Quick: What’s Even More Important Than A Leader?

It’s been a long while since my last post…

You see, I’ve been up to my eye-balls working on that webinar I kept mentioning.  But now that it’s almost done – I figured I’d check in with you for a minute.

Today I want to share a video that Derek Sivers play at the TED conference two weeks ago.

It got a standing ovation – and I think… once you watch it… you’ll understand why…

Powerful stuff, right?

Well, like I said… I’ve got a webinar to finish.

I’ll check back with you soon.

To higher profits,


43 thoughts on “Quick: What’s Even More Important Than A Leader?”

  1. I beleave you never can be a leader until you learn how to be a follower and I also beleave that every person should be both leader and follower at the same time.

    Great post Rich 🙂

  2. This is the best.leadership.video.ever!
    I’m glad i tuned in. Thanks, Rich. 😉
    It made my day and i’m right now thinking about how i will get this video into my journal to be reminded of it and to refer to it whenever i need it. 🙂

  3. Rich,

    Just finished Alex Jefferys Coaching program and its 0350am here in the UK.

    This video is soooo timely for me and my future business. The bravery of being able to stand out there and be a leader and the realization that leaders are only created by people who follow them.

    Shows the respect (equal treatment) that you have to give your followers for the pure and simple fact that they’re the reason your a leader.

    Social proof and snowball effect. So many lessons in that one video.



  4. Great stuff about the first follower. I’ve been using snowball effect and building momentum for long now, but this video got me thinking – how to incentivize or motivate those first followers? If you give them something for their commitment, next time they’ll be the first to react again. And a group of those people can build tremendus snowball in a minute.

  5. Amazing – I draw three “side” lessons.

    1 – The power of a shill in the audience. Make the shill the first follower.

    2 – If the leader doesn’t plan things well, the “movement” will move in directions s/he never intended. “Credit” can also be “blame.”

    3 – Related to #2 – the power of a “mob” – for good or ill.

  6. Hi guys again,

    I’d like to ask every guy here, who is in “the maven business” a very important question. How big are your lists acctualy? And what conversions % do you get from them?

    That’d help me a lot 🙂


  7. I loved that video!

    Awesome, awesome, lesson.
    Fortunately that’s one of my early lessons in leadership, and the strongest leaders are those who were the strongest followers.

    Thanks for post/video (I wanna use it to make a similar leadership point in the future).

  8. It looks like that Dancing Guy is feeling no pain but when you are the Dancing Guy in business life there can be lots of pain and big frustration.

    For me, the secret is finding the right audience because the faster you find the right audience the faster you might find the first follower

    I really enjoyed this video and the analogy

    thanks Rich,


    PS. I’m still trying to work out from your last blog post whether the squirrel owns the nut, Frank?

  9. Hi Rich,

    The Manifesto is great. Lots of practical tips and perfect sense of humor. Your coaching program is intended for elite. How about affiliate program?

    Thanks a lot.

  10. Great video thought he was there by him self for a while just shows to keep at it and gain momentum and once its start you can see how fast it grows.

    Thanks for that appreciated.

  11. Hi Rich

    That was a quite interesting video, what made it interesting were of cause the “speaker” and the coupling to leadership, because otherwise it would only have been some folks dancing.

    Gives you something to think about…


  12. Great Video Rich,

    We all need to be both follower and leaders to succeed in any venture.

    when we look at all the great people we also must look at who these people followed first to learn there art.

    Hilarious video though


  13. wow, that was amazing, cant believe the amount of people that guy influenced. you really do you need guts to be a leader sometimes but. In the beggining them 2 guys looked stupid, but then in the end the peolpe still sitting down looked stupid ha.

    Great video rich

    Jonny Balfour

  14. The guy in video just relaxed and put himself into sounds of music. He stand up and started to dance first. He even didn’t think much about courage to start, he just did the movement. And here soon followers came, 1… 2… 3… 10… 100… Clever. Thank you. Can I embed this video in my facebook? Pasta.

  15. This guy was on ecstacy and didn’t know or care what was happening around him. People ran down and began mocking him in the most hilarious manner, which again he didn’t realize or care about. (He’s also sunburned badly and doesn’t care about that either.) I’ve seen this scenario too many times to count. (Let’s just say my day job brings me into this type of situation on a consistent basis)

    I do get your point, and it’s a good one. But maybe a better example would have been nice. (Sorry, not trying to be a downer, just wanted to clarify what was happening in the vid!)

    No offense if you choose to not post this comment, I just personally feel that understanding the reality of a situation is as important as lessons learned from it.

  16. On the other hand, if Derek had understood what was really happening, he could have made an equally brilliant point about “mob mentality”, especially regarding the first guy who came down and started mocking the dancer (mistakenly called the “first follower”).
    Why did he feel the need to mock the dancer in the first place? Why did he encourage others to join him? Why DID the others join him? Etc.

    Again, sorry if I’m spoiling the fun. Just watch the video without sound and you’ll get a different perspective of what was really happening.

  17. Hey Rich,

    Just stopped by to say thank you so much for the awesome training you have provided with GPS and Maven Marketing.

    I am listening to the GPS training sessions again and just needed to stop by to say a big Thank You for the business intelligence you have provided. Going through it a second time is awesome because your words of wisdom never grow old and are invigorating. I am using the training to reset my mindset and also to bust through my next level of constraints to take my business to a new level.

    I have a marketing consulting business with paying clients and loving it. I specialize in offline business getting online to improve profitability.

    Thank you Rich!

    Clay Franklin

  18. Hello Rich

    I really love to read your out-take on marketing and on business

    would you please consider resurrect your blog

    One thing life taught me :
    if i like something chances are that others will like it too

    best of luck

  19. Salutations Mr.Rich,
    Firstly, Lemme offer you an expaination for salutation. You are the First (or maybe the ONLY) “NORMAL” business man i have come accross on the Internet scienario. But ALSO, ” MORE THAN NORMAL”,salutation is as well in that you are a MASTER in articulating and communicating.

    Well, i called you ‘the only NORMAL guy’ because, I am professionally qualified,23 years experienced business consultancy person in India. Yeah, here for sometime, i also got ‘infected’ with ONLINE BUSINESS BUG. In my research and knowledge gaining endevor, i have always found the internet “filled to the brim” with “get rich quick” QUAKES. I was like…hey!whats going on? are these guys some magicwand wielders? It did not take much time of me to have a HEARTY LAUGH at these QUAKES.
    Somewhere around here, I bumped in you and i was like…hey, here is the only sencible voice.

    Secondly, Your mastery in articulation and communication is mesmerising. Honest and blunt. Precise and focused. Absolute and sequential. Well, i may go on and on, Lets leave to next post maybe.
    And i called you Mr., for, you have ‘earned my respect’.

    Keep the good work going. In appreciation, I will always remain updated about you.



  20. Great Video and very well explained, For promoting a home based business and if you want to earn extra money from home dont sit on the fence, become a leader, yes it may be hard at first, may even take years to build your business, BUT hard work does pay off, any Internet business customer starts one by one the grows.

    great blog post

  21. Ha Ha! Great analogy there – sounds very similar to IM Product Launches.

    On a serious note there is a lot of wisdom there. This is how we see organisations, political parties, religion spring up from nowhere.



  22. This is great! It really shows me where to expand my blog. I think that sometime in the future I might try to write a book to go along with my blog, but we will see.Good post with useful tips and ideas.


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