An “Outsider’s” View of Marketing

I’m kind of an introvert.

I’ve always been the guy who prefers to stand at the edge of the party looking in rather than be the center of attention.

And my “outside-looking-in” tendency extends to other areas too. Like the way I think about marketing.

I’ve always been on the outside of the “marketing-think” community too. Don’t get me wrong. I understand that there are time-tested marketing truths. Rules you always have to respect. (You have to know the rules before you can bend them, as they say.)

And I’ve used pretty much every conventional method and channel you can name. I’ve used direct response strategies in the mail and online. I’ve bought newspaper ads. Radio ads. PPC ads. Facebook ads. I’ve used product launches. Marketing funnels. You name it, I’ve done it.

But at the same time, I’ve always kind of looked at all of it from the outside. I’ve always looked for ways to “crank up the heat”, so to speak, of all my marketing. Whether it was the one small tweak I could add that would add major dollars to my bottom line. Or testing an entirely new breakthrough marketing idea.

Two Ideas NO ONE Else Had

In fact, some of my greatest marketing successes have come via some pretty unconventional (and previously unheard of) methods.

I launched an entire business on the back of a single free report. An “educational” piece of content that earned me over $6 million dollars in a matter of weeks. It literally had prospects begging to get in. (I had been hoping to sell about 200 spots in my coaching program. Wound up selling over 2000.) I went on to perfect that technique with the next six free reports I wrote.

Another instance came back when the product launch formula was all the rage. It was a good strategy to be sure. But you had to be launching something to use it. So I created a strategy I called Evergreen Event Driven Marketing. It was the very first automated webinar. It allowed marketers to create an ONGOING marketing message. Something completely outside the realm of the product launch model. I’ve since taught it to literally hundreds of entrepreneurs and today it’s a staple in anyone’s marketing tool kit.

So all modesty aside, I feel like I’m a pretty unique thinker in the marketing space. And I think I’m pretty qualified to give you a few insights that will help boost your marketing.

It’s the “outsider” thinking that makes the most difference. The unconventional wisdom that injects the real power into your marketing.

Care To Join Me On The Outside?

And that’s what we’re going to do over the next few posts. I want to share some of my most powerful, most unconventional ideas and strategies to help you hone your marketing chops to a razors edge.

I think I may even call this series my “Million Dollar Marketing Secrets” because, frankly, they’ve made me millions. My hope is that they’ll help you add a zero or two to your bottom line as well.

Now I’ve gone on about me longer than I wanted to. What I wanted to do was make this post about you. You see, there’s something I need from you.

Don’t be shy. Tell me. (Tell your friends.) I really want to know.

Let’s get this conversation started!

I’ll be back next Monday with your first post.

34 thoughts on “An “Outsider’s” View of Marketing”

  1. Marketing is the sum of every interaction your prospects and customers have with your company that either predisposes them to do business with you or turns them away. It’s effectiveness is determined by your attention or neglect.

  2. Marketing means to me connecting with human beings.gaining real trust.and showing those people you know what your talking about.not like some so called in the past that cost me a small fortune. to go down the wrong path. it’s not always easy to get back monies you deplete if you don’t even get off at the start.
    So be honest marketing sticks when I had to many conflicting ways to do things.I am starting again from new.
    And I am wanting soon as I can buy BGS or excuses though my fault for listening to wrong people for to long.

    • Hey Norman, You’re right. Honesty is key. Whatever your marketing message is selling, you’ve got to try to over-deliver. We’ll be here when you’re ready! Thanks for the comments

  3. Marketing is like being a Running Back on a Football field. Every game it’s your responsibility to get the ball up the field regardless of what’s going on in the external conditions of the Game and the internal conditions of the Running back.

    You use a combination of processes that combine your ability to “Know What to Do”, “When to Do What you Do” and “How to Do what you Do” under all kinds of situations when you’re given the ball.

    You have many variables that can affect you externally from the Weather, to the conditions of the Field that are affected by the time of year you are playing, to the types of fields you’re playing on, to the physical size and ability of every player you might have to interact with on the other side of the line of scrimmage. You have Rules of the Game, Plays in the Game book and certain philosophies of different coaches that could affect how you run that day.

