What Disappoints You Most About Trying To Make Money Online?

Too Much Effort With Little Payoff? Lack of focus?  

No Blueprint? Not Enough Time? Info-Overload?  

Little Results & Income?  Well...

Not YOU!


Proprietary Business And Income-Growth System Guarantees To Permanently Eliminate Every Single Business Obstacle, Roadblock And Constraint Holding You Back From Getting Rich Online


WARNING: This May Be Your LAST CHANCE To Have Legendary Business Coach, Rich Schefren, BLAST AWAY Every HIDDEN CONSTRAINT That’s Been Silently Preventing You From Having A Successful Business Online…


…And Transform Your Online Efforts & Business Into

A Money-Making Machine In The Next 6 Weeks

100% Guaranteed!




From: Rich Schefren

Monday June 2018




Do you sincerely feel you’ve reached your maximum potential online?


Are you truly… completely satisfied with the results you’re getting from your marketing and online efforts?


Or, more than likely, are you struggling to make heads or tails out of what you should be doing with your online business to be a success?


Does This Describe Your Experience

Trying To Make Money Online?


Are you… maybe… lacking focus in your efforts? Overwhelmed with all of the choices of marketing tactics, strategies, products and courses out there, and what you should really be doing everyday to grow your online income?


If any of that strikes a chord with you, and you’re tired of not making nearly the amount of money you’d like to be online, I’ve got great news for you…


You’re about to be given a step-by-step BLUEPRINT of how to unleash and unlock the full and maximum potential of your online efforts.  


I’m talking about a system that quickly identifies exactly what issue or “constraint” has been stopping you personally from making big money on the Internet… and… completely and permanently eliminates it from your path.


And, within just a few days of putting this system to work for you, your business and life will never, ever be the same again.


Within just a few short days after we remove your personal and business constraint: your business will begin to soar, your schedule will lighten up, and your personal freedom and fulfillment will expand like crazy.


Just like it did for these folks:


I have seen my income double...

“The impact and progress that has been made is nothing short of spectacular. I have seen my income more than double in the past year... More importantly, I’ve achieved 13 consecutive 'record breaking months' in my position at Yahoo!

- Darryl Peddle, the Director of SEO for North, South and Central America at Yahoo



 ...60 to 70 thousand a month.

“Our business has grown from very little revenue at the beginning, and now it's reaching 60 to 70 thousand a month. ”

- Andrew Hughes



...35% revenue increase...

“I've seen a thirty five percent revenue increase since I started Rich's program four months ago. And it's been much easier than I expected. ”

 - Liz Pabon



In our first month...

a 145% increase in sales revenue

"I just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know how delighted I am with our work together.  As you know I have been progressing in leaps and bounds. In our first month working together I saw a 145% increase in sales revenue.

Not only has there been an incredible increase in sales, but the business is running better and smoother than ever.  The information you provide could revolutionize any business, and we have only just started!"

- Mark McRae



   ...only 4 months I've experienced a

103% increase in my revenue.

“In only 4 months I’ve experienced a 103% increase in my revenue. Aside from the extra money (which, of course is great) I love my work again. I hadn’t realized how much the “daily grind” had worn me down until I started living in the space of freedom and increased productivity that Rich teaches.

I really do have “More Money, More Business, More Time Off”.”

- Liz Thomspon, Charles Town, WV



...the single best investment I've made...

"Working with Rich has easily been the single best investment I've made in my business/career life. I am a beginner to the internet and to building businesses and he has shown me step-by-step how I can go about building an independently growing business. He is always available to answer any questions (he encourages them), and he goes into great detail in explaining anything that is asked.

So many people talk about how you should 'work on your business' not 'in it' - but Rich is the only one I've found that actually shows you how to do it. Its not just theory - he's got the results both on and off-line to prove it.

I really do believe that anyone who is in business or thinking about going into business for themselves needs the information that Rich provides to have any chance of success - especially on the internet.

- Anish Aryal



...thank you for helping me

get more FREEDOM...

"Rich, thank you for helping me get more FREEDOM from repetitive business process while increasing my sales.  At 1ShoppingCart.com, we provide all the tools to automate a lot of business processes online but your coaching provides the strategies and action plans required to IMPLEMENT them. 

You're a 'Master Business Architect' and I highly recommend your program to any business owner looking to reduce their working hours and their stress"

- Rob Bell



I just wish I had this knowledge

20 years ago...

