Have You Ever Met an Idiot Who’s More Successful Than You Are?

successful idiot

We all have met those people, right?

The people who seem like idiots, yet they’re still more successful than you? It’s irritating, isn’t it? It goes against everything we’re taught to believe. But it does happen.

Frequently, when I am coaching, a client will ask something like…

“I’m just as smart as this person, so why am I working so much harder yet making so much less than them?”

When they ask, I’m never quite sure… Do they really want the truth, or are they simply venting their frustrations?

To play it safe, I usually say nothing and wait to hear what comes out next. After a silent pause, the client speaks…

The next few words out of their mouth tell me everything I need to know. If they are serious they’ll press me and ask again. If not they’ll simply move on to the next topic.

You see, I need to know if they are serious, because if they’re not, then they aren’t ready to hear the cold, hard truth.

So what about you? Do you want to know why people half as smart as you are making 10 times more? If so keep reading…

The Smartest Person Isn’t Always the Richest

Today, the Internet provides an overwhelming amount of information. Never before have so many people been so well informed…

And yet, so utterly confused.

Lots of entrepreneurs go around thinking “Access to information is what separates the winners from the losers.”

They also think: “The smartest person in the room should be the most successful.”

Neither are true. If they were, then whoever bought the most products, or read the most books would be richest, and we both know how ridiculous that is.

That’s not to say that getting the right information isn’t important, it is… it’s necessary but it’s not sufficient.

When it comes to being successful in business, there are a few easily overlooked elements that are absolutely vital. They’re truly the deciding factors.

So, what are the crucial “winning” elements at the core of all successful entrepreneurs (even the “idiots”)?

What Separates the Successful from the Wannabes

Successful entrepreneur

Taking action is the real difference between the super-successful and the wannabes. And learning from the results of those actions and taking action again is the difference between the successful and the super successful.

Wannabes simply absorb information and at their very best, react to it. And with such an overwhelming supply of information, most of them are simply numbed by it.

Contrast that with the successful entrepreneurs out there. When they get good information, they act on it – as soon as they possibly can.

The main reason why so many don’t take action is because they are paralyzed by the prospect of failure.

Add to that, their mistaken belief that the next information nugget they come across will be the difference between success and failure, and it becomes obvious why their “waiting” has them stuck.

If they press on, they only become more confused by conflicting facts. All the while, becoming increasingly frustrated that they still haven’t found the magic they’ve been seeking.

If you’ve ever been there, here’s my advice – Stay focused!

How to Focus and Take Action NOW

Take a deep breath, and ask yourself:

“What do I have to get done today?- Not tomorrow, or next week, or even next month. Today!”

And not what do I have to learn, but what do I have to DO to further my success?!?! It’s easy to lose your focus on today when you are thinking about tomorrow.

And it’s just as tempting to believe that the next pearl of wisdom you come across is going to make all the difference. But it won’t.

You’ll never reach the level of success you crave without taking specific DAILY steps that take you there.

Even taking a single step and testing a new idea for your business can give you the information you need to take another step. And then another. Soon you have a plan for your business, based on your own experience.

That experience will always be more valuable than some nugget of information that will supposedly lead to success (but rarely does).

It’s pretty straightforward. To build a successful business you have to train your brain to crystallize a future vision, break it into small details, and organize them into daily tasks.

After that, all you need is the courage to commit to the completion of these daily tasks – despite all the obstacles that get in your way.

Sounds easy enough, right? So what will sabotage your success? Mainly fear! Fear is your enemy. The little voice whispering – what if it doesn’t work? What if I’m wrong?

Look, some self-doubt is natural – but when it prevents you from achieving the success you deserve it’s a problem.

I’ll be back later this week with more success secrets like this.

Before I go, tell me…

  1. Q: Do you find you have trouble taking action?
  2. Q: What would you say is holding you back?
  3. Q: What can I tell you about in my next post that will make this more useful for you?

I’d appreciate if you could respond in the comments. Then I’ll speak to you soon in my next post.

18 thoughts on “Have You Ever Met an Idiot Who’s More Successful Than You Are?”

  1. Ok, first Elvis may not have been the smartest guy in the room but he did have talent.  😉

    Now that I have that off my chest, you are spot on in this post. It’s not that we don’t know enough, it’s that we know too much. This paralysis has become so common that people have to write posts like this one.

