T-Minus 48:00 And Counting

We’re heading down the final stretch

I delayed our launch a couple of times already so I could help as many people as possible, but now, it’s almost time to get this party started:

   We’re “all systems go” for launching just 48 hours from now: On Thursday, September 25 at noon Eastern time.

I absolutely can’t wait to get going!

Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than helping online entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It’s been nearly three years since I last rolled my sleeves up and personally coached entrepreneurs one-on-one in a live program like this one — so, if you thought I was passionate at our marathon video event, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

No, I’m not going to spoil the surprise by giving you the details on Guided Profit System now. But I am going to answer some of the questions I’m getting now — and I’m going to be straight with you; no hype, no fluff:

1. THIS WILL NOT COST $15,000.00

For some reason, I’ve received a flood of emails from people asking if this was going to cost $10,000, $15,000, even $25,000. And while there’s no question that my former coaching students would tell you it’ll worth many, many times more, the enrollment price is going a tiny fraction of those amounts.


Ask anyone who knows me: When I take business building very seriously. And frankly, I have no time or patience for entrepreneurs who are less committed to their own success than I am.

So this program is intended solely for serious entrepreneurs who are willing to work as intensely on their businesses as I am — and who will actually USE my personalized instruction, advice, methods, and strategies to obliterate any and all constraints currently standing between them and the success they desire.

If that sounds like you — if you can see, feel and taste all the opportunity surrounding you online but need to blast through the constraints holding you back — this intense, 30-day program will deliver life you dreamed about when you decided to start your online business.


I’ve found that when I am able to work with a client daily for 30 days straight, I can create ten, even twenty times greater success than when the process is drawn out over a longer period of time.

Compressing the entire constraint-eliminating process into a single 30-day period inevitably ensures that you will, in fact, implement, execute, and follow through on the ideas, strategies, and tactics we come up with together and that you will reap the results in record time.

That means, to get you to from where you are now to where you and I want you to be in 30 days, the pace will be relentless. I’ll become a kind of entrepreneurial “drill sergeant:” Preparing you to do battle with your toughest competitors online and triumph over them.

I’ll stop at nothing to get you to the goal you signed up for. You’ll see and feel the difference we’re making in your business every single day. You’ll begin reaping many of the rewards almost instantly. And as we near the end of this exhilarating process, you will already be reaping returns that dwarf the price of admission.


My mission is to make you wildly successful — and then to use case studies from this program to justify the higher price I’ll charge for the automated version later on. That’s what I did with the Business Growth System, and it’s what I’ll do with this program as well.

That means I can’t — and I won’t — let you fail. I simply have too much riding on this.

So during this one-time-only pilot program, you’ll get me — PERSONALLY — working hand-in-hand with you to blast through your constraints and explode your business. I’ll give you 100% of my attention … 100% of my resources …. 100% of my best ideas … and 100% of my intensity and energy. I’ll hold absolutely NOTHING back.

I expect — I NEED — the same from you. That means you must be absolutely, positively committed to ACTING ON the solutions we develop together. That’s the only way I know that when we’re finished, I’ll be able to point to you as a living, breathing example of the growth miracles this program produces.

Now, as you can see, I’m serious about making sure you do NOT rush into this program for the wrong reasons. Over the past three weeks, I’ve pulled out all the stops to help you make an INFORMED decision.

I’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to educate you about constraints. I’ve given you a highly-acclaimed report to give you a basic working knowledge of my philosophy and methodology. I’ve answered hundreds of your questions on this blog. I even gave you a marathon 26-hour live video consultation to give you more answers.

Now, the time for questions is almost over. In 48 hours, you will make an all-important decision. Either you’ll move ahead with me to blast away the constraints that are now robbing you the success you deserve, or you won’t.

And the ramifications of that decision will have a massive impact on your business, your success, your wealth and your freedom for the rest of your life.

