Even Bill Gates Loves Apple?

Recently on a Q+A call I was asked – why have so many of the internet marketing gurus switched to macs?

My Answer – Because they can, it’s cooler (power of positioning), and the internet is moving more and more to multimedia and macs are simply superior when it comes to anything multimedia. Oh yeah, and lastly they are the most powerful computers on the market.

Along those lines, I’ve gotten several requests to see my setup so here it. It’s an 8 core processor, with 16 gigs of RAM, and 3 X 30 inch monitors. Perfect for creating presentations!

Rich Schefren's Desktop

I thought I’d just post this short little video of Bill Gates when he was just a young computer lover.

I hope everyone has a a wonderful 4th of July. I’ll be enjoying the time with my family and working on my upcoming report (stay tuned).

19 thoughts on “Even Bill Gates Loves Apple?”

  1. there’s actually a lot of logic to it… first off, there’s a boatload of research out there about larger desktop space increases productivity dramatically. I’ve also found I’m most comfortable with three because i have a center monitor as my home base. Next, the reason for it’s horsepower… I spend more time with this machine than any single physical object – so I love having a machine I love to use, like an amazing sports car. There’s more reasons… but that’s a start.

  2. Rich- while I love the expansiveness of your set-up, I wonder where you actually do your writing?(no desk space) Or do you think then write directly onto your computer via your keyboard? I wonder if it’s generational, if so, or just preference or habit whether we write first to paper or to screen? I suppose writing to our computer is one way to eliminate clutter as well as saving time rewriting!!

  3. great question donna… actually i do quite a bit of writing by hand – but when i do, i do it away from the computer. for someone like me (with ADD) when i am doing work that doesn’t require a computer, i prefer to do it in another room – less opportunities to get off course

  4. Rich my man… You’re seriously slacking. The new Mac Pros can hold up to 32GB of RAM. Would have thought you’d be all l33t ‘n’ uber. 😉

    Wicked setup dude, keep rawking!

    – D

  5. Nice set up Rich.
    I am looking for a few timers myself…
    I find the bix box noise bothers me so I find a powerful notebook is a bit quieter. I am running a HP portable 4gb cache and 4gb ram all at 800mhz with HDMI out to the 24″ hp monitor running at 1080p.
    I like the idea of getting a couple more matching monitors.

    I did just buy a macbook to get used to the operating system and software. LOL now I need me.com to sync everything up.


    ps: Loving the HS course.

  6. Hey Rich, thanks for sharing. It would be great if you could give additional examples of specific things you use throughout the day to keep you on top of your productivity.

    Perhaps, what specific kitchen timers you use for GTD, what your ergonomic setup is (chair/keyboard), if you’ve switched over to Vitalist completely (saw a twitter tweet about that), are you still using ClearContext, etc.

    • Cris,

      I was in the same position a couple months back. After 10 years away from Macs, I thought of going back because of all the problems I was having with XP Pro.

      Turns out a change would be almost impossible with the programs I’m running, like Dreamweaver, Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Outlook.

      I run 5 screens on my desk (hey – two more than you, Rich!), and while this can also be done with Macs, it would mean throwing away the heavy-duty equipment, graphics cards and extensive memory I already have installed.

      So there’s a 95% element of unnecessary duplication. I didn’t feel like paying $3k to own again what I already had.

      And I found the Mac system seemed to be an ‘amateur’ way of doing business with its cute animated buttons and fancy design. Sure, I could use the Mac in Windows mode (or the other way round), but then there’s no advantage in the Apple platform since all you’re doing is emulating one platform on another.

      Before the Mac Maniacs 🙂 rise up in force against my opinion, let me say this is just my viewpoint for my software and equipment. You can do most basic stuff like web and blog design with any system, but I was really surprised how different the Mac platform was to Windows. It took me a long while to figure it all out, and it still didn’t really feel that intuitive at the end of the experiment.

      Ken Silver

  7. it’s offensive, Overkill. i HATE IT
    & when I get one. I’ll love it.

    GREEN (with envy)

    …Gonna work towards it….and when i get there ….yeah baby, no more virus woes, bollockzware concerns just productivity.


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