"When Rich came into my life, I was doing everything wrong. After what I've learned from him, I just wish I had this knowledge 20 years ago, because I would have been retired fifteen years ago"

-Michael Zolt


Please understand:


Yes… you do have unlimited potential for success…


BUT, your actual success - measured in the freedom and money your business brings you - is NOT determined by your potential or even your strengths.


It’s determined by your CONSTRAINTS: Those often hidden success-barriers that quietly undermine your efforts and block your path to reaping all the rewards you desired when you first started trying to make money online.


You see, your online business is like a chain. 


Its strength is solely and completely determined by the weakest link at any point in time. It doesn’t matter how strong the strongest link is.  A chain can only withstand whatever the weakest link is able to. 


Warning: Don't Spend Your Time

On This Area Of Your Business


Making any other link stronger in that chain will NOT… NOT… increase the ability or strength of that chain.  Because, again, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Just like with your business…


If you want to “strengthen your online business” so it kicks you off more cash and gives you more free time, freedom and prestige, then you need to first identify and strengthen the “weakest link” in your business.


That “weakest link” is what we call your “constraint.


And it's your constraint that always determines how much money you can make online and how fast your business is able to grow.


This is why working on improving or strengthening anything… ANYTHING… other than your business’ weakest link… it’s constraint… is a waste of your valuable time, energy, effort and money because it rarely ever produces the significant business breakthrough growth you want.


Worse, focusing your time and energy on improving any other area of your business other than your present constraint, simply causes more and more frustration and disappointment as time passes you by with little results to show.


In fact, let me ask you:


Has This Ever Happened To You?


Have you ever wondered why one marketer can buy a course or try a particular marketing tactic and reap massive results, while another marketer who buys the same course and tries the very same tactic barely sees a teeny increase in their income?


Why is that?


Well… because for the first marketer that particular course and marketing tactic addressed their specific business constraint. 


Yet, for the second marketer, that same course and tactic didn’t address their constraint, and therefore will NOT have the same impact on their business.


And, until the second marketer in that example identifies their own personal constraint, any effort they make to improve their business and income will almost always result in simply spinning their wheels. The same goes for YOU.

So What's The Answer?

  • Is more traffic the answer?

  • Is better conversion the answer?

  • Is better technical skill the answer?

  • Is more time to invest in your business the answer?

  • Is outsourcing the answer?

NONE of those things are the answer. Unless, they address your personal, individual and specific business constraint.


Unfortunately, if you’re like most online entrepreneurs you don’t know exactly what your personal constraint is. 


From working with thousands of online entrepreneurs, I can tell you that almost 80% of marketers incorrectly identify their business constraint.


In other words, what most marketers think is their business constraint, isn’t really it.  This of course continues to further the vicious cycle of working on the wrong area of your business and experiencing disappointment and weak results, if any.


But, I’m getting ahead of myself here.


Let me first introduce myself and explain why I’m fully-qualified to share this information with you.


Hi. My name is Rich Schefren, CEO of Strategic Profits.


Over the last 3 years I’ve been paid... day in and day out... up to $10,000.00 each to coach hundreds of aspiring online entrepreneurs on how to create a multi-million-dollar online business.


My very first group of just 25 coaching clients from 2006 increased their online business revenues by over $40 million dollars combined… in just 18 months alone.


Recognize Any Of The Names Of Some Of My Former Coaching Clients?


Mike Filsaime… Jeff Walker… Joel Comm… Ryan Deiss… Jim Edwards… Brad

Fallon… John Carlton… Yaro Starak… Marlon Sanders… Stu McClaren… Dan Caron… Ross Jefferies… David Deusch… Keith Baxter… Willie Crawford… Sterling Valentine… Kevin Hogan… Chris Carpenter… 1shoppingcart… Tellman Knudson... and more I'm not at liberty to reveal.


Beyond that...

  • I’ve been featured on the front of the Wall Street Journal and profiled on every major television network, including: FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC…

  • My Internet Business Manifesto… a simple 32-page report… is one of the most downloaded online business documents on the Net… with close to one MILLION downloads today…

  • Just one of my 2-hour business-building videos on Google hit the Google Top 100... twice... for most viewed videos online…

  • Recently, Eniro…the Swedish company known for their search and directory prowess overseas… sought me out and paid me $25,000.00... just to share with them, Google, Yahoo, and MSN, his business-building methodologies for ONE single hour…

  • I’ve also taught my business and marketing strategies to huge companies like: Agora Publishing, Boardroom, TheStreet.com, Weiss Financial, and even Motley Fool…

  • And, in addition to hundreds of testimonials and case studies on file from marketers whose lives have been changed forever because of my guidance,  I’ve also been endorsed by many of the top-level marketing experts, authors, and speakers, including the likes of: Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Gary Bencivenga, Bob Bly, Michael Masterson, John Carlton, Chet Holmes, Clayton Makepeace, Brian Tracy, and more.