Between now and Thursday noon, you still have time to ask any lingering questions you have. Just use the form below and your question will be instantly forwarded to me here at Strategic Profits headquarters.

I promise that we’ll move heaven and Earth to get you the frank, no-B.S. answers you need as quickly as possible.

One final thing: You need to be ready to move EARLY on Thursday!

Now, I’m not a big believer in using high-pressure sales tactics in order to get you to join me. Either my track record with clients makes you think this is right for you, or you don’t. Either way is OK by me.

But, fair warning: If you’re serious about eliminating the constraints that are holding you back … if you’re ready to experience the astonishing growth, freedom and profits that vaporizing your constraints will bring you …

You need to be ready EARLY on Thursday; the day after tomorrow — and here’s why:

The last time I launched a live coaching program, I offered it to less than 31,000 internet marketers — and every available slot was snapped up be eager online entrepreneurs in just two hours and 14 minutes.

On Thursday, more than 240,000 business owners and entrepreneurs will be invited to join me — nearly EIGHT TIMES MORE.

Needless to say, I expect this new, constraint-busting coaching program will sell out in a heartbeat. It will not be repeated. And when the automated version is released next year, students will not get a fraction of the personal time with me and it will sell at a much higher price.

So if you’re not ready to grab your place when enrollment opens on Thursday, there’s every reason to believe you will miss out entirely.

Again: If there’s a single question in your mind that might cause you to hesitate and miss this opportunity, please ask it now!
— Rich

28 thoughts on “T-Minus 48:00 And Counting”

  1. 1. Do you know what your single greatest constraint is right now? If so, what is it?
    a. Yes – Working on too many projects and not completing any.

    2. How many constraints away are you from having the business and the life of your dreams?
    a. Two. A) Concentrate and finish a project. B) Write down what I want now, and act as if you have it now and repeat / reaffirm those beliefs each day. Events occur and the life of your dreams arrives.
    3. What are the three greatest benefits you’ll enjoy once those constraints are removed?
    a. Freedom

  2. Do you know what your single greatest constraint is right now? If so, what is it?

    My biggest problem is lacking the cashflow to recover from bad decisions quickly enough to keep momentum in my business. What happens is that I complete a product, plan the launch, takes steps to promote it, make an error in advertising, choosing a consultant or other factor then have to wait 3-5 months to recover financially to get back up to full steam. I know making mistakes and learning from them is part of the process, but have yet to get past the ceiling where I can do so without a minor crisis.

    How many constraints away are you from having the business and the life of your dreams?

    I have 3, the first is a cashflow problem, the 2nd is a time management problem with trying to do too much myself (which is clearly related to the first) and the final is Traffic generation, getting the precise traffic I need in the volume I need to meet my margins and then profit.

    What are the three greatest benefits you’ll enjoy once those constraints are removed?

    Time is certainly the biggest factor but it’s also about quality of time, time I can take to spend with my son or to simply enjoy my life more without guilt, stress or worry about what I “should” be doing to keep the cash flow going.

    Wealth, which for me is not about Rolex watches or fast cars but more about having the retirement fund, college fund for my son, adequate insurance and then money to enjoy as well as assist causes I believe in more effectively.

    Health, which I’m blessed with relatively good health now, but a greater degree of health as I can purchase better foods and supplements, sleep more regularly and have scheduled work out times.

    • Sounds like me. I am really new at this game and wanting to support my retirement in the manner I envisioned before got there. Now that I am retired I am working through the financial problems that plague everyone and wish I had done more sooner. I am hoping to get enough out of this to give me a super retirement and be able to leave somke thing for my kids to take on and continue to make their lives better. I am still living paycheck to paycheck -only smaller checks. I don’t want to back to work for someone, I want to work for myself.

    • Bill,
      You might as well have been talking straight to me. I can relate to everything you say. Not only has it taken 2 years of stress, confusion and guilt to just get a website up and running but the constant learning and keeping up to date with the ever changing smorgasboard that’s out there keeps me poor.

