My First Free Report in Five Years, The Best Burger in Years, and Why Both Can Boost Your Profits

What I’m about to share with you is not only my biggest announcement in years, but it’ll also be a HUGE marketing breakthrough for you in your own business.

But first a quick story…

A few weeks back, my Content Director, Kat was in Cincinnati for the weekend.

When she got back to the office here in Florida, she regaled all of us with the tale of what she called “the best burger she’s had in years.”

She went into painstaking detail – how the burger was at least six inches tall, slathered with burgundy wine sauce, dripping in Portobello mushrooms and covered in provolone cheese.

Kat also insisted on showing us the picture you see below.

Personally, I’m not much of a burger fan. Nor am I the food lover that Kat is.

So I have to admit, I was only half listening until she said…

“We had to get there early. You have to get to this place at least 30 minutes before it opens or you don’t get a table.”

That’s when I started paying attention…

From a marketing perspective, any restaurant that fills up before it opens is doing something right.

So I did a little digging. Turns out that this particular “burger place” – Terry’s Turf Club – has been featured in Food Network’s Magazine, on the show Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives, and received a TON of praise from food critics.

And it’s all because their owner, Terry Carter has put all his effort into making sure his burgers, his filet-mignon chili (which apparently takes 8 hours to make), and his entire restaurant experience is unforgettable.

There’s a lot to learn from that for your own business, which I’ll get to in a moment. But first, I want to tell you how this ties into my big announcement…

Introducing My First Free Report in FIVE YEARS

Right now, I’m toiling away on my first free report since 2008. It’s due to release the first week of November.

This is a REAL free report. No opt-in. No buy-in necessary. And if I do my job right, this free report could go viral just like my other free reports did.

Now if you have read my Internet Business Manifesto, my Missing Chapter, my Attention Age Doctrine (I or II), or any of my other 7 free reports, then you already know the amount of thorough research I pour into these.

I also have a bad habit of not sleeping until I’m done with one. (Part of the reason I wasn’t that excited to hear about the “world’s best burger” – sorry Kat.)

In fact, I’ve pretty much locked myself in my cigar bar to make sure this report is done on time. But I wanted to take just a moment to leak one of the many ideas in this latest free report to you – my best readers.

And tell you point blank why I felt compelled to write this free report after remaining silent and only writing reports for my clients for so long.

Let’s start there…

Why Now? What’s So Special about 2012?

As I have mentioned here in the past, when I first started Strategic Profits, free reports drove our business.

The Internet Business Manifesto alone brought in over $10 million in sales for our coaching program. And to this day, it continues to generate business for us.

Also, not a week goes by when a new blogger or online entrepreneur does NOT tell us how it’s changed his or her life.

But after writing 7 free reports – and bringing in around $3 million a piece – the truth was I didn’t have to write free reports anymore.

I already had seven little shining beacons out there in the market constantly marketing who I am and what my business had to offer.

So I could concentrate on only writing reports for my clients, and let free reports be mostly a thing of the past.

That’s what I’ve done for the past five years. And it’s worked pretty well.

Ironically, these reports became the exact marketing strategy that I’m going to reveal in my next free report.

This is a strategy that I’ve mostly kept to myself for many reasons including the fact that to me, this is pretty obvious. But apparently it’s not to everyone else.

And right now, I’m seeing a need in the market that’s making me announce it to the world in my next free report.

“I Hate to Tell You This But…”

It’s become glaringly obvious to me that…

The vast majority of online entrepreneurs go about marketing all wrong. They do what I’d call “outside-in” marketing.

What that means is they focus on everything outside their product to sell it rather than the product itself.

For example, they might spend a year writing the perfect sales letter…or months putting together the ideal sales funnel…

But they’ll barely pay a passing glance to creating value in the product itself.

In today’s market, that approach simply does NOT work. There’s too much stiff competition from better marketers for this to be effective.

Also, the Internet has splintered into too many different marketing channels for this work.

Right now, there are so many places to market your products (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, landing pages, paid traffic etc.) that it’s nearly impossible to just focus on marketing your product in all these places without a decent product to sell.

You’ll end up chasing your tail and getting nowhere. That’s not the way you build a sustainable business.

The irony is there is a much simpler way to create a business that allows you to get the leverage and momentum that you need from these marketing channels – but you need to focus your business in an entirely new way.

And that’s what inspired me to write my first free report in years.

