Secret Video Split Test Proves Most Marketers DEAD WRONG!

Secret Video Split Test Proves Most Marketers DEAD WRONG!

Shocking Video Split-Test Results Prove Most Marketers
Are Going About Many Aspects Of Their Business All Wrong…

And 2 Simple Business Tweaks You Can Make Right Now To
Seize The Gobs Of Extra Cash You’re Currently Leaving On The Table!

This may come as a surprise to you…

Over the past week we’ve been conducting a top-secret video split test on this blog.

None of our readers knew about the test. Yet, for many the results will create a serious degree of discomfort. Probably for you as well…

Why will the results of our secret video split test cause you discomfort?

Because if I write this post correctly, it’s going to force you to look at how you approach your current business activities, and face this cold, hard truth: Your current approach is possibly leaving a ton of extra money and opportunity on the table.

A blunt statement, perhaps… but one I’ll back up as you read on…

Listen, if you want to reap maximum financial and business-growth rewards from your efforts, and achieve founder-status in your business (i.e. build a business that grows, thrives and “gets better” without you) you simply must be able to do two critical things:

  1. Translate winning strategies and tactics into action so you can consistently increase your own performance and the performance of your business.
  2. Be able to consistently, methodically, and strategically step outside your individual and business comfort-zone, which is where all growth and business breakthroughs inevitably come from.

But I’m jumping way ahead of myself here.

So let me tell you about our secret split test, the logic behind it, the surprising results it delivered, our readers polarized reactions, and what it should mean to you about growing your business rapidly to the point of absolute freedom.

The Path To Becoming A Founder
Begins Right Here

Over the past two weeks, Todd Brown (the marketing wiz at Strategic Profits) and I have been delivering advice (on this blog) about what you need to do to make the shift from typical, average entrepreneur to autonomous business Founder.

And, to reiterate, by Founder we mean: an entrepreneur who has complete and total financial and time freedom from their business. And, an entrepreneur who has a business that has been engineered to grow, thrive and improve without the necessary direct input or involvement from the entrepreneur.

In other words, as a Founder you’ll be an entrepreneur with a business where you have no day-to-day responsibilities, and even better, your business will continue to grow and make you more and more money without your direct involvement – the ultimate entrepreneurial nirvana.

Well, Todd and I started our series on “Becoming A Founder” with a video (from my favorite cigar lounge) that received rave reviews and many AHA! Moments.

In fact, that first video – located here

– already has 344 comments and has been retweeted well over 135 times.

We recorded this video the day before I finished-up the, now infamous, Billy Mays Marketing Magic mega-blog post. And, then we released the video the day after the Billy Mays post went up on the blog.

This is a critical point in this lesson and story because it was the Billy Mays blog post that inspired the secret split test I’m going to tell you about in a second.

Well, when it was time to shoot our second Founder video, it seemed obvious to Todd and I that we should put the golden nuggets we learned from Billy Mays to the test.

So, together we hatched our top-secret plan to see just how it would impact our opt-in conversions if I “channeled” a little Billy Mays in our next Founder video.

And, that’s exactly what I did…

The Secret Video Split-Test
Enters The Scene

We created two different versions of our second video in our Founder series.

However, my message was the same in both videos. Even the call to action was the same: “Opt-in for more great advice on how you can become a Founder”.

The difference:

Version A took almost everything I wrote about in the Billy Mays blog post and applied it:

Version B was my normal approach to delivering advice through video:

So, while the content was identical – the approach taken was obviously dramatically different between the two. And, the variation in response was equally as different.

Funny thing is… many of the comments about video A weren’t even based on the content presented in the video, but on the style of delivery. Many marketers seemed to freak-out over my change in style.


The Strategic Profits Tribe
Revolts Against Rich Schefren!

For example:

Jesse said “What happened to Rich’s voice… Not believable at all.”

John said “I know that you’re pitching in this video… I twinged at hearing you at such a high pitch. ”

Tom agreed “…Rich, you have a persona, a relaxed, calm, and cool persona – this is what attracted me to you. Change that and you will alienate a big chunk of people…”

Cory challenged “I know you have passion for Billy Mays… However, I not real sure if changing your approach to sort-of mimic his style is going to be beneficial for you since you already built what Seth Godin refers to as “Your Tribe” Rich.”

