Business Acceleration Program Q & A

Can you believe how time flies? Seems like just yesterday I was releasing The Attention Age Doctrine Volume 2 and now, we’re just days away from
unveiling my new “Business Acceleration Program.”

Needless to say, we’re getting questions … LOTS of questions… so I thought I’d answer some of them here…

Q: If your Business Acceleration Program is so great, why are you selling it? Why not just use it to grow your own business and get rich?

A: Too late. I made my first millions in the retail business before I was 25 and retired.

That’s when I realized that it isn’t about money for me. It’s about creating success. And I learned that helping others blast through the barriers to their success is the most rewarding activity of all.

Q: I’m a Harvard MBA. You’re going to teach me something I don’t already know? HAH!

A: It’s what they DON’T teach you in business school that counts. Years ago, I worked for one of the top consulting firms in the world and we hired only Ivy
League MBAs. Know what the first thing was we did with them? We shipped them off to our training facility in St. Charles, Illinois and taught them how businesses make money in the real world!

Getting into a top school proves you’re smart.Graduating a top school gets you great credentials. But no sheepskin can give you the tools you need to excel in the real world.

That’s why so many top business owners and marketing VPs — all with advanced degrees from top schools — are dumbfounded by the tools I use: The tools I give you in my Business Acceleration Program.

Not only do they pulverize the obstacles that are blocking your path to success now, they give you hundreds of powerful new ways to trigger a veritable explosion of growth, revenue and profits.

Q: I’m just starting my business. I’m afraid your Business Acceleration Program might be too advanced for me.

A: Fear not the whole point of my Business Acceleration Program is to simplify and uncomplicate the process of growing a business. And the fact is, these tools can be even more powerful in the hands of a person who’s just getting started.

In the early stages of a business, you’re lean, mean, hungry and fleet-footed able to incorporate new tools in the twinkling of an eye!

My Business Acceleration Program is a tool. A whole toolbox, actually. And it’s packed hundreds of hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches you need to build a world-class online business today.

You get things that save you time, save you money, eliminate workday drudgery & get you the information you need to hammer the competition… and even some tools that make it possible for you to do things that you couldn’t do in a million years with your bare hands!

Q: I’ve tried other things that promised to put me over the top and they didn’t work. Why is your Business Acceleration Program any different?

A: Because it does work. For me. For my clients. For the lucky bastards that attended my live event. You met some of them yesterday in that MP3 I sent you with Jay Abraham. In fact, the only people I know who it won’t work for are the people who don’t actually use it. So break it out of the box, dive in and execute the strategies you’ll learn and I guarantee it’ll work for you (in fact, you’ve got 90 days to prove it works… or you get your money back).

Q: I’m the shy, retiring type. I’m not sure I want a lot of attention. Besides who am I to believe that I could be a success at anything?

A: That’s what’s so great about my Business Acceleration Program — and with growing your business on the Web. A hermit could do this from the privacy of his
own cave. Open up the box… grab the quick start guide… and start watching the first video. Start feeling the surge of confidence as you realize the tools do the work for you… and you can achieve the life you hope for — even if you’re shy.

Q: I’ve bought too many things on the Web that sounded great, but when I received them, they were just plain light-weight.

A: Well, this product is not light-weight. While most seminar DVDs are just video versions of thinly-disguised sales pitches… the Business Acceleration Program is an audio-visual university on explosive business growth… complete with the notes taken for you (in the form of our Enhanced Transcripts and Process Maps that leave nothing to chance, and break it all down into discreet steps). I promise… you’ve NEVER SEEN anything even remotely like this.

Q: What about you?

Do you have a question about the Business Acceleration Program? Add a comment and I’ll do my level best to answer it for you.

Meanwhile, the countdown is on for this week… when the “virtual doors” will open and 1,000 lucky people will get their copy of the Program shipped to them.

When the hour comes, you may want to consider the Overnight Shipping Option. Many of our clients will be opening their packages bright & early Thursday morning!

To Higher Profits,

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  2. Hi Rich,

    Two quick questions.

    Jay Abraham said that gurus pay a “king’s ransom” to get your coaching. I know that the Business Acceleration Program is your home study program not your coaching program, but what kind of “ransom” are we talking here?
    How about a Vespa scooter and a promissory note? Will that do? (What will the payment terms be?)

    …And wasn’t there some place for advance notification? What is the url for that?

    btw, It goes without saying the the greatest cost associated with the BAP is the cost of not getting it…

  3. Stephen,

    I’m writing this since you invited the questions …

    I’ve bought tons of other informational products and services online one of the last was Mike Filsaime’s DVD set that cost a ton and was nothing real as all the offers promoted on the DVD set were not included nor offered for sale period .. what a waste of cash ..

    I’m worried Stephen since you claim Mike and many of the others selling online marketing products are your clients .. why should I trust that you won’t just be looking to create more Mike’s the rip off the public … with this new program?

    I had a call from one of your staff members a few weeks after I bought Mike’s course .. and your staff offered a discount on some other program you were selling at the time…

    I was disappointed that Mike sold/gave my contact information to you .. without my consent .. just another insider method used to build sales .. 🙂

    1. Just how long will you be focused to this new program ?
    2. Are you looking to teach others to become Mike Filsaime’s ?
    3. If you care as you say .. why not address the concerns I left with your staff related to the above ?

