How to Be a World-Class Marketer…
And NOT an Internet Spammer

Why some marketers multiply their profits exponentially every year, while others make less and less money over time...

Plus, how to have a brand that customers love so much, that selling your product becomes easy, quick and effortless

Rich Schefren

If you found your way to this site, it’s because you are looking to make legitimate money online with integrity... NOT to scam people out of their last dollar and peddle garbage products at them.

Unfortunately, if you follow the Internet Marketing sphere of Gurus and advice givers, your marketing messages are very likely to end up in your audience’s SPAM FOLDER.

In fact, a recent study on online marketing revealed that 7 out of 10 “This is spam” complaints are for valid marketing emails from real businesses that customers are simply NO LONGER INTERESTED IN RECEIVING.

(Don’t be the guy or the gal that people DON’T want to hear from....)

That’s not even the worst of it. Out of ALL the emails that get blocked by automatic spam traps from email services (like Yahoo! or Gmail)—6 out of 10 are from marketing newsletters, offers or notifications from regular, legitimate businesses.

That means that more than half of all marketing emails end up in the spam folder.

Clearly, spam has become a big issue for anyone who uses the Internet, and the definition of spam has evolved.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you’re leaving money on the table with every “spam” complaint you receive and every “spam trap” that “catches” your emails.

That sad statistic doesn’t just apply for emails.
It applies to all of your marketing, because...

These days, people can report Facebook ads as spam, block your cookies and simply filter you out completely from their computer and their browser.

The fact is, the definition of spam used to mean getting emails you NEVER signed up for with subject lines like this:

“v1agr4, c1aLis, p3nis enl4rgm3nt....”

But these days, people consider a slight annoyance from any business as SPAM. Even if they are the ones who chose to subscribe to your newsletter before reporting it as spam.

If a customer receives too many emails from Groupon or Facebook or Dr. Mercola—they report it as spam. These are legitimate businesses that customers simply don’t want to hear from.

The minute you get on your customers’ nerves—even slightly—they click “Report this as spam.”

That’s why every year, less and less marketing messages reach the audience they were intended for.

Just this year, the deliverability of marketing messages (meaning how many of your emails actually arrived in your prospects’ inboxes) went down by 5%.

That means you could lose contact with many of the prospects you worked so hard to make notice your product... every year.

Now I’ll show you why it’s much easier to sell more—even in this dreadful situation for marketers—when you know and use the The Three Ruling Principles of Marketing.

Because the truth is, world-class marketers are kicking ass and taking names... building their lists bigger and bigger (instead of slowly losing names)... and reaping more profits online than they ever have before.

That’s because they know about the most profitable Internet users. The people who LOVE getting promos from companies that they actually respect and like.

These people...

40% of Internet users “LOVE” receiving
promotions from brands they like…
How to be that brand:

It’s true. The same study that listed all of those depressing statistics I mentioned earlier, also found that 40% of the people surveyed claimed to enjoy getting lots of marketing emails from their favorite brands and deal services each week.

What does this mean for online entrepreneurs like you and me? It means that people will not only listen to us—but they will wait eagerly for our messages—IF we are one of their favorite brands or companies.

That is something you could NEVER buy in a business-in-a-box, in a software or an app.

All those promos, newsletters and deals that you love and look forward to, are the work of world-class marketers.

Think of the last advertisement that actually got you to buy something... It took some real marketing know-how to get you to commit to a purchase, didn’t it?

It wasn’t just a high-quality video, or a cool looking website that got you to commit... There was something deeper to the marketing message.

Well, when I starter my first ever online business, I did not understand the online market AT ALL. I had big expectations for my own success because I had been able to start a successful business offline—but the reality was, I was struggling to build a successful online business.

Instead, I was:

  • Disappointed because I spent valuable time and money on Internet Marketing apps, software and tactics that simply didn’t lead to the financial freedom and ‘4-hour work weeks’ I wanted...
  • Confused because it seemed like everyone else in the industry effortlessly made tons of money online while I kept trying and trying while STILL working my day job...
  • Embarrassed that my online business wasn’t where I thought it would be by now (Don’t worry—I discovered it wasn’t my fault, there was NO reason to be embarrassed and how easy it actually was to change my business’s fate)...

On top of all of that, I was feeling so guilty because I had spent so much money—even gone into debt—to start an online business that wasn’t delivering the lifestyle of financial security and the freedom that I was after.

If you’ve been there, or are there right now:


  1. You’re DEFINITELY not alone
  2. There’s an EASY way out
  3. You’re probably doing everything right! (You’re just missing the most important piece of the puzzle...)

If you’re a self-starter, self-teacher, proactive learner—you might have come across a few ‘gurus’ on the web that told you that you could easily start a website and become a millionaire in a very short amount of time.