Another commentor said this “In other words you need to be YOU accomplishing the same objectives rather than trying to recreate a persona… . Unfortunately, your particular take on his style detracted from your message… Obviously your readers believe you are authentic. So keep your authenticity and accomplish your objective Rich’s way.”

Matt said “Trying to push yourself into another mold will fail…

An anonymous poster said this “Rich has sold his soul to the devil.”

Now, the average online marketer would think, with the volume of negative comments and feedback from our loyal tribe of followers, students, and readers –that version B (my normal delivery) would blow away version A (my “infomercial-style” delivery) in opt-in conversions.

I mean… let’s face it… if one video gets lots of negative comments and another one with the same content doesn’t get any negative comments… it should seem logical, right, to see a decrease in opt-ins from the video with the negative comments.

But guess what?

If, like most of the average marketers out there, you assumed the same thing, you’d be DEAD WRONG!

Not only did the “informercial-style” video with the negative comments beat my normal delivery. It CRUSHED IT! It blew it out of the water!

These Marketing Results
Shocked Even Our Team…

Version A (Billy May’s Style) outperformed Version B (Normal Style) by a whopping 42%!

In other words, Version A – despite all of the negative comments – generated 42% MORE opt-ins than the video with my normal delivery.

Who would have thought, right?

Now to be fair – some readers congratulated me on my willingness to step outside my comfort zone and do something different. But, NO ONE thought we would get better results with the “infomercial-style”. NOT A SINGLE ONE!

Yet, what most assumed would get killed, actually did the slaughtering. This is why assumptions in marketing and business-development have no place.

This is also why the most advanced marketers often answer hypothetical marketing questions with the caveat: “To truly determine which is better you need to test it…”

Now, frankly, I could end this blog post right here and still have delivered major takeways for you. You did get those takeaways, right? If not, you may want to back a re-read the beginning of this post. J

But there’s so much more to glean from the results of this video split-test. In fact, there’s 2 critical lessons buried in this story that can help you quickly get on the path to becoming a Founder, of all things, in your own business.

So, if you’re really serious about wanting to have a business that delivers the financial freedom you desire… with absolutely no day-to-day responsibilities… keep reading.

Because I’m about to share with you 2 simple tweaks you must make in how you function everyday, if you truly want that personal and business freedom.


This Keeps Most Marketers From Ever
Progressing To Their Goals And Dreams

There no doubt in my mind…

The average internet marketer that read my Billy Mays Marketing Magic blog post, got to the end, and felt it was a good (or possibly even great) because they learned quite a bit about the secret psychology and sales strategies behind Billy Mays’ billion-dollar infomercial empire.

But – truth be told, they really didn’t learn a damn thing.

Why do I say that?

Because in the end; their newfound knowledge doesn’t translate into any sort of change in their business or personal actions.

Sure, they absorbed the information they’ve read in that post. But, when it comes time for them to create a new video, most marketers will do the same exact thing they’ve done every other time before. They won’t change anything in the slightest.

The result for them?

Nothing changes. Their results don’t change. Their business doesn’t change. Their income doesn’t change. Their lifestyle doesn’t change. Their level of freedom doesn’t change. Nothing changes. Even with new knowledge, everything goes on like it did before. So, where is the learning there??

Meanwhile, these “ever-learning, never-evolving entrepreneurs” continue to ask themselves, “What do I need to change to get better results?”. Sadly, they don’t realize they’ve already been shown the answer. Yet, they were simply unwilling to experiment and put their new knowledge to the test.

So, How Does An Entrepreneur Truly Evolve Into A Founder?

Listen: you learn, evolve, grow, and develop into a founder BY DOING… not by just absorbing new information. Period.

Your willingness to do – creates your ability to do – and nothing else does. This is why true learning comes from the application of your new knowledge, not just the acquisition of it.

And you evolve and grow as a marketer and entrepreneur by stretching yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. Plain and simple: as an entrepreneur none of your marketing or business-building decisions should ever be made based on your level of comfort.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that thing you’re most uncomfortable with is probably THE thing you should be doing to grow to the next level. Never forget that.

For instance:

Making video version A wasn’t easy or comfortable for me. How could it be – version B is my normal style.

But how could I have studied everything that made Billy Mays’ delivery-style so effective and not test that style against my own normal delivery method? Doing that would have done a massive disservice to Strategic Profits and my personal growth and evolution as a marketer.