    I await your reply,


  4. Rich, there’s one question that I hardly ever see answered in any of these programs, but I noticed you covered back when you were offering personal coaching.

    Can you please be frank and blunt with us: who is this program NOT suitable for?

  5. A couple of days ago you invited us to download a free package.
    It would be the complete story of how you operate. Well my computer refused to download it. It said the file was corrupted. And there is something I have wondered about for a long time. It is why do all of these gurus care whether I or anybody else is successful? I have new get rich schemes in my inbox daily. Why don’t the gurus use what they know to enrich themselves? Why should they worry about anyone else? I know you say that for you it is not about the money and I believe you. But I do not believe that all wealthy entrepreneurs are afflicted with chronic generosity. Thanks, B.

  6. What is the price going to be? Obviously this is christmas time. I would like to have some idea of what to budget. I know this takes away the intrigue, but I think it’s safe to say you are going to sell as many as you can get out intially regardless of telling us us price.

  7. Can I “Trade In” all the “how to make money online” training and software packages that I purchased over the last two years as a credit toward your training?

    I would take ten to twenty cents on the dollar!

    Let’s see… that would give me a few thousand dollars credit to buy your training!

  8. Rich,

    I don’t have a business, and I have never done anything on the web to make money. I am a complete newbie. This seems to be for those who have already gotten their feet wet. Is this true or can this actually help someone like me too?

  9. I’m wondering if this program is directly related to the Attention Age 2 Doctrine. I’m wanting a blueprint directly related to the material in that document. I’m not sure if that’s what the BAP is, or if it’s about more general business-building principles. I need the former — blueprints and tools for becoming a maven in your market (from scratch.) I hope that the sales materials will make clear what the program actually entails.

  10. Rich, I enjoyed reading your marketing insights and perspectives you’ve shared along the way. I’d be interested in trying out your program, but unfortunately, I’m still struggling with WHAT business I should be in? Do you have any programs/thoughts on how to create new online businesses for the newbie? Specifically, opportunity identification, creating and testing viable product ideas, etc….It seems a lot of people online are making money in selling ‘how to’ content (without the ‘how to’ part, I might add), and cross-selling via affiliates. Thanks, PS

  11. congratulation Rich,
    what could I do if I know I could not fail?I was failing from others that is why there is nothing about closed-captains for me and deaf people because hearing people do really not let us be the same as them?

  12. Hi Rick,

    Will the BAP help a person to get started online. I’ve been lloking for an online business for a while. I just have not been able to find a fit or commit to something.( Or maybe that kick in the but:) to just do it!) I have currently a good construction business, but I want to get more out of live than where I am now.



  13. Your materials talk about outsourcing, about having a staff, and about running a multi-employee company. While I know it limits (or caps) the income potential, is your BAP appropriate for the person who wants to run an online program specifically to avoid being involved with a “big” company?
    Can you actually BE the “hermit in a cave” (where the cave is your living room) and use the BAP?

    Thanks in advance.
    Rick Carter

  14. Hi Rich,

    Is the cost of BAP is inclusive of the tools e.g. marketing tools needed to build a successful online business?

    Does the BAP shows a systematic way to determine my business passion?

    I would like to hear from you soon.

  15. I have gone through your mails but find them difficult for a novice with limited computer access to implement. Is it possible for the proposals to work for somebody without a website. What I expected is a simple package that would take care of computer novices with limited access to internet. All your proposals seem complicated and would require total devotion to computer at the expense at his/her job.

  16. Hi Rich,

    Do you feel that your program’s applicable to folks outside of e-commerce? We own an import auto repair shop. We’re getting beat up badly by our former landlord who moved into the space we vacated (pushed out of) and immediately hung up his own Volvo, Saab Subaru service sign. We used to take our Customers cars to his shop, next door, for emissions testing; didn’t make sense for both of us to have the equipment … wrong. He entered all of the Customer and vehicle data into his data base and started advertising to our Customers as soon as we moved. Oops, need to be careful before I fall off my soap box! Congratulations on your great work!
    Yes, I suppose the answer is to get out of this business and start an online business. The problem of course is me. I see it as overcrowded already with folks peddling useless junk and can’t imagine what I could offer of any real value

  17. Is the first part of your training about photoreading or speed reading and/or accelerated learning skills as developed by NLP practitioners? … Maybe also about Mind Mapping & Planning? If so, what else in your tool box? What is the difference that makes a difference in the way you train or coach or mentor?

  18. I just echo some of the other comments. Too many offers that all sound equally like “this is the real deal”. I haven’t bitten lately, but have sunk a good chunk o change in the past for the magic bullet/s that were all just tragic bull__t.
    Can your system really be the one that a hard working guy or girl like all of us here awaiting your offering are waiting for?
    I won’t hold my breath too long here.
    BTW I did enjoy and agree with the Attention Age 2 Doctrine. Good job! I hope it’s an indication of some real change coming.