Those guys are taking the easy way out and teaching you how to build the quick, slap-it-together business that most people will NOT want to hear from.

And by promising you these outrageous results for such little money and effort, not only have they put your business on the wrong side of the tracks, but...

They have taught YOU to think like a
‘SPAMMER’—not a marketer

And the only way to make money from ‘spamming’ people... is to ‘scam’ people.

If that’s the kind of business you want to get into—this is not the site for you, I am not the business coach for you, and MarketingU would be of no value to you.

But if you’re looking to be a legit entrepreneur and Internet Marketer who provides value to their customers, and makes a good living doing it, then you’ve reached the perfect place.

That’s because in the next couple minutes, I’m going to show you Three Ruling Principles of Marketing. The stuff they would NEVER teach you at business school or even in an MBA program. The stuff you can only learn from a mentor who’s been there and done that with a proven track record of success.

Imagine being privy to the ‘mindset’ and the thinking that actually leads top marketers (like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham and Michael Masterson, A.K.A. Mark Ford) to sell more, reach the level of wealth they desire, be in control of their financial destiny, and lead a fulfilling lifestyle and career.

I’ve broken it down into what I like to call the Three Ruling Principles of Marketing.

And here’s the best part—if you use the Three Ruling Principles of Marketing, you will finally be able to use all the tactics, software, apps and courses that you invested your money in to actually make money online.

That’s because it doesn’t matter how good you are at any marketing skills—copywriting, web design, media buying, you name it—all those skills will be a LOT more useful when you understand and use the concepts I am about to show you.

The Three Ruling Principles of Marketing

  1. SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE: You’ve got to continually increase your social intelligence... You’ll understand exactly what it is and how to use it to make more sales in just a minute
  2. PERFECT SALES MESSAGE: You’ve got to have an effective sales message that resonates with the right emotions for buying... not just any emotions
  3. PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS: You must know your product, your market and most importantly, your buyer, on a deep psychological level that makes your product irresistible to them

Before I dive into the three principles, I want you to reread the bullets above. Those are the three principles that you NEED to use to sell more and market your business and products successfully.

You don’t need to learn how to edit video better, or how to be a copywriter—no. You need to live, breath and eat the three principles and infuse them into every single facet of your marketing. I’m talking into every crack.

Let me show you why:

I’ll start with the first principle, Social Intelligence, and clarify what the phrase actually means.

Social intelligence has nothing to do with having ‘people skills’ or being ‘social’. It has nothing to do with your own behavior or your type of personality.

Social intelligence is the mental ability to understand the motives, emotions, intentions and actions of other people and to motivate and influence the behavior of (groups of) people.

Social intelligence should not be misunderstood as a particular political or social conviction, such as humanitarianism. People with social intelligence may have noble sentiment and care for the poor, but they may also be nasty bastards that deal cocaine and run brothels.

Social intelligence is what helped me become successful. It helped me start and grow a chain of hypnosis centers from an idea to a $13.5 million business.

Was I able to do that because I was the best hypnotist on the market? Not at all.

I was able to do that because all the other hypnotists were selling hypnosis. Instead, I was marketing solutions to people’s deepest desires.

In fact, one of my most successful marketing campaigns for hypnosis was all about weight-loss. Because I used to my social intelligence to dive deep into my customers’ psyche and desires—I discovered that many hypnosis consumers were doing it to lose weight.

When I addressed the exact problem they were looking to fix, they instantly thought of my clinic as the go-to center for weight loss through hypnosis.

Make no mistake, enhancing your social intelligence and infusing it into your marketing is guaranteed to raise awareness about your company and increase your leads.

Meaning your company can make more sales, have more cash flow, and provide you more profits for the same exact work you were doing before.

Next is The Perfect Sales Message Principle.

Let’s face it. The commonplace “wisdom” about marketing and sales tells you to hit your prospect right in an emotional place and then ask them for the sale.

The truth is, there are plenty of marketing pieces that have moved me literally to tears, but they didn’t move me any closer to buying the product.

In other words, a moving or emotional marketing message does not always lead to more sales. A perfect sales message goes far beyond hitting an emotion that is simply related to your product.

That’s because people are just not that simple. Emotion may push us closer to buying something, but emotion alone does not sell. As complex human beings, we have other psychological triggers that need to be pushed in addition to our emotions, in order to get us to buy.

Look at it this way...

The perfect sales message is actually working to complete a strategic goal (usually sales or opt-ins) that you have thoughtfully set for the campaign. In fact, there’s a specific formula that makes it simple to hit on all of the psychological areas you need to hit to push the sale closer and closer to a close. (It’s featured in MarketingU).

Finally, the Psychological Analysis Principle.

I want to ask you this question.

Do your prospects think they “should” or “must”
buy your product or service?