Truth be told – I couldn’t NOT test my new knowledge of Billy Mays. And my hope for you is that you’re either the same way already or that I can help you evolve to that point where you’re always putting your new knowledge into action.

Are You Honoring This More Than Your Dreams? Because Founders Don’t…

Here’s why: If your not progressing daily toward the reality of your dream business and lifestyle, it’s because you’ve trained yourself to honor your comfort zone more than your dreams.

Just to be clear – your comfort zone encompasses all of the things you’ve done often enough so you feel extremely comfortable doing them again (i.e. video version B, in my case).

The reality is that the feelings and activities most of us label as “uncomfortable” are, in fact, the very tools necessary to fulfill our dreams.

Frankly, average entrepreneurs often treat their business as if it were a bicycle with training wheels still in place – limited, entirely too safe, and somewhat boring.

They believe that “being comfortable” is reason enough not to do something new, or worse yet, to let “what other people might think” affect their behavior.

Please understand: taking calculated risks or playing it safe is totally your choice. It’s always your choice. And you will always live out the choices you make.

Founders understand when, where and how to take calculated risks with their new knowledge. And, then they do.

So, the bottom line question for you is this: Are you going to take the proper calculated risks, like Founders do, to pursue what you truly want or are you going to continue to do what’s comfortable?

Are You Ready To Become A Founder
With A Business That Thrives On Its Own?

Here’s the deal: to become the Founder of a business – one that grows and grows without you and gives you total freedom and autonomy – you need to evolve from the entrepreneur you are right now to the Founder you can be.

Founders understand that success is a journey, not a destination. And, they understand how, when and where along that journey to take calculated risks that get them out of their comfort zone.

Unlike average entrepreneurs, Founders are almost always on the cutting-edge of something new and big– a breakthrough, a discovery, a game-changing business distinction.

How do Founders stay on the cutting-edge and always one-step ahead of average entrepreneurs?

Well, Founders possess the skillsets necessary to spot and seize upcoming opportunities and trends early in their market. Founders have a specific method for identifying and calculating the risks that are most likely to produce the results needed to move their companies forward everyday. And, Founders know how to decipher between the myriad of tactics and strategies that will allow their businesses to continue to evolve and prosper.

All of these things combined… and this is exactly why Founders are the entrepreneurs living life on their own terms, by their own rules.

So are YOU ready to become a Founder?

Access The Founders Video Series For FREE!

Are YOU ready to live life on your own terms…
with a business that gives you total freedom and autonomy?

Then I invite you to enter your name and primary email address below to gain access to the rest of the FREE Founders Video Series. As soon as you do, you’ll instantly become part of a group of thousands of entrepreneurs all at the beginning of, what will be, a fun and fantastic transformation into a true business Founder.

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P.S. Have you recently reaped the rewards of getting out of your comfort zone? Or, have you been struggling with doing something to grow your business you’re uncomfortable with? If so, why not join the conversation by sharing your experience below. We’d love to hear from you. Leave us your comment below.


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  • Dan Ho


    One word: awesome.

    Like someone else above said, for some reason you’ve never resonated with me–until NOW.

    I’m a huge fan of Jay Abraham and that’s why I’m on your list. But this post was incredible. Just turned some of my assumptions upside-down.

    Thanks for reinforcing the lesson that marketers should always test–and did it in a way that actually makes it very real, and not a cliche’ that everyone spouts but doesn’t actually follow through on because, in our arrogance, we sometimes secretly think we know better than the market.


  • Jeanne

    There’s another powerful message in this example: “What you hear” from your customers can obscure reality. Your customers’ comments suggested that the “Billy Mays” video failed. Had you listened only to those comments and ignored the data, you could have made a costly mistake. But you looked at the data and knew the truth.

    The comments we hear on our blogs and in social media typically reflect 1-5% of the community on a given site. Research shows that clearly. This is why we need more systematic data–such as split tests and surveys–to REALLY tell us what our customers think and want.

  • Howard “OutSourcerer” Tiano


    Very interesting split test!

    So, how will you use the results? What will change?

    Will you now adopt the pitchmen style?

    I agree with some of the other comments, that the split test – while interesting and surprising, is a little tricky on how to interpret the results and what actions to take from it.

