Giving all you've got, day in and day out,
but still getting nowhere?

“If You’ve Got 30 Minutes…
I Guarantee I Can Transform
Your Business And Your Life”

- Are Daily Frustrations Killing You?
- Are Profits Falling Instead Of Rising?
- Worried About Your Business Future?
- Dreading Every 14 Hour Work Day?

Finally, A Sure Way To Reach The Top Of Your Game
And Stay There… So You Can Feel Great About Your
Business Again, Like The Day You Started It!
Before It Gets So Bad You Lose Your Business


There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel
(and it’s not a train!)

Imagine the satisfaction you’d get from taking action confidently and getting sales-boosting results FAST… All with less stress and a happier life, while putting more money in the bank than you ever thought possible.

Well, if it can happen for these people, you too can get rid of that pit in your stomach and become more productive and more profitable. While working less and spending more time doing the things you love.

Rich gets to core insights of what will be a viable business for YOU by focusing upon YOUR STRENGTHS and focusing a business around YOUR STRENGTHS instead of simply wasting your time trying to bring your weaknesses up to a level of competence - being a bad speller will not make you a bad businessperson!! - Charles Shinaver III, Ph.D.

This is the power of relying on instincts and leveraging your inborn, natural talents…

I’m sitting here at the moment in my wonderful city centre office looking out on a leafy park with the sun shining. My 3 staff are all A+ employees and we are working with outsources in Europe and India to produce things which I believe will revolutionize our industry and certainly our own organization.

A very different picture to just a few months ago. We’re not there yet but we will be and I can’t thank you enough Rich for the help and support you have given.

I think this course is a perfect match for those who know they have what it takes and the hunger to do what is necessary. Put me down as a reference for any doubters or hesitators, if I can help them make the best business decision of their life, I’d be delighted to do so! - Ed Lester

But if you don’t take action to fix the problem…

It’s only going to get worse…MUCH worse!


Dear Overwhelmed Business Owner,

In just 10 minutes, I’ll show you how the curse of too much to do in too little time can lead to the most important discovery of your business life.

And you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank, if you play your cards right…

My name is Rich Schefren, and my specialty is helping struggling yet well-meaning entrepreneurs like you bring in more profits while actually working less.

I’ve earned my reputation by helping hundreds of business owners – with problems just like yours – get their heads on straight and drastically increase their cash flow. My clients have seen total gains of over $40 million dollars in revenue just in the last 18 months.

How was I able to do this?

Because I was once in your shoes. I was spinning my wheels every day and not getting things done. And I just couldn’t take it anymore.

That’s when I did what I had to do to discover the secrets that have propelled me to where I am today. So I know just how you feel. And I know it sucks. So I used what I learned through my own trial and error to help people that were in the situation I had escaped from.

As you can see from the little boxes sprinkled throughout this letter, my advice and strategies have created many success stories and praise. But it’s not really me they’re praising. It’s the powerful ideas and solutions I’ve brought them… and the remarkable ways these insights have affected their businesses and their lives.

Does the simple fact that I’ve helped so many business owners realize huge monetary gains mean that I can help anyone? Yes and no.

See, there was an important step all of my coaching clients went through to enable them to rise up to the real money and break free of their businesses. And when they took this step, a whole new world of opportunity and profits opened up to them. In fact, it’s the same step I discovered and used to launch a fulfilling and highly profitable career as an Internet business coach.

That’s why I asked them and I’m asking you…


Are You Getting In The Way Of Your Own Happiness?

This is a serious question you MUST ask yourself. Then sit back and really think about the answer. You could very well be fighting a massive fire in your business with a garden hose.

Just imagine how you could put out the fires that pop up in your business if you used a 6 inch fire hose instead, gushing out hundreds of gallons of water a minute. The fires in your business would be no match for the wall of water you’d bring.

frustrated business ownerSee, you’re fighting fires in your business every day with a ¾ inch garden hose. Your weakness in dealing with all of the daily details is leaving you at a disadvantage. In fact, it’s your Achilles’ heel. The more you demand of yourself, the more the process gets weaker and breaks down.