  19. Rich, I am South African and have been following the build-up to the release of your BAP closely. I have also read the Attention Age Doctrine Part 2. I have been trying to get an internet business off the ground for a while now, but have had no success. Unfortunately for us in South Africa, broadband costs are high and we can’t afford to spend a whole lot of money on long conference calls so downloadable video and calls etc. are not worthwhile in this part of the world. I would dearly love to buy your program, but my question is, can it help a newbie get something off the ground or is it only meant for existing businesses. Secondly, does the program have a large component of call support and video downloads, as this will make it less than ideal in our part of the world? (Add to that, are your strategies geared towards the American market, or is it useful anywhere in the world?) Thanks, Cobus from Cape Town, South Africa

  20. I had the same problem as Betty Locke above. Very good questions too. Why do all of these self proclaimed millionaires care whether I, or anybody else is successful? Answer: (They don’t, and if they are truly wealthy, selling their trash is probably how they did it)! I have new get rich schemes in my inbox daily too. Why don’t the “gurus” use what they know to enrich themselves? Answer: (They are, and we are the poor suckers providing the means)! Why should they worry about anyone else? Answer: (other than the money you can give them, they don’t)! I know you say that for you it is not about the money. Here is an idea, “prove it” by gifting your program. I certainly do not believe that any wealthy entrepreneurs are afflicted with chronic generosity, more likely to be greed for more money. In addition, if the program is so great, and you have as you say, “already made your millions, and retired”. Why not do something very unique, and truly give your help by gifting your program? This would truly help others rather than selling it like those rip-off artist’s mentioned above by so many on this BLOG, to put more money in their own pockets. Afterall, if we are really talking about millionaires as proclaimed, wouldn’t miss it, and it would likely be a tax write-off. Generosity, and a win/win. Now thats putting your money where your mouth is, and setting yourself apart! Thanks, James

      • Oh, By the way, the stock answer to why information products are not given away free by magnanimous gurus goes as follows,”If I were to give the product away free, people would not value it and take action.”
        The correct answer is as follows,”If I were to give the product away free, I would have wasted all that time I used trying to figure out how to get people to buy it in the first place!”

    • James,

      I’m going to be as polite as I can about this. But first, I want to let you know that I personally probably cannot afford the program, nor, since I am a beginner, be able to secure the capital to get it. That being said, I think it is remiss for you to pontificate that gurus and self-made millionaires just need to hand out their wares for free.

      Rich, like many intelligent and well meaning people out there, worked hard to get where he is, and probably recognizes that a free lunch is not what motivates people to action. Why should he give it away to unmotivated tire-kickers?

      If you were to open a McDonald’s franchise, you will expect to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for the franchise fee alone. Would you complain to the Multi-Billion dollar fast food giant that they should give you the franchise for free? Of course not!

      Believe me when I say I understand what it’s like to be on the bottom side of the wealth yardstick, but I still don’t think that it gives you (or anyone) a right to demand or disrespect someone who’s willing to provide an excellent product for those who have the means to receive it.

      If your angst stems from a propensity on your part in getting scammed, well, I’m sorry about that. But, for what it’s worth, this looks like the real deal, friend. And, Lord willing, I’d like to be a part of that.

      My bet is that, deep down, you do too. But harsh and unjust criticisms will earn you only contempt in the end. You don’t want that, do you?

      In Christ,
      Randy Blair

  21. Hi Rich,

    Boy, it’s interesting, isn’t it, to rifle through people’s pre-conceived ideas about you. Anyway, here’s my query.

    You’ve had lots of questions about whether your program is useful for complete newbies, but I’m a little further on. I have the business set up, it’s in its first couple of months; I even had Livejournal on my side before I began so I’m already using social networking in my own small way. I’m working my @ss off and I recognise the need to outsource. I even have people ready and waiting to take on the roles I have for them.

    However, I’ve started this thing on a shoestring, so my roadblock is the ability to pay them.

    How is purchasing your program going to beat using my modest resources to build something with which I can pay them in a few exhausting months’ time?

    I also echo the question about usefulness outside the US. I’ve been burned by programs that assume I’m American and provide resources I cannot use. How useful is this program to me if Robin Hood is my next door neighbour? 🙂

    Best wishes to you, your colleagues and your families this holiday season!

    Cathy Hay
    Nottingham, UK

  22. Hi Rich,
    My name is Ashley and I reside in beautiful Australia.

    I am really excited about what I have read so far and look forward to hearing more…… My concern is that I am a one man (actually women) band and really want to stay that way as I am a Mother of two boys. My point is that I want to do the best I can and remain an at home Mum, and spend as little time as possible actually hands-ons in the business. I’m not afraid of hard work (in fact I love it!) but I still need to run a home, care for my boys and make a reasonable living. I’m doing OK for a first time operator in my first two years of business and if my growth continues at a constant rate, will certainly be where I need to be, in a couple of years. That aside, what I have read from you makes so much sense and I want to know more….. but I have limited resources and run on a shoestring…. will someone small-time like me be able to afford the next step?
    Kind regards
    Ashley, Sydney, Australia

  23. I have to agree with almost all the posts, I have no moneym I am on disability and on a very low fixed income. You say you are already a millionair, so why don;t you gift the new “secret” program of yours and let the poor people be able to Lice instead of struggling, going without food and heat for example.

    By the way, I downloaded the Doctrine 2, is there a doctrine 1 and if so, where do I find it?

