Metrics Made Easy: How To Uncover Your Surest Path To Explosive Business Growth

How do you make decisions in your business?

Taking your best educated guess can can be an OK jumping off point. (And the more experience you have the better, more reliable your instincts will be.)

But the only sure thing to base your critical business decisions on is…


The hard data you get from the results of your actions.

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Where to Focus? Your Map To Maximum Leverage

Last week we talked about focusing on taking action in your business. And the information overload and distractions that keep you from doing it.

Now assuming that you’ve unplugged a few of your electronic distractions, stopped splashing around in that ocean of information and are ready to buckle down and get busy, we come to an important question…

What actions should you be focusing on? What actions should you be taking to give you the biggest strategic bang for your buck?

I want to give you a little help with that today in the form of a map.

And believe me…

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Seven Reasons The “F-word” Is Holding You Back

We’re all adults here. And since we are, we can have an adult discussion.

I want to talk to you about why you may be stuck or struggling. Why you never seem to be able to get the big project complete. Or why you can’t even get it off the ground.

The reason you can’t is because of something we don’t like to face. It’s unpleasant. Sometimes even uncomfortable.

But you need to face it if you want to achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

I’m talking about the “F-word”…

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Would you like Rich Schefren to share with you books he’s reading?

This past week, Winston a very animated visitor from Belgium who’s been visiting the Strategic Profits office grabbed the key’s to Rich’s apartment and made the following video…

Here’s the deal…

As you can see by Rich’s reading process (video below) he reads a lot of books.

If you would like him to share with you what he’s reading in the form of reviews vote below now!

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A Shocking Revelation About Your Marketing

Your Key to Mastering Success… Snow!

Today’s lesson is all about why some entrepreneurs always do better than others. It’s about why some consistently kill it without breaking a sweat. While others can work ninety hours a week and never get off the ground.

And it’s about snow…

If you’re scratching your head, watch the video. (And don’t forget to leave me a comment. What’s your big takeaway? How much “snow” do you see?)

Close The Gap

2 ‘Lazy’ Ways To Test and Make More Money From Autoresponder Sequences

“Really, it comes down to testing.”

As a marketer, how many times have you heard that? Hundreds, maybe thousands of times. We all know that best-practices can only take us so far, and that testing with live visitors / readers / viewers gives us the closest thing to “truth” when it comes to which offer works best.

Consequently, most marketers who have a reasonable amount of traffic will get started in testing. Testing landing pages, testing squeeze pages, testing webinar registration pages, sales pages you name it. But… testing email sequences?

Why Marketers IGNORE Testing Email Copy

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Three Things You Never Thought Of To Supercharge Your Social Proof

In my last post, we talked about social proof.

It’s not rocket science. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you know you need it.

You need it to demonstrate that whatever product or service you provide, yours is the right choice for your prospect.

And, a little more subconsciously but no less important, you need it to demonstrate you’re the popular choice. That by buying what you’re selling, your prospect will become one of the “cool kids”. (Don’t underestimate the power of this. Apple has had me wanting to be one of the “cool kids” for years!)

So today I want to share three concepts – you may have never thought of – that will help you build and leverage the social proof you need to succeed…

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