Why Not Just Have the Best Burger in Town?

To me focusing on this outside-in marketing is as a shortsighted as setting up a burger place – and spending all the time on making sure the restaurant sign is perfect and you’re in the best location…

And not simply making sure you had the best burger in town.

That’s what Terry Carter did, and according to my Content Director (who doesn’t exaggerate), he does have the best burger in town. And he doesn’t even need to market that heavily – his burgers create word-of-mouth marketing.

That’s what I did with my free reports – I made sure the samples of my work that I gave away were as great as I could make them so potential clients would want to hear more. In short, it worked.

That’s the strategy that I want to introduce to the world in my next free report. It’s about how to focus on your business from the INSIDE-OUT.

How to make sure your product and everything surrounding it is stellar so you can create unforgettable products that your customers will want to tell their friends about.

I’ll get into this more in my next post.

Before You Go, How Can I Help You?

I want to maximize the value in this report for all of you, so you get as many breakthroughs and actionable knowledge out of this report as possible.

So before you go, I’d appreciate it if you could answer the following questions in the comments.

  1. Are you currently doing outside-in marketing where your marketing approach is completely separate and distinct from how you go about creating your products?
  2. Are you doing any work on building your business from the inside-out – focusing on your product, value creation and then the marketing?
  3. Whatever marketing you’re doing, does it offer value to your prospects that gets them buying your products?
  4. What questions to do you have for me?

Again, I’d really appreciate it if you could respond – that way I can ensure that you all get the most out of this next report.

And I’ll be back here with more “leaks” from this free report in the weeks to come. Speak to you then.

68 thoughts on “My First Free Report in Five Years, The Best Burger in Years, and Why Both Can Boost Your Profits”

  1. Rich, Thanks for sharing this. I agree, this is a huge problem with today’s marketers, either focusing entirely on marketing, or entirely on their product. In my case, I’ve been blessed to always have a good balance, and at this point, my products and the funnel is strong, and now I’m focusing primarily on the marketing.

    To formally answer your questions:

    Are you currently doing outside-in marketing where your marketing
    approach is completely separate and distinct from how you go about
    creating your products?

    Not really – just about every new campaign I create is based very specifically on the product and what it delivers.

    Are you doing any work on building your business from the inside-out
    – focusing on your product, value creation and then the marketing?

    Not right now, I’ve just finished a 3 year long process of creating a funnel with about $6,000 total revenue if someone goes all the way through, so am focusing now on the marketing.

    Whatever marketing you’re doing, does it offer value to your prospects that gets them buying your products?

    What questions to do you have for me?

    Not sure I have one at this time, I’ve learned a lot from watching what you do, Rich, and thanks for being so transparent 🙂

    Sean Mize

  2. I’m looking to get out of bricks and mortar and into online. Have never done anything online before so looking to learn more before getting started in a few weeks. I’m a starter though, not a paralyzed analyser so I’d love to learn about inside-out marketing to get it right the first time. Any starters tips would’ve appreciated.

  3. I am still working on my product, what advice would you give when it comes to doing research on your topic and adding value while not copying what has been said already? Something tells me that you have a system for proofreading your reports 🙂 Your are the King of Systems afterall. Thanks for all the kick *ss advice!

  4. Hey Rich, great post as usual! This reminds me of the lessons we’ve covered in Maven, and I’ve learnt far more about value creation that I ever thought possible. As a result, I’m now re-creating my irresistible offers! I’m about to do my first ever major exhibition in Earl’s Court, London this weekend. The direct mail postcards which went out to over 300 alternative health businesses around the London area had a stellar high-value offer – in fact, the businesses we called were super-excited about it! What I did was give away free tickets to the event saving everyone $30 and then offer 3 ultra useful things for everyone who stops by my stand – a website critique, month by month marketing plan and a strategy session. I have no idea how the event will go, it’s been a huge investment for me and in a few days time, I’ll see if I’ve pulled this off and generated high interest in my heart-centred and value rich approach. Even my press release was positioned around the growing trend for value based marketing – so I’m sincerely hoping it pays off! I look forward to your report Rich – because your work as always is sheer genius!

  5. Are you currently doing outside-in marketing where your marketing approach is completely separate and distinct from how you go about creating your products?Are you doing any work on building your business from the inside-out – focusing on your product, value creation and then the marketing?Whatever marketing you’re doing, does it offer value to your prospects that gets them buying your products?What questions to do you have for me?

