But First... You Need To Answer This Simple Question...

“How Many Of These Profit-Killing
Blunders Did You Make
On Your Last Product Launch?”

Did you fail to...

Deliver your partners every tool they needed to make massive sales that stuff cash into your pockets?

Convince a competitor to partner with you, to happily hand over his customers and make them yours?

Come up with an offer the “big list” partners simply could not pass on (even if they wanted to)?

Clearly spotlight your product's advantages... to put a “country mile” between you and your nearest competitor?

Properly position yourself as an expert so you become the go-to guy (or gal) in your niche?

Put your plan into action? I mean... have you only dreamed about big time jv deals, but never actually done one?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then don't sit back and relax. Get on the edge of your seat...


“One Of The World's Most Successful Joint Venture Marketers Is Finally Ready To Spill His Guts... All For Less Than The Cost Of Buying Him Dinner!”

Rich Schefren
Rich Schefren
CEO And Founder
Strategic Profits

From The Desk Of Rich Schefren
Delray Beach, Florida

RE: A JV Proposition

Dear Millionaire in Training,

A master sales force...

That's what the best JV partners are. They're an invincible army of salesmen and women from all over the world.

The cost to you? Nothing... zero... nada.

They profit only after you profit.

In my book, that's pretty sweet. An unbeatable swarm of recruits out there stuffing handfuls of money into your pocket.

But it can't be that easy, can it?

It can. Heck... for some, it's even easier than that.

For the select few who take action today, it's going to be dead-set simple to rake in cash just like the bigshot players... because you'll be a big shot player.

After you read the next few pages you'll possess the secret that will catapult you to a whole other level of marketing game play...

I'm pulling back the curtain on the mysteries of the big-money JV relationship.

I'm being brief and to the point here because what I'm about to share with you isn't rocket science.

As a matter of fact...

“You Don't Have To Be Smarter Than A
5th Grader To Understand The Power
Of Joint Venture Partnerships. . .”

Ironically enough I discovered this when I was in the 5th grade.

You see... this kid I knew, Jimmy Kuharski... his dad was a candy distributor...

So... I make a deal to get candy bars for a quarter a piece and sell them for a dollar.

No cub scout jamborees... No little league fund raisers... Just me...

My own little summer business.

I made almost $750 selling candy that summer. Not too shabby for a 10 year old...

But this other kid, Mikey took my idea and made almost $2400. And get this...

He sold zero candy bars.

Instead, he formed partnerships and got his 6 partners to do the selling for him.

The candy bars were still just a dollar. But Mikey gave away nearly 40 cents profit on each bar.

Sounds like a lot to lose, I know. But in the end... he socked away almost 4 times more profit than I did...

And did almost no work to get it!

That summer I grew up a little. That's the summer I learned the value of JV partnerships.

“It's Simple Math. You Can Take 100% Of What You Manage To Sell. . . Or 50% Of What A Bunch Of People Can Sell. . .”

If there was one thing that clearly defined the term “no brainer,” this would have to be it.

But... knowing the exact formula for JV success...

That part is a little trickier.

It doesn't matter if you're a mid-level marketer, making a living while chained to your computer...

Toiling away every day... making enough to replace your old salary, but never much more than that...

Or if you're brand-spanking-new at the game. Putting the tip of your toe in the pool, trying to test the waters...

It doesn't matter because right here... right now is where it all changes.

Strategic Profits Presents...

“The Complete Guide To Highly Successful Internet Joint Venture Partnerships”

The only A-to-Z marketing manual that takes you behind the velvet rope to break down every facet of JV partnering into quick... easy-to-digest bites.

I'm giving you the keys to everything...

From Mastering Mindset... To Modeling Success... You get the tools to quickly change your mindset to one of a true player. Then you get the blueprints to some of the most successful JV launches in history. It's that easy to copy my success!

From Defining Your USP... To Making An Instant Killing... My dad once told me, "If you don't have something unique... then you got nothing to sell!" I help you find what's unique about your product... Then I show you how to profit right now.

From The 3-Part JV Success Kit... To Playing Long Ball... I'm giving you the 3-ingredient recipe for creating the written components to your JV success... And everything you need to shovel in the unbelievable, long-term cash later.

From Creating An Affiliate Program... To Building Authority... I break down how to easily set up an affiliate program that positions you for the most profit. Then I give you the road map to easily position yourself as an expert in no time.

From Shopping For JV's... To 14 Red Flags That Kill... First I reveal the secret ways to finding the best JV's. Then I give you the 14 things to look for to know when a joint venture partnership is murdering your profits.

From 25K In Your Pocket... To Steady Profits On Auto-Pilot... Some copywriters charge over $25K for a sales letter. I walk you through the simple 4 step process to do it yourself. Then I show you how to profit big on cruise control.

From Mastering The 1-Time Deal... To The Big 8 Questions... You get the breakdown on profiting like a seasoned vet on a 1-time event... And I give you the most important 8 questions you must ask any potential JV partner before you partner up!

From Web 2.0 Truth... To Losing The Dead Weight... Be among the mere 2% of marketers sucking the real money out of Web 2.0. And know what to do when you get a partner who is dragging you down. I show you how to throw them overboard.

