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From: Rich Schefren

Dear Online Entrepreneur:

It's true (and totally legit)...

Right now - for just $2.95 - you can get 10 of our most popular, most sought-after marketing and business-building trainings.

"There's gotta be a catch", you're thinking?

Why would we be willing to give away over $470.00 (in real retail value) worth of our best training courses for JUST $2.95.

It's simple really...

Because we want to show you how serious we are about the quality of training and coaching you get as a Member of the Founders Club.

And we figured... what better way to prove it than by putting our money where our mouth is.

So, when you say YES to a 7-day test-drive in the Founders Club today for just $2.95 you get INSTANT ACCESS to the following 10 marketing and business-building courses for FREE.

[Note: Please keep in mind - there are NOT bogus private label rights products or licensed courses.


The 10 courses you get for FREE today are full-blown, proprietary training courses designed and taught by Strategic Profits.  Each course averages about 2 hours and is sold every day online.]

Here's everything you get today for JUST $2.95:

Approx 2 hours 25 minutes VIDEO Training
Value: $
47.00 - YOURS FREE!


Get ready to have your emails turned into super-compelling, response-generating messages that generate sales for you like crazy!


This email-copywriting system - the same formula and approach we use here at Strategic Profits to generate thousands of dollars every day with email marketing:

  • Gets more of your emails opened!

  • Gets more of your emails read!

  • Gets more of your links clicked-on!

  • And, gets more of your list to buy!


Approx 2 hours 6 mins. VIDEO Training
Value: $
47.00 - YOURS FREE!


Discover the new tricks and strategies that work in 2010 to turn Google Adwords into a monster source of fresh, targeted, and extraordinarily profitable traffic to your website.


After this training you'll never have to fear a Google Slap or a fatal BAN. 


Plus, you'll know all the real tweaks to get lots of cheap, targeted traffic. It's fun and easy!



Approx 1 hour 29 mins. VIDEO Training
Value: $
47.00 - YOURS FREE!


Truth is... getting your website listed at the top of Google is easy in 2010. You just need to focus on 2 categories of activities.


After this multi-media training you will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.


More importantly, you'll find it fast and easy to get any webpage, for any website, listed in the top 3 on Google in the shortest time possible. 



Approx 1 hour 31 mins. VIDEO Training
Value: $
47.00 - YOURS FREE!


Without the ability to write a simple sales message to your sell your products consistently - and you'll struggle to make any real money online.


Inside Salesletter Secrets you get the exact formula we use here at Strategic Profits to craft our most compelling, most profitable sales letters.


Armed with this material will give you an enormous feeling of power and liberation.


Because once you know the steps we use to craft response-generating offers and salesletters - sales of your products will be happening day-in and day-out for you!



Approx 2 hours 56 mins. VIDEO Training
Value: $
47.00 - YOURS FREE!


Some of the most powerful marketing lessons, ideas, and promotions have come directly from the old-time masters of direct response marketing.


Inside Lessons from the Marketing Legends you get these secrets. 


Every online millionaire will tell you...


You must study the masters of advertising and marketing.


What this training hands you in just about 3 hours is all of the biggest, baddest, and most profitable ideas and breakthroughs you could ever learn from these heroes of marketing.



Approx 2 hours 2 mins. VIDEO Training
Value: $
47.00 - YOURS FREE!


How would you like to never suffer with information-overload again?


With Rapid Learning Acceleration Strategies you'll be able to process double, if not triple, the amount of new marketing information than your competitors.


You'll be learning (and understanding) at lightning pace. Plus, your comprehension will improve, as well as your recall of the new ideas you learn.


The techniques you'll learn inside this training are the same ones used by Rich Schefren everyday to stay leaps ahead of competitors.


Now you'll leap ahead of your competitors too!



Approx 2 hours 10 mins. VIDEO Training
Value: $
47.00 - YOURS FREE!


Want to know how we sell millions of dollars using teleseminars and webinars?


This system hands you a blueprint to pack your own events with eager, hunger buyers raring to buy whatever it is you're offering them.


Simply follow these steps, and you'll pack your next event, have a super-persuasive message, and generate more sales in less than 90 minutes than most online entrepreneurs see in a month!