For example, check out this lineup of experts, authors, and speakers who endorse my teaching and programs:

Rich is a bona-fide... expert...

managing fast and dramatic growth...

"Rich is a bona-fide, multi-media entrepreneur, expert in streamlining business operations, managing fast and dramatic growth, and profiting from EVERY direct-response media.

Rich has sold over 35-Million Dollars of his own varied products via newspaper, radio, TV, magazine advertising, direct-mail and the internet. And he’s all about making more while working less.

His unusual mix of marketing and business management prowess has brought a ‘who’s who’ of the marketing world to him (asking) for assistance in their businesses – in decreasing chaos while increasing profits – including Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Jeff Paul… and Yanik Silver…"

- Dan Kennedy, famous author and speaker

When the chips are down... I call Rich...

"I have many, many good friends in the online marketing world... but there are only a handful who I RELY on to get the bottom-line great info from."

When the chips are down, or I absolutely need to get clear advice from an experienced and battle-tested marketing veteran... I call Rich Schefren."

- John Carlton, One Of The Highest Paid Copywriters Ever

...Rich Schefren is our "Go-To" guy.

When it comes to building any business (online or offline) Rich Schefren is our "Go-To" guy. He's the business guru to almost all of the top internet marketers, he was the only outside speaker we brought in for our first internet seminar."

- Will Bonner, Agora Publishing

Rich is amazing.

"Rich is amazing. A couple of years ago, hardly anyone knew his name at all. Then he came out of the shadows and in a very short two years his coaching program has made a bigger difference in the profit margins of high level internet marketers than anyone (or anything) else. Period.

He's become the "guru to the gurus" in the online marketing world. His client list reads like a who's who of internet marketing. When Rich attends any kind of networking event, he gets swamped. By the "gurus"! They all want to get a few minutes of private conversation with Rich, and pick his brain. They all want Rich's advice on their businesses.

The gurus actually line up for a chance to talk to him. I mean literally. They form a LINE."

- Brian Tracy, Best-Selling Author And Speaker

You should treasure Rich's insights...

"Rich Schefren. He's the real McCoy: A certifiable genius when it comes to web marketing strategy.

An advocate who insists on underpromising and overdelivering. People call him “The Guru's Guru” because he's helped so many of today's most successful online marketers – including Agora and many other major companies – to ignite explosive growth in their companies.

You should treasure Rich's insights for the same reason I do: They'll help you make money. Period."

- Clayton Makepeace, Legendary Copywriter

...the greatest insights you'll ever hear...

"Rich Schefren is widely considered the internet marketing guru's guru. Many of the world's leading internet experts use Rich as their guiding light and personal advisor.

He harbors some of the greatest insights you'll ever hear for transforming your business into a smooth-running, fast-growing cash-making machine either online OR offline. He is quickly becoming a legend in this area."

- Chet Holmes, Best-Selling Author

I was a one man show... now I have 23 employees.

"Rich taught me to systemize my business. I was a one man show when I met Rich, and now I have 23 employees.

I really learned how to focus on my strengths and be the person that runs the company and creates the projects. And focus my time on revenue generating tasks and not getting tied down with mundane things like help desk, writing sales copy, editing video and things like that."

- Mike Filsaime, Internet Millionaire

He is the go-to guy...

"By now, you know the name Rich Schefren. If you don't, you should. Rich is the coach to the Internet marketing gurus. He is the go-to guy that I and many others look to for advice and input!"

- Joel Comm, Best-Selling Author

He transforms lives, business fates and financial destinies.

"Through his website, blog, products and seminars, Rich has done more than anyone alive to make Mavenship easy and affordable – something any business owner could easily do -- by breaking the Mavenship process of establishing yourself as a Maven down into small, easy-to-do, bite-sized pieces.

He transforms lives, business fates, and financial destinies. I personally respect, appreciate, admire and laud him...Rich is one of the very few worth turning to for online marketing and strategic business building."

- Jay Abraham, America's #1 Marketing Consultant



So, why am I so positive that I can show you how to double, triple and even quadruple your online income by identifing and eliminating your personal constraint?


Well... frankly... because I did it for myself in 3 different businesses. Then I did it again for my big-name coaching clients. And, finally, I did it for several hundred average marketers in late 2008 during a private coaching program called Guided Profit System (GPS).


