On My iPhone @ The Fountainebleau Hotel

Today I’m writing this post from the lobby of the fountainebleau hotel.

Yep that’s right… I’m not at the beach instead I’m in South Beach… at one of the many exclusive resorts that populate the coastline down here.

And believe it or not I’m having more difficulties than you might imagine.

Why? Because I was silly enough to think that this billion dollar property would have a wireless internet connection I could pay for. But they don’t. So I’m forced to write this post on my iPhone instead of my laptop.

No big deal I guess… Or is it?

On the one hand I’m not a guest of the hotel. I’m not paying their inflated prices for a room.

But, even if I was… I’d still have to pay for a wireless connection.

The fact that I’m not staying here though makes it impossible for me to buy a day pass on their wifi. I just asked the concierge and that’s what they told me.

I’m not bringing this up to bash the hotel. In fact, it’s quite beautiful here.

At the bottom of this post I’ve uploaded two photos… One is a view of the pool. The other is the view from my seat in the lobby.

So, as you can see the place is pretty nice. But still no wireless.

All this reminds me of The Attention Age Doctrine 2 and what I wrote about the way you view your propsects. In the doctrine I said “you’re prospects are no longer targets… they’re the most powerful sales channel you have (because of social media).”

And that’s what old world marketers (and this hotel) doesn’t fully understand yet. That today, because of the immense power of social media, everybody has a voice that can be heard around the world.

Because my fingers are starting to cramp I’ll cut to the chase…

Today I’d like you to think about this…

what you would do differently if you really saw your prospects as your best sales-channel?

On Monday I’ll tell you my answer. We’ll also finish up our series on credibility and proof.

Till then….

To higher profits and beyond,
Rich Schefren

20 thoughts on “On My iPhone @ The Fountainebleau Hotel”

  1. I wonder if they had any idea who was sitting in their lobby & the power you possess for a ‘good recommendation’ if they’d give you an Internet connection on the house. But just like social media- you just never know WHO you might be chatting with & the power they hold that could impact your biz.

    Great post Rich!
    Sandi K.

  2. Rich your iPhone question you posted:
    “what you would do differently if you really saw your prospects as your best sales-channel?

    I got a big kick out of your commit “this billion dollar property” in describing the Fountainebleau Hotel. Yet no wifi was offered to you because of a company policy…huh?

    In addressing the “customer is always right issue” of marketing philosophy pehaps the Fountainebleau Hotel would be well served to apply for one of your coaching sessions???

    I just saying that by placing limits on our customers & our relationship to them; then how do we know where the market is willing to take us!!

    enjoy SouthBeach

    Loyd La Rue

  3. I was actually planning on writing a very complimentary post about the beauty of the hotel… But it got preempted by the lack of wireless.

    But the main point is to really think through the question. Because it can have a profound impact on your business

  4. just finished the instant expert
    wow when Rich promises.. he delivers

    a LOT of useful stuff which will probably will take me\
    a few months to really cover (*at least!)

    back home there are a couple of well known guys who totally
    ripped Rich off and are selling a good knockoff 25 times more!!

    well kudos to you
    i really enjoyed the seminar and cant wait to try out the founder club

    best wishes


  5. That’s hard to believe about the Wi-Fi. I hope they have a suggestion box…and they should have a Twitter customer service account.

    Anyway, you make an excellent point. We’ve been thinking about our client experience, and yet, it isn’t just the clients or members that we should think about. Our brand extends to all parts of the image, relationship, products and services we offer (or don’t), and there needs to be a feedback loop to understand our client’s perceptions.

    More than that, we have to acknowledge the suggestions in some way and apply what we learn. During the last six months, we’ve probably done at least 15 surveys to different segments of our list and we’ve made radical changes to adapt and the results are amazing.

    We have a focus group and direct interaction with several of our members so we do get a good amount of feedback from our happy clients, but what we don’t do so well is survey the people who aren’t buying from us yet, and are lurkers. We’ll work on that because this post brings that to the surface.