Approx 2 hours 16 mins. VIDEO Training
Value: $
47.00 - YOURS FREE!


You get 12 of our most effective customer-generating conversion strategies.


Use just a couple of these tested and proven tricks to boost sales. Use all of them to double, triple, even quadruple the number of new customers and sales you get!


With this training you get true insider access and a sneak peek at the things we've found here at Strategic Profits to bump sales!



Approx 2 hours 16 mins. VIDEO Training
Value: $
47.00 - YOURS FREE!


Need some fast and simple ways to create to highly-profitable products that sell for you long-term?


Inside this training you get over a dozen different tricks and tips for RAPIDLY creating killer information products.


Plus, you'll even learn one trick that works over 98% of the time to get high-profile published authors to create your product for you!



Approx 1 hour 52 mins. VIDEO Training
Value: $
47.00 - YOURS FREE!


At Strategic Profits we might just sell more products with video than any other marketer of information products.


Inside this training you'll discover our entire system - from A-Z - for crafting, recording, and publishing videos that sell like crazy for you.


You get our equipment list. Our software. Our mics and other equipment.


Most important, though, you get the selling formula we use in all our videos to make sure you generate maximum sales from every video.



That's over $470.00 in real-world retail value.


And, right now - with this offer - you get everything for FREE when you start your 7-day test-drive in the Founders Club for just $2.95.  That's a SAVINGS of over 99%! fluff or hype...

"Truly, the Founder's Club has been the best membership I have ever been a part of.

Being in the Founder's Club has helped me get my business in order and to implement the right things at the right time. There is no fluff or hype, just quality strategies that you can implement into your business for results.

Not only have I made more money, but I have been able to help my clients and customers more!

This in a no brainer, if you want real training for real results.. You need this info!"

Paul Cooley, Coarsegold CA - Founder Member

...on the cutting-edge of Internet Marketing...

"I've been on the cutting edge of Internet Marketing knowledge because of the Founders Club."

Jose Antonio Diaz, Taguig MM - Founder Member

...step-by-step advice, guidance and direction...

"Rich and Todd are marketing super-stars. If you want step-by-step advice, guidance, and direction for growing your business fast, there's no better source of actionable content."

Chestin Salisbury, Rock Hill SC - Founder Member

This club OVER-DELIVERS time and time again.

"There's a lot of hyped-up crap for information out there and it is hard to know who to take advice from.

The founder's club is the result of several successful and experienced marketers who have made their fortunes and are passing-on reliable information to us, up and coming marketers, as a way of giving back. This club over-delivers time and time again."

Petra Rentrop, Winnipeg Manitoba - Founder Member


"Incredible value and tremendous amount of information. Cool thing is it isn't overwhelming because the website is so well organized, so you can access the info you want when you need it."

Stacey Morris, New York NY - Founder Member
...Founders has the complete package...

"Don't waste your time and money with other marketing programs because Founders has the complete package for online entrepreneurs."

Abel Garcia, Hammond Indiana - Founder Member
...the BEST VALUE for the dollar...

"Probably the best value for dollar marketing club out there that I've seen. You guys deliver 10x the content and value for the same amount of money."

Jeremy Schneyer, Portland OR - Founder Member
...this one consistently DELIVERS...

"Revolutionary shift in my role. No longer feel pressured to be THE MAN who does it ALL day in and day out. I've joined other clubs and continuity programs that promised much. For a very reasonable fee, this one consistently delivers."

Joe Bulger, Toronto Ontario - Founder Member
...GREAT new ideas...

"It has given my great new ideas to begin testing and implementing. People wonder what I have been doing to come up with these ideas."

Randy Dickinson, La Habra CA - Founder Member
Sales skyrocket 300%... List size DOUBLES.

"Where do I start?! I have applied so many of the principles from each of the immensely valuable reports and classes. Your materials are a goldmine of practical and relevant information.
We've grown our list 200% since December 1, 2009 and it's growing every day with the amazing ideas.

