Productivity Hacks That Changed My Life

Have you heard this advice?

“Wake up by 5 a.m. to get a headstart on your day.”


“Reduce decision fatigue by scheduling your day the night before.”

Now, I’m not saying this is BAD advice…

But too often, these techniques don’t work for the masses.

So what DOES work?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in today’s livestream.

I’ll spill the secret sauce with the best hacks working for me (even with a buzzing ADD mind), and what’s working for some of my closest peers.

Don’t miss it.

Ask Me Anything

Got a burning question about your business?

I’m here for you.

Because on today’s livestream, I’m going to let you pick my brain and ask me anything starting at 6pm ET (3pm PT).

So if you have questions, don’t miss it.

LIVE: Grow Your Net Worth With Your Network

Want to grow your NET WORTH with your NETWORK?

Then make sure you join my live stream today at 2pm ET (11am PT).

On the broadcast, I’ll be joined by a special guest and close friend, Amber Spears.

For those who don’t know Amber, she’s an affiliate managing all-star who’d one of the most connected marketers I know.

And we’re going to be sharing the specific things you should look for when identifying high-quality networking events — along with some little-know tips to help you make the most of every mastermind.

Don’t miss it.

LIVE: My x-ray glasses to spot hidden profits

Imagine for a moment…

You put on a pair of special glasses and suddenly, everything you see is different.

There are secret shortcuts you can take on your way to the office.

You detect magnetic auras around people, either pulling you closer or pushing you away.

And to your disbelief, you see big bundles of benjamins almost everywhere you look.

Obviously, glasses like this don’t exist (yet).

But when they do, I suspect they’d sell for millions.

However, I want to give you the next best thing — for FREE.

You see, you can experience a similar phenomenon when you understand the power of “distinctions.”

These are ideas that once grasped, change the way you view the world forever.

And just like magic glasses, they allow you to spot massive opportunities that are hidden in plain sight.

So on today’s livestream at 6pm ET, I want to share with you some of the most impactful distinctions that have allowed me to become a successful entrepreneur.

LIVE: Why you’re blind to life-changing opportunities

This may sound strange…

But everything you’ve learned up until this point is actually holding you back.

Your knowledge and experience are preventing you from seeing opportunities right in front of you.

It’s the case for all of us.

But the difference between successful entrepreneurs and those who struggle is that the former has found ways to occasionally remove those blinders…

See the world in a new way…

And exploit the hidden opportunities they uncover.

It’s what makes me so effective at what I do. It’s a skill that allows legendary consultants like Jay Abraham and Mark Ford generate such business-changing results (and command such incredible fees).

And it’s what I’m going to share with you in today’s livestream.

To higher profits,

Rich Schefren

How I Got Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Some people have it. Some people don’t.

I’m talking about getting your business in the news.

Because even though connecting your name to a top-tier publication is a MASSIVE credibility boost…

Most entrepreneurs still don’t know what publications are looking for, let alone how to convince them to give your product or business the time of day.

And here’s the thing: Journalists are busy. Very busy.

So with deadlines and editors breathing down their necks, how do you position yourself as a hot topic worth writing about?

Well, on my livestream tomorrow, I’m hosting surprise guest Rhonda Swan, CEO & Founder of the Unstoppable Branding Agency…

To show you actual case studies on how to get featured in well-known media outlets and top-tier publications.

$50K Profit Per Day For New Youtubers?

Every once in a while…

A gold rush happens.

People flock to take advantage of a new opportunity.

And it’s always the first who reap the lion’s share of the rewards.

That’s why I’m going live with Rob Jones to talk about the YouTube “anomaly” that makes it such a brilliant traffic source.

In fact, some newbies are making as much as 50K in profit per DAY.

So if you’ve never bought traffic on YouTube before, now is the time to do it.

Your Future Profits

Want to boost your future profits — starting today?

Then make sure you tune in for my livestream today at 2pm ET (11am PT).

During the broadcast, I’m sharing a little-known presentation I gave at Stompernet that will radically change the way you approach growing your business.

Very few people have seen this before.

Yet, it’s one of the most powerful presentations of my career.

So you won’t want to miss it.

Ask Rich Anything

Typing this out real quick from my hotel room…

I’m in Scottsdale, Arizona right now for Copy Accelerator LIVE with Stefan Georgi and Justin Goff.

(The red-eye I took last night was a bit draining.)

So instead of having a typical live stream…

I’m going to let you pick my brain and ask me anything for a couple of hours today starting at 2pm ET (11am PT).

Don’t miss it.