But it’s not your fault… You really thought you were doing what you do best. And then all hell broke loose. You were forced into putting out fires that you were not qualified to fight. After all, if you didn’t solve all of the problems you’re faced with on a daily basis, who would?

There’s got to be a better way!

You might feel like your back is up against the wall. Dealing with every new round of those fires that pop up the only way you know how, you get in there and do what you can. But in many cases, it’s not enough. Things continue to get worse… and you just don’t know where to turn.

Well, there is a better way…

Why struggle every day, living an unfulfilling life of frustration when there is another choice? A simple choice that enables you to grow the most profitable business you can imagine, and can show you how to enjoy everything you love in life again.

Remember, I was once in your situation. I know what your day to day life feels like…

Right now you’re working your butt off and getting results so disappointing, you’re really wondering how much longer this can last. Every day you go into the office – you give your all – only to spin your wheels like a car in the sand…

And the harder you press the gas pedal, the
deeper you sink into the sand.

Instead of being angry with your situation and doubtful about the future of your business… the business you’ve sunk your entire life savings into…

It’s time to open your eyes and rid yourself of that pain in your stomach and your never-ending headache once and for all, right away:

• By spending your time leveraging what comes easy to you.
• By becoming more efficient and cutting wasted time to zero.
• By gaining a business advantage your competitors can’t duplicate.
• By focusing on your talents, your inborn natural abilities.
• By delegating “weakness” tasks so you never have to struggle again.
• By achieving specific results from a proven scientific process.

Any one of these things can help you do better at business. Master all of these things and you’ll soon find yourself in a completely transformed business…One that is far more profitable and requires far less of your direct involvement.

Where the daily activities in your business get results like you’ve only dreamed of…leaving you scratching your head and saying…

“Wow, that was easy!”

See, not only will playing to your strengths drastically improve your business life… a whole new world of personal enjoyment and fulfillment will be accessible to you… seemingly out of nowhere.

Think back to when you first got the idea of starting a business. What was your motivation? Did you want to be one of the richest people on Earth, or did you just want the freedom to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want?

You don’t have to be one of the richest people in the world to be able to enjoy life and have the freedom you desire. You just have to know how to get things done in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Are you starting to see why smart business owners – those already using the power of managing weakness and playing to their strengths – are laughing all the way to the bank? Well, guess what… On the way to the bank, they’re also playing a round of golf and hob-nobbing with some of the most influential business leaders in their city.

Ask them about their business and they’ll say… “Life is good.”

And the best part is – as you’re about to discover – you can easily become one of these smart business owners. In as little as 30 minutes. And I want to show you how!

30 Minutes Is All You Need To
Transform Your Business… And Have
The Time To Enjoy Life Like Never Before.

It changed my perspective and my business enormously - I went from “Tom the trainer” to “Tom the CEO of a real business”. Huge difference - and I recently made the biggest monthly gross ever: 13,000 Euros. That never happened before. Plus I have a very clear vision of what my business is going to look like in the future. And for the most part I also know how to get there. Thanks a lot Rich. - Tom Freudenthal

I REALLY have tremendously benefited from the program. It’s totally changed the way I think about day-to-day business tasks. I’m in the process of launching a new company now and I’m putting to use everything Rich has taught me. I feel I have the clarity and the confidence for TOTAL success. - Amit Mehta

Warning: Whatever you do – DO NOT attempt to figure out your own strengths and apply them to your struggling business on your own. It’s not as easy as you think. And the affects of focusing on the wrong traits could be disastrous. There are many factors you have to consider first.

Can you afford to take that chance?

In the next few minutes, I’m going to introduce you to a scientifically tested and proven system that accurately defines your personal and business strengths without a shadow of a doubt.

Plus in a moment, I’ll invite you to request a life-changing video and a special pass to discovering your strengths – so you can accelerate your business growth and live a new enriched life.