    You have Running Styles and even different types of ways you run under certain conditions. And the way you run can be affected by the type of gear and the quality of gear you wear. But with all of these variables and possibilities of choices…a “Great Running Back” like a ‘Great Marketer” has to know Internally with Confidence…and Instinctively based upon his Experience and his PASSION for the game “What To Do At All Times” to Lead the Team up the Field whether it appears his team is Winning or Losing the Game. Like a “Great Running Back” KNOWS how to Run when the play is Busted…a “Great Marketer” has to KNOW how to Market in a Busted Economy…and that’s what Marketing is to me…Lovingly Deremiah *CPE

    • Hey Deremiah, That’s an interesting metaphor. I like it. I might even say a great marketer is like a great coach. One who knows how to best utilize all the players on his team (leverage all the marketing tools at his disposal). Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I like the Peter Drucker quote “Marketing is what makes selling superfluous” In other words marketing is the process that establishes the value, the necessity and flames the desire for your product or service.

    To me that is a good definition of what you should aspire to do. Establish yourself as the go to guy in your marketplace and create a high perceived value for your product. After this, most importantly, deliver the promise of your sales page so that your clients will be happy to say how great your stuff is and will be happy to promote you on social media sites.

    There is something wrong, seriously wrong, with the way people are trying to establish an online business this is not my opinion but the fact that 95-99% of people fail to reach the stage where they are making a decent income online is just ridiculous. In your post you mentioned “outside-looking-in” tendency I think that is a great thing to do; it helps you see the maze from an aerial view akin to working on your business rather than within your business.

    • Hey Gordon, That’s one of my favorite quotes as well. In fact I’ve referenced it in a lot of the coaching material I’ve created. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope you get some real value out of my upcoming posts.

  5. Hello Rich, thank you for the invite, much appreciated.
    Marketing is promoting something you are passionate about. I believe you should ‘like’ or ‘feel’ something about what you market. I LOVE promoting something that I believe in and sometimes that sticks…
    (Prime example: Elton John”s passion when he sings ‘Candle In The Wind’)
    Processes…? So many good ones online, I’m lost…(wish I knew how to raise money for an awesome friend..):…)

    • Hey Giselle, Absolutely. And you’ve just given me an idea for one of my posts. It has to do with “why” you feel the way you do about what you’re marketing. And it creates incredible persuasive power in your content. Gotta leave the tease there. Stay tuned though. And thanks for sharing.

      • Thank you so much for the reply. Can’t wait to see your further expertise, as always. Marketing is my passion, difficult to know if one is doing it right online though, so many good courses… (This is most definitely the right place to be, feel very honored to be here, thank you)

  6. Hey Rich, first time commenting on your blog… woo!

    To me marketing’s about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time to make the right deal and the right difference in their lives.

    Everything else stems from that… Email, SMS, webinars, live events, direct mail etc. The process breaks down the minute you stop caring about doing all of the above 🙂

    • Hey Edward, I’d say you hit the nail on the head. My upcoming posts are hopefully going to shed some light on how to get that right message to the right people at the right time. And welcome to the community! Glad you’re here.

  7. Heeey Rich, I’m like you in that I’m a really Heart centered guy whose very well read mentally ambidextrous…I easily have Great relationships and build relationships extremely fast…almost instantaneously like breathing… because in part I grew up a military brat (living in cultures that were not black or American) but also in part because I gained a lot from the metaphoric wisdom of history and judaism. I was on a Marketing Team that oversaw a major Chicago Show. The last night of the event I got a chance to personally meet Michael Gerber…and that’s when I truly began to understand the errors of my ways. Michael pointed out that I had been “Working IN my business instead of ON my Business”…and that I needed to throw out everything I had learned about business so that I could be Free to operate without these preconceived restraints. I recorded his one hour speech that night and listened to it everyday until I drove the ideas he recommended into the frame work of my character. That’s when I developed the “Running Back Theory” to sort of Invisibly guide me…because while I needed to use the “Playbook” as a system I realized that I did not need to fall victim to overuse when being Innovative or Improvising was more Necessary than following the Rules! So prior to Michael Gerber my process broke down from being a Lover of my Work instead of being a Strategist like “Ray Kroc”. But now I’m finding new ways to be Resourceful…allowing other people to do the fundamental Foundational work so that I can continue to over see the Implementation of the Visionary work…calling into memory those from history who refused to allow circumstances that were not ideal to get in the way. My processes used to break down at the point of my constraints but now I’m using “The Running Back Theory” to apply 1st, 2nd and 3rd or 4th Effort if I have to…not to go down so easily when I face a new challenge or run into a new constraint but to see every constraint contrary to Appearance…like W. Clement Stone who saw every constraint as an Opportunity…as a Good Thing!