  24. Rich, you have no idea how much I want to get my hands on your new program. I’ve been working hard. Got my squeeze pages set up, got the autoresponders running. I’m ready to go!
    I’ve got it all set up. Now I just have to build my list, but here’s the thing…

    I run a massage business out of my home, and I’ve been turning down clients so I’d have the time to work at the computer to learn and develop my internet business. I am so ready to go, but there is one small catch… because of the time I’ve spent on the computer instead of taking clients, I’m low on funds. With Holidays coming, it means fewer available clients till the New Year.
    Rich, you say now that you are retired, and your desire now is to help others achieve thier financial freedom. So, consider this… I’m reaching out for help. A payment plan would be wonderful; or keep myself and those in a similar situation such as myself on a list, and make the program available to us again in a couple months. This would give me the time I need to plan for it.
    Just think about it. I promise, I’ll be worth the effort. I have a lot of drive. I’ve got the focus. I know I’ve got great stuff to share that people want. I’m a strong speaker, I’m good on camera and I can write. I just need your guidance to bring them to me. What’s all this worth to you? I’ll be an amazing testimonial. There are not enough women out there on the internet achieving great success. I know I am going to be one of them, and I know you are the best one to help me make it happen more effectively.

    Thank you for everything you’ve given so far, and for what is yet to come.

    Warm wishes – Taylore

  25. hi my thanks
    i want to knew how i can became businesse man if iam poor man i dont have money also i live in countary is very very poor?
    my dear i hope to belong to yours program but i cant get work in my countary .iam try and i dream get work since graduate from collage at 2004.
    please understand me
    my big thanks

  26. Hi Rich

    Does this program compliment your Bus growth Program?

    I have done that and use some of that but i dont want to pay for much the same stuff.

    How is it different?


  27. HI,
    Perhaps I saw your ad but, I mixed it in with all the other offers I receive weekly. I am embarrassed by this but, it is the state of affairs on the Internet. Most people are just out there to try and take advantage of you. That doesn’t mean you give up! That means you try harder. That means you look until you find the program that will make the money that your family needs. I’ve heard great things about you Rich and I am looking forward to your launch. Will your program be the one that puts me over the top? I hope so but, if it isn’t I keep looking. You see, I will succeed on the Internet! I have to, I have to for my family and because of that, nothing will stop me from succeeding. My family is everything to me and I will succeed for them.


  28. Hello everyone,

    I have been a member of Rich’s Business Growth System a while ago. At the time I was a complete newbie in Internet Business. I had a lot of knowledge about computers and Internet, however up to that point I haven’t made much money online (maybe 300 USD total). After going through the program, I was still at the same level.

    My belief is that this program (same as Business Growth System) is in no way suitable for a complete newbie. For those who are already earning something online, this can
    be an amazing program which will help them to be more productive, more effective, help them multiply their earnings and at the same time help them to reduce the time they spend

    However, for those who aren’t making anything, or are making small ammounts online, this program WILL NOT be useful.

    I have nothing against Rich, I think he is a great guy that creates great materials, I just wouldn’t like to see other newbies make the same mistake as I did. I’m sure the program won’t be cheap, like the Business Growth System wasn’t.

    I don’t want you to get carried away by everything that Rich says. If you are already making money online, sign up for the course, it will be an amazing experience. If you aren’t making anything – PASS.

  29. Hi,

    I don’t have any business today but want to start one. Will this program be for newbies as well? Meaning, is there any help with brainstorming for profitable businesses?

    Thanks for your help.


  30. Hi Rich,

    I must mention that am very excited. I missed the Attention Age part 1, i got the Attention Age part two and i have dicovered the its very powerful. My business has not grown so much but am seeing it working.

    I must also mention that i have not been doing business on the net but i want to know how i can started on the internet. May you could have explained this sometime back before i started receiving these thought provoking and life changing tools from you.



  31. Hi Rich,

    I just finished reading your “Attention Age Doctrine 2” and read it “cover to cover” in one sitting. Yep, you got my attention alright.
    I have two questions.

    1. Will these tools work for MLMers?
    2. Since it’s Christmas time, can you do a “bill the credit card AFTER 90 days, unless you are not satisfied”? As a businessman, I know you should be fairly compensated for your work, but I suspect that many of us just starting out will not be able to afford the price tag.

    I lied…I have another question.

    3. I have two things that I am passionate about, Bible Studies and Computer Networking & Web Design. Neither of those things are niche markets, per se, because a lot of people are good at those things…heck, better than I am. How do I establish myself as a Maven in an area where there are bigger experts than me? I can see how this could help my dad, who is an expert on antique fishing lures, but what about me?

    Thank you for the free information, and I just now came to your blog. Rest assured I’ll read every post. YOUR emails are the ones that won’t get deleted immediately by fiat.

    God Bless you, Rich.

    Randy Blair

  32. What are the details of the Business Acceleration Program and how does it differ from the Business Growth System? I can’t find this on your site.

    I am just getting going with a business that trains people in creative spoken communication. So far I have been selling myself by the hour and I realize the limitations of that but do not have any substantial products yet that I could sell on the internet. Is your system suitable for me?

  33. Dear Rich,
    I am subscribed to your newsletter and often visit this blog also.
    Me, from India. Thanks for your regular mails. I dont own a website. i dont think i can own one and do some online business(though i sometimes download ur pdf files and think of starting one). because of $ vs INR ratio, i cant to it.
    i also dont know how to get a website and receive payments through websites, and of course i have some writings on my own. all i want to do it is to create a website, and market my product initially in print media. if you have any tips for that do mail me. also i am into direct selling (multi level) industry and have some basic knowledge and some freinds in my team.
    i just posted this because i feel i must write to you.
    so i did. thanks Rich.
    Have a good day.