      I agree, my constraint is cashflow, bad decisions and confusion reigning supreme. I have too many on the go that all need attention and never finish one completely. I think my answer might be to concentrate on one at a time. From the beginning I thought I knew what my market wanted, now with all that I read and learn, I’ll be constantly needing to keep up to date.

      My health is hanging in there and thank God the kids are grown and doing their own thing. Now there’s a husband who doesn’t want to be a ‘computer widower’!!
      Anne – Australia!


  3. Q1/…Do you know what your single greatest constraint is right now?
    If so, what is it?

    The honest answer to question one is…
    Undoubtedly me…myself…I am…the reason being ive always…well for about twenty years or so known that one day I would be wealthy…no that’s not technically true…I knew that one day I would own outright a dark metallic blue x.j.s. jaguar…all I didn’t know was how ??…
    Despite being called doubting Thomas as I was growing up…quite obviously ive not asked myself enough of the…right questions as to how ??…
    ive had ideas…brainstorms…light-bulb moments…ive just simply never done anything about them…sure ive dabbled in this and that…got three e-books practically finished…a quit smoking charitable donation website…guess what…yeah half finished…a box of licensed products I paid for still in the box !!…
    …up until just last week I was employed…since an industrial accident last year…not worked in that time…have been reading influential auto biographies…business studies…been to internet seminars…then last week was med seved…
    now unemployed…I know I need an income…the internet is the answer you sir will be my teacher…as Lisa Diane said…”your thoughts create your life”…so make sure there the right ones…well I believe the teacher has just entered the room…

    Q2/…How many constraints away are you from having the business and the life of your dreams?

    Well this is a tricky one really…

    The answer I suppose is just ONE !!…

    The only real constraint is me…therefore if I was able to run a successful and very profitable internet business that didn’t involve employing me…then I could do it ??…

    Trouble is dave-monty.com is me its all about me …my £1million charitable donations on behalf of my mum…then the one on behalf of my dad…

    the things that I want for not only my future but my families futures…my closest friends futures…they all hang in the balance…until I start the internet business I desire…

    Therefore it is totally apparent to me that what I need is a mentor…a coach…a guiding light…in the sea of uncertainty…a heavy anchor…

    This again draws me to you …my future teacher…

    Q3/…What are the three greatest benefits you’ll enjoy once those constraints are removed?

    1/…My £1million donations on behalf of my mum…

    2/…£1million charitable donation on behalf of my dad…

    3/…To achieve total freedom…now that money flows to me freely and easily from multiple streams of income…

    The chance to achieve all my desires…the house…the car…the partner…but most importantly…more important than any material possessions…

    The chance to be able to…

    To be able to help other family members as well as close friends…
    To live the life I knew that one day I would live…
    To be able to do whatever…whenever…with whoever…I choose for as long as I want ..
    To be able to make a real difference…

  4. To all thinking hard about the program…

    I’ve been part of Rich’s business systems program for the past year. It’s solid. He DELIVERS on the weekly calls week in and week out.

    So, there’s no doubt GPS is going to be an incredible tool for those with enough desire and discipline.

    Have a GREAT day!

  5. Rich….you said in your email to me that, you will mention the
    price of your new coaching program….in here, up here ???

    But, where is it ???

    Am I missing something here or what ???

    Does anyone here know Rich’s price for this new program ???

    Come on evryone (including Rich)….

    Let’s know the price ???….


    (John Day)

  6. 1. Do you know what your single greatest constraint is right now? If so, what is it?
    1. My single most important constraint is inaction, ineffective action or incomplete action.

    2. How many constraints away are you from having the business and the life of your dreams?
    2. AFter reading your Entrepreneurial Emergency document I came away with the idea that:
    There are NO constraints that I can not jump over. Every time I come to a road block, my new mantra is going to be:
    DO OR DIE …..
    DO IT NOW….