  6. I am totally with you on this Rich. Its something that has bothered me for quite awhile. So many people teach that “it’s all about the marketing” & put making the product and creating value as something that secondary. It make me happy to see someone such as your self point this out. I’m glad these last few years my focus has been learning how to create value in multiple ways. From not just content & delivering effective solutions, but also thinking about user experience, design, delivery, support, etc.

    I’ve seen some products sold by respected and well known marketers and what they delivered boggled my mine (not in a good way). Honestly most people just need to ask themselves  how would they feel if they purchased a product at certain price…Would they feel they got their monies worth.

  7. One of the more famous ‘outside in’ stories of the last few decades has been fodder for many a seminar speaker…the dog food creation that the company spent millions on getting big-name pet people to develop. 

    Then it was more money on just the right psychological packaging–getting the right colors, the graphics that matched the morsels inside the bag. It won packaging awards. They wanted their brand to be noticed by dogfood buyers the moment they hit the pet isle at the store. No corners cut.

     Then they spent more millions on just the right advertising and marketing. Everyone raved about it. Investors poured money into it and sales hit the proverbial roof–the first few weeks out of the gate.  And then sales suddenly stopped.

    The problem?

    They forgot to ask the dogs how THEY liked the stuff!

    Looking forward, Rich!

    Best regards,

  8. I’m interested to understand here whether you are suggesting creating your products fully before starting the marketing process OR creating a product outline plus a report that is an analysis of where the thinking is at in your field of expertise – using that to attract – thereby testing the idea and concept – and then building the product as the response and buyers start to flood in.
    When you say – people are marketing outside in – I see that and actually hear that from many people who “sell” their sales and marketing expertise – don’t create the product in too much detail in case it doesn’t sell – instead design the overview – market that and see if people bite – if they do, be prepared to burn the midnight oil creating as you run the marketed programmes. So My question is:
    How much of the product should be ready and prepared?
    I ask because I am using a report in my marketing at the moment – aimed at raising interest, discussion and our profile – the next stage is engaging interested parties in conversation for reaction to the ideas in the report – followed by discussion re support/buying our services. (corporate market).
    Thanks! I am looking forward to the next few weeks –

    • Louise, it’s not about how much or how little you’ve worked on your product… it’s about what you’re doing to bring new prospects and customers to your business – and whether it emanates from inside your business or outside your business – more information coming soon…

  9. Actually we definitely work from the inside out.

    We create doodle ads and focus on creating great marketing videos that tells the clients story. We work hard on the story and we are just exploding with enquiries. 

    I am absolutely with you on this one rich.
    Yet again – you’re the man. You have hit the nail firmly on the head again.

    This is why I buy your stuff. Good job

  10. 1- I honestly think that we walk the talk. The quality of the service that we are rendering  are really overdeliver to our customer. Frankly,  our own marketing  is deficient and the fact I’m still alive is mostly due to Sirloin Burger Mouth-To-Mouth marketing and my reputation. I keep my customer, they ask for more and they refer me as well. ( yup I definitly need to formalise it to speed up my growt! )

    2- Absolutely, most of my energy and the energy of my team is dedicated to wow our current customer base, delivering value and giving them an experience that will turn them into a raving fan.

    3- I cant answer:s when we do SEO and blog commenting, link building and article marketing, we really spend time doing quality research and each time we try to explain actionable items that are valuable for our prospects. However, we should definitly find a way to produce some customer magnets that will establish our authority, grow our list and help them for FREE. But the question was : ”that gets them buying your products?”  And, no, my funnel is not converting from my marketing activity now, but from reference and mouth to mouth. We deliver value, and they buy from us. 

    4- Frankly, Rich, I dont know…. I concentrate on reading you and implementing your mindset in my business. One of my customer just made an aquisition of a big manufacturing company, and I want to put him on your weekly Q&A call, but when I read you, maybe I need time to introspec or assimilate the information so im not inspired to ask question….. I still try : how can I formalize this mouth to mouth random activity into a lucrative steady flow of lead that can work also on random visitor on my website ?

  11. i get what your saying. I just do not know how to do it. I am just beginning to go through Facebook and Linkedn.
    They can be great tools with training.

    Senior citizen


  12. Hi Rich,

    I thought that I had “paid” my dues in internet marketing as an intern.  What else could I call myself since the income derived from my efforts was enough not to have to go looking for a job, but ROI on the hours and sweat equity is best left not delved into.