  34. Hey Rich –

    I’ve been into Internet Marketing for a year or 2 now.

    I get my leads from one source.

    I follow up w/ them with an auto responder and broadcast emails.

    This is where I’m at. Anyone who knows anything abotu anything, knows that one needs to invest in themselves and their business. So I’m looking at different products and systems to help me grow.

    What can your system do for the avg. beginner like myself?

    I’m not sure what your program entails…..

    Can you explain Rich?

    Thank you for your time –

  35. Contrary to what a lot of people are saying here, I don’t believe that Rich is selling his ideas just to make money. I do believe that he’s in it to help people. To say that is impossible for a millionaire guru to not want to help somebody is just absurd. I’ve implemented some successful marketing strategies in the past and instead of keeping it to myself, I created extensive training packets for free on these strategies and distributed to interested parties. Why? I feel good if my ideas end up helping somebody. It provides self-satisfaction. You can say that it is a selfish motive, and it is to a certain extent, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the main objective is to help people. That’s what gurus like Rich and John Reese do.

    That being said, if I utilize these tips in the BAP, should I easily be able to cover the cost of investment for the program? I’ve bought past programs that stated “if you use just one tip here you’ll at least make double what you spent on this program” and am curious to see what you would project both start up companies and established companies to produce from the BAP in terms of ROI. Thanks.

    • Dave,
      Off all the posts written here, I believe that only few indeed very very few who might have issues with regards that Rich is just selling.

      The point is most of the posts were about newbie’s suitability with regards to BAP and of course the price tag.That is the cause of concern for the very few I guess.

      Personally and instinctly, I do believe at Rich’s capability in delivering what he promised though I never signed up for any of his programs due to cost.I never allow the cost issue to be a burden or a full stop in achieving my goal in being Internet world from business perspective.

      GO ON RICH!

  36. Rich, my apology if this is a duplicate as it did not post the first time.

    I am looking forward to your Business Acceleration program this week. I almost get sick reading many of these posts. “Why don’t you give this away” “Why is this different than all the other gurus training” etc, etc. I admire your transparency and allowing this debate on your blog. It’s good business in this new world.

    No training, regardless of the trainer, will do anyone good UNLESS they are ready not only to receive it, but to put it into action and do so consistently. Everyone wants to blame someone else for their lack of success. It is not until a person gets to the point of disgust with where they are at and THEN is determined to do something about, that changes will be made. I was up until 3 am Saturday working on learning some new things that I put into action today in my business. Could I have learned those things totally on my own? Sure, but the learning curve–time and expense is much greater, than learning it directly from someone like Rich Schefren. People overestimate what they can do in 90 days, but they drastically underestimate what they can do in 5 years. They often give up on the 5 yard line. Many others give up on their own 20.

    I have a huge library of CDs and training in my library. None of that training does me any good sitting on the shelf and I admit, some had not been opened yet. I am working my way through this training and I will continue to learn every day.

    Rich, I have received so much from you in the past month and there is always a price to pay for success, but it pays you back over and over again. One last thing I have discovered during my years in building online businesses is this. If you don’t pay the price, you don’t value it as much. I recently paid about $2,000 for Ryan Deiss’ Membership site training series. I was up until 2-3 am for two weeks going through and learnining everything I could before launching my membership site. He saved me 1 year+ and tens of thousands in my learning curve.

    Rich, having spent $70,000 on my formal education including my MBA, I can attest that this stuff is not taught in B school. They are training you to become an “employee” and not to have a truly “entrepreneurial” mindset. I am currently in an entrepreneurial mentoring program that we paid $10,000 for that gets us together with 6 Christian millionaires twice a year to learn from their successes and their failures. One nugget can worth millions to one’s business, but one must be willing to sift and pan for that gold.

    Succcess is a choice…choose wisely.

    Jack Weinzierl

    PS If you have not voted for my boy’s at they could use your votes 🙂

    • Jack, I second that.

      Also I was reminded of what was said before –

      Many people who are focusing their time “looking for” information that provides the “right” answer will never find one. Because it just means they are either not focusing on their own business, or they don’t have a business to base their questions on. And there is no right answer to “nothing”.

      Without putting the information into action in a existing business or in a business that is in the progress of starting, the information will remain just that – information.

  37. O.K. Rich. I truly enjoy reading and learning from you. some real good stuff! That being said, It’s all over the place I am always searching, then wondering if I have the right stuff!

    Can your team put your “free” stuff in order on page one or is the searching for your stuff part of your success strategy?

    Thank you!

    Keith Carberry

  38. Rich,

    It sounds like the Business Acceleration Program is a great package – in multiple senses of the word. How much time and attention should we be prepared to devote to learning and implementation?

    In my experience the purchase price of a product is usually a very small component of the overall cost of the product. What is far more expensive is the time and attention you need to devote to the product to evaluate, study and implement it.


  39. First question: I am a small business coach marketing to “brick and mortar” small business owner prospects (with between $200k and $20M annual revenue). Most of these people are “always busy,” not presently marketing heavily over the Internet and rarely surfing around on the web looking for business building stuff. Can your program help me reach this target?