January 2010 was 300%+ January 2009 in sales...we're using many of the principles from Supercharge Your Marketing, etc., and it has transformed our marketing process in just the last 30 days...we added 10% to our list since February 25th. Our conversions have grown 50% on our sales process...etc.

Love your programs and I am one of your brand evangelists. Keep up the amazing work! It's the fastest and best way to really learn how to market online and run a successful business.
Eliminate the noise and confusion, and get the answers from a team that makes millions online doing ethical marketing."

Gail Doby, Denver CO - Founder Member


You also get INSTANT ACCESS to the last 3 issues of the PRIVATE Founders Club Report right from my desk.>


This is where I share all of my newest and most up-to-date business-thinking, ideas, and breakthroughs.


Truth be told... these 3 Founders Club Reports contain some of the most powerful ideas and methodologies I've ever shared with entrepreneurs.


Up until this point, we haven't made any of these reports available to the general public.


They've been reserved just for our Founders Club Members. And when you dig-in to these beefy reports you'll understand why.


Here's quick overview of what you'll find inside your 3 BONUS REPORTS:


76-page Business-Building Report
Value: $97.00 - YOURS FREE!


Ever wish someone could just tell you exactly what to do - from beginning to end - to create a wildly successful business online?


If so, this Report is for you.


When you're done devouring this Report you'll know exactly what steps to take - starting tomorrow - to start building the business of your dreams!


Even more exciting, you'll have the confidence knowing that you have a true plan to achieve all of your most precious business dreams.



35-page Business-Building Report
Value: $97.00 - YOURS FREE!


Want a business that makes money, gets better, and generates new customers every day - WITHOUT needing you or your personal time?


Simply follow the system in these 35-pages to turn your business and income into a steady, reliable, predictable and consistent machine.


There's nothing more exciting (and liberating) than having a business that makes you money 24/7.


Now you'll be experiencing the same excitement!



49-page Business-Building Report
Value: $97.00 - YOURS FREE!


The same old marketing methods and techniques are no longer working as effectively in 2010.


Thank goodness, in this Report, you get a brand new, cutting-edge marketing model that is working like crazy right now to generate sales.


Plus, because it works on autopilot, you can be off golfing, tanning, reading, or whatever, while this model generates cash for you every day.




That's over $291.00 in real-world value from these 3 Reports alone!


Combined with the value of your 10 FREE TRAININGS and you're getting a package worth over $761.00. Except you get everything for JUST $2.95.

I have learned more.. than... programs costing 10 times...

"I have learned more from the first three reports from founders club than I have learned from entire programs costing 10 times the monthly fee."

John Schoenberger, Fort Belvoir VA - Founder Member
...GRATEFUL to the Founders Club...

"I am grateful to the Founders Club special report #3 -- it gave me a great idea for launching my Bootcamp 2010 in the Fall -- thanks!"

Cindy Spivack, Northbrook IL - Founder Member
...BEST investment I made...

"We have redefine our business and put 60% into systems. Do not hesitate. Go for it. This has been the best investment I made for years."

Jacques Coquerel, Lawrenceville GA - Founder Member
INCREDIBLE value for the money.

"Incredible value for the money. Honest and sincerely there to help you, not just make money from you but for you.

It is great to get that workbook in the mail."

Jennifer Wells, Acton Ontario - Founder Member
No one even comes close to providing...

"My business has improved from the exceptional education from the materials provided from the Founders Club...removing a of the guess work.

No one even comes close to providing the information you get from the Founders Club."

Brother Bedford, Detroit MI - Founder Member
...worth more than the investment for a few years...

"You'd be foolish not to. EEDM alone is worth more than the investment for a few years of membership."

Eric Ruth, Raleigh NC - Founder Member
...grow your business...

"If you want to grow your business in the correct and most profitable way, join the Founders Club."

Greg R Worley, Lahoma OK - Founder Member
...simply the BEST...

"We've saved time on developing and working our strategy, and not wasted time spinning our wheels or losing focus of our specific goals.

This is simply the best, most understandable, and complete guide and coaching system to navigate today's click to mortar marketplace."

John Addy, Conway AR - Founder Member
...really a no-brainer...