    Will be interested to see your next video… :)


  • sovannarith

    I feel very hard to make business with Strategi profit. I wish to join but no way to get involve and i am very sure to get benifit from it how.

    Best regards

  • Derek

    Hey Rich, Loved the post!

    One interesting point that you are leaving out though (that you might want to look into) is how many of your current subscribers will leave based on video A.

    I know it’s more of a sales video, so other videos might not be the same. But if people grew to know your style as being what they cling too – and then you change it… you can’t just weight the upfront boosts.

    It would have to be the upfront boost, vs. the drops from behind.

    Either way, I liked the contrast in videos. Something I need to implement into my marketing! Also, (since I’m actually involved in this market… a customer of it) I got to see the side of the story that I never got to see in Billy Mays product lines.

    By having the up beat tempo (I also watched the videos backwards.. your old style..then the billy mays style), I was excited, my blood was pumping, and I was thrilled to do whatever you said. Even though I already knew what you were going to say, and the entire content of the video.

    I didn’t get that the first time when watching the old style of content delivery. Very interesting, because that’s a take away I could never have when watching Billy Mays sale pitches. (unfortunately I was never a target customer of his… /sadface)


  • Justin Mandel

    Hi Todd and Rich,

    I am surprised by the results.

    Different famous speakers are known to “hypnotize” their audience like the Reverend Jessie Jackson. So perhaps this is along the lines of what happened when you did things Billy’s style? When comparing the 2 styles it is easy to discern that there is indeed some sort of repetitive tone that cycles repetitively which keeps one attention “perked up.”

    Interestingly enough this hypnosis (if that’s what’s happening) has SERIOUS financial implications to ones own wallet 😉

    So now here’s the $1 million dollar question…

    Given that this style converts higher, are all of your videos going to be done in Billy’s style? Or will you try to create a hybrid more personalized version to you and split test that version too?



  • Lawrence

    I have to be honest and say that I was surprised to find out that Video A worked best for sign-ups. And, I am very grateful to be a part of this evolving process as you move forward and share the results with us. I believe that it has saved me from making the error of staing in a comfort zone, doing, implementing and testing.

    I am looking forward to the rest of this series with enthusiasm.

  • Paul

    Rich great info.

    You hit the nail on the head (for me) when you talk about being in the “comfort state” I know for a fact this is a Dream Killer.

    Again thank you for sharing.

    God Bless

  • Glenn

    I have to mention that, while I do not specifically recall which of the videos I was exposed to, I must say that your results do indeed indicate the Billy Mays’ style call to action to be effective, yes. It is worth noting, however, that even where visitors may have felt uncomfortable – commenting to that affect – there is another variable in play here . . . that of visitors’ past exposure to you and their pre-video-view preconceptions of you. Even some who commented implied a ‘lack of believability’ with respect to your altered style of presentation.

    This is not an attempt to complicate the matter; but, I will suggest that your pre-established credibility, authority and delivery of discernable value for many visitors served to ‘push them’ beyond the discomfort they associated with the recognized-as-inconsistent delivery style. To do so, I believe that the weighted value assigned to you by them essentially affected within some a ‘need to forgive you’ for what may have been perceived as a temporary error in your judgment. I believe that it is the base of established respect for you that, combined with Billy’s ‘interruptive, in-your-face’ style that served as a multivariable catalyst that explains a significant portion of the increased the opt-in rate.

    If one were to inaccurately conclude that this were an effective style for them to employ, should my proposition be remotely plausible, they could effectively destroy their true, effective persona as currently perceived by their stakeholders – unless, of course, what they promote by such means is condicive to ‘hawking.’ [No offense intended]. While this single test would point to enhancing the specific opt-in, I also believe that if you were to adopt Billy’s delivery style permanently, I am inclined to think that you would forfeit business volume over time as people came to ‘believe’ such change to be genuine.

    I have not written this in opposition to any of your express thoughts. It is simply an observation.

    I enjoy the critical thinking that you invoke on a regular basis. Thank you to Rich and the SP Team.

  • Ely

    I completely agree about the comfort zone. In one of my favorite fiction books an old experienced wizard tells his apprentice: “You should do every day at least one thing you don’t like, just for the practice.” And I am trying to follow that rule too. Cannot say, it’s easy though…

    As to the split test, I am using controversy to raise interest all the time. My most popular blog posts are full of negative comments, sometimes addressed by readers to each other, so that I even have occasionally interfere and moderate to keep conversation civilized.