Think I'm done? Not by a long shot!

I couldn't possibly fit everything you get in this manual onto this page. I'm talking about hundreds of links to free tools and websites you'll use to lap the competition like they were standing still.

And no... these aren't all links you've seen before. Many of them, some of the biggest marketers—guys who pay me thousands to consult, don't even know about!

“And A Ton Of Templates To Make It All That Much Easier. . .”

You get 16 of my own highly-successful emails you can use as templates. Steal them to write your own cash-sucking autoresponder series.

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that these emails have made me millions of dollars...

Heck... just one of them is responsible for putting $98,455.00 into my pockets.

You heard me... $98,455.00 with just 1 email. And you're getting a total of 16... free.

Plus I've added a JV proposal letter... other sample JV agreements (including my own affiliate contract)... and more.

These samples not only don't cost anything... but they could save you a fortune in hiring writers and dealing with legal problems...

Just swipe and go!

“So. . . What's All This Going To Cost?”

I'll tell you this... it's a lot less than you think... and far far less than it's worth...

Remember, just an hour of my consulting will cost you thousands of dollars. This guide is the ultimate JV companion, and took hundreds of hours to research and write.

Put together just 1 successful JV launch and you could easily pocket 6 figures. That's at least $100,000.00 just by using what's contained in this guide... one time.

Would you pay $500 for the opportunity to make 100 grand over and over again?

I would. Heck... I've paid much more than that, and gotten much less.

With “The Complete Guide To Highly Successful Internet Joint Venture Partnerships,” you get all that... and I won't charge you $500.

Not even half that... Not even a quarter that price!

My reason for pricing this so insanely low is twofold...

First... I believe every once in a while the industry needs to be shaken up. New energy needs to be infused in order to keep it growing. Some affiliates get lazy. They sit back on their 5 figure monthly (or weekly) paydays and stop working as hard.

So... I'm doing this partly because the industry needs it. But, the other part is completely self-serving.

I'm willing to make this guide so affordable because I too need partners. And I know once you digest everything I teach you, and put it into action... you'll be that much closer to being the ideal JV partner for me.

Listen... you're at a major crossroad right now.

There are 2 paths you can go down.

One path is long and meandering. It takes you around in circles and 9 times out of 10 dumps you out further away from financial success than you are right now...

Then there's the other path...

The path that detours you around all that trial and error...

The path where I've already cleared the way for you with my machete...

The path that has you finally scooping up the big time dollars just like the top dog marketers do...

So... what's it going to be? Will you say “yes” to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Will you say “yes” to taking a major shortcut on your financial journey?

I can't make that choice for you. Only you can...

“Yes, Rich... Give Me The Keys...”

I'm Ready To Change Everything About The Way I Do Business Right Now...

I'm Ready To Get More Than Just A Peek Behind That Velvet Rope...

I'm Ready For A Full-Access Pass To The VIP Room...

I'm Ready To Invest In My Bottom Line... Invest In My Future...

I'm ready for “The Complete Guide To Highly Successful Internet Joint Venture Partnerships...”All For a one-time investment of just $97.

And I realize I'm taking absolutely no risk because my investment is backed by an unheard of...

6 Month No-Questions-Asked
Money-Back Guarantee!

"I promise after devouring this instantly downloadable pdf manual utilizing the numerous tools ... and using the enclosed samples I've given you ... You will form at least 1 successful JV relationship in the first 30 days!
Let me say that again... You will create at least 1 JV in the first month. If you don't - you get every dime of your money back with a smile and a virtual handshake.
And you have a full half-year to ask for that refund!
That's how sure I am this is exactly what you need to take your game up a notch or ten. This is the answer to the question - "How can I launch my online business into the stratosphere?
This is the missing link you've been looking for to explode your online business."
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“Hold On A Minute. . . Where Are My Bonuses?"

Sorry... there are none. And this is by design

“The Complete Guide To Highly Successful Internet Joint Venture Partnerships” is so jam-packed with everything you need to successfully JV, that you're going to immediately start seeing your online business pay off like a broken Vegas slot machine.

But... in order for that to happen, you can't be distracted. I've found sometimes throwing in a bunch of bonuses will take your focus away from what you have to do right now.

So... no bonuses. Plus...

I've instructed all of my JV partners to not overload this offer with a bunch of bonuses from them, either.

If one decides to add a bonus, it will be directly related to your JV success. That's my promise!

So Order Now!

To your ultimate success,

Rich Schefren
Founder and CEO of Strategic Profits

PS— I've already heard from some of my partners on this. They think I'm insane for offering up this A-to-Z guide on JV Partnerships for such a low price. Remember... since they're JV partners, their profits are directly related to my overall price.

The higher I raise it... the more they make. And I like making money for my partners!

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PPS— You're getting everything I know about JV partnerships. Me... a guy who has made tens of millions of dollars over the last few years, doing successful JV after successful JV.

If you're going to learn the ins and outs of this business from someone, shouldn't it be from that guy? Shouldn't it be from the one guy all the gurus call when they need answers about JV-ing?

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