  8. My Marketing has always been STICKY at the point of interaction with Customers or Clients because I Welcome Interaction, I Thrive on Engagement, I Love Creativity and I was well groomed by a VP of Sales for Oil Dri Corporation of America right after college. He taught me to specifically deal with CEO’s and GM’s as the path to rapidly growing our organization. When dealing with these specific groups of people doing one’s homework and leveraging one’s relationships to the hilt is essential for survival but this also teaches you how to really cater to the specific needs of the Customer or Client. So intuitively from this VP I learned how to organically expand the foot print of an organization… I seem to do this unconsciously and it unfolds out of my Desire to be Genuine when Engaging the Customer. It’s probably one of the most STICKIEST Marketing attributes I have and also at the same time, one of the most Explored and Expanded upon concepts I’ve experimented with across over 476 industries.

  9. The most important thing is to give in life, and whatever it is, the more benefit to the greatest number will always have greater value, so creating billions of jobs and a superior service, would need very little marketing. Like you Rick, I never advertise about any product, because if it carries the message, it is supposed to, then, it will grow naturally, without any interference from me.

    • Hey Malcolm, I don’t “advertise” per se. But I do “market” And marketing is not about simply pushing the sale but offering value at the same time. I’m going to share some of my insights on that in the coming posts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. One of the Marketing Strategies I employ is “Story Telling”. Because of my connections to my Great Grand Mother who was still alive when I was a little boy, I began to learn about the history of the Black Slave and my ties to my ancestors. Through this experience I began to realize that my ancestors had a long history of being connected to Story telling. My father who was in the United States Army knew nothing about Marketing in the book sense but he was a brilliant story teller, which infused me with a natural desire to do the same. But I must admit all my life I had never drawn a relation between Marketing and Story Telling until I was working with Roy Young, one of the authors of “Marketing Champions”. He had allowed me to be a part of the proof reading team in the early development stages of the book…emailing me several chapters at a time. Roy hand chose me because I was one of the Top Marketers offering free advice in the early days of his online start-up company called “Marketing Profs”. This experience opened up a huge door in my imagination to now see the relationship of Great Story Telling to the Development and Rapid Growth of a business. From that time on I began to see “Story Telling” in a new light recognizing that “Story Telling” is one of the most Powerful Keys of Marketing employed by the best Corporations, CEO’s, Marketers and Consultants…and here it was all of my life I had been using this skill set at a mastery level but not truly understanding how it had created every single opportunity I ever had in my life. Not recognizing this and being totally unaware of how to employee it as a part of my Marketing Strategy I literally held myself back from even greater achievements. But one day when I was studying Claude Hopkins and I applied the discipline of writing out several of his ads long hand that is when I began to recognize on a very deep level…that it was one of the Major Keys that made him such a Great Marketing Giant. They say if you want to Really See the Future…Stand on the Shoulders of Giants.

  11. Unlike Deremiah, I’m a babe in arms when it comes to marketing. In my previous life I was a journalist for the BBC. Now, as a small business owner, i’m excited about learning marketing skills to build my speaking consultancy.
    Right now, marketing is my business. Where I need help, is writing copy that hits the heart and head of my prospects.
    The marketing strategies I currently use are, google adwords, email marketing, telesales marketing and blogs and content marketing.
    Where does my marketing stick? Probably, my messages are not sharp enough to match the prospects needs, follow up and follow through is not consistent, nor do I have a systemised method for developing sales and marketing.
    I’m looking forward to reading your first post on this subject.
    Alford Grant, Owner/Director – TRT Ltd

    • Hey Alford, I think I can help you out a little. In my coming posts, I’m going to focus on how to get into your prospects’ heads and deliver the right message. When it comes to marketing, we’re all lifelong learners. Thanks for sharing