"The Founders Club is such good value it is really a no-brainer, it is harder to think of an excuse not to do it, than it is to sign up."

John McKenna, Lismore NSW Australia - Founder Member

But that's not all...


You also get access to the PRIVATE bi-monthly Founders Club Letter Archive:



Approx 38-pages of Business-Growing Guidance
Value: $141.00 - YOURS FREE!


You get instant access to 3 issues of the PRIVATE Founders Club Letter.


Inside each of these issues you'll find specific marketing methods and strategies we're using and testing right now at Strategic Profits.


Plus, you'll get to hear from other Founders Club Members: what they're doing that's working to build their business and income. This way, you can simply model their success to experience your own income breakthroughs.


Never before have we made these PRIVATE DOCUMENTS available to the general public.


We save our biggest marketing breakthroughs for these Letters. Now you get access to them with your $2.95 test-drive.



IMMEDIATELY when you begin your 7-day test-drive in the Founders Club you'll be given private access to the Founders Club Virtual Clubhouse.


Inside you'll find all of your trainings, courses, materials, and FREE BONUSES.


Every training comes with:

  • Video

  • Audio MP3

  • Word-for-word PDF Transcript

  • Handouts

Plus, you'll find additional trainings you can access instantly (not even mentioned above). For example:

  • Video Training: How To Research and Pick Your Niche

  • Manual: How to Do Wildly Profitable Joint Ventures

  • Video Training: The Big Ideas Of Entrepreneurial Success

  • Video Training: How to Develop, Manage, And Nurture A Team Of Outsourcers

  • Audio Training: How to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money On Marketing

  • Video Training: How To Maximize The Profit From Your Email List!

  • ...and many, MANY MORE!

And, the best part of all...


You can test-drive the Founders Club - and instantly get ALL of the FREE BONUSES and trainings -for just $2.95. And, do it risk-free.



...INCREDIBLE value and strategies...

"I tried other programs offered by other Information Marketers- who are very well known and was terribly disappointed by the lack of value offered.

The Founder's Club offers incredible value and strategies that can be easily implemented."

Brenda Greer, Schertz TX - Founder Member
This is the REAL DEAL.

"Finally there is somebody that shows me the way and holds my hand. I am much better at planning I focused on my goal like a laser beam.

That I finally get real valuable information that I can use. It's not some "latest get rich scam". This is the real deal. You and Jay are my best mentors ever, period."

Abraham Georges, Stockholm Solna - Founder Member
...DOUBLE our profits...

"This is the best membership package for value and content. We are looking to double our profits in 2010."

Domenico DeFina, Toronto Ontario - Founder Member need Founders Club.

"If you're having trouble focusing on what's important and knowing where to go with your business, you need Founder's Club."

Todd Temaat, Edmond OK - Founder Member
...BEST training investment I have made.

"I have spend a lot of money on training in the past. Some was worth part of the money I paid, others were not. With the Founders Club I get so much valuable training for a very low price.

It is by far the best training investment I have made."

Shawn Bradshaw, Gahanna OH - Founder Member
...steady stream of new ideas is powerful.

"For me, I often feel alone. I am in a rural area and do not have many like-minded business folks in town.

Founders Club keeps me in continuous contact with folks working to accomplish the same things.

The steady stream of new ideas is powerful."

Richard Bohn, Burley ID - Founder Member
...powerful, visionary, versatile, and honest.

"If would have to synthesize the top qualities for Founders Club, I would say that is powerful, visionary, versatile, and honest.

This would be one of the best long term investments for yourself if you are seriously intentioned to build a solid and long life business for you and your beloved one's.

Try it and you will never regret to have done it."

Paolo Fabbri, Roma Italy - Founder Member
...SHORTENS the learning curve...

"The value of the education alone is worth the money, implementing what you have learned... priceless.

Shortens the learning curve, affords you the insight of learning from other peoples trails and errors."

Catherine Slater, Kirkland WA - Founder Member

Please understand...

We've never made an offer like this before.

What we're talking about here is over $902.00 in retail value of our best products... all for you right now for just $2.95.

Frankly, if you even have to think about this offer - PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE TEST-DRIVE.