Is your product or service something they might have to “think about” for later on down the road? Or is it something they “need to have” right now?

That’s why the third principle is the most important. Psychological Analysis is a pre-requisite for ANY successful marketing campaign, product or advertisement.

Follow the Psychological Analysis Principle, and you’ll have the power to:

  • Offer amazing breakthroughs for your prospects and insightful knowledge that engages them
  • Be the go-to source in your niche for your unshakable expertise in your field and the clarity that you can explain it in
  • Produce riveting, engaging content and messages for your prospects to consume

These are the benefits of running a thorough psychological analysis on your prospect, your product and your market.

That’s exactly what MarketingU was created for. To help real entrepreneurs market their business on the Internet and avoid ending up in the customer’s SPAM FOLDER.

MarketingU is the only program that helps you take everything you’ve learned and bought until now and finally infuse it with that marketing message that pushes your sales to a new level.

It’s the only program you’ll join where you will find in-depth information, simple HOW-TO’S and valuable exercises to help you use the Three Ruling Principles of Marketing to beat your biggest competition and finally get your company the recognition (and SALES!) it deserves.

You won’t find this information anywhere else. After you enroll in the program, you’ll be privy to the psychological methods behind the most successful marketing practices that only world-class marketers get the privilege to know.

Of course, there’s more to MarketingU than just taking control of your business and your financial destiny.

Because in just a moment, I’ll show you how you can not only get MarketingU for FREE, but you can get even more valuable, advanced-level business strategies designed specifically for online entrepreneurs for no extra cost.

But before I show you how, just see what others had to say immediately after going through the MarketingU material:

So if you find yourself disappointed that your marketing isn’t working to grow your business but is just sucking money out of it instead...

Or if you planned to leave your day job for your online business years ago, but you find yourself still waiting for the day...

Even if your marketing is working for you but you find that your deliverability keeps going down and down, constantly ending up in the SPAM FOLDER...

I guarantee that going through the MarketingU course will increase your sales, increase the number of prospects you have and raise awareness about your company and your brand.

That’s because MarketingU shows you how to get so deep into your prospects’ lives, thoughts and what drives them to BUY, that it will make customers seek YOU and your product instead of vice versa.

What does that mean for you and your business?

  • Increased sales, meaning more income and financial freedom for you
  • Proving everyone wrong and showing them how it really is possible to work smart, meaning less hours and earning more
  • Learn how to become a world class marketer, and go to sleep at night knowing that you’re a respected, fulfilled entrepreneur—not a sleazy spammer

MarketingU is the key to every successful campaign—and it’s not just a course full of theory, it will give you the exercises and the answers you need to know about your market and your prospects so you can easily turn your next marketing efforts into a highly profitable campaign.

Most likely, your marketing is already pretty good—but it’s missing the Three Ruling Principles of Marketing that virtually walk your prospect by the hand from “hello” to “I’ll take it!”

So join MarketingU today Risk-Free for just $199.

In the MarketingU: The Three Ruling Principles of Marketing program, you’ll be taken through an intensive but entertaining crash course in very advanced marketing principles, including an in-depth course for each of the three:




You’ll be prepared with simple, easy worksheets that will show you exactly how to apply the methods to your business right away so you can start seeing your sales increase right in the first week.

So instead of ending up in the SPAM FOLDER, join me as I help teach REAL people to become REAL online entrepreneurs who make their own living and their own way in life.

And I’ll show you how to reach that 40% of people who ENJOY receiving marketing messages from their favorite brands and companies...

Plus, how to become one of their favorite brands.

Now, on this page, I’ve only skimmed the surface of how to adopt and use the Three Ruling Principles of Marketing.

But when you take the MarketingU: The Three Ruling Principles of Marketing course, you’ll be exposed to deeper and more advanced information than even what I covered here.

(If you want to know about my squeaky clean and successful track record, click here.)

The sooner you start this course, the sooner you can get your company’s revenue to a stable, flowing stream... Know that your marketing is bringing the customers to YOU and that your sales are not only covering your expenses, but putting some extra cash in your pocket, too.

As always, I like to lead by example when it comes to being an online entrepreneur who has integrity and respect for my clients.

So if for ANY reason whatsoever you decide you are not 100% satisfied with MarketingU within the first 30 days, we will instantly refund your money. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I expect MarketingU to exceed your expectations so much, that when you finish the course, you will most likely email me telling me it was worth far more than $199.

P.S. If you are serious about owning a business that operates on the web, online marketing is an absolute MUST in your business. If you’ve already tried push-button solutions that just don’t work and biz-in-a-box packages that just drained you out of more money—MarketingU was created for YOU!

The advanced concepts in MarketingU are 100% GUARANTEED to get your sales growing, your income flowing, and your customers raving. No questions asked.