    3. What are the three greatest benefits you’ll enjoy once those constraints are removed?
    3. My business will take off;
    I will reach my destination a lot faster;

  7. 1. Do you know what your single greatest constraint is right now? If so, what is it?

    a. Yes – It’s having to spend most of my time working at my $100,000 per year job.

    2. How many constraints away are you from having the business and the life of your dreams?

    a. One … creating an income of greater than $100,000 per year so I can work full time on my own business.

    3. What are the three greatest benefits you’ll enjoy once those constraints are removed?

    a. The satisfaction of running my own business.
    b. Spending more time with my family.
    c. Not having to be concerned about the current trends in finance and politics affecting my income.

    Have a great day!

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  9. Hey Rich, Roberto here.
    There is someting not matching on dates for the teleseminar.
    Your comments are telling that in Thursday noon is the LIFTOFF, and the registration page is informing Wednsday 24 1000/1130 hs EST.
    I did register myself but it will help to reconfirm your THURSDAY date dont you think?
    Best regards

  10. Answer to the big question # 1:
    My biggest constraint is finances. Being widowed twice to men who had nothing and no insurance has left me a mountain of debt, and at retirement age, I need a great business to bail myself out and enjoy what time is left in my life.
    2:I am 2 constraints away from the success I have dreamed of ll my life!
    a:money to move forward
    b:Proper training to learn the internet and the best products to make the fastest and steadiest income long term.

    #3: a. A nicer home in which to rest and enjoy life
    b. More time to spend with my large and scattered family and the funds and wherewithall to travel to see each of them
    c.Peace of mind knowing all my debts are paid and I will never need to be in debt again!!!

    I am willing to commit anything I need to to accomplish these goals.

    • I can totally relate to you Beth. I am in the same boat as you and share all those things that you want. I have debts up to my eyeballs left to me from a past husband and I want to live debt free and have stability and a job like this that I can be proud of myself for achieving it. All the best.

  11. 1. Biggest constraint – Constraint #5 Alone and Lost in a networked world. Where am I???? What is the right approach??? So many choices.

    2. How many constraints do you suffer from. Probably all 7. I’m not worried about doing it wrong but just don’t really know what to do. I’m an amazing first grade teacher – but marketing is confounding me. I’m a right brain person but have been looking for that linear approach – the cookie cutter recipe for success. Haven’t found it. Tried and failed at numerous businesses. I am a cancer survivor so am committed to the mission and product of the company I have chosen to work with. One of the constraints you don’t mention is that I want health for my potential customer more than they do.

    3. Removal of restraints – I will have the financial freedom to retire from my wonderful teaching career and actually make money online. Create a business that runs streamline so I can get that golf score into the low 90’s. Give me time to watercolor.

    • Dave, if you add 5 hours to EST times, or 8 hours to PST times you will get the UK time. So if they say 1pm EST, it’s 6pm British Summer Time (5pm UST/GMT). I really struggle with this business but there are world clock websites 😎

      Cheers, Nicola

  12. My time is certainly my biggest factor …being a single mother I need to make sure I spend quality time with my two children,the time I take to spend with my kids lately seems to be stressed (thinking about all the things I need to do better with my business) and I would definitely like to take that stress off.

    Warmest Regards,

  13. Hi Rich,

    I trade one of the fastest growing financial markets for a group of private investors and have for over ten years. There is time about once a month to teach a student one-on-one, here in my office in the Southwest. It is a really intensive experience and they become truly good traders. We have never had a failure and our reputation is excellent. These students are really interesting self-made people and travel here from all over the world. All that is great … BUT … my biggest constraint has been a belief that this intensive type of training could only be done one student at a time and that any attempt to do otherwise was automatically dishonest. Finally being creative we have designed an on-line course format that keeps the intensity, demands the practice and work, and yet remains engaging, interesting, and fun. We have figured out that out-sourcing is essential (another constraint about being the only one who could do everything bites the dust.) I know I really need to unload all the remnants of these beliefs.