    Second question: I am a working coach working with in-person (in my local market) clients; I see an opportunity to expand my business with a vitual format coaching program ( However, I do NOT want to do much of the actual marketing for growing this area of my business myself (aside from teleseminar calls – I am an Alex Mandossian student). Will your program show me a way to set up a marketing system that I can delegate to others?


    Henri Schauffler
    The CEO Coach

  40. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for your emails and the powerful content they inhabit.

    I am rather keen on your soon to be released Business Acceleration Program. I do have one hindrance … as much as I am voraciously ready to dive into this program, I fear that I may not have adequate personal funds to do so. I know for a fact that your programs are not priced low.

    So, Rich, what would you propose? Here is someone (me) who cannot wait for your program to be released. And then there is that fear of not grabbing my copy. Yes, yes, my own personal copy is waiting to be hugged and held in my very own arms with ardent passion. I am not kidding and this statement is not a joke.

    I can feel the gigantic sense of achievement already … I can hear your voice urging me to move on – no deceptions – just pure articulate script. I can listen to the soft ripple of leaves of paper – just waiting to read to me. And I see a face in the mirror – a renewed optimism – surging and scintillating with breezes of erudite wisdom.

    And all this anticipation … prior to the release of the Business Acceleration Program … holding my breath and stealing away my concentration … driving me to an ebullient state of mind!

    I am already reaping the benefits of this program, just by my thoughts; what surpasses from now is pure victory and overwhelming success.

    I am not eccentric … neither am I sedated. I am in all simplicity – irrepressible – as I wait and wait for tomorrow. Today will see its passing into hours of minutes and into the night.


  41. Rich – I love what you’ve offered so far, ur articles and audios rock, dude, especially the audio with Jay. Consider me your newest devotee.

    My question is simple: Does the ‘Business Acceleration Program’ perform well for those in the network marketing arena?


  42. Hi,

    I have a few questions. First I will describe my current situation, briefly.

    I became interested in starting an internet business last July, because health issues keep me from working outside of the home. I knew very little about using the internet.

    It quickly became clear to me that I needed some guidance. I would listen to webinars or read written descriptions telling me what to do, but I still didn’t have a clue how to do it.

    I wanted to start a Personal Development site. I offer original ecourses, articles, a CD and Life Coaching.

    I use to work as a substance abuse counselor and I have a gift for connecting with the people that I work with.

    I am currently taking a $3,000 telecourse to hone my coaching skills and my personal perspective as well.

    But I still needed help with the actual business.

    So I paid $5,000 to a company that claimed they would provide personal guidance. (We live paycheck to paycheck to this was a substantial investment.) However, all I got was more webinars.
    Within a week I requested at least a partial refund and was told “That is not an option.”

    Then I hired someone else, another $5,000 to help me get my business started. He has given me alot of personal help and guidance. I now have a website, a blog, a small list, affiliate products and the original resources that I previously mentioned. (digital CD – $7, free ecourse, articles, blog, small list)

    I recently pain $500 for a solo ad in Self Growth.

    The bottom line in that I have put in alot of time, effort, passion and a huge financial investment but I have not generated any income so far.

    I have also just incorporated. That has been an additional expense but I have a complete corporate structure in place.

    I also have the products, website, blog, etc. in place. Everything except for the sales. And every month, juggling the credit card payments is becoming more challenging.

    Finally, my question. What would be the benefit if I make still another financial investment, and purchase your program.

    In order to justify the expense, I would like to know what your program would offer me, so I can generate substantial income.

    Thank you for your time,


  43. Rich, I am looking forward to your Business Acceleration program this week. I almost get sick reading many of these posts. “Why don’t you give this away” “Why is this different than all the other gurus training” etc, etc. I admire your transparency and allowing this debate on your blog. It’s good business in this new world.

    No training, regardless of the trainer, will do anyone good UNLESS they are ready not only to receive it, but to put it into action and do so consistently. Everyone wants to blame someone else for their lack of success. It is not until a person gets to the point of disgust with where they are at and THEN is determined to do something about, that changes will be made. I was up until 3 am Saturday working on learning some new things that I put into action today in my business. Could I have learned those things totally on my own? Sure, but the learning curve–time and expense is much greater, than learning it directly from someone like Rich Schefren. People overestimate what they can do in 90 days, but they drastically underestimate what they can do in 5 years. They often give up on the 5 yard line. Many others give up on their own 20.

    I have a huge library of CDs and training in my library. None of that training does me any good sitting on the shelf and I admit, some had not been opened yet. I am working my way through this training and I will continue to learn every day.

    Rich, I have received so much from you in the past month and there is always a price to pay for success, but it pays you back over and over again. One last thing I have discovered during my years in building online businesses is this. If you don’t pay the price, you don’t value it as much. I recently paid about $2,000 for Ryan Deiss’ Membership site training series. I was up until 2-3 am for two weeks going through and learnining everything I could before launching my membership site. He saved me 1 year+ and tens of thousands in my learning curve.

    Rich, having spent $70,000 on my formal education including my MBA, I can attest that this stuff is not taught in B school. They are training you to become an “employee” and not to have a truly “entrepreneurial” mindset. I am currently in an entrepreneurial mentoring program that we paid $10,000 for that gets us together with 6 Christian millionaires twice a year to learn from their successes and their failures. One nugget can worth millions to one’s business, but one must be willing to sift and pan for that gold.