All from the very first week…

You’ll gain complete mastery of the power of leveraging your natural strengths for your financial advantage…

I’ll name the specific traits that will make your life easier while taking away all of the stress of running your business…and I’ll give you my list of top ways to manage your weaknesses so they don’t affect your business negatively.

In fact, you’ll see how the exact opposite happens when you let better qualified people handle tasks and projects that you normally struggle with.

More on your video and access pass in a minute. First let me tell you why I think…

It’s Amazing How Many Business Owners Are Missing
The Boat On This Glaringly Obvious Opportunity
To Kick Their Businesses Into High-Gear –
Practically Overnight!

Many business owners have seen with their own eyes how people that leverage their strengths and manage their weaknesses effectively are in a completely different league (and tax bracket.)

Moreover, they know how the demands of owning a business can lead to inefficiency, poor results and even failure – and that every level of business competition is getting more cut-throat each passing day…

>>Businesses are going under at an alarming rate (50% of new businesses will fail in the first year alone… and another 40% will be gone in less than 5 years.)

>> The average business owner is producing at 100% capacity, even though profits are falling like a rock… (they just can’t do any more with only 24 hours in a day!)

>> While operating costs are going through the roof (increasing more than 120% over the last few years.)

>> Many business owners are up against a wall (feeling helpless and ready to give up.)

>> And they’re horribly frustrated because there’s no relief in sight…

THE BOTTOM LINE: It’s more difficult to do business today than any time in history!

Sure, you see some “ups” along with the “downs”, but these days the “downs” are much deeper and the “ups” are not as high or long-lasting as they once were. And the trend is more of the same…


You’ll Soon Be Struggling
Just To Break Even…
If You’re Not ALREADY!

Why? Because more and more businesses are popping up every day…and the smart owners are involved in competitive intelligence and disruptive innovation.

What’s that mean? They’re doing everything in their power to put you out of business…and take your best customers all for themselves.

Look at it this way: You can sit there and take it, or you can do something about it.

Add up the situation yourself. How will you compete in the new global marketplace? How will you avoid becoming one of the 90% of businesses that go under in 5 years or less?

Especially since you’ve now discovered it’s YOU that’s holding your business back.

It Would Take a Miracle of
Biblical Proportions to Change
the Entire Landscape of Business in the Coming Years

Even the mighty U.S. government is powerless to reverse this growing trend.
If there ever was a business no-brainer, finding out why you’re holding back your business and uncovering what it takes to turn things around is it.

Because really, what are you going to do otherwise? Continue living a life of hell…struggling day in and day out to manage your business, when you know deep-down you can’t fix it by yourself?

I know you want a better life NOW (I was in your shoes once, remember?) That’s why you’re reading this letter. And it’s why I need to RUSH this package to you as soon as humanly possible.

In it you’ll discover the full story behind gaining a business advantage that will be impossible for your competitors to duplicate… Why defining your strengths will skyrocket you to the top of your market… Why leveraging your specific talents will make your business more profitable than ever before… and how you can have more time off to enjoy life!

I’ll reveal a scientific strengths assessment so powerful – you will know without a doubt:

  1. Your most lucrative strengths (so every minute you work will swell your bank account with cash.)

  2. The weaknesses you should avoid at all costs (so you can delegate or outsource them – instead of struggling… only to get disappointing results again!)
  3. What your personal action profile means (so you can easily multiply your profits and crush your competition.)

  4. And how to leverage your strengths to take any venture – in any market – from zero to jaw-dropping success in a matter of weeks, not years!

You’ll get a private pass so you can take one of the most widely used personal and business strengths assessment tests on the planet. Individuals, corporations and even governments use it to be sure they’re making the best decisions possible when getting things done, hiring and building teams and even promoting the right people to the right positions.

For this one-of-a-kind business-building and life-changing advantage, you might expect to pay a hefty sum…

That’s why I’ve created Strengths Mastery Advantage. So you can apply the same strategies to your business as Fortune 500 corporations do, but for only a fraction of the cost.