    I think that’s the key to understand how to unlock the conversions and build relationships with our list. Now to find the time to really do it well.

    We have many more constituents than our paying clients and newsletter subscribers. How we engage everyone determines how well our brand image is understood.

    Loving this blog conversation – there are some great insights from the readers…quite a smart bunch!

    Since we’re doing a similar blog engagement as a pre-launch, we’ve really gotten some great interactions from our members and new visitors. Thanks for sharing this with us. One thing to add…if the topic really speaks to the core pain for the readers, it gets more traction…as you’ve done so well.

  6. I have a very good friend whose work in the sports marketing arena required them to stay at The Fountainebleau for several days prior to the recent Super Bowl. The mentality that you describe in today’s post on numerous occasions was an obstacle to friend’s company’s attempts to deliver superior service to their corporate clients who had come in for Super Bowl festivities. I actually wondered then, “How long can an organization use “snob appeal” as their primary marketing strategy?”

    “What would I do differently if I really saw my prospects as my best sales-channel?

    Since my site is not yet fully operational yet, my future prospects ARE ALL I have, at the moment.
    (My goal is by March 15 to have the site where we can complete a transactions for all 10 of our products)
    We are building our individual product pages with feedback from offline beta customers now.
    We will be installing software to allow user generated content (like Amazon.com) on each product page as they are added to our site.
    Our goal is to have our customers in “conversation” about each of our products.
    We will be relying heavily on viral and referral marketing as one of our primary traffic generating strategies.
    So… if I AM going to have a business, I must give my prospects proper respect and attention.
    Like I said they are all I’ve got.

    This series of posts and the material in the Founders Club has helped me make significant progress toward getting my vision out of my head and on paper so it can be implemented into our website so we can finally launch the concept. For being a needed catalyst, again, I thank you very much.

    I look forward to the continuation of the series.

    BTW, I am strongly considering joining the Business Growth System.
    I believe I need could really use some one on one coaching every now and then.
    I just don’t have the thousands, right now that others are asking for to join their coaching programs.
    Do you foresee BGS staying in its current format for the foreseeable future?
    At the moment, I am wishing you had a program that offered just a little bit of one on one coaching that was in between the price of the Founders Club $47/mo and the price of the Business Growth System $397/mo.

    Nevertheless, have a great weekend and enjoy South Beach with your family.

  7. I had a similar experience at a conference in Las Vegas. They offered pricy internet to the individuals staying there (and to conference attendees). There was NO wireless (that I could pickup) for visitors in the lobbies or in the casino. The choice was to turn on the cell phone and incur roaming charges. A blue ocean strategy would be one of the first luxury casino hotels to offer wireless in the lobbies AND the casino in order to keep their customers there. (there are probably hotels doing this but this one just didn’t get it. I felt we was paying extra for everything, not just wireless).

  8. “what you would do differently if you really saw your prospects as your best sales-channel?”

    I dont believe I have ever seen the true power & impact of social media distilled into such a concise message.

    And I don’t recall a more thought-provoking question on this blog. Or, in many respects, a more challenging one.

    The first principles for business havent changed. Business is still based on value delivery, empathy, reputation, consistency, trust. Today however the multiplier effect of social media, both in terms of speed & scale, puts your every action on a global stage – complete with a replay button.

    I expect that the question, like the previous series of posts relating to trust & proof, could trigger pretty much as many answers as one wants.

    But, at a summary level I believe that the first core of the answer must be inward-looking; you just have to “be better”. You gotta deliver real value to your niche, or someone else will eat your lunch. And you gotta be better today than you were yesterday.

    But that’s good, right? For everybody.

    And – you need to deliver value first (might be intellectual or emotional value, need not be product or service), ask for the business later.

    Ultimately if you engage with the mass market effectively enough, you remove the need to ask for the business.. I believe it was Drucker said that the purpose of marketing is to make sales superfluous.

    I read Kelly W’s blog post above, with interest. Good luck with the launch, Kelly! What really caught my eye was the market-feedback element – Kelly telling Rich exactly what Kelly, as a prospect, is looking for.