    Remaining constraints (really tasks) are the need to get up to speed on web based marketing using all the tools and techniques you discuss so well. Including designing the launch sequence, finding and engaging the right JV partners, becoming the “maven”, managing sales and support and all the rest.

    The payoff when this works is going to be massively changing many, many lives for the better, since this will empower new and larger incomes. Visualizing that result is a powerful motivator. At the same time the income will allow me to adjust how I spend my time — much more of which needs to be spent with my intensively patient, long deserving, and beautiful partner in all this. We will provide for building and rewarding a great project team. Finally, this business will easily outlive my tenure and provide for my retirement and help launch the kids.

    We know we need help from you and your team and can absolutely promise you’ll have fun working with us.

    All the best,


  14. 1. Do you know what your single greatest constraint is right now? If so, what is it?
    Interestingly, my single biggest constraint is multi dimensional. It spans across the 3 types of constraints mentioned in Rich’s report. I believe that to own a successful online business fast, I need to learn and understand the technicalities of an online business, create the sites and product all in parallel to be ready for integration at the same time (self imposed constraint).

    That leads me to start learning and working on everything at together – from website hosting, to copywriting , to building traffic, to product creation…. As I realize and evaluate the way I’m building my business, I realize how counter productive it is to switch between tasks (procedural constraint).

    If I have taken a step back, and look at what I was busy with earlier, I’d have realized that, every business (online or offline) is a business of relationship building. I only need to focus on building relationship with people and introduce them great products (which may not even be my creation). From the start, I have myself caught in a rational constraint.

    2. How many constraints away are you from having the business and the life of your dreams?
    I’m 2 constraints away. I should focus on building relationship and expanding my list. Next to source for off the shelves products (that can solve my clients problems and market to them) through affiliate marketing.

    3. What are the three greatest benefits you’ll enjoy once those constraints are removed?

    Freedom of choice in life so that I’m able to:

    a) Truly be able to live, to learn, to love and to leave a legacy.
    b) Serve in Earth conservation efforts for the betterment of the living things on this planet.
    c) Help the less fortunate.

  15. 1. Do you know what your single greatest constraint is right now? If so, what is it?

    I’m always looking for what I believe will be the next big business or system that will give me the financial freedom I want.

    2. How many constraints away are you from having the business and the life of your dreams?

    I’m not sure how many I have, thanks for bringing THAT to my attention.
    I need to know everything before I start doing anything. Time not used to produce, just busy-ness not business. Not seeing results fast enough. Fear of either being or not being successful, not sure which. I’m sure there are more but you didn’t want a sob story. Lets say at least 3 for now.

    3. What are the three greatest benefits you’ll enjoy once those constraints are removed?

    Knowing I can give my family what ever I want at anytime I want without worrying how much its going to cost.

    Being able to give more to the DAV and my church.

    Being able to feel successful and help others to feel that way.

    Steve B

  16. a. My single greatest constraint is probably TIME. Can be challenging chasing after time.

    b. It’s not that easy to quantify how many constraints away I am to achieving my dreams. But there Are constraints for sure. Thanks for highlighting; it’s indeed crucial to sort it out I guess.

    c. I’ll enjoy these 3 greatest benefits:
    1. peace of mind
    2. fulfilment
    3. wealth & abundance

    My BREASTS, My Business!!

  17. My biggest constraint is confusion. Knowing which methods work best to build a list of qualified clients, knowing which products and services will be most interesting to this list and being able to produce them quickly to create a dependable revenue stream is the most complex challenge.

    How many constraints away am I from achieving the life of my dreams? Here’s my list:

    Head trash
    Knowing how to create a complete business plan and knowing where to start with product & service production
    Knowing the most streamlined way to produce revenue
    Cash flow to make it through start-up
    Knowing how to budget for outsourcing when cash flow is limited
    Not being sure that our niche will really respond to our ideas because they aren’t that tech savvy, but (being in the industry myself) I know there is a huge need for what we can bring to the market…but getting them to buy what they need when their business has dried up with the economy may mean that it is not the right time to be in this niche…not sure how to resolve this

    The three greatest benefits will be peace of mind, financial freedom and having time to enjoy life to the fullest.