    Now I know that I have only grazed the surface – thankfully – because the grazing was not necessarily taking me in the right direction.  Yes, it was based primarily on ouside in and I still find myself defaulting to this model.  I am getting better, but won’t happen overnight (methinks).

  13.  Rich,  Without a great product we have nothing,  yet focusing on their
    emotional triggers and what the product does for them makes more sense. 
    Providing compelling information builds relationships and value in the
    Yes, always working on my business for the inside-out, while focusing on the client / prospect as the center focus.
    In today’s world you must offer value in the messages or you don’t capture their attention or breakthrough the clutter.
    Marketing that is customer benefit focused is what you mean, RIGHT?

  14. I’m with you on working from the inside out Rich, however, I think its a fine line. I’m currently developing a software product, which so far has took 8 months mainly because I want it to be the best in it’s sector. But I needed to draw a line in terms of features, else I’d never get it out to marketplace because I just keep adding features to make it more and more useful to my target market.

    How do you decide where the line is?

    Cheers, Ian

    • Ian,

      According to my understanding, your answer will be found in the creation of clear specifications.  Start with a stable product [and congruent marketing] keeping in mind the fact that software must adapt to all manner of relevant change.  Future periodic revisions/updates should naturally incorporate aggregations of your increasing understanding of customers’ needs as you become aware of them.

      It would also be prudent to realize that the term ‘best,’ as you have used it, is a wonderful ideal that is constrained to the limits of ‘your’ understanding of the challenges and problems that your customers face – and to your ability to implement an effective response to them.  Inasmuch, I suggest that you distinguish between ‘best’ as a status and ‘best’ as an ideal that you strive towards.  The former offers resistance.  The latter will free you to get it done.

      You can leverage your software’s future by ensuring that its design is flexible – conducive to change that is inevitable.


    •  Hi Ian, The line is where your market says it is. You shouldn’t be deciding where to draw the line. I’m assuming the software is based on a specific market need, so meet that need as the market has dictated, and there is your line.

  15. I was accused recently of concentrating too much on perfection but while none of us ever achieves that goal it is true I don’t know how to do less than my best.

    We have just launched what is arguably (by the results) the best stock market timing program anywhere, covering all stocks in 53 indices worldwide. (Another question was: why do we have to have so many indices? Answer: The only extra cost is the labor I have to put in.)

    But now I have insisted we give it away until the end of the next bear market. I don’t want people paying for something that may get them, so late in the market cycle, getting tangled up in the next down market. So members may have two or more free years.

    Looking after clients is the Number One focus for us – but our results for plain vanilla long term stock investing are so good just a tiny fraction of our website visitors sign up. Also, carrying the business without income for two or more years is a tough nut to crack. Even though we have access through a partner to a responsive targeted list of 250,000 joint venture partners need immediate income.

    We have a 300-page eBook but it, too, is free.

    What can we do to maintain our service yet also bring in some income? I have a feeling we are missing something along the line.

  16. Hi Rich, Thank you for this. I am in the process of shifting my business (not just my individual products and services) to the inside-out focus. I started out doing what many coaches do, trying to sell coaching at an hourly rate. I shifted that to creating packages that addressed clients needs and got away from the clock. I am now working at enhancing the experience of my clients (beyond just giving them more information). This is part of a shift away from just coaching as my only service, and relatively low-end at that, to a variety of approaches that meet clients needs in a way that is different from others.

    My challenge is that I can easily get stuck learning and planning and delay getting to the action, including the marketing. I need to be more balanced. I suppose that is my question, how to avoid the trap of spending too much time on creating the product/service and not getting around to the marketing and sales. I know I’m not alone in this.

    Looking forward to your report! 

  17. The big question is: do you spend ages perfecting your product before launching it or do you launch a pretty good but not perfect product and improve it through testingnit against consumer response?
    I just wonder if Terry’s first trial burgers were as good as what he’s serving now

    • david, sorry, but that isn’t the big question… this has nothing to do with trying to perfect your product… although i can see why you might think that… this has to do with where you spend your time and the payoff you receive from that time… and whether you see your marketing as something that originates outside your business or inside it.  i know that’s still somewhat vague – but i promise it will be clear in the report.

  18. I absolutely want to better understand inside out marketing.  I think this can help our comp HVAC Air Duct Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning…..and more coming later on. 