    Make no mistake, there is a price to be paid for success and…
    Succcess is a choice…choose wisely.

    Jack Weinzierl

    • Jack,
      What an excellent post! I couldn’t agree more that NO program does anyone any good sitting on their hard drive. Your experience with Ryan Diess’s program is probably as realistic an experience as one could have. Hard work and alot of time spent, and that is just to get something up and running!
      However, their is a growing trend in Internet marketing that is becoming glaringly obvious. If you are a “fly on the wall”, and listen to many of the conversations among the more prolific Internet marketers, you will hear them speak of a need to move ahead the free “line.”Once upon a time, relationships with potential customers were fairly easy to establish. No longer. Marketers are having to devise strategies whereby more and more free content is needed to establish credibility and trust. Their is almost a “holier than thou” mentality among them. Each claiming the altruistic nature of their offerings makes them trustworthy. Product launches are taking longer and longer because of the need to secure the trust of an increasingly suspicious potential customer. Hence, it took Rich quite awhile to provide enough free content such that he could successfully launch, what I am sure will be, a “high end” product. He is a very smart man. At the end of the day, his product will require hard work, effort, a unique selling proposiiton, and alot of time. Somehow I missed the part of his content that clearly addressed those factors.

      • Mike, I believe that anyone building a business these days will/or should recognize that it takes sustained unwaivering belief in what you are doing, a unique selling proposition, and clear understanding on how to connect with your audience in this marketplace. I view Rich Schefren as a valuable mentor and a tool provider, but at the end of the day, it is up to me to take action, adjust, and succeed using that training, advice and tools. I won’t blame the pick and axe manufacturer (or even the guide) when I hung out at the bar or watched the game vs. doing the mining. Probably not the best analogy, but I am sure you get the point.

        After mentoring hundreds over the past three years it amazes me how so many want to point the finger at the mentor or trainer, when they were in fact, looking for a get rich quick scheme. They give it 30-90 days and then they are onto the next project. I call it a project as they are truly not business owners with that mindset. Having a due or die attitude and commitment are key ingredients as well.

        I am enjoying the journey, even though it is challenging at times to keep up. Adaptability is critical. Having that hunger and thirst for learning more keeps me energized and I also know that most folks are not willing to go that extra mile, so at the end of the day, your competition is very limited. I get a kick out of all the folks that bash the network marketing model claiming the 95% failure rate as well. Well, 95% of Realtors wash out, 95% of insurance brokers are not producing and so on. OK, I don’t want to open that debate up as we all know that things are oversold out there all the time so there is enough blame to go around if one looks hard enough.

        OK, back to work. Have a wonderful night.

  44. Rich,

    For those of us who currently do not have an on-line business can we realistically anticipate quantifiable results within the 90 day money-back guarantee period that would justify investing in your Business Acceleration Program? In short, if there is currently no business to accelerate will your program provide potentially profitable business ventures to accelerate?


  45. How is the new Business Acceleration different (or is it) from your monthly membership Strategic Profits program?

    Rich, I loved the SP program and miss it tremendously… but my business crashed hard due to the real estate and mortgage markets and I just couldn’t afford to stay in. Hopefully I will be able to rejoin again soon. You are an awesome coach… keep up the great work!

    Ron Cahalan

  46. Hi Rich,

    I run a relatively successful real estate sales team and in the top 2% in my MLS of over 440 agents. I have been professionally coached in the past and I believe in the theory that you don’t have to recreate the wheel when you want to increase business. That why I invest money in books and coaching. I have a very good organization database system that keeps mylself and my team very organized and able to handle a large number of leads. I have a lead generation program that will launch in January that is loosely based on Gary Kellers Millionaire Real Estate Agent Book. My web presence is not very good and is high on the list of objectives for the winter months. How can your Acceleration program benefit my business?


    Adam Swor
    [email protected]

  47. Hi Rich

    It’s Ed here, one of your former elite coaching clients.

    Just keen to know if this product will be suitable for us and the business growth system guys or is it more a beginners kit?

    Will we get any kind of a discount or incentive?

    Sorry if you’ve already discussed this somewhere else but I haven’t heard anything.

    Very best wishes


  48. hey rich & friends,

    ron reed, here, making an appearance…

    … very interesting comments on this blog, huh?

    i’ve read just about every comment, question, concern, etc.

    i’ve even gotten a response to a few of my own concerns and appreciate you taking the time to respond (regarding black hat techniques being implemented by some of the contestants).

    in the end, i’d like to THANK YOU for understanding me… listening to me… researching me… and believing in me.

    i’d like to acknowledge you for allowing me a chance to get my name out there as i’m “making an appearance” within the community.

    on the flip side, i’ve been doing my due diligence by attending, reading, listening, watching, researching, and understanding what your target audience is looking for in you.

    in an effort to obtaining market research i have heard a few things from your audience that concerned me.

    this is what i hear:

    #1) “give us your system for free!”
    #2) “i’m too poor to afford your program”
    #3) “will your program help me?”
    #4) “i… i… i… me… me… me”

    hmm… sounds like you’ve got your hands full, rich! 🙂

    i find it fascinating how many people sabotage their own chances of success by not adopting the proper mindset.

