The ONE thing to do right now

You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again…

Using a strategy at the right time is critical to explosive growth.

But it’s not the ONLY thing. It also has to be the RIGHT strategy for your business (which is based on several important factors).

So in today’s livestream, I’m sharing my time-tested process for uncovering the root of any business problem and how I identify the right growth strategy to solve it. It’s going to be another juicy episode.

Ad performance down?

You’re not alone…

Facebook advertising performance is down across the board.

And thousands of frustrated media buyers are perplexed about how to make their targeting effective again.

As a result, people are throwing in the towel and leaving the platform in droves. Before you do the same, I may have an easier solution.

Because in today’s livestream, I’ll be talking about the biggest changes to media buying in 2021 and what you should do to crush it in 2022.

You won’t want to miss this one.

Tips for ADD entrepreneurs

It’s hard enough to run a business…

Let alone with ADD thrown into the mix.

When you constantly feel like everything is urgent and that all tasks have the same level of importance, how do you prioritize?

And that’s exactly what people have been asking me for years.

But even if you’re not like me and you don’t have to work harder to overcome this extra layer of complexity, the basic tips can help anyone to focus better, get more organized, and improve their time management.

So in today’s livestream, I’ll share with you how I deal with ADD and how it actually helps me, sometimes, to become a better business owner.

How to create free content that sells

Every one likes to get value for free.

(That’s why “lead magnets” are so effective at attracting prospects.)

The problem is, most people have the wrong idea about how to use free content to grow their business.

Trust me, I practically invented it.

So instead of hosting my typical livestream today, I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and share with you a video I made last year revealing my top strategies of how to create free content that delivers sales.

Maybe stream it while you eat turkey?

Click here to watch it.

To higher profits,

Rich Schefren

Journaling techniques that changed my life

Despite what you might think…

Journaling isn’t just for pre-teens with raging hormones.

In fact, there have been countless studies that suggest daily writing in a journal can help you reduce stress, gain self-confidence, strengthen your memory, boost your mood, enhance creativity, achieve your goals…

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

So in today’s livestream, I’ll tell you the journaling techniques that have changed my life and made me a better entrepreneur.

And trust me, I have stacks of notebooks and years of journaling experience to share.

Biohacking secrets for extreme productivity

Ever wish you could operate at peak performance all the time?

Or maybe you want to fight stress and feelings of depression.

Either way, biohacking your brain could be the solution.

So in today’s livestream, I’m revealing my favorite biohacking secrets that help entrepreneurs function at a high level and supercharge success.

*Disclaimer: Side effects of employing these strategies could result in elevated moods, boosts of energy, enhanced productivity, and higher profits.

Attention-grabbing strategies to make higher profits

Let’s face it…

It’s hard to grab our audiences’ attention.

Because believe it or not, people forget up to 90% of what they read.

And as business owners, we’re constantly trying to create memorable marketing to fight for a slice of our audience’s bandwidth.

So in today’s livestream, I’ll share with you my top attention-grabbing strategies to not only make your marketing unforgettable, but also make it more profitable.

You know it’ll be good.

To higher profits,

Rich Schefren

The most vital part of all successful marketing

What’s behind every successful marketing campaign?

The fact is, most marketers and entrepreneurs think they know…

But they’re wrong.

And they pay a hefty price for this missing piece of knowledge.

I’m telling you, I’ve met a lot of marketers so I say this with confidence.

Heck, I just wrapped up an amazing weekend in Cabo rubbing elbows with some of the best marketers in the industry.

So instead of my typical livestream today, I’m going to share a replay that reveals what this single element is and how to use it so your marketing campaigns never suffer again.

After watching this, you’ll approach marketing and selling online differently and your business will grow because of it.

Click here to watch on Youtube.

To higher profits,

Rich Schefren

The “virus” that blocks growth

This isn’t “woo woo.” It’s a scientific fact:

The words you tell yourself play a major role in your health and well-being.

Tell yourself the right words and you can feel more motivated, optimistic, and energized.

But tell yourself the wrong words?

And it can feel like you’ve been hit with a debilitating virus.

So in today’s livestream, I’ll give you my antidote and show you how to use your words to combat feelings of anger, perfectionism, depression, and anxiety…

So you can take some weight off your shoulders and get back to being productive.

Increase brain power, increase profits

It’s true…

The better you think, the better you are at marketing, scaling your business, and operating strategically.

And for years, I’ve used powerful learning strategies to think better and work smarter.

In fact, I’m in Orlando deploying some of these strategies right now.

So instead of my livestream, today I’ll share a replay of some of the tactics that have made the biggest difference in my life and business.

And by the end, you too can leverage the same strategies to harness more brainpower and make money faster.

Click here to watch.

To higher profits,

Rich Schefren