    Primary thing is to get people emotional, even negative emotions work, of course, within a reason. Sometimes negative comments make the rest feel antagonized to the commenter and side by side with you. Also, when emotions are involved, people “get it” much better and remember the content much better.

    So, great post as usual. Thank you!

  • Jamison

    Hey Rich,

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this or not.

    But my first impression when looking at the two videos was that you were very obviously reading from some sort of teleprompter script in the second video… and you weren’t in the first.

    When the viewer notices that your reading (which I did immediately in the second video) it’s an immediate turn off. Its distracting and it makes the message less genuine.

    I didn’t notice you reading in the 1st (Billy Mays) video. I therefore felt that the message was much more genuine, regardless of your delivery style.

    Just my 2 cents.. but thats a seperate variable that you’d need to control to conduct an 100% accurate split test.

  • Todd Brown

    Hey Jeanne… you are totally on the money! Kudos for being savvy enough to realize what you shared. :-)

  • Tim

    Hey Rich,

    Good post. I remember thinking while watching your video (the Bill Mays imitation) He’s talking a little more pitchy, he doesn’t need to do that, I’ll do what he says anyway. But I just looked at both videos today and I thought, goodness, video B is boring and long. I guess Bill Mays was right, enthusiasm in necessary.

  • Jan Davidson

    Arriving home bleary eyed after editing my first video for a micro-continuity DVD series, I was stopped in my tracks by Rich’s Billy Mays split test. Wish I’d seen this a couple of weeks ago… My niche is in the interior design world, so the “fast and cheap” video strategy would not show the quality of the final product I’m offering (something to test?). I’m not in the position to re-shoot my video squeeze and upsell to test a “Mays” style offer… but it’s certainly food for thought. Maybe my next go at it I’ll do a couple of versions to test. Still, when establishing my “Maven” style, I just gotta be me.
    Thanks for keeping me on my toes Rich!

    Jan Davidson

  • Emre

    Wow! Rich! Just Wow!!

    No wonder Billy’s the greatest pitchman of the century!!

    Because although you didn’t even exploit the principles of

    1. The WOW Demonstration
    2. A Cascade of “Yes!! Yes!!”-answer questions
    3. Effortless Benefits
    4. The Sinatra Test
    5. Eliminate Alternatives
    6. Starting to improve the deal as soon as you call to action
    7. Sweetening the deal with Value and Urgency

    to their fullest… video A still just BUTCHERED video B!!!!

    I know it’s not reasonable to expect anyone to exploit all of Billy’s vital few tactics to their fullest at the first try. After all, Billy dedicated his life to excellent pitching.

    But you’re on the right trail Rich- the one blazed so well by Billy! Even a hint of Billy Mays (concentrated, carefully directed powerful confident emotions) is confirmed to work wonders!!!

    I admire you so much Rich, for your willingness to go way out of your comfort zone just for the sake of improving yourself and your business.

    It doesn’t take a shrink to see you were still a little bit timid (as you said, TIMID is the last thing you could call Billy on stage), a little bit nervous and way out of your comfort zone.

    Still, you did a great job at your first trial! Congratulations Rich! Just Congratulations!

    Way to go!!

    PS: I’m posting the Mind Map I did of your “monumental” Billy Mays tribute here as well (the one I posted to your Billy Mays post as a comment), just in case you wanna take a look. Seeing all that very simple but JUST VITAL info “at a glance” helps me (and will help me) beyond my wildest dreams!! Thanks for everything!!

    PS2: Each link is good for 10 downloads. That’s why I posted three of each.

  • Volker Karl Knoeringer

    Thanks for the Freemind MindMap, awesome.


  • Linda

    I rarely comment on anything I see or hear but today, I must commend you for “shooting me right through my heart” with your post. When I read your statement, ” If your are not progressing daily toward the reality of your dream business and lifestyle, it’s because you’ve trained yourself to honor your comfort zone more than your dreams”, it hit me like a bullet. I actually felt in my soul that this has been my problem all the long.
    Thank you for the “kick in the A**”! Keep up your great posts!
    BTW, I still like “you” more than your “Billy”!

