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  • Mikael @ Retire Rich

    Now I understand that the 3 next videos have been posted but I would still like to thank you both for this video. Looking forward to the rest of them and reading the report.

  • agustin

    Thanks for the video, it is very eye opening.
    I think that this will steer some people in the direction of looking at their business in light of this new information whereas before they would continue to think from the frame of mind of the struggling, chained entreprenuer (even if succcessful). It certainly gives a new perspective from which to view a business and a new viepoint of what is possible for anyone who pursues this.

  • Kurt Mattsson

    Yes, Sir I am an opportunity seeker sofar although I do not want to. The website above is a WordPress Blog with my biggest dream to be. It will be achieved one day. It has up to now only attracted porn spammers. I have a few things against me.
    1.English is not my the language of my mothers tongue, something that this far has stopped me from making audios and videos. I will overcome that.
    2. I am 71 years old. That´s something that might others think is prohibitive for success. I don´t. I have consequently decided to live until my grandchildren retire.
    3. My pension is not enough for confortable living, so I have been trying to find fast opportunities to earn some money in order to take my business to a level that allows me to invest in a long term strategy. So I keep buying cheap or grab free information products trying to apply them without results. Why? Probably because of lack of basic skills and consistency. I try to learn a lttle and a little there, but I do not manage put the whole together.
    That´s about it. I am sure you can help, but the big question is “Can I afford it?”
    Thanks for the videos anyway, they do push me in the right direction!
    Kind regards,
    Kurt Mattsson
    Vetegatan 5
    SE-25374 Helsingborg

  • Jim

    First, a very, very sincere thanks for creating “The Founder’s Club” and posting these videos.

    [This will not be a short post!] => I first read the downloaded report – “F2.pdf” and I’ve just seen the first video.

    In the video, you asked for information which would help shape your future directions. Since I believe my situation to be typical in some ways, I’ll lay it out.

    My income is cyclical – high in the fall and winter, but low in the four months of May to August. During the last two summers, I started work on learning and developing internet businesses. My work kept me busy much of the time while the income was high enough that that I could “coast” along. In retrospect, I was just dabbling, without well-defined goals. But I learned things, some of value.

    At the end of this last April, I had earned $40K+ from January to April, but I was exhausted mentally. In early May, I submitted 4 contract proposals, which due to changes in the economy, have not been funded. So I have been minimally employed for the last 3 months.

    Several things happened in May. One Sunday morning, I woke up and almost upon awakening, I heard myself say “I have had enough of this!”. That meant enough of working at my capacity for months, having no free time, becoming exhausted, having a “cap” on my income based solely on how many hours I could work and no way to meet my real desires and goals – which ARE well-defined!

    I re-examined my situation, and realized I’d been given an opportunity, in the form of time, to seriously work on developing Internet businesses. For over 2 months I have been working all day every day towards that goal. Three or four times, I felt ready to start. I have 11 domain names. I have decided on 4 different niches, and done reasonably extensive keyword searches on 1 of these ideas. I have 2 websites in a state of partial development. Each time one Internet business gives away “free” offers, these lead to my examining the latest, greatest new Internet business. I have visited over 70 sites => many, many in detail. I have downloaded countless audios, videos and “pdf” reports. I have seen and partially absorbed numerous different business models.


    Certainly I hope that your price is what I can afford during the month of August, until my regular income returns. In any case, there is now real HOPE that I can reach my REAL and major goals with your help. It is clear that I could say even more [no, please, “mercy” you cry!!].

    Looking forward to what you are offering. And again, my sincere thanks – Jim

  • Tony Neilson

    Thanks for your continuing contribution to the welfare of so many of us newbies in this game. My belief is that my main obstacle is myself. You’ve heard the old adage something to the effect that – we have seen the enemy and it is us. I have always needed a map to follow and the task of structuring a business, let alone in a new world, without a map is a daunting task. It is easy to identify excuses for not doing a job or following diversions that take one away from the uphill slog of the task at hand.
    What motivations can you suggest to assist us in keeping our noses to the grindstone in the face of such overwhelming odds consisting not only of having to learn so much and put it to good use but of also drafting a map to achieve the objective?