You’ll get everything you need to know to dramatically improve your situation and have the profitable business you’ve always dreamed of… and the freedom to enjoy those profits with the one’s you love. Anytime you want to.

Order Strengths Mastery Advantage Today!


But first, there’s an important concept I want you to fully understand…

You ARE The Constraint
That’s Holding Your Business
Back From Greatness

That’s right.

You are the “bottle-neck” that’s preventing great things from happening in your business and in your life.

How did this happen? It’s simple. You’re playing to your weaknesses… instead of leveraging your strengths. And you probably don’t even realize it. But the effects are real. Left unchecked, your frustration will grow worse and worse…until you just can’t take it anymore.

And I hate to think what’s going to happen then.

So instead of fueling the fire and the ultimate collapse of your business - and being helpless to do anything about it – it’s time for you to take some positive action and finally be yourself…

Success Is The Freedom To Be Yourself!

Before we get to the details of how you can stop this runaway train from destroying your business, let’s talk a bit about how your personal life is affected by all this.

I’m talking about the deserving person behind the business, YOU.

All you really want is the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, right? A large part of that freedom is living life on your terms. That means cutting out the B.S. and doing what you want to do. And becoming wildly successful doing it.

It’s all about being yourself. And that’s what success really is. But it’s almost impossible if you don’t know how to go about it the right way. First you have to know your strengths and weaknesses. Then the world is your oyster.

See, not only are you the constraint in your business, you may be getting in your own way when it comes to your personal life, too.

The beauty of the world is that everyone is different. Each person has their own way of doing things. The Strengths Mastery Advantage system helps you discover how to use your uniqueness to your advantage, in business and in your day to day life.


“Rich is the consummate business coach. His ability to quickly discern where I’m ‘stuck’ in my businesses and address those specific issues is nothing short of amazing. He has a way of asking questions that get to the heart of the matter which in turn frees me to move forward with clarity and purpose. Meeting him has been the single most influencing factor in turning my struggles and ideas into higher profits.” - Leslie Buterin

Strengths Mastery Advantage will lead you to making better decisions. It measures how you take action based on your natural instincts. Then it shows you which actions are strengths and which rely on your weaknesses. Just imagine how this kind of clarity and guidance could make your life more enjoyable and more profitable.

Here’s what you can look forward to…

yes More confidence making important business decisions (so you can start earning your fortune without second-guessing yourself every step of the way.)

yes Discovering the secret to quickly overcoming all of the obstacles standing between you and massive success! It’s incredibly easier than you’d ever guess… (yet not one business owner in a thousand ever finds out how to do it on their own.)

yes Becoming amazingly effective at everything you do (by leveraging your strengths instead of struggling with your weaknesses.)

Order Strengths Mastery Advantage Today!

Discovering and leveraging your true strengths with Strengths Mastery Advantage is infinitely more effective than…

Trying To Change Yourself

Look… You have a natural resistance to what you will and won’t do. This is a major factor the Strengths Mastery Advantage system takes into account when creating your strengths assessment.

The fact is: people don’t change easily.

It’s like a person trying to make a relationship work by saying, “I’ll just change him.” I’ve seen it time and time again. This approach just doesn’t work. Actually, it can create more stress and bad feelings than the original problem.

So stop trying to change yourself!

You have to act in a certain way. It’s the way you get things done. It’s how you solve problems at home and at the office. It’s how you’re wired.

Changing yourself can actually be a disaster, since you might change in a way that relies on your weaknesses even more. And that’s the last thing you want. Instead, wouldn’t it be great if you could…

Discover Your Strengths and
Improve Your Life and Business
Once and For All!

Well it can be like this for you, when you act right now and accept my risk-free offer to try Strengths Mastery Advantage for the next 90 days. The only decision to make today is to give my system a try for yourself.

