I do agree. Reconnecting with your higher purpose is what makes all the difference. And being “detached” allows you to be more committed. Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Rich,
      Thank you for sharing this extraordinary expose into your private personal experience…
      The thoughts and experiences you share in this video are both poignant and timely…

      Although I did very well for a long period of time, something happened about 18-24 months ago that has caused me to lose my focus…caused me to experience many of the exact same feelings you describe in this video…

      I have not yet achieved the great success that you, and Todd, and Charles and others have achieved, but, I know I have the knowledge and the raw skills to get there…But, something is missing…And I have not been able to quite get a handle on it.

      When Todd had his big scare a few months back, it reminded me that we are all humans on this bus, regardless of how much material or financial wealth we might have.

      I have always considered you to be at the top of the game.
      Alas, we all have challenges.

      Hope you are back on track of whatever has the most meaning for you soon.
      Thanks for sharing,


  14. Existentialism, Ontology hmmm, the essence of being, phenomenology – all of this leads to complete acceptance of responsibility for your own condition, and that existence is essentially absurd – we are alone in an indifferent universe. Not sure I still like existentialism, I like the self responsibility aspect – but we have to create our own meaning, and wealth, success can be meaningless unless there is a reason to attain them, like loving your wife and wanting a life together – it can be that simple. Our lives are not defined by monetary success, and those that find completion by getting lots of money are essentially boring people – there always has to be a bigger reason.

    • You’re right, we’re all meaning making machines. And the meaning we give to things impacts everything we do and achive. Thanks for sharing

  15. Hey Rich,

    I’ve been following you since you released your first manifesto years ago. With that said, I think you are one of the most genuine and true leaders in this industry. I really appreciate you for everything you are doing for so many people and for what you have done for me and this industry.

    I also appreciate the fact as how genuine, authentic and true you are to us here on this video and most importantly, how authentic you are to yourself in that video. I don’t think there is a human in this world that does not go through dark periods in their life. The problem is that most people hide behind that facade with the world around them and in turn hurt themselves because of it. That act creates a space where they are NOT authentic/true with themselves and before you know it, a month, a year or 10 years pass by and we have no idea what happened.

    But the minute we become true to ourselves and recognize that, acknowledge that we are where we are, we can be clear on it and be able to, by choice, put that aside and move forward. Looking at your video, it looks like you have done that and are moving away from it.

    How do I know? Because I’ve been there and until May of this past year, I haven’t been able to figure it out. Not until like you said, been exposed to transformative methodology which I went through back in May and my life has shifted to a whole new, more amazing and powerful ways.

    Thank you for this video and thank you for being you. You are an amazing person and we are blessed to have you in the community. How do I know that? Because I was at your Maven Mastermind in Disney years back with Jay Abraham and we both had an amazing conversation in and outside of an elevator. 🙂

    So, I’m here to support you man and if you would like, let me know how I can do that. 🙂


    • Thanks Peter. The problem I’m seeing with most entrepreneurs is that they don’t realize they’re hiding and that their truths are locked away in their blind spots. I’m glad you were able to experience your own transformation. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi Rich,
    Watch the YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZXTRmohmkQ
    In about 3 minutes Taoist master Bruce Frantzis nails the issue you were dealing with. He knows people who have “more money than God” and their minds are racing at 5000 mph all the time. He said they lose it because their mind literally sucks the juice out of their body. The Taoists describe this as “the mind eats the body.”
    I found out about him through a promotion Matt Furey did 3 years back. Bruce’s company is “Energy Arts” and has a wealth of instruction on meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, … He’s a lineage master with 40 years experience in Eastern healing systems.

  17. Hey Rich,
    Thank you for sharing this extraordinary expose into your private personal experience…
    The thoughts and experiences you share in this video are both poignant and timely…

    Although I did fairly well for a long period of time, something happened about 18-24 months ago that has caused me to lose my focus…caused me to experience many of the exact same feelings you describe in this video…

    I have not yet achieved the level of success that you, and Todd, and Charles and others have achieved, but, I know I have the knowledge and the raw skills to get there…But, something is missing…And I have not been able to quite get a handle on it.

    When Todd had his big scare a few months back, it reminded me that we are all humans on this bus, regardless of how much material or financial wealth we might have.

    Your video, too, reminds me of that fact.

    Congrats on all that you have accomplished.

    Hopefully you will be back on track – whatever track matters most to you, soon.