  • Johann Tagle

    Hope this comment is not too late. Love these videos. I guess my main obstacle to becoming a founder is my want to accomplish so many things that I find it hard to concentrate on the current “thing” I want to do. Have quite a number of business ideas and I need to discipline myself to really choose and focus on one, get it up and running and (I just learned this from your video) move efficiently without constant effort from me, before I touch on the others.

  • Chris Thornton

    Plenty of room for thought generated by that video. To answer your question at the end, although I’m far from being a “newbie” in my service business, I am taking strides forward in using the internet to promote my services internationally.

    Looking forwatd to the next episode :)

  • Moise T. Begin

    Rick & Todd;
    It is very nice to see you so care for people in what needs to be done in order to be suscceful in the Internet. As a person who ran his own Locksmith Company in my early years some 30 years to be exact that retired same at age 65. To have given thought to startng into Interneting Marketing at the age of 70 only to find that all the monies that I spent were in vain. The greatest reason being that the products I bought were of no use what so ever. The guru’s out there only told you so much and always seemed to leave you hanging, very unfair to say the least. Just laterly videos have come to light showing you really what you need to do in order to prosper.
    In regards to your question with regards to the Newbie, of which I finally hope to be soon. I have to say that I do not have that much information in order to give a good answer to your question.
    I would like to thank you both for making these Video’s so that I and many others can learn what is truley needed to be a Business Founder. Look forward to the forth coming Vidoes.
    Kudo’s t you guys.

  • free ppc ads

    So when your customers go online to search for businesses like yours, you need to have a web site that converts them from prospects to profitable customers. You also need to have a presence in the places where your customers are searching on the Net. That includes the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. It also should include Internet YellowPages, regional resources like the web sites of local newspapers and national local directories

  • Karen J IM & Social Media Connections

    Loving the mindset…but can’t get to Video 2 =( (click on Video 2 link in list under video) Pleeeeease fix. Thanks!

  • Leon Jude

    Guys, thanks for such terrific content.

    I’ve learned that my approach to launching an internet business as a newbie was completely misdirected. My intentions were to develop a business that would provide me with financial freedom as well as time freedom, but my approach was completely misdirected.

    I need to generate income to live on while on this journey as well as developing the “foundry” mentality.

    I have a clear vision of what I want to accomplish but I am going about it in the wrong way.

    Once again I want to thank you for providing such insightful information and I look forward to listening/following whatever else you have to offer.

  • John

    Hey guys, great video. I just stumbled across your website today and I am blown away with all the great stuff on here.
    My biggest question in starting an online business is picking a niche to enter. I am not quite sure why I get so hung up on that little detail, I know that there are many profitable markets to start a business in, but I can’t seem to settle on one. ANy thoughts you have on determining if a market is profitable or worth pursuing would be much appreciated.

  • Jeff

    Hi Rich and Todd,

    I have a HUGE vision as my end result for a product/service I’m starting.

    My problem is similar to others. Finding good partners/team members that can be trusted and are motivated to succeed.

    To cover some of the trust issues I take the usual precautions… NDA, mail my ideas to myself, etc… I’m also looking into filing a Notice of Invention.

    But I think finding good people can be difficult. If you can’t find the right people your project won’t be on track to being a Founder type of business.


  • Marvin Polansky

    Watch Founder Video #2 will not download. I have tried for 4 days. still F…ed Up.

    Ya ever gonna fix it?

  • NiBoy

    There is nobody here. No one moniters this crap.

    F them all!