    you have my upmost respect for having patience to deal with these individuals.

    i understand that most people will not be able to afford your program, but why do they continue to complain, bitch, whine, and ultimately ruin their chances of obtaining the success they dream about.

    this concept still “boggles” my mind.

    it wasn’t long ago when i had the same mindset, too! it was something i grew up with and got from my social environment.

    however, it didn’t take me long to understand that my success (and the success of many others) was born when i adopted a certain mindset.

    rich: you will continue to motivate me… you will continue to inspire me… you will continue to move me to action…

    … in fact, you will continue to IGNITE MY PASSION to be someone great in this world… someone important… someone who can provide for others… someone to admire… respect… acknowledge… someone who gives back to the community…

    you will continue to mold me into a MAVEN… a LEADER!

    (( just keep “making an appearance”… and i’ll keep listening ))

    yours truly,


  49. In response to Mr. Reed, is not your quest to be a “Maven” rather “me-oriented”? Anyway, I get where you’re coming from with the mindset issue- we all need to re-train our thinking from left to right according to Kyosaki for example, if we want to achieve financial freedom. However, do not forget that so many people have been mis-lead and manipulated by so-called “gurus” on the Internet that they’re skeptical. As Rich says in his Doctrine, you have to earn their trust by providing something of real value for free, which he has done.

    People who have been burned must be differentiated from people who are prone to blame and complain. Investing in business development is an essential component of building a long-term successful business. Investing requires time and/or monetary commitments. I am not very familiar with Rich Schefren, although a friend I have known for many years and whom I do trust speaks favorably of him. I devoured his Doctrine and considered it a modern-day version of what Wallace Wattles offered in his now mega-popular The Science of Getting Rich. The bottom line is we all must learn by trial and error, but so long as we never give up on our dreams it is inevitable that they will come true!


    • hey sean,

      … ironically, after re-reading my original post, i noted the word “me” scattered throughout in excess. **blushing**

      thank you for pointing that out and allowing me to see something about myself that i wasn’t aware of.

      in regards to mindset… glad to hear you have a firm grasp on this concept.

      you made an interesting point with the difference between being burned and having a negative attitude.

      you’re 100% correct.

      after thinking about your comments, it was apparent that you grabbed my ATTENTION.

      (( in fact, i even clicked on your name to find out more! ))

      it appears you have an understanding of what rich teaches in the doctrine and insights that could benefit the masses.

      look forward to discussing other topics/subjects/interests with you.


  50. Simple Question Rich
    Why Just 1000 Copies?I need to grow my Business fast but I’m worried you’ll be sold out before I can place my order!

  51. Rich

    Will there be a follow up program?

    With this frenzy, it seems tough on person 1,001 to miss out and go from the full secrets that you promise to nothing except the broad concepts covered in the Attention Age Doctrine.


  52. In the last 2 years I know some internet bussines online, join a fiew of them. But it always slowed down day after day turn against the Internet developth it self. even I’ve 2 years in the area but till now I’m feel like I’m newbie and never get any advatages of my online activity. will your tool work for a…tired experimental BROKE enterpreuneur live in the 3rd country in the Far East ?
    ps: will you sent me your short brief description of your tools and how to use it….teach me how to RICH please….

  53. Rich

    It would be useful to know what products are to be marketed by the Business Acceleration Programme.

    Having been in sales most of my working life (30 years+) I’ve never been involved with any business which doesn’t have a product to sell.

    Perhaps I’m naive here, but if you can tell me what the BAP actually sells I’d be very grateful.

    Thank you
    Paul Herring

  54. I associate myself with the question raised by Ogbu. Most programmes do not take into account the peculiar circumstances of foreign countries.

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  56. So Rich, I’m looking forward to purchasing this awsome product. Where in the heck can I book mark and refresh the page so I can get in really fast? Have looked through all the questions and answers and even went to your CRM system and found an error page. Can you tell us where to go to get it just a tad bit early so we can be ready?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Roger, CEO Tri-Vision Global

  57. Signing up for your emails seems to have triggered emails from ‘Karim Hajee’. Karim isn’t considerate enough to provide an unsubscribe feature on his spam. Can you help me? I am considering delisting with you as well, if this continues. This is not my first attempt to extricate myself from Karim.

  58. It seems so quiet on the blog. Am I the only way that had nothing happening on my computer when it was supposed to. The doors were supposed to open at noon and nothing happened but it seems like nothings going on.

  59. Rich,

    So, when the BAP sells out, will you be selling off any portion of the program off individually. I thought I heard/read that you had training to help us process more quickly through the mountains of business info we have to deal with on a daily basis. That’s what really caught my attention as I can’t seem to sift though the mountains of paper/emails/etc. to even find the important stuff let alone digest it for my benefit.


  60. Hey Rich ,

    You speak of “The Maven”…Are You “Raven” Mad ?…
    Who likes Good-Content Anymore ?…[*wink]…

    Yeah! I think you’ve got something here , Rich.

    1.] ‘Good-King-content’…Oh! less not forget The Queens!

    2.] Life-Long-Learning…
    And 3.] the boldness of “Originality”….& “Service to Visitors”…

    Well , to me That = “New era of [online] The Neo-Entreprenuers”



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