However, if you realize the enormous value you're getting... than grab your 7-day test-drive to the Founders Club right now.

If you're not also blown-away by the value, quality of information and guidance, and level of commitment we bring to your success... simply let us know and you won't owe anything beyond your $2.95.

If, however, like most entrepreneurs, you recognize that the Founders Club is the best and quickest way to get a highly-profitable, freeing business online... than you'll stay a member with us at just $47 a month.

Each month of your Founders Club Membership (beyond your initial 7-day test-drive) you'll continue to get access to 2 brand new virtual trainings. Every other month you'll get access to a brand new Founders Club Report. And in between your Reports, you'll receive a brand new Founders Club Letter.  All for just $47 a month.

But, if you want in... it starts right here, right now... with your 7-day test-drive.

Claim Your $2.95 Test-Drive Now:

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By Submitting Your Order You've Acknowledged and Agreed to the Strategic Profits Customer Agreement

I Understand that for just $2.95 I'll enjoy a 7 day trial to the Founders Club PLUS I'll also receive the 10 FREE Video Training Courses INSTANTLY, along with the 3 Founder Reports, the Founders Club Letter Archive, AND 3 more valuable training courses to say THANK YOU for becoming a new Founders Club Member.

I further understand that I will be billed $47 per month for continuing access to the Founders Club beginning in 7 days time if I do not cancel during the trial period.

I understand that I can cancel anytime by contacting customer support at (954) 429-3114 or by visiting

** This $2.95 test-drive is available to new Founders Club Members only. Current members already have access to these programs in the members area.

I have read and agreed to the above terms.



To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren


P.S. LAST MINUTE EXTRA BONUSES: Listen - I know this is already a ridiculous offer. There's already over $901.00 in courses and trainings waiting for you for just $2.95. 

But, because inside your Founders Club Virtual Clubhouse you'll find even more BONUS TRAININGS, I figured I'd tell you about 3 more you get:



Approx 3 Hours Video Training
Value: $47.00 - YOURS FREE!


Want to know how we planned, strategized, and executed the launch of the wildly successful Founders Club.


Inside this training you'll hear everything we did from conception, to planning, to strategy, to marketing tactics, and all the way to how we presented the final offer on our sales page.


This training gives you a complete insiders peek at everything we did to make sure we had a killer launch (so you can too now).



Approx 3 Hours Video Training
Value: $47.00 - YOURS FREE!


Every millionaire entrepreneur will tell you...


Success is in the margins.


Inside this training you'll get specific strategies and tactics that give you an incremental advantage over your competitors.


This is the true secret to seeing little improvements in your business and income EVERY DAY!


Approx 3 Hours Video Training
Value: $97.00 - YOURS FREE!


Ready to become the most sought-after expert and authority in your niche?


Inside this training you get a step-by-step system that quickly turns you into a celebrity expert in your marketplace.


Watch as your prestige, respect, and status shoots through roof as you put to work the simply steps you get in this training.

...always OVER-DELIVER...

"I'd say that it's packed with DIRECT no BS material that just gives you exactly what you need. . My business has just found balance in every single area.

I'd say that it's underpriced, and it'd be foolish not to join because you guys always over-deliver, and I always know that the content is top-notch.

It's hard to find people who actually care, and you guys definitely do."

Huron Low, Singapore - Founder Member you the tools and confidence to succeed...

"If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, you can't do it alone.

The Founders Club gives you the tools and confidence to succeed."

Mats Loefkvist, Apia Independent Samoa - Founder Member BEST-OF-CLASS.

"FC means I don't have to re-create the wheel! FC has opened my eyes to new vistas.

I'd tell him/her that FC is best-of-class."

Ron Vemont, Peoria IL - Founder Member



"Awesome - I think it is the confidence to do and try things that I really was scared of before... great training.

Go for terms of value it is outstanding."

Nick P, Richmond Surrey - Founder Member
...give you FREEDOM...

"Founders Club uses the strength of building a great business as the tool to give you freedom.

Freedom to create for your life and those you love all the fullness and meaning that you knew was possible but wasn't sure you could get there."

Alex Torres, Miami Beach FL - Founder Member


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