  • inger

    I totally agree with Nandi here, since it was the first thing that came in mind when reading Rich’s post above. Thanks for your rational mind Nandi, more of this please! Inger

  • Inger

    Lets hope it was a genuine and sincere split test of a result for the benefit of learning something that wasn’t obvious – and not only a way for Rich to make more money?


  • Anthony

    Hey rich, before i reached the line where you actually reveal which version made the 42% opt in, I had personally bet on version B for the same weird reasons you chalk out later. I must say this test does blow away a lot of misconceptions for online/offline marketers and entrepreneurs. Perhaps, a change in body language once in a while provide a more interesting view for customers, and leads, and get them attached to what could have bought about this change.
    Thanks for the tips. BR, Anthony

  • John Bowers

    Andy Beard is right. While the other video may have have had a higher conversion rate could it be because you were talking in a style that is appealing to people who need that louder, more in your face pitching that would be used in an info-merical?

    That’s exactly what that style is good for, getting you to take action right now. However, how long or often can we stand that pitching style? How often will I come back to view the content of someone using that style? For me, not often. That’s why I follow Rich.

    I lent my ETR Info-Marketing Bootcamp to another marketer and kept on tell’em how they have to listen to Rich. The next day she asked me “Is he the one with that monotone voice?” Up till that point I hadn’t realized that when Rich presents it’s so calm compared to others. I understood then how focused in on your content, not how you deliver. As a matter of fact, if you were delivering it Billy May style like the test video that converted so many more.

    Testing is a must and this whole article illustrated that very well, especially since I was one of those that commented. However, these results could be very decieving. Will those opt-ins that you wouldn’t have converted go deeper in your funnel after they see you normal style, the real you that your loyal followers are attracted to?

    This is John sited in the article. I said “I know that you’re pitching in this video… I twinged at hearing you at such a high pitch. ”

  • Rick

    I usualy don’t watch videos. I just listen to them. Your “Loud” video kept me watching the whole time. It was kind of annoying but I was focused on what you were saying. Unlike the other one.

    There is a reason why successful people keep doing the same formula all over again with some tweaks.

    Getting out of my comffort zone has been big in my biz. And it pays off every time.

  • Chuck

    I loved your Billy Mays tribute email that I received and your pitch is great too.

    I have already implemented some of the techniques from that article on my websites – like how my products will solve a problem, talking to them as an expert (which I am in my niche), added a page linked from the home page – to completely describe my credentials and my true identity.

    I will be doing split-testing on my blog posts using Google analytics – it’s so easy and I never thought about split testing before either.

    What’s more, I’ve been retailing online for 7 years now Rich! You think I’d have been doing all of this already.

    Thanks so much for the last couple weeks of information, it’s changed my thinking and my future business plans. A real breath of fresh air.

    And the price tag? FREE!

  • Greg

    Well said as I know that this was what allot of people needed to hear:)

  • Kat Gray


    What you’ve experienced here is kinda like ‘tall poppy syndrome’.

    When you start to do something really well or different to the norm people start criticizing you.

    So as soon as you start to cop flack, you know you’re heading in the right direction.


  • Doogs

    Hi Rich

    I honestly must say that i am so glad that i had found your website and starting to follow your advice. I have heard of the split testing method before and it never really made sense to me.

    Those other internet marketers out there make it so hard to understand.

    I just wished that i had listen to you from the start.

    Thank you so much rich and Todd.

    Best wishes,

    P.S i will be keeping in touch with your posts and products,
    Simply amazing :-)

  • Kenneth Cool

    WOW… I cannot wait for the next seminar featuring the new “Billy” Schefren… he’s riveting!

    Seriously Rich… it does work. Now when’s the next ProfitMania event… my bags are packed and ready.

    Founders One… coming to you this February… 2010?

    Disney is calling… :-)

  • Gerard Lennon

    Hey Rich,
    I’ve got to give you props for testing this out the way that you did! Not a lot of people with a following like you would have the guts to contemplate this, let alone follow through with it. Especially given the fact that your marketing personality is a lot different than Mr. Mays. No one can say that you don’t ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to putting yourself out there. I also appreciate the fact that it’s a great example of doing what’s good for the business even though it may not be comfortable for the business owner. Kudos on the great job that you and Todd have done on the videos!

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  • Kevin

    Test, Test, Test…. and that bit about being uncomfortable is something I needed to hear again

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  • Antonio F. Granados

    Very clever and quite interesting, my dear Watson!