Marketers that went through that original GPS Program experienced almost immediate leaps in income and business size, with total clarity and peace of mind about their business future.


Take A Peek At Just A Few Of The Success Stories I Have On File From Last Year's Guided Profit System Program

...GPS has been nothing short of a miracle

for my business.

"Just a quick message to let you know GPS has been nothing short of a miracle for my business!

Here are a few unequivocal facts: When I started my business was barely making $500/month. A few months later I'm making $4500/month passively and I expect to at least double that amount in 3-4 months! The beauty of it all is that I barely touched the business! Thanks a million Rich!"

- Eric LeRiche - www.InvestorRules.com

...unlocked everything that was holding me back from business success.

"Not only did I discover and eliminate my constraint, I learnt to see myself, my business and marketing through the eyes of "Rich Schefren" (Wow! What an experience that was!) in a way that has now unlocked everything that was holding me back from business success.

Being part of the GPS program has changed my online activities from being an expensive hobby (that cost me money) into a proper business (one that now brings in revenue) and I fully expect to at the very least replace my offline income within the next 3 months"

- Michael Tipper - www.YourBusinessBuildingBrain.com

...My six-figure business has grown to

a seven-figure business...


"My six figure business has grown to a seven figure business and this is 100% offline. By adding online components we plan to double our business in the next 18 months. But that is nothing compared to the value I get every week by regularly masterminding with half a dozen bright and successful other GPS Elite Classmates.

- Conrad Roelofse - www.eduparc.ch

...GPS paid off when I added $10K...

in the second week.

"My investment in GPS paid off when I added $10K to my business in the second week. The outstanding, personal guidance and mentoring by Rich Schefren gave me new clarity, purpose and direction.

The Strategic Profits team revealed every aspect of their business from their private systems and strategies, to how they use every cool tool and resource in their arsenal. (I still can't believe their open book policy)

They gave me everything I thought I wanted but in fact, they gave me what I truly needed."

- Colin Arthur Wiebe (Creative Director,Singer/Songwriter, Author/Coach) www.ColinWiebe.com

...I know how to overcome ANY obstacle that is in my way to success, in any area of my life.


"Since joining GPS, my company The Money Gym has more than doubled our revenue and added substantially to our profits.


I will save between $5000- $10,000 every year from now on, as I genuinely feel that I need nothing more in the way of tuition and mentoring programmes, the GPS is so complete, I don’t feel like I ever have to buy anything else.

More importantly, I no longer feel guilty when taking time off to look after me and I feel absolutely confident that the practical tools revealed in the GPS – tools I have never even heard of before – mean that I know how to overcome ANY obstacle that is in my way to success, in any area of my life."

- Nicola Cairncross - www.TheMoneyGym.com

...I've spent tens of thousands on courses...

this is the most valuable by far.


"The key ideas Rich teaches are useful not only for your business, but also for nearly all other apsects of your life. Rich is right when he says that a change in your thinking can be the most important change you make in your life. I’ve spent tens of thousands on other courses, seminars, learning materials, etc., but this is the most valuable by far. I’m sorry it’s over.


 - Scott Silverback

...No longer stuck working for my business,

it works for me now.

"Less stress. More free time. No longer stuck working for my business, it works for me now.

The GPS Elite coaching with Rich Schefren was the most intense coaching program I've been involved in. I was amazed and struck by the level of training we received. The open membership was also great and a goldmine of new friends and talented people willing to help. Some great new opportunities have opened up since getting to know some of the other members.

In the end, after seeing how Rich does his coaching. I could have saved a great deal of time and money by coming to Rich first. Though Rich did show ways to get more value out of everything we have."

- John Stiles - www.MyMarketInsider.com

...now I know we're on the correct course...


"GPS changed my entire business model. I went from trying to replicate someone else’s business plan to actually implementing my own. Sounds simple enough but since nearly 97% of online newbie’s fail within the first 90 days of setting up their stay at home business that means only 3% succeed. GPS helped me strategically target my market and taught me the specifics I needed to drill deep enough to find my niche.


After implementing the GPS program and personally meeting with the associates within Rich’s system, my company has changed 180 degree in its market niche.


We will be launching our own continuity product line in the near future, that’s something I only dreamt about prior to GPS but now I know we are on the correct course diligently building our “pre-eminent” customer data base.


Thanks Rich and everyone associated with GPS… I am proud to be one of many success stories from around the world…"

Loyd LaRue, CEO
Loyd Larue & Associates
(a Global Information Strategic Alliance Company)
Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/LoydLarue

...I knew the program would change my life... and it did!