  19. Not sure if I’m missing something, this was one of the core lessons I’ve learnt from you in multiple viewpoints. Attention age doctrine and the maven manifesto and covered this already & it’s being introduced as a new concept. Hmm

  20. Hi Rich
    As I told you a few months ago on a BGS Q&A call I am rebuilding an engineering consulting business while working towards a new online business that will allow me to retire from engineering in about 3 years. I have had serious reservations about the statement by most gurus that the product did not matter, the value was all in the marketing.
    So I support your point that the value has to be created from the inside out. 
    Looking forward to your coming report

  21. Nice one Rich… thanks Tom for the heads up, always a pleasure to read such definitive texts. 8 hours of preparation and getting picked up by mainstream outlets is a great example of success.

    Flipping burgers like these with so much preparation and given prestige is again inciteful reading, thanks Rich another great reminder of the options too. This also gives hopefully a roundabout answer to your three questions.

    Your style of writing is very compelling, easy to read and straight to the point. Thanks again and good luck with this new report. Rob.

  22. Dear Rich,

    I don’t know how many times I have read your all previous reports but today whatever I have learned and earned through Internet Marketing….it’s because of your truly inspiring and motivating information you have shared in them.

    I am sure They have changed so many people’s life including mine one. In fact it’s still like an Info-MINE for me….as fresh. Specially ‘Attention Marketing’.

    You have changed the Wind of IM. Now whatever you will come out with the next one….will definitely boost our current process.

    Thank You.

  23. Thanks for taking the time to post this one Rich. Just bought Maven Marketing 2.0 and it’s amazing value! So I agree about the content creation part.

    There is a marketing way of thinking saying it’s better to use CONTENT MARKETING (educating people, providing them the why it’s vital to learn XYZ, telling the names of the steps to follow, and of course the product you sell follow the steps).

    On the other hand, some marketers tell us to post the maximum best free content, on a regular basis. They say pretty soon we will be the go-to website about our field due to an encyclopedia of content.

    So my question is: which way of doing marketing is the best to be world-class like Tony Robbins ? – I’m in self-help, high-fee positionning,


  24. Rich, I’d LOVE to focus on value-creation (instead of just shouting louder) to bring in customers, but how exactly to do it? How do you do this when you’re just starting out and don’t have a big budget (or lots of time)?
    We’re setting up a tour company in an already saturated market because we do believe that there still is plenty of opportunity for people who are willing to go the extra mile and offer specialty tours, but we really have to hustle hard to get the right people’s attention and do outside in marketing.
    We do have things like a “Quick Thai For Tourists” and “Thai Food Guide” reports, and they offer genuine value for our prospects, but it’s not making a splash and not many people are even aware of it.

  25. You are genius, your questions are really inspiring and now they  got me thinking on how  to really make my products the best.Thanks a million and can’t wait to read your next free report.And do please keep up the good work.

  26. 1) well I have a book out called ‘The Essential Guide To Overcoming Fears And Phobias’. I’m looking to market it using radio, getting a press release together and marketing to people I know. Since the book is on amazon, I can offer the book for free for 5 days. With things like work stress, I’m looking to create a free teleconference for value every week. The $1000 programme would be created once more ideas about what they need and want becomes clearer.
    2) Thats the hard part. As a hypnotherapist because Im just starting out I’m just using google keywords to see where the market is and that’s why I’m moving into kindle and writing short books. I’ve tried pushing my services out there, but that can be hard, in the uk most people are very skeptical. My biggest issue in spite of knowing my market is getting people to tell me what they want and building an email campaign which takes alot of time especially when your doing alot of things yourself.

    3) well the mobile apps I have do well when they are free, so that’s good. I haven’t made any real sales, but my website is beginning after months of blogging to average 30 visits a day. No ones signed up for the newsletter, so maybe needs more value, like a discount on my hypnosis session. Im learning about kindle and getting sales there, through johnny walker perfect publishing system, which I’m working through. Knowledge is power.

    4)I’m a hypnotherapist so how can you create value in say a teleconference. You give a exercise book, but you need to give enough so the people feel they have got value, yet hold some back so you make the content different and fresh. That’s my big question, how do you create products that give value, if you don’t have any clients to market to, or ones that answer your questions??