When you try Strengths Mastery Advantage today:

yes You get access to a proven, scientific strengths assessment (you’ll find out exactly what your strengths really are.)

yes You get a complete, personalized audio/visual report detailing your profile (you’ll know exactly what your profile means and exactly how to leverage your strengths to multiply your profits – without breaking a sweat!)

yes You get an exclusive video to help you really “get” playing to your strengths (so you’ll NEVER play to your weaknesses again.)

Order Strengths Mastery Advantage Today!

Mike Filsaime“You may have heard of my success, but you’ve probably never heard of the secret strategist I had in my corner advising me on every move.

He has been my business growth coach for more than a year. I’ve worked with him one on one and implemented his strategies. Before I met him, I was doing okay online; we made $15,000 a month. In May 2006, we banked $184,000... Now WE DO OVER 300k A MONTH and that was not associated with any launch of a product. Those are the kinds of numbers I’ve grown accustomed to seeing after working with Rich.” - Mike Filsaime

Once you’ve put my system to the test, you’ll:

  • Eliminate your daily frustrations for good (you’ll never feel overwhelmed again!)

  • Wipe-out self-doubt for good (so you can stop worrying about your business.)

  • Reach the top of your game and stay there (and smile all the way to the bank!)

  • Love being in business again (like you did when you first started.)

  • Never have to worry about working for somebody else ever again.

  • Put an end to spinning your wheels (saving your sanity and your business.)

  • Spend your time doing what you want (not what you have to do.)

  • Enjoy spending time with your family again (and your friends – remember them?)

  • Lift your profits sky-high (while working LESS than ever before!)

  • And much, much more!

Strategic Profits and Rich Schefren have uncovered a passion for success in a field that has long been held dormant within me by poor teaching, misdirection and “catch phrase” ideology.

Mr. Schefren and his program have introduced me to tools and teachings… a higher learning… that are changing my life daily and finally bringing me to a level where I can truly realize what I have visualized for so many years.
It’s never too late… - Ken Jarvin

Your new perspective will enable you to:

  • Become an efficiency master (cutting wasted time to zero.)

  • Find yourself with a completely different (and improved) business!

  • Never hold your business back EVER AGAIN.

  • Uncover how to work “on” your business (instead of “in” your business.)

  • Become an unstoppable, respected business force.

  • Dominate your market (leaving competitors wondering what happened.)

  • Become THE expert in your field (bringing you all the credibility you’ll ever need.)

  • Kick your business into high-gear practically overnight.

  • Gain the success you’ve always wanted (along with the freedom to be yourself!)

Plus… drastically improve your lifestyle so you can:

  • Accelerate your retirement plans.

  • Enjoy spending more time on your boat (or on the golf course.)

  • Have a blast on the ski slopes, in Vegas (or wherever you want to go!)

  • Get to know your kids again (and your wife or husband, too.)

  • FINALLY stop working yourself to death!

Order Strengths Mastery Advantage Today!


The Boldest, Bravest Guarantee Ever:

Discovering and Leveraging
Your Natural, Unique Strengths
Must Give You At Least a
100-to-1 Return on Your Money
or You Pay Nothing!

Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketer or have a professional practice, there’s simply no way discovering your true strengths… and finding out how to leverage them to your advantage… can fail to make you a bundle of cash.

In fact, I’m so sure Strengths Mastery Advantage will become your secret weapon in accelerating the growth of your business… and in making your life everything you want it to be and more…while energizing your wealth and happiness…

I’m standing behind it with my strongest and boldest guarantee ever.

Just click here to grab Strengths Mastery Advantage now… so you can stop struggling and start playing to your strengths today!

I’ll instantly confirm your order by email, then you'll have access to the test, video and workbook immediately.

Use Strengths Mastery Advantage, and make as much new-found money as you can.

Then decide:

You must agree that the discoveries you’ve made from your detailed, personalized strengths assessment have changed your business and your life in truly groundbreaking ways.

You must agree that the in-depth video helped you manage around your weaknesses and leverage your strengths… and was responsible for bringing you – at a bare minimum – 100 times the $97 you paid.