    Rich, great question. Looking forward to your answer next week. Enjoy the weekend.


    • thanks for the compliment sean… and i do agree it’s a powerful question… that can, if thought about, lead to a marketing breakthrough.

      i also agree this is just a multiplier of what was always good business practice…. now there’s just more reason for doing what’s right.


  9. Hi Rich,

    It seems that access to wireless internet is not what most customers of that hotel want.

    Perhaps their customers want to get away from it all and the hotel doesn’t cater to business people.

    I think that there are hotels who will bend over backwards to provide everything you can think of as a business man if their focus is business clients.

    It is hard to imagine that the luxurious hotel wouldn’t provide wireless internet if there was sufficient demand for it.

    Did you see many business people around the hotel?

    Perhaps in a short while every hotel will have wireless internet. In the meantime it may be wise to find out beforehand before booking a stay.

    Since you didn’t even stay there and they didn’t know who you were they just brushed you off.

    Your question is a good one though and I’ll ponder it.


    • vance – thanks for your input…

      i think many of their customers do want wireless access… in fact, later in the day many of the people who were staying at the hotel came over to me and told me their access wasn’t working that morning anyway – so even if i could have gotten on i wouldn’t have had the success i was looking for.

      but the more important question is the question i posed…. think about that

  10. quote:-

    All this reminds me of The Attention Age Doctrine 2 and what I wrote about the way you view your propsects. In the doctrine I said “you’re prospects are no longer targets… they’re the most powerful sales channel you have (because of social media).”

    this is something that really has my attention rich …

    Reason …
    I’ve done this with some success with my clients who made my coaching program remarkable,
    as they have become my marketing/sales force

    I wonder how to have our prospects become our sales force?

    Really looking forward to this lesson

    hope your enjoying south beach –

    – talk soon


  11. I love your posts…all very informative.

    The one gripe I have is your delayed sign-in pop-up for your Internet Manifesto.

    I’ve already signed up so it is interfering with my enjoyment of reading your posts.

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a close button on it for those of us who have already signed up?

    I mean it’s not that hard to program a little read X or a link to close it.


    • Judith,

      There is a “little red X” to close on the pop-up ad, but it is programmed … well, less than perfectly, so that it is extremely wide and the right end of the “banner” shape runs off the edge of you screen to the right (or at least it does on my screen whenever my browser window is less than the full 1380pixel width. However, it I do send my browser into FULL SCREEN mode, the Close button is visible, and it closes easily.
      It might be more “convenient” to viewers if it only popped up once, but that wouldn’t be as effective at getting people to click. Presumably it should set a cookie that Rich’s website can read. (Strictly speaking I guess that’s more like a peanut butter chip inside a cookie, or maybe a “cookie crumb”?)

      Nobody’s perfect. The reason the pop-up banner displays that way may also be related to WHICH browser you are using since my copy of Google’s CHROME browser has an error (right now) on the tab showing this page that says the page is about, “Hot, sexy business woman reveals how men may attract women in this teleseminar.” (Which is actually an offer page I was linking to so needed to test earlier this afternoon.) Still, I don’t have a clue how it got associated with Rich’s blog page, and I gather it is some error that Google’s programmers didn’t get around to fixing before this release of their product.

      Hope this is some help, Judith (and anyone else who might benefit).


      Stafford “Doc” Williamson

  12. Rich – I just wanted to quickly say thank you for this manifesto! Your content and resources are always so well researched, so well documented and immediately actionable, which holds high value for me. I appreciate the gift and your remarkable work.

    Have a blessed day!


  13. I’m half way going threw the Entrepreneurial Emergency report and i GOT (!!) to tell you that rich schefren is a freakin’ genius man
    i mean WOW it will probally take me a while to implamnet even a fraction of the stuff he puts out there but in a couple of years when you read about me and i’ll probally brag about how smart i am and ect. it is really all going to be thanks to rich & the gang


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