    The other question is about using emails. I just find the work involved to be a huge amount, consider that I’m blogging, and ringing up for business in the local area. It would be great to have a simple format for emails that could be relevant to hypnotherapists.

    Thanks Rich, and look fwd to the report:)


  27. Rich, I have the ‘advantage’ of being in the preformative stage, not yet active in business.  I will share, however, that our marketing, value creation and cutomer care functions will incorporate a proactive design intention for each to share in the aggregation, assimilation and dissemination of core customer knowledge.  A prospective advantage of small startups, we can communicate and embrace a common vision based upon managing the progressive refinement of our ideal customer profile.

    Key to success is to first invest thought into ‘doing the right things.’  Only then does it make sense to ‘do those things right.’  Intimate knowledge of our customer will facilitate ‘accurate’ alignment of our marketing, value creation and support activities.  If it be true that “quality is in the eye of the beholder,” then it is prudent to know what those eyes see and to thereafter ensure that your organization provides for them appropriate ‘visuals.’

    I look forward to the challenges inherent to the above.  I also very much look forward to your newest report.

  28. I am doing some affiliate stuff and looking into membership sites for residuals (hence, no product of my own), but I definitely see what you are referring to on what marketers are doing all wrongNo product of my own yetI make sure the product is not garbage, or is just being pitched by everyone that doesn’t even care about the consumersIt would be, how to stay focused on one business model or training, handle overwhelm, and perspective on setting/hitting goals. Simple, yes, but, as you know, make all the difference!
    Hey, Rich. You are definitely an inspiration. I like your approach, your intense desire, and overall knowledge and passion on business.
    Thanks, man

    • Message looks garbled and seems I used run-ons. I actually had a 1-4 point format, as above. The new line starts with the capital letter that has no space in between the last word…

  29. I am getting started with my business and applying all your advice; I am currently designing my profit model. Personally one of the most important things I want from my business is to be proud of my products. To me, product quality is a sine qua non condition to a long-lasting, sustainable business. So, I would say, I want to focus on my products first and then my marketing. Then, I think I need to engineer my marketing to tie it together with my product, so to speak.

    I believe that cognitive dissonance should always be positive for the customer (I mean, if the customer expects a lot from the marketing and gets less than expected with the product, cogn. diss. is negative, and we should aim for the contrary, expect a lot from the marketing and get even more from the product than expected). That’s what you achieve very, very well in my opinion.

    So, I am very interested in learning more about how you can do both (inside and outside) without doing twice the work (integration always saves some work). It will help me a lot especially because I want to design things the best possible way from the beginning.

  30. Two things I have learned over the years about product quality I hope you will include in your paper. (1) The perception of quality includes the total customer experience, all interactions with the company, not just the physical or creative product delivered.
    (2) The perception of quality (as documented in academic studies) is contingent upon expectations; you can actually increase the perception of quality if you lower expectations realistically.

  31. There is a lot of conflicting info out there.  Pick your market then find something they want, do not worry about the product, write the copy then think up a product that might deliver the promises.  I actually have a real product.  So, it will be refreshing to hear more about a marketing approach that centers on the product. Look forward to the report. 

  32. The true leader of Internet Marketing. ALWAYS the best stuff and a level so far and above the other people in this business. Mike Evans

  33. I’ve just completed my first book for children and about to begin planning the marketing before the launch. My partner, the illustrator, and I do not see eye-to eye about marketing as she is 81 and doesn’t want to know about “the internet”. She just wants a boring little book-signing outside a bookshop in her local small country town.

    She thinks my ideas are too far-reaching and grandiose. I want to value add a host of bonuses for a global launch day, but she disagrees.

    I want to add free coloring pages (downloadable/printable) 12 months free subscription to a monthly magazine with puzzles, games and messages from the book’s characters, free audio, free Kindle quiz book, panto script (for schools), simple costume instructions (to dress up as their favorite character) and discount voucher for the sequel book.

    Am I going overboard?

    • Hi Gail this is my opinion. In the middle. Too many things and you don’t do them well and one book signing is not enough. Concentrate on the few things that will really add value now. For instance having a panto script is probably too much when you haven’t even launched yet. Once your book is a success then you can follow up with something like that. Focus on planning your launch and making sure your book is formatted properly and you have a free giveaway period on Amazon to collect reviews (assuming it is an e-book) If it is not an e-book , why not? This would be truly international

    •  Hi Gail, It may be overboard, or it may not… The point I think you should focus on is who is your customer, and what does he/she want. It might be the things you have planned, or you might find that those things are not what they are interested in. You need to make sure that what you are creating and offering is what your market wants. 