"... since the very first moment I have heard about Rich Schefrens GPS Elite Coaching, I wanted to be part of it. I could not afford to NOT BE part of it - and I had a very hard time to come up with the tuition!

Back then, I had moved myself so far out into "the desert", that I even had to ask a friend for the money - what a mess! I am forever grateful and blessed, that he reached out and helped.

I knew, the program would hold the keys to unlock the vast potential, being hold down by my constraints. I was fully aware of them, but I was gridlocked - and could not crack them! What I needed was a wake up call and clear models to 'get out of the desert' - I needed the "right order of things" - to get back on track. ABC ... AAA ...

Apart from Rich´s excellent teaching, his ruthless dedication to 'help us get it' and his sharp insight into business, I have met some of the finest people in my life, connected to brilliant minds and some became very close friends. The energy and openess in Rich´s crowd is awesome and I am very proud to be part of it.

Without GPS, I would not have established a high profile Joint Venture.

Without GPS, I would not enjoy the most delightful weekly Mastermind Group.

Without GPS, I would miss some of my closest friends.
That is how powerful and life changing this program is!

I highly recommend you to join, leave your doubts and current thinking behind, be open and proactive and create the future you want. Fruits will come.

- Detlev Eller, www.SuperSecretSoftware.com

...GPS has literally give me my life back!


"Applying the “constraints busting” stuff that Rich teaches in GPS has literally given me my life back!


I used to be a prisoner in my own business – working 12 to 14 hours a day, often 7 days a week.


Now I’m making the same amount of money working half the hours I used to. I now have time to enjoy my success ... and I’m telling you that’s a priceless feeling. "

- Ken Steven - www.Growth-Trend.com

Check Out A What A Couple Of GPS Students
Recently Shared On The Blog (Unsolicited):

Unsolicited Blog Comment #1:

Unsolicited Blog Comment #2:

Unsolicited Blog Comment #3:


And, how about Alex Jeffries who went...


From $10K A Month To Over $330,000.00...

After Just 2 Weeks Of GPS


Crazy thing is...

These success stories came out of the original Guided Profit System 1.0 program.

Since then, we've reengineered the program to be even more powerful and effective at eliminating constraints for entrepreneurs. GPS is now in our new proprietary state-of-the-art web platform for easier learning and access to all of the training materials.

It's never been easier for you to quickly blast through your constraints and permanently rid yourself of the obstacles now holding you back as it is right now

Let me introduce you to the BRAND NEW...

Guided Profit System 2.0

GPS 2.0 is NOT your typical internet marketing course.

In fact, it's NOT a marketing course at all.

GPS 2.0 is a step-by-step blueprint designed to do one thing and one thing only - and that's show you exactly what's been holding you back from achieving success online, free you from that constraint, and unleash for you a torrent of business and income-growth!

With GPS 2.0, you'll never be overwhelmed again, lack clarity on how to grow your business, or wonder what's the best way to go about growing your online income.

  • You'll know EXACTLY how to get massive results within any niche, in any business, from anywhere in the world... regardless of whether you're a brand new internet marketer or a veteran.

  • You'll function with laser-like precision in your business, have incredible focus, and enjoy complete confidence as you watch your business and income grow almost weekly.

  • Best of all, you'll gain hours and hours of free time to enjoy your newfound cash flow because GPS 2.0 will magnify and multiply your results with absolutely no additional time invested.

Here's what you get with GPS 2.0:

This is the bread and butter of GPS 2.0.

Within these 5 modules you'll be walked, step-by-step through the entire process of discovering and eliminating your current single biggest business constraint.

Once you're through with these modules, you'll be FREE of whatever it is that's been holding you back from earning the big money online.

You get access to all of the training videos, slides, and transcripts (via our brand new eLearning Platform) which detail the entire Constraint-Busting process for you.

Included with your modules are all of the tools and resources you'll be using to bust-through any obstacles that creep on your path to success.

Everything you need to unleash your full marketing and income potential is found within these 5 modules.

And, you'll be able to go through these modules at your own pace, on your own schedule, anytime you'd like.
VALUE $2,997.00

You get access to hours of recorded video Q&A sessions I conducted with GPS 1.0 students, so you can quickly gain insight into how others overcame the constraint you're dealing with.

You’ll also gain priceless insights as you see the constraints your classmates are dealing with — and as you see how I help them quickly and easily eliminate each one.

And: I’ll make both the video and a transcript of these sessions available to you to revisit at your convenience.