      • Alford…believe you me…most of what I know I gained from doing exactly what Rich said…being a lifelong learner. If you read anything I’ve written here on this blog you’ll notice that there is an underlining problem…I was using the tools of the trade of Marketing all the time but not knowing they were tools…right about the time I stumbled across Rich in October of 2013, I was almost completely out of money with barely enough to make it. Here’s the moral…when we’re using tools that we don’t know are tools we are operating purely on a tactical level…stumbling if by mere accident like a person trying to drive without the headlights on at night time. We may reach some successes by shear Determination as I have done most of my life working for others. But the moment we want to step “Outside The System” and Run Free it’s like the early American Slave…we have only been indoctrinated to Operate “Within The System”…Sadly dependent on the system every slave out of Fear, Ignorance and Persuasion tactics used upon him by a more psychologically equipped Slave Owner went back to the System of Slavery as an Indentured Servant. I’m only here to learn also…to glean more wisdom from Rich because all though he knows how to make Money he’s not “Driven by Money”…which means he has a sense of integrity and moral obligation to correct the problems he sees corrupting others “Within The System” and is therefore one of the reasons he’s presenting his perspective as “Outside The System”. This approach resonates with me because it’s also the way I’ve been able to Transform my self over and over again…gaining Unbelievable Success in almost everything I’ve done. This is the final hurdle that has alluded me for a long time but because Rich and I have a similar world view, I know through his coaching I’ll finally put this illusion to bed. I will accomplish my Dream to Rise above this and silence all the those who told me to “Give Up” and “Go Back” to the System…”Go Back to the world where I made men 100% of the Profits and only made a meager wage…But I’m Not Going BACK to continue to make other men wealthy while I deny myself the ability to do the same for myself…as Napoleon said on the hills of the Austrian Alps…FORWARD!!!

  12. Hi Rich, thanks for this blogpost, and everyone for your comments. I agree: there’s lots of wisdom in them, too!
    I visited your presentation in the Netherlands (July 2013) and was sorry I had to leave earlier due to family obligations. However, that particular circumstance now comes to mind in answering your questions.
    What marketing means to me: how to reach my target audience? How to get prospects to value (the benefits of) my music lessons.
    How it fits in my business model: there is still much work to be done in this area! My business model is simple: I get paid for the hours I teach (not good, I know it). As I am (momentarily) the sole bread winner for my family, I have to make sure that I have enough paying clients and have little time to spare to come up with long or even mid term strategies.
    What kind of strategies I deploy: I am striving for an expert position in my field (teaching piano) and to that end am preparing to write a book. I have started a bi-weekly blog, does that count too?
    What kind of processes I have in place: a newsletter to promote my blog. Occasionally I organise workshops or concerts to promote my activities.
    Where my marketing sticks: with my ideal clients, fortunately I have a couple of clients who value and profit from my lessons. Just today I had an interview with my favorite pianostudent and she values exactly those things that I think I am best in!
    Where does the process break down: in finding new customers, finding the right tone and media to appeal to them, and (as mentioned before) in finding time to implement new tools and strategies.

    • Hey Marie – Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Let me share one of mine after reading your comment. You say you’re “striving for and expert position in your field.” I’m going to assume you’ve been playing for some years and are a skilled music teacher. With that in mind, I’d ask you to specifically define what “expert position” means. I see far too many clients who work and wish for some kind of expert status when the only thing standing between them and the status they desire is their own willingness to declare themselves an expert. I’d say running workshops and concerts already gives you expert status. Start thinking of yourself from that perspective and see if your outlook doesn’t change a bit.

  13. I’m at the point where I’m simply loving marketing, and it is at the centre of everything I am doing, because now that I understand it more, it feels so much more congruent with my whole business. My biggest goal right now is to get all the other aspects of my business under manageable control so I can spend more time on it.
    1. What marketing means to me? Building an understanding of my prospects and engaging in conversations to gain trust, and true understanding of what they want or in some cases need (but don’t know they do)
    2. Where does it fit in my business model? It is central – starting with regular communication, actually focussed more on existing clients more than new ones, which seems to be bringing in much more recurring work and referrals.
    3. What kind of marketing strategies do I employ? Blog, email newsletters to prospects, email newsletters to clients – all to do with targeted and relevant topics for them, taking up opportunities for speaking, building database wherever possible
    4. What kind of marketing process do I have in place? One is having a number email series on specific topics of interest. That is the main one actually, and I need more time to develop others, so there is an entire funnel sequence.
    5. Where does your marketing stick? The emails to existing clients seems to work really well. It reminds them about reasons they were thinking to contact me again (eg. updating / making changes on their website, setting up email marketing themselves etc), and brings in more work and referrals
    6. Where does your process break down? Being a solo business owner, it is doing too much – so currently working on getting help in the areas which are not my forte, so I can refine and increase my marketing

    Thanks for the quesitons – a good exercise to start the day with!


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