  18. “Ask and You Shall Receive.” – This is exactly what the doctor ordered! THANK YOU!

    1. Do you know what your single greatest constraint is right now? If so, what is it?

    Yes – Innefficient Work Style. Sadly your chart resembles my day.

    2. How many constraints away are you from having the business and the life of your dreams?

    Four I believe.

    A) Create and maintain a time log.
    B) Determine and set my productivity rate
    C) Prepare and commit to a daily routine
    D) Slash work hours – I like that one!

    3. What are the three greatest benefits you’ll enjoy once those constraints are removed?

    More time, money and freedom!

  19. 1. Do you know what your single greatest constraint is right now? If so, what is it?

    Not being able to focus on one task at a time!

    2. How many constraints away are you from having the business and the life of your dreams?

    I’d say a total of threemajor constraints.

    3. What are the three greatest benefits you’ll enjoy once those constraints are removed?

    More time to relax and spend quality time with my family and friends due to a sense of accomplishment.
    More income.
    Peace of mind.

  20. Rich:

    It is all about the words. Words in books, the wisdom of others, and having the wisdom to recognize and implement an applicable thought process when you read it, hear it and see it.

    I can’t help but think that if the internet did not exist Rich, you would have been a bookseller in another life. Because being a bookseller is about guiding a customer to an answer to a question, providing a solution to a problem which has yet to be discovered.

    How delightful during your 24 hour telecast to hear you reference the number of books you read as you researched concept and thought launchers for your new report. Listening to you made me think about what Christopher Morley wrote in 1923 in “The Haunted Bookshop” about books,

    “Let the bookseller learn to know and revere good books, he will teach the customer. The hunger for good books is more general and more insistent than you would dream. But it is still in a way subconscious. People need books, but they don’t know they need them. Generally they are not aware that the books they need are in existence.”

    Countless individuals and businesses are stampeding to the internet exploiting the explosion of entrepreneurial opportunity, both as practitioners and as teachers of the “how-to”. Morley’s protagonist, Mifflin, reflected upon his understanding of the value of advertising, and of course realized it would be futile,

    “I am not a dealer in merchandise but a specialist in adjusting the book to the human need.” “A book is ‘good’ only when it meets some human hunger or refutes some human error.”

    In his own fashion I think Morley defined ‘viral marketing’ back in 1923. The art of what you do with your mentors and your list of satisfied customers was framed within this sentence,

    “There is no one so grateful as the man to whom you have given just the book his soul needed and he never knew it. No advertisement on earth is as potent as a grateful customer.”

    I have always taken pleasure with the simplicity of the complex implications which Morley identified, even back in 1923 about the mind and advertising,

    “I mean that my advertising is done by the books I sell. If I sell a man a book that delights or terrifies him, that man and that book become my living advertisements.”

    Your coaching programs and your reports are similar to a doctor, a doctor is advertised by the bodies he cures. Morley’s progragonist, Mifflin went on to state,

    “My business is advertised by the minds I stimulate. And let me tell you that the book business is different from other trades. People don’t know they want books. People don’t go to a bookseller until some serious mental accident or disease (or in our case a lackluster online business!) makes them aware of their danger. Then they come here. For me to advertise would be about as useful as telling people who feel perfectly well that they ought to go to the doctor. Do you know why people are reading more books now than ever before?”

    Being a bookseller is about getting the right book into the hands of the right customer at the right time. The right information to the person seeking the information, the solution, right here and right now.

    People do not find books, books find people.

    People do not create ideas, ideas come to people.

    You are taking sound marketing principles and applying them to this all new message delivery system.