Plus they'll be indexed and cross referenced so you can immediately skip to the questions and answers that are most relevant to you.

VALUE $697.00

You get lifetime access to the Constraint Vault with only one catch...

Submit your case study documenting how you were able to bust through your constraints...

Then you get to download, read and learn from everyone else's constraints and case studies!

Like everything else in your secure members area, these cases will be private and for members only. Now you not only get to learn from me and my team... you can learn from one another.

How can I put a price on this? If you discover just 1 constraint destroying tactic you didnt' know, this bonus could be worth thousands... tens of thousands... even millions.

VALUE $497.00

You get access to 3 Advanced-Marketing EXPLOSION Seminars designed to take you from your new constraint-free business to a monster 7 or 8-figure operation!

Each of these special Advanced sessions is a minimum of four hours in length. We’ll blast through your constraints and break down in minute detail the four main topics you must master to take your business to higher, more profitable heights!

These sessions will cover...

1. The secret structure to finding, implementing and capitalizing on free content that makes the sale every single time!

2. The productivity and time management secrets I use... and have taught to every mega-successful client I've coached!

3. Breaking the number 1 constraint: Information overload. Once you know how to do this, making money hand over fist gets easier than failing!

Of course, you will have full download access to all 12 + hours of these Advanced Sessions, so you won't miss out on a single gold nugget or tactic.

VALUE $1,497.00

You get access to the Private Recordings of a GPS 1.0 Student-Only all-day event we held here in Delray Beach, where you'll hear from the Strategic Profits staff and see how our company operates on a day-to-day basis.

This kind of access and training has never before been granted to anyone who wasn't one of my top-shelf, deep-pocket clients.

You'll learn what we do... how we do it... and how to best utilize your own talents... and the talents of others.

We covered everything from product development, to sourcing... Joint ventures to hiring... and so much more...

You'll even hear my special presentation entitled "Finding The Big Idea Behind Your Business!"
VALUE $1,197.00
Click Here To Eliminate YOUR Business Constraint

Frequently Asked Questions About GPS 2.0

Do I have to have an existing web business to benefit from GPS 2.0?

Answer: Ideally, the GPS 2.0 program would work best if you have your own business or at least the desire to start one. Because at the end of the day, that’s where your long-term wealth will come from.

But that being said, having your own business is NOT mandatory to get in to my program. Because small fortunes have been made by just knowing a fraction of what you’ll discover inside GPS 2.0 even by those without a business.

See, these atomic bombs of constraint eliminating firepower can be applied to any size business at anytime for staggering fees. That’s how I started, and it laid the foundation for my entire company. So, I guess it worked out ok. ;-)

But at some point, you'll want to have the freedom that running your own business provides. And by using what you learn from me to grow your own business, you'll achieve that in record time.

What if I'm brand new to Internet Marketing. Is GPS 2.0 right for me?

Answer: That's one we're getting a lot. And it's a legitimate concern. So here’s the skinny...

If you know absolutely nothing about the internet, have no offline business experience whatsoever, and can only put in one hour a week towards this program, then this probably isn't for you.

Because the GPS 2.0 program is NOT--I repeat NOT--a business in box, a business opportunity, or a deal where I promise you that we'll do all the work.

That’s a fools game. And while everyone deserves a chance for success, I tend not to mix well with those who haven't adjusted to the realities of business life.

But if you're willing to actually spend the time and apply what I'll show you, then you'll be starting a business armed with a skill-set entrepreneurs everywhere only wish they had when they started.

You'll avoid all the paralyzing mistakes while consistently choosing the most profitable action. In fact, your new skills will be even MORE valuable in the start up stage, since that's the time when entrepreneurs work the hardest, sacrifice the most, and make the least.

But, by simply utilizing what you learned in the GPS 2.0 program, you'll be able to totally avoid the dreaded "overworked and underpaid" stage and waltz right into positive cash flow from the very start.

Can I go through GPS 2.0 at my own pace?

Absolutely. You get access to our private Guided Profit System 2.0 Membership site and eLearning Platform. So, you can go through the material at whatever pace you feel most comfortable.  No rush, no pressure.

Do I need to live in the United States to participate in GPS 2.0?

Answer: Nope. Because GPS 2.0 is completely web-based, as long as you have Internet access you go through the program from anywhere.

I already have your Business Growth System. Is GPS 2.0 different?

Answer: GPS is a totally different program from the Business Growth System.

Business Growth System is centered on teaching your the fundamentals of business and online business.