  34. Hi thank you Rich i just wanted to say hello to all. As somewhat of an old newbie which i’m sure all you boys and girls love i am struggling but trying to move forth and having fun in the mean time. if i get it all figured out and corrected some day this would be great i guess right now i still stuck on the info overload highway  thanks John Kahanic

  35. How about something like photography? I add value by sourcing the finest frames and printers and only showing clients decent sized wall portraits that look more impressive. I also meet clients ahead of them booking me so I can educate them and build rapport and find out exactly what they’re after and articulate things they may not have thought of. What other ideas do you have for adding value for photography or other artistic businesses.

  36. hi Gail,
    Your partner has a rigid model of the world and you obviously keep up with the times. In my humble experience, changing your partner’s attitude will be a long shot. Could you home in to the mission of your book and using technology as a faster way to accomplish that? If your partner simply drew illustrations for fun with no eye on the outcome for the book, again – you have a difficult negotiation job on your hands. You don’t say what your expertise is. Your partner’s is obviously drawing and you could tap into her talent by explaining that you know how to make sure the book gets to as many children as possible which hopefully is her aim too. I look forward to seeing you on the best-seller lists soon. If you manage to go the internet route, send me an email at [email protected] and I will tell my parent friends about it. Best of Luck, Kathy (UK)

  37. Rich, I don’t even know how to put into words how much synergy we have. Needless to say, I am a big fan, and I teach much of the same to my own people. I am grateful you are saying and teaching what you do, more people need to! If I had one question topic for you, it is this… although I suspect might not fit here as a short reply 😉

    do we “untrain” so many who have been following such an incorrect path?
    I find myself spending lots of energy correcting perceptions, and
    meeting resistance since the traditional forms of marketing-to-sell are
    buried so deep.

    That’s a big subject, but could you reduce that
    to a summary? What is the best trigger to plant in someone’s mind to
    open their eyes?

  38. Rich, that’s the ONLY way to do real business. So many marketers, and even brick-n-mortar businesses simply do not get it, and in so doing leave money on the table. The way I see it, and tell in all of MY marketing is “Everybody’s an expert at something”. If one but only takes a little bit of their time to do some self-introspection on themselves, they will find that “something”. And if you’re an expert at one thing, chances are you’re also an expert at a few other things too. And THAT’S what one should be selling; that way one sells from the heart and does a better job at producing a much higher quality product or service.

  39. Hi from Barcelona, Spain,

     Yes I hate to admit it……but I stupidly wasted big bucks on other gurus + began a costly MBA, then found Rich and his amazing real world insights. Your free reports have more value than 99% of what the slick talking gurus sell for $2000+ a pop no to mention much university biz schools!!!!!

    So Rich thanks again….we have doubled our private Spain adventure trips & events biz —  — since implementing 10% of the ideas you inspired in us. Our new plan is slowly creating a new category of experience-based luxury travel with cultural, sports, food & wine events.

    One challenge is our USA-style customer service level  makes it tough to collaborate with many festive Spaniard. So we have cut back on volume, added more expert guides & drivers + more creative  fun experiences, added more luxury  & upped prices. Less profit per customer on the sale but now we do NO advertising as word-of-mouth rocks!!!!

    Time for a jog on the beach & then tapas & wine with my in-laws before
     my wife has me sleeping on the couch 🙂 

    saludos amigos,

  40. Hi Captain Rich,
    I must admit I’ve never read any of your blog posts before and being a real food lover myself this one stuck out for many reasons.  Relatively new to the “real” world of online marketing what I read in your Profit Prophesy made me stare at what I’m putting out as content right now. My sweet spot.. um must dig into that theory more too.

    Creating the best burger is so “back to basics” that I bet lots of online wannabe’s still won’t get it. They’ll go funnel first. Geez I’m glad I stumbled across you and what you have to say… At last 😉

    PS: the video series on the launch sequence to Profit Hacks it absolutely awesome content. So much so that I am compelled to review what I’ve seen already. Five years is a long time. I hope you are ready for the next chapter.

    As they say in Japan Kampai & keep going.

    Tony.B aka Mission0ps

  41. Well-timed suggestions – For what it is worth , if anyone wants to merge two PDF files , my boss came across post here


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