    • Hey Brock – Glad you got value out of this. IMHO, what’s keeping you from getting a handle on what you feel is missing is likely some “stuff” that’s operating in your blind spots. We all have that “stuff’. It was my transformation work that got me clear on mine. Here’s hoping you can get to your breakthrough soon too. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Heeey Rich…Good Stuff…I definitely believe that sharing times like this openly and letting it all hang out like the way you did is necessary not only for yourself but for others too. I definitely believe this is one of those things you very rarely see people do. I’ve done it personally on several occasions only to have some people express concern. They thought that a person with my reputation should be above some of the things I shared. But I assured them that even a plane that takes off has to come down sometime. Before the days of the scientist named George Washington Carver, farmers in America weren’t allowing their fields to rest or applying the habits of crop rotation. But while at Tuskegee with an abundance of peanuts and no money Carver realized the importance of doing this. I’ve concluded it’s good for us to break away from…and allow ourselves some rest too away from what we normally do. However doing this can cause us to feel like a ship at sea without a real destination or purpose. Through all of this I’ve found for me that reflecting upon my Purpose and long term Vision as well as my deep spiritual beliefs have been a very powerful Anchor. Having watched the PBS video on Benjamin Franklin’s life over 3 dozen times I’ve gleaned from his experience. That Franklin’s true magic was in that he knew how to rest and actively rest by shifting between various interest, subjects, plans and dreams through out his entire life…By doing this he avoided boredom, maintained a level of Excitement and ignited the SIZZLE that propelled and fed his self achieving appetite. This is how Franklin…one of America’s first true entrepreneurs did it before there were guys trying to sell you a Blueprint for everything. Thanks for sharing this post…I’m very proud of you Rich because you’re a Beautiful Soul with an AMAZING IMAGINATION and a Great Heart for People. How do I know this…because it comes out of you and steps on to the printed text where it manifest itself from the invisible to the visible. I Love you Man!

  19. Hi Rich. Thanks for sharing your personal story. It Sounds like you’ve been trough an important initiation and found your way. Great example and my respect for your open sharing. Personally I’ve learned a lot from indigenous cultures. They use initiations to support you when it really matters to get pass a certain point. When I’m stuck, I seek guidance and go trough initiation. This gives me new insights and stepping stones to resonate with my real goals and look ahead.

  20. Hi Rich! Thank you for sharing! While listening to you I thought – “he is talking about me!” because the state you have described is exactly what I have been feeling for the last three months… And knowing that I`m not the only one with this condition helps a lot. Thank you again!

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  22. Rich,
    I’ve experienced this at least twice, along with two wives. and getting & losing millions of dollars both times.

    Slow learner, butlearning & creating are still my priorities.
    Via Founder’s, I’ll be proposing “an offer you can’t ref…consider.”.
    BTW, still using praxis since 2006.

  23. The baggage comment – really resonated for me – like carrying the weight of the world – while the real me is invisible

  24. Thanks for sharing. For me it was confirmation that no amount of money or success will bring real happiness and peace.

    I think it is difficult not to worry and it is this fear which drives us in a certain direction. From a spiritual perspective, I believe God exists and that if we are not in tune with him we will never achieve real peace and happiness. We have a choice to make accept his love and protection and put our trust in him or go it alone. I found this prayer very helpful –
    Surrenderprayer.com. God Bless.

  25. Wallace Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich discussed this over 100 years ago too. Being rich is both having the money to do things (in a certain way) but also to be rich in life. Many of the most successful people appear outwardly rich when morally, spiritually, and internally they are deficit. I would think that money would buy happiness, or make it easier to achieve, but we are social creatures and surrounding oneself with good supportive people is harder than making money.
    Thanks for sharing as being an online, work at home type may create isolated living and that isn’t good for humans. Giving back seems to help from what I’ve heard as I haven’t reached that level yet, but see how that can reengage and create happiness.

  26. These days I am learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable… that’s where we realize our greatest breakthroughs. Living a daily life of meditation and simply surrendering to “What Is” can be so freeing. When we resist …the issue persists. More pain an suffering happens as a result of us pushing it away and not dealing with the feelings and emotions at hand and in fact causes the problem to gain strength and gather more of is “Like” unto itself. When we allow are self to relax into the situation our higher-self always gives us the answer. I worked as a personal assistant for Dr Mike Murdock, author, song writer and international speaker. One of his wisdom keys he came up with stuck with me. Patience is the weapon that forces deception to reveal itself. It seems like it is time to use your success to give back in a way that most people never have the ability or courage to express. The world is a better place today because of it. Thank you for the taking on the mantel to allow yourself to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  27. Hi Rich,
    Back in 2006 I quit my administration office. I had a sabbatical of two years. When I started a business again, I didn’t want to have an administration office again. Guess what happened. I thought were are you good at, bookkeeping, so I choose foor a known path and rebuild an administration office.

    Last few years became a drag. I did not like my customers anyone, they did not want to pay me for the services I provided. I transferred my clients to another accounting firm, so they would be in good hands. Now I am really doing what I like to do. I give workshops Around my book “Bouw je onderneming!” (This is dutch for ‘Build your enterprise!’). I am working on an online training course.

    Right now I am reading a book “Omarm jezelf” (Embrace yourself). It is written bij a Dutch psychologist Gijs Janssen. It helps you to really love yourself in a mindful way. It tells, you are a given fact with al the things you like about yourself and all the things you don’t like about yourself.

    Thank you for sharing.


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