Guided Profit Systems is centered around discovering and eliminating your constraints in a sequential step by step process. Plus my latest discoveries in marketing, outsourcing, and a few other components that are outside the scope of BGS.

What if I have questions. Will someone be available to guide me?

Answer: Of course. Like with all of our training programs, if you have any questions at any time, simply hop over to our support suite and one of our Team Members will be ready to assist you in anyway we can. Remember, we're in this together. You won't be left alone. And, you'll have our support every step of teh way.  Plus, with the community of GPSers, you'll be able to tap into the collective mind of hundreds of other savvy entrepreneurs.

How soon will I be able to start GPS 2.0?

Answer: Right now!

Click Here To Claim Your Spot In GPS 2.0

So, How Much Does It Cost To Enroll In GPS 2.0?

Okay, okay. So you’re convinced of the power of eliminating your business constraint. But, you want to know what it's going to cost to enroll in GPS 2.0. Well, I tell you what, why don’t YOU decide what it’s worth...

  • What price tag would YOU place on something that eliminates the one thing that's been holding you back from having a successful and profitable online business?

  • What price tag would YOU place on something that frees you and your business to grow, make more money, and gain freedom and autonomy?


Frankly, if you don't feel that knowing how to eliminate the one thing that's been preventing you from prospering is worth almost any investment... than... honestly, GPS 2.0 is NOT for you.


GPS 2.0 Is NOT For You, If...

If you're looking for a get rich quick scheme or another whiz-bang traffic generation course, or something, I would ask that you pass on enrolling in GPS 2.0.

GPS 2.0 is for the online entrepreneur who sincerely wants to get rich with their own Internet Business.  Period.  If that doesn't describe you, GPS 2.0 is not for you.

If, on the other hand, you see how powerful GPS 2.0 is, then you'll agree that it's easily worth the price tag $4,996.00.
Just do the math … let’s just say GPS 2.0 only puts an extra $1,000 a month in your pocket. By the end of the year you've more than doubled your investment. Not too shabby.

But, you're NOT going to pay $4,996.00 today. You're not even going to pay half of that to enroll in GPS 2.0.

If you're one of the first 575 marketers to enroll in GPS 2.0 you'll invest just one payment of $1397.

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Why So Inexpensive Right Now?

Because we moved GPS into our brand new proprietary elearning web platform, we want to give a few hundred marketers the opportunity to use it before we roll it out in a big way to the mass market.

Consider this a MASSIVE DISCOUNT just to tell us how much you like the new platform.  :-)

But, even with discount I want to show you how serious I am about being able to eliminate your business constraint and make you a heck of a lot more money.

So, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is...

I GUARANTEE your constraint will vanish before your eyes and unleash your full business potential or you get your money back.  

Here, I'll even make it official:

Does that sound fair?

You get 60 days to see with your own eyes if I’m full of bull… or if GPS 2.0 really does permanently eliminate the obstacles standing in your way of business success.

As long as you’re sincere in your desire to make money on the Internet and have a successful online business, I guarantee you’ll be thrilled. Period.


You Get 4 Additional Powerful Training Programs...
Valued Over $3,588.00... When You Enroll In GPS 2.0 Today!


I attribute much of my business acumen to this learning system that I've developed over the past 20 years. It vaulted me from a D student to Harvard, with the ability to master any subject in lightning speed.

You'll discover...

The simple "Learning Matrix" that files what you read, listen to, or watch into your long-term memory. While your competitors waste time trying to find information they only vaguely remember, you'll be accessing it with razor sharp precision... and turning it into one financial windfall after another!

This one, simple change in your work environment can instantly DOUBLE your productivity: What Microsoft, Apple, and NASA discovered in independent research studies that'll ramp up your productivity by 50% or even more!

What Harvard taught me about super-human productivity: It's a simple workspace adjustment - costs peanuts - that skyrockets your productivity and guarantees you'll     never run out of gas when working.

FREE MONEY: If I offered you a free Camry - would you accept it? This simple desk accessory is just as good: It'll put an extra $24,499.00 into your pocket this year alone!

With this training, there's no reason for you not to emerge as the #1 thought leader in YOUR market! That's how you excel... that's how you succeed... that's how you dominate in business! 

Plus You'll...

• Double or even TRIPLE your reading speed…

• Comprehend everything you read instantly…

• Develop instant recall of facts, figures, names and more…

• Blitz through audio training 2-4x faster

• Sprint through video training in half the time.

• And so much more...

VALUE $597.00

Discover and leverage your natural, unique strengths with a scientific strengths assessment so powerful.

