Rich Schefren
Rich Schefren
CEO And Founder
Strategic Profits

Hey Rich Schefren, here again.

I’ve got something really important I want to share with you.

Give me just a couple minutes and I’m going to teach you some things most people have never thought of – all part of a revolutionary new strategy to help you become more successful than you ever dreamed of.

But first, I have a confession to make.

Most people know me by my success.

Building 3 multi-million dollar businesses. My Internet Business Manifesto. My online business success and coaching.

But, I haven’t always been successful.

And certain personal flaws have held me back all my life.

For one thing, I’m a procrastinator. And, I’m a perfectionist.

Then, to top it all off, I have ADD.

It hasn’t been easy, to say the least.

Now logically, you might think “Geez, someone with all that baggage couldn’t possibly succeed.”

And that’s how it seemed for a while.

But here’s the thing…

I finally figured out how to “out-think” my flaws.

And once I figured that out – success just seemed to flow!

Recently, I’ve started to see just how many other entrepreneurs are being held back by their flaws… same as I was.

Now, some people recognize that personal flaws are blocking their success. And they waste a lot of time and money trying to eliminate these “bad” behaviors.

Let me tell you how I outfoxed my biggest flaws— procrastination and perfectionism.

I was giving a presentation at a conference, and I knew I had to kick myself in the ass to get my program off the ground.

So, after my presentation I offered 25 openings for one-on-one coaching.

Whoa – the program sold out instantly, and I got 40 commitments on the spot.

Now I was in a jam.

I had promised to have several months worth of lessons ready for my program -- even though I hadn’t come up with them yet.

Of course, I felt accountable to my new clients.

I don’t like to disappoint, because I’m also obsessive about delivering on my promises.

So I forged ahead and set the dates and times for the calls right away.

And that forced me to come up with the material in time for the calls, or be completely humiliated in front of my clients.

In the end, it was a huge success. The program went off without a hitch.

All together, my first 25 clients increased their online revenues by over $40 million in just 18 months, and the rest is history. I was on my way.

But just to be clear:

I never “cured” my procrastination or perfectionism…
I just learned how to make it an advantage in what I do.

And lately, my attention has been on what’s holding my clients back.

Just recently, I realized that I was watching one person after another struggling with this same problem.

They get stuck in the same cycle, thinking that they have to change themselves to overcome some flaw that’s handicapping them.

And that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks.

They all think the same thing I used to—that they had to somehow change themselves to become successful.

That’s when I realized just how many entrepreneurs were out there who needed the strategies I have to get around their own flaws.

Because in reality, trying to change who you are is usually just another path to failure. It’s simply too difficult.

They can’t see that there’s a faster, easier way.

That there’s no need to take the long, hard road of trying to change who you are.

That there is — just like I set for myself — a simple way to walk right around your flaws.

I’m talking about a thinking process that will not only make those flaws irrelevant, but will change them into some of your biggest strengths.

Behaviors like self-doubt, procrastination, being distracted, or having trouble deciding what to do next can all simply be planned around.

By using the simple techniques I’m going to show you, you can easily go:

I’m telling you this because I hear these problems all the time from my clients.

They think they’re carrying some baggage that’s dragging them down from success.

And I always have to tell them it’s nonsense.

It’s just their thinking process that’s holding them back.

The Most Successful Entrepreneurs We Look Up To
Succeeded DESPITE Their Flaws.

Take, for example, Ingvar Kamprad, the founder and chairman of the furniture giant IKEA -- he says he structured the inner workings of IKEA to compensate for his ADHD and dyslexia.

That’s why all the furniture has funny names — because he knew he would get confused if he used numbers.

And the founder of JetBlue, David Neeleman, is proud to say he found success even though he has refused to take medication for his ADHD.

Or the founder of Kinko’s, Paul Orfalea… he sold Kinko’s for $2.4 billion to FedEx, But before that, he built Kinko’s — around his flaws — from a tiny store with just a couple copy machines to his paper-copy empire.

(If you’re interested, Paul’s assistant used to write his letters and keep his calendars. He’d also use a Casio DataBank watch that let him type in notes about anything important that came to mind because otherwise, he’d forget.)

These are exactly the types of flaws that plague most entrepreneurs.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce to you what my team here at Strategic Profits has been working on…

Because we just exposed how to overcome any personal flaw that’s holding you back from the business and lifestyle success you desire.

We totally cracked the code.

Breaking it down, technique by technique.

And we got it all on video — raw — meaning no make-up, no script, no studio mikes, none of the fluff and polish that comes with slick sales videos.

But it was too much all at once. So we broke it down into a series of 11 shorter, easy-to-digest videos. Together, we call them “Outfox Your Flaws.”

The critical thing is that the strategies we developed in this video series are unique and groundbreaking, thanks to our incredible expert panel and their insights.

And now you have the same opportunity to outfox problems like being distracted, or mismanaging time, with the “outfox” methods we got on live footage.

So let me cut to the chase and tell you exactly what you’ll
get in this 11-piece video set.

And finally, the “Winners’ Success” Module is a go-to, quick re-cap video that you can watch at any time for a wrap up of every single technique covered so you can out manage flaws like Procrastination, Self-Doubt, Poor Time Management, and more.

And You’ll Never Have to Worry About WHO YOU ARE
Getting in the Way of Your Success

All together, you’ll get actionable strategies from six experts in central aspects of business… more than 50 strategies that you can start using instantly to turn your flaws into your greatest strengths.

And it comes in 11 short videos covering ALL the methods we’ve used to build mega-successful businesses.

To sum up, these videos contain the most effective strategies to bypass common obstacles that even the most successful business owners deal with every single day.

It’s broken down by category into short videos, so you can go straight to what holds you back the most, and tackle your biggest challenges first.

And I’m willing to bet you’ll go through the entire series over and over again.

Now, our marketing has the video priced for its initial launch at $297.

But we’re going to drop the price by $100 for early buyers.

If you buy the Outfox Your Flaws video series now, you’ll get the 3 and half hours of footage, covering more than 50 proven, ingenious strategies used by top entrepreneurs.

Remember, this may be the only time we’ll offer these videos for this price. But you can get all the Outfox Your Flaws videos before they go out to the public for a one-time payment of $197.

From now on, you’ll be able to turn your weaknesses into your greatest strengths. These are ideas that have worked for me, my top clients, and other top marketers in the field.

We’ve developed these over many years, and at a great cost in both time and money. (And by that I mean money often wasted doing things the wrong way.)

So the value is huge — both in terms of experience that’s instantly at your fingertips to money you don’t have to lose.

Remember, trying to get rid of your flaws can take years… and may never happen at all because very few people can and do change.

So why not outsmart your obstacles and imperfections and save yourself some time?

I’m so confident that this video will change the way you see yourself as an entrepreneur, that I’m going to give you a fool-proof guarantee.

Because I know these are techniques that helped entrepreneurs who came from nothing to achieve astronomical success… like the founders of Virgin Airlines, JetBlue, Kinko’s, IKEA...

They’ve all said it before. That they were successful DESPITE their flaws.

And, if within 30 days you don’t feel like the 11 Modules of Outfox Your Flaws gave you the power to plan around these common difficulties, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

Remember, my team and I will show you how to outsmart flaws such as…

Click below to get your immediate access to Outfox Your Flaws.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

And everything to gain.

To higher profits and beyond,

Rich Schefren
Founder and CEO of Strategic Profits