    Also, we don’t have to have Elvis-like talent. Competent is good enough. Trying to get “talented” is a lost cause. Either you have it or your don’t. But competence is completely acquirable.

    The next problem happens when people finally get off the couch but are confused by all their inputs. Consider this: http://www.dumblittleman.com/2013/01/if-systems-are-so-great-why-dont-they.html

  2. Rich, one of your videos gave me a massive light bulb moment and an idea / thinking tool not long ago and that tool has been so useful for me. This post is another one of of your great prompting posts. Thanks. Ken

  3. I do find that I have trouble taking action. Mainly it is fear  that holds me back. But also I think I’m some sort of a perpetual student. At school and varsity I have always been a great learner and I love to learn the problem is when the stakes are high as in starting my own business I tend to want to OVER learn and make sure I know EVERYTHING before I start, which of course is impossible  Then the more info I get the more confused I get the more I get paralized. Viscous cycle that I am trying my SUPER best to break free from. Haha in regards to your last question, I dont think I need to read or learn anything more I just have to DO it 🙂 I suppose tips on how to get “over myself” would be helpful.

  4. Tell in next post, how to take action efficiently everyday. when you can’t the whole staircase, from where to start, and keep motivating to take actions?

  5. My problem is the fear of cold calling. I know it is integral for my business but it is so demoralising to be shot down at every phonecall, email or walk-in.

    • If you have something you despise doing in your business, it’s worth mentioning that you might consider outsourcing it. (Even if that just means hiring and training a VA to do it for you.) Then you can focus on more high-level tasks in your business and won’t be so discouraged. 

  6. 1. Yes.

    My problem is I feel the main thing i need to do (content writing)
    is what i see and feel is such a drag, so hard, and i just end up feeling
    heavy like those who get hypnotised and told their eyes and arms are too heavy to even move. (Ifi  had money i could outsource the writing, but i cant afford).

    2. So whats holding me back is how hard and big a task i feel the biggest action
    i need to take is (content writing).

    3. What you could tell, if such info even exist, is how you can change how you
    feel about those actions that you feel are so hard to do for you, but you have to do them anyway – and actually get yourself to take actions on those things you feel overwelmed by, because theyre hard for you to do and takes a lot of energy out of you.

    But this info probably doesnt exist. The answer would be “outsource it”,
    the only problem is content creation is something i need to do a lot of 
    (i build local business sites and sell them) and i absolutely cant afford to outsource this.

    • First, I’ve recommended in the past that if you have big projects you need to take on (and in particular don’t like doing), it’s important to break them up into smaller projects. 

      So if you have a content project, you may put on your list “come up with content idea” on day 1, then “come up with the basic outline” on day 2, then “write the lead” on day 3, and then “write the actual copy” on day 4. As you’re doing that, you can work on multiple writing projects at once. 

      Also, the best writing ideas come when you’re away from your computer. So this will help you think through what you want to write while you’re out walking, taking a shower etc… so once you sit down to write, the hard work is done.

      Also, an idea from my Content Director, Kat…

      If you don’t like to write, use a digital recorder and record yourself speaking the actual copy. Then you can get those digital recordings transcribed and use those transcriptions as the basis for your copy. That way you’re always working with a starting point instead of a blank page. 

      Hope that helps.

  7. Business is also a risk and if one wants to get rich, then one must be willing to take the risk of investing in any business. As what you said, “fear” sabotages success, then those who became successful in their business are not afraid to take business risks and they also plan for these risks.

  8. Rich,

    1. I have a huge problem with taking action…I know what I need to do but I just don’t do it?2. I wish I knew what was holding me back??? I’m great @ fact-finding, but I suck at the follow through.
    3. In the next post give me the magic bullet…kidding. What tactics have you successfully used to help you follow through, or to help keep you accountable when working by yourself?

    Be well,

    Dr. Kevin

  9. I am naturally a person that likes to think things through and know exactly how and what I am doing before I take action. Yes, I am a procrastinator! There I said it. How do I get past that? Also, as a network marketer, what would you suggest in the way of training. I should say a wanna be network marketer. I have not had much success with the action I have taken. So, how, what do I do?


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