    Again, Morley identified this when Mifflin was explaining to the advertising sales rep from Grey-Matter Advertising Agency,

    “I am interested that you should have thought it worth while to come in here. It reinforces my conviction of the amazing future ahead of the book business. But I tell you that future lies not merely in systematizing it as a trade. It lies in dignifying it as a profession.

    After I read your Entrepreneurial Emergency Report I became mired in a sea of contemplation. Yes, the report stirred thought and analysis, and yet I couldn’t quite identify what could possibly be the constraint which was holding back the explosive growth of my online business. So in a fit of intellectual frustration I did what I always do when seeking an answer, I went looking for more information. I revisited some of your previous reports, and downloaded The Maven Matrix Manifesto and consumed it in one evening. Plenty of “aha” moments there. Imagine, if you will, being bolted out of a dead sleep with the realization of what that constraint was! I sat on the edge of the bed, and shook my head, headed to my desk and started making notes.

    Of course I am not going to reveal it here on the internet, because it is rather personal in nature, but what is important is that I now know what it is. And this single constraint has inhibited me from completing the transition of taking my online presence with http://www.known.com from being about my “bricks and mortar” bookstore to providing what I do best, and that is being a purveyor of information.

    I mean, I’ve got it all. I am that number three constraint. I am that person.

    Four constraints are in my way.

    Three things above and beyond the obvious? The freedom to keep doing. The luxury to walk around barefoot in a pair of shorts sipping coffee mid-day in the middle of a northern Michigan summer day knowing that the pieces are in play, and that all will be alright. The idea gathering, the human energy, the test and putting into play an idea to see if it has merit, to see if it can work. Watching it grow and develop its own personality. The opporunity to learn, and the luxury of experiencing the homecoming of like-type minds coming together. The sheer magic of smiling at the end of the day and asking, “Now wasn’t that fun?” And of course, experiencing the joy of possibilities. And I might take a vacation someplace warm to get away from the cold northern Michigan winters!

    Thanks again Rich for the report. It was definitely worth the read. And see, just like a book, I didn’t go looking for it, it found me.

    Cheryl C. Cigan
    Known Books
    “We are always known
    around the world.”

    I am posting here to qualify for your contest because I have not been able to access the other thread on your blog.

  21. Hey Rich

    Thank you so much for your GREAT Info!!!

    I am continuously Amazed at how Divine intervention is at work in my life!!!
    I just recently found you and your info, through a friend of yours and You’re having this contest that is going to help you & I grow profits to the MOON!!!
    Well, I have to tell you, You, and me winning your mentorship, are exactly what I ordered from the Cosmos!!!
    It’s Incredible!!!

    You must Know, I am the contestant for you!!!

    I have a product that is going to make Millions & Millions & Millions of Dollars in a relatively short period of time!
    And I’m so glad you’re the guy to help me do it!!!

    My single greatest constraint right now is, An inefficient work style.
    I beleive that I really only have two constraints right now, the one above and the second being, Alone & lost in a networked world.
    When it comes to web sites & such I’m pretty much computer illiterit. I know this is easily overcome by knowing the right people.
    Really, with your help both of these constraints are blown out of the water easily and then it’s PROFITS TO THE MOON!!!!! and
    La Buena Vida, Todo el camino … cha, cha, cha!!!

    Man this is exciting !!!
    What a TESTIMONIAL it’s gonna be for you!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the greatest benefits I will enjoy is to help a vast number of people who are less fortunate, The more money I make, the more less fortunate I can help, this is something I am passionate about and brings great joy to my Soul!
    While I’m making all of these oodles of cash, it brings me to my next great benefit, which is my next HUGE product launch,
    That is going to help save the planet from global warming!!! This of course will be of Great benefit to me and every one in the World!!! and of course I will be making… Billions?
    Yes BILLIONS!!!
    And third, well, LA BUENA VIDA , TODO EL CAMINO !!!!!!
    What more could one ask for ???

    And Rich Schefren, You too will be apart of it ALL!!!

    To Higher Profits



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