Otherwise just contact us within 90 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

That’s right… Absolutely Free!

That’s Important: You get a full 90 days to put your scientifically proven strengths assessment into action, and watch the flood of money roll in from leveraging your new-found strengths and confidence. And if you’re less than thrilled… you’ll get every penny you paid back FAST.

yesNow I ask you: What could possibly be fairer than that?

You risk absolutely nothing.

Look, I am well-known in this business and I protect my reputation like a bulldog protects his home. If you are not completely thrilled…for any reason at all…then I insist you ask for a refund.

So in the short time we’ve had together today…

I’ve Shown You Why YOU Are Holding Your Business Back…

You agree the way you’re running your business now is not working for you, right? I hope so, because I want you to go back to your business today with at least the important new perspective you now have...

The fact that you are the constraint in your business, and that your situation is a product of playing to your weaknesses. It’s this fact that’s causing all of your frustration, overwhelming workload and long hours.

Not to mention the boatloads of money you’re leaving on the table.

And I’ve revealed how your situation is basically ruining your life, one day at a time.

You’ve seen for yourself the comments of many of my clients relating how I’ve helped them discover their strengths and leverage them to totally transform their businesses and their lives. If I can do this for these people, don’t you think I may be able to help you “get over the hump” and break into the “big money” too?

I think the mountain of proof speaks for itself.

Today you’ve discovered that a proven, scientific system is what you need to accurately define your strengths and your weaknesses. A system that supplies you with the tools to manage around your weakness and leverage your strengths… enabling you to create profit windfalls of new-found money at will. So you can start living the life you choose – on your terms – right now…

While growing your business and accelerating your success (and your retirement plans.)

And finally, I’ve documented how my Strengths Mastery Advantage system is the perfect…and likely the only way… to enable you to build the business you dreamed of when you first started it.

These are secrets most business owners never discover.

So since we see eye-to-eye on all of this, then doesn’t it make sense to give Strengths Mastery Advantage a try for the next 90 days?

Then click here to try Strengths Mastery Advantage totally risk-free right now!

If the idea of energizing your life and accelerating your business beyond your wildest dreams is the least bit interesting to you – if the opportunity to discover your strengths and put an end to your daily struggling right away is important to you…then try Strengths Mastery Advantage today.

My bold 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee means you have nothing to lose. And when you start leveraging your strengths, you’ll gain a flood of new-found profits plus a happier life.

I urge you to make the move today to bring your business the boost it desperately needs and the exciting change in your lifestyle that you truly deserve.


To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren
Strategic Profits

P.S. One last thing – I still have a few copies of a special report I had printed for a seminar I spoke at earlier this year. This report: "11 Ways to Play to Your Strengths and Manage Your Weaknesses" explains the concept of leveraging strengths – and more importantly – how to effectively manage around your weaknesses…and includes a list of my most productive ways to work around weaknesses and kick profits into high-gear.

This list is MAGIC when it comes to transforming a struggling business in a very short time. You'll also get one of the remaining copies of this amazing report – FREE, yours to keep – when you try my Strengths Mastery Advantage system today.

But only while they last, so hurry. Order here now.

P.P.S. What if someone told you there was a treasure worth $100,000 right under your nose – and that he’d be glad to lead you to it… would you let him? Well I’m that guy. And the treasure under your nose is the extra profit hiding in your business – if you’re only willing to put in a little effort to find it.

By taking action today, you’ll see a noticeable change in how you get things done, just 48 hours after taking your strengths assessment, reviewing your results and the in-depth video. And within 90 days, you will be well on your way to increasing your sales and growing your business by leveraging your new-found strengths…and creating extra profits in the 6-figures range in the next 12 months.

If you don’t act on this one-of-a-kind opportunity now, you’ll be kicking yourself for years to come when you realize how you’re business and your life could have been totally changed.

So don’t delay – if you want to change your life FAST, order now and try Strengths Mastery Advantage for yourself.

This is life-changing stuff. So order now.