  • Fredrick

    Hi Rich and Todd,

    I have a huge vision for the business me and my founding partners will build. I was cuaght up in the opportunity seeker stage going from one business to another in network marketing not fully realizing that I wasn’t getting anything accomplish by do so. However, now I have found a great business partner and we’re in the strategic entrepreneurs stage establishing ourself in the Internet Marketing Industry as experts by studying guys like you and provide people with vaulable content to build our list. We will be founding entrepreneurs because will both believe it and will do anything it takes to make it happen.


  • ER

    Watching this video renewed my original interest in becoming what you describe as a “founder”.
    I’m fairly new at this but now I realize I’ll need to make a few tweeks and changes in order to move to the Founder status.
    I’m on the right track (creating my own products). My biggest limitations seem to be focus and time. I haven’t quit the day job but I look forward to the day.

    Gotta go… time work on those ebooks!

  • Greg R W

    To be honest, I had never even thought about my business in this way. I’ve never had anyone put it this way. I have been putting things together, looking for a payoff, then moving on to the next project, all on my own.

    From this day on I will be always thinking and moving in this direction. Thank You for helping me see what it truly is that I want to get out of my business. It’s like someone just took off a blindfold!

  • Ian94949

    Great video guys. One realization that hit me was that you need to hire from the top down, not the bottom up. The sooner you can replace yourself in day to day operations the better (no prizes for guessing that’s one mistake I’m making). Looking forward to reaping the benefits of the Founders Club


  • Joanne

    Hi Rich & Todd
    Thank you so much for this video, yet again it confirms I truly did start my new business idea with the end in mind, and that was as you have now confirmed to become a founder!

    As I have mentioned in previous feedback forms I lost my last offline B2B networking business due to severely breaking my leg, even though I broke my leg I still tried to do everything myself including network at events, as you can imagine it wasn’t easy (quite funny actually) holding a glass, shaking hands, and trying to give out and collect business cards on one leg, I used to have to get someone I knew to stand behind me encase I fell back, any way it was a big lesson to learn, not to get to attached to your business and continue fighting for something that has no future, it’s a business! And eventually it folded.

    I reflected on the hours I spent chasing my tail and running myself into the ground, I decided if / when I start my new online / offline business venture, I wont do it alone! And it will need to have the finances, tools and founder team in place for my past experience to never happen again!

    My business plan and financial forecasts has been given the thumbs up by every business person and support organisation I have spoken to, to the point I was placed on a high growth program, but still raising the finances and recruiting the right team to get it started are the hurdles that have brought me to a full stop!

    Visual Situation to date – I explain it as when I lost my last business I fell to the bottom of a well, all my contacts and new associates keep saying “get the business going and we can work together” they are all accumulated around the top of the well shouting down to me, and as much as I am trying to climb the walls to try and get out, no-one is actually throwing me a ladder to get back up to get the show on the road. I am so eager to get back out there and I know it will eventually happen, so in the meantime I am focusing on improving my leadership skills and defining the vision of how and what I need to do by listening and learning from the Founders Club team! Action is needed!!
    Thanks a Million for sharing your knowledge, I will join you for a cigar Rich when I finally make it!!

  • Amine

    thanks for this post i love your blog and thanks again for the video

  • mido

    thanks nice post

  • http://facebook carlos

    I’m an independent insurance agent, I don’t think im at the track yet to be a founder…I would definitely want to have my insurance agency with 10-15 agents working for the agency…

  • Chris

    I Rich – I am just getting started and totally identify with the concept of opportunity seeker (me) and founder – My questions and concerns are that I work full time and do not have the money or amount of time to outsource much of what needs to be done to be a founder – suggestions?

  • Laurel

    I wanted to promote a network marketing company’s products (Atomy). I don’t see how I can share the work of adding people to my down line so eventually I won’t have to be hands on selling everyday but will have a residual income. I think having a bigger picture of how to help people besides myself is a better business model.

  • Erika

    yes … great video … thanks. i believe i am on my way to being a founder even though I dont have the money or time freedom right now …but the internet allows me to do more with less… and am partnering myself with other people with other skills and we are helping each other for a future of
    my goal total freedom…. thanks again