Jay, Share With Me The Quickest Pathway to Automated Income I want to do something ONCE and keep getting paid for it month in and month out

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Note: (Before you commit, please carefully read the simple, but firm, mutual performance expectation Jay is asking of you --- in exchange for sharing something he was paid over $500,000 to share at a recent live event --- this is information 2,000 people paid $2,000 each to learn. Your cost is ZERO. Just your commitment to the attendance request below.)

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Date & Time Wednesday, March 28th at 1PM EST

This fast-paced, no-nonsense, webcast event is the same, in-depth presentation you did at a recent soldout, $2,000 per person Conference.

It will teach me the same, specific basics of the new system you've just developed for creating passive income streams, automatic revenue sources and self-sustaining profit centers for myself -- anywhere in the world. I’ll learn your concept of “Capitalizing on Capitalism.”

You'll explain the entire concept in full. You'll show me at least 25, real-life examples of how it has worked for other people in my situation. You'll demonstrate numerous ways I can personally gain access or control of rights, assets, distribution channels, distressed opportunities. You’ll reveal your Ten Pathways of Passive Income Prosperity. I can choose the best one (or ones) to pursue first for the easiest possible payoff

You'll walk me through the best, simple, yet-powerful approaches I can personally apply to build one source of passive income after another. You’ll teach me the layering, building-block approach you use to amass mounds of money coming in from numerous passive sources.

You'll show me actual ways I can do it myself -- using no capital, little or no time, no experience. You'll even show me how to get all kinds of other people to do all the heavy lifting for me --- while I receive (and bank) the bulk of the profits. (The Tom Sawyer School of Business, as you call it, Jay!)

In addition, you'll tell me a way to get investors standing in line to fund bigger deals, where I can make up to $20,000 a week from just one passive income transaction. You’ll also show me the ins and outs of venture marketing, barter, licensing, royalties, and how to become a dealmaker, matchmaker, deal finder, power brokers.

I understand you’ve packed a lifetime of expertise, experience (and wildly profitable success stories), and actionable education into this fast-paced, no-nonsense, in-depth presentation, so I want to hear every word you were willing to share with those original people who flew to Orlando and paid $2,000 to be there.

This is a first for you, Jay. It’s not about marketing…It’s not about business building... It’s all about gaining access and assets that other businesses don’t value or recognize they have. Your new system teaches me How to Capitalize on Capitalism –and do it passively --- (anywhere in the world there are businesses) – with me, getting a huge profit ride on other business' coat-tails.

I'll see no less than 25 appealing ways I can stop doing what I do now -- and start earning passive income – "serious" passive income -- without working!

It doesn’t matter whether I’m currently an employee, own a business, go to school and unemployed or a professional in private practice.

In short, I'll learn how to put myself into the Toll Booth Position, smack-dab; in the middle of all kinds of lucrative transactions, revenue generating activities and profit amassing events -- where I get paid without being there, without working and without investing or risking anything or a lot.

I admit it sounds so darn good I'm more than a little fascinated to learn the unique secrets you've developed. I also know from your reputation, Jay. that if anyone can teach these lessons to me in a real-life, workable system – it’s you, Jay!

That’s why I respect your very reasonable request that I only sign up --- if I’m totally committed to showing up, and staying on the webcast until the very end. Otherwise, I would be stealing an opportunity from someone who would prize it.

So I fully agree not only to show up and stay -- but to allow you to call me at my office or home if I fail to do so--- and take me to task for letting you and myself down --- Since I’ve always said I’d give anything to learn how to earn a king’s ransom doing almost nothing and you’re offering to finally tell me how it’s actually possible from anywhere in the free world I want to operate from.

So, on that totally committed, full integrity basis --sign me up for the webcast session date below.

I understand there is absolutely no charge to experience this in-depth introduction to making "The Money Connection, and Mastering Passive Income” – as you call it, Jay. At the end, you'll tell me how I can be mentored by you in this passive income-generating skill. But I am not obligated at all to do anything else but fully participate on the webcast –and prosper richly from the impressive array of fresh ideas you reveal, there.

Again, I do fully agree to show up for the complete webcast from the absolute beginning …and stay on until the completed end. (Again, I really DO understand I'd be taking a desirable place away from someone else who wanted to learn this -- if I didn't participate completely. I won’t do that to you or myself, Jay.

So, with that ethical acknowledgement made to you, Jay --- confirm my registration for this session. I’m in completely!

You'll send me back the confidential webcast access details to use. And I reconfirm now that I WILL be there come hell or high water. But you should remind me both the day before and two days before the webcast, and even the day of the session itself, just to make certain I don't forget or come on late. Thanks in advance for making certain I don’t let both of us down for my prosperous future, far more than yours, Jay.

Here's my complete registration information. I’m excited and thrilled to get this short course education without paying $2,000. Thanks in advance for doing this.

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Wednesday, March 28th at 1PM EST