Founders Video #2: THIS One Question Determines Your Fate Online

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22 thoughts on “Founders Video #2: THIS One Question Determines Your Fate Online”

  1. Great to see the real Rich, and things being told straight. Keep up the good work, and hopefully we’ll meet up face to face some time this year.

    I always hear good things from your students, and more than that results.. and that always what matters isn’t it..

    The key to web domination, is always to add value, add value, add value.

    Combine your concepts with the social mastery stuff that Perry is doing with Party principle (you must have seen it by now.. they’ve jv’d with everyone .. if not..

    Overall it’s just good to have real business sense coming through
    (I spent 10 years working in banking.. and learn’t these lessons the hard apprenticed way)


  2. Rich – Wow! what a powerful question – I never thought about the difference between growing my business all by myself versus growing our business with the support of each and everyone that it impacts.

    I’ve already signed up for more of the Founder’s videos – and I can’t wait to hear more. I’ve read all your reports and watched all your videos. And I can directly attribute your advice to growing my offline business by more than two million dollars in the last 3 years.

    Rich – You ROCK!!!


  3. Very interesting. I really never thought to ask that question.
    Add value, get eyeballs to see it and the rest happens. That’s what I say. And you know you are so right and I never thought about it… when everyone is not engaged in my business it simply does not thrive.

    Great video Rich and thanks. Send MORE!!!!!1

  4. Rich,

    Just a humble suggestion.

    look into the camera! You are looking somewhere else.

    A good Teleprompter may do the deal…

    All the best. . .


  5. 99% sure He is using a teleprompter.

    Wouldn’t make sense to memorize all this.

    listen to the vids again and the flow and the speed. You don’t hear any UMs or sutters or breaks in the content. Also listen to the segues.

    He’s got a ton of “behind the scenes” advantages that… well… really make it impossible for him to be beat.

    Great job rich, as usual.

  6. would be nice to have this stream without all the minute updates and loads. makes for a choppy and time-consuming load. very distracting.

  7. Thank you Rich for these wonderful videos. Its great to hear on how you approach your business as it gives a more direct connection to the issues we face on a day to day basis.

    It was interesting as you were talking about the outsourcing, as we are on the other side of the table as an 24/7 outsourcing company. We try to get a big picture of the clients and why they do what they do.But many times, clients try to keep the info close to the chest. Thank you bringing up the idea that, it makes more sense to work with outsources as if they are part your team, who work to deliver YOUR goals.

    Look forward to your future videos.


    Aji Abraham
    Chicago, IL

  8. Hi Rich, very brilliand and profound idea, on some previous comments: content and the deep message is what counts not the form, great video!

    In my case there is an aditional cuestion:
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    Big Hug


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