You will know without a doubt:

1. Your most lucrative strengths (so every minute you work will swell your bank account with cash.)

2. The weaknesses you should avoid at all costs (so you can delegate or outsource them – instead of struggling… only to get disappointing results again!)

3. What your personal action profile means (so you can easily multiply your profits and crush your competition.)

4. And how to leverage your strengths to take any venture – in any market – from zero to jaw-dropping success in a matter of weeks, not years!

Your business will grow, your relationships will naturally improve, and you’ll start having more fun in your business.

The best part will be when you experience the deep sense of satisfaction you’ll feel when you’re focusing the majority of your energy on doing the things you’re really great at – what you really enjoy.

VALUE $97.00

In late 2008 I conducted a once-in-a-lifetime 26-Hour Marathon Live Video Training. I answered any and every business and marketing question thrown at me.

It was so good and packed with killer content that I took the entire 26 hours and had it professionally produced in to a DVD.

You get the discs... the transcripts featuring all the constraint-busting and all the Q&A... and I'll even throw in the SUPER-SECRET BONUS...

You also get our personal behind the scenes “making of” video. Now you see exactly how we were able to put on such an historical event.

That package is invaluable, but will be later sold on its own for $297.

VALUE $297.00

You get all of the videos and transcripts from one of the hottest private marketing events of the decade!

Earlier last year master marketer and copywriter Jay Abraham put together an invitation only event that was limited to his best clients.

Most who'll read this letter couldn't get in if they tried!

This event featured the biggest names, most of which you never get to see speaking... anywhere!

Now you'll experience that same closed-door event in the comfort of your home or office!

The panel of speakers reads like a who's who of success!

1. Jay Abraham - Jay does 2 sessions. One on what keeps most business owners from making and sustaining the success and prosperity they deserve... And the other on “Maven Marketing Makeover” the book he co-authored with me.

2. Stephen M.R. Covey - author of "Leading at the Speed of Trust."

3. Chet Holmes - author of "The Ultimate Sales Machine," who'll be introducing a sneak preview, look at his newest, not-yet-published book.

4. Fran Tarkenton - NFL Hall of Fame athlete, entrepreneur extraordinaire.

5. Larry Genkin - the publisher of "Blogger and Podcaster Magazine."

6. Michael Levin - one of the non-fiction world's top ghostwriters.

7. Scott DeGarmo - for nearly 16 years, the Publisher AND Editor-in-Chief of "Success Magazine."

8. Rieva Lesonsky - for over 10 years, the Editor- in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine.

9. Steve Dworman - nationally famed infomercial producer with four successful infomercials on the air right now.

10. Andy Miller - probably the most effective expert on "consultative selling" out there.

11. Donald Moine - Chief advisor to over 80% of the top infomercial companies, 60% of the top financial planners, and 75% of the top seminar companies.

12. Mark Victor Hansen - Co-author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series, Mark teaches MEGA Marketing and Vast Possibility Thinking (VPT).

13. Marshall Thurber - Top protégé of both W. Edwards Deming (father of optimization) and Buckminster Fuller (father of innovative non-linear thinking).

14. Robert Chesney - Video and digital marketing expert/advisor to over 1,000 of the nation's top speakers, authors and consultants.

15. Stephen Pierce - Arguably, One of the finest online marketing mind...and Possibility Expert you'll ever meet. He was my first and only Internet Marketing Coach, and he taught me the ropes and now you can benefit too!

16. Spike Humer - Expert at finding the underperforming leveraging spots that are keeping your business from soaring.

17. Joel Roberts - One of the World's leading experts at getting the press to love interviewing you and publishing lavish articles on you, your product or service.

18. Brian Kurtz - Head of “The Boardroom.” Probably the finest multi-discipline expert on copy writing, direct mail, email, infomercials and continuity marketing.

19. Joel Epstein - You've seen him on CNN, Access Hollywood and Fox News. Joel's book's about how to easily accomplish incredible personal and business goals.

20. Dr. Stephen R. Covey - Recognized as one of Time magazine's 25 most influential Americans. "How to control your destiny with straightforward guidance.

Plus... a “Secret Surprise!”

If you were lucky enough to get invited to one of Jay's events, it might set you back $25,000.00. Back when I had my offline business I paid Jay $20,000 for just 4 hours of his time. I'm not kidding. And it was worth every penny.

You get to experience it for FREE...

VALUE $2,597.00

Look, if you're still reading the letter this far down, there's a good chance you know you need to learn how to identify and eliminate your your one big business constraint.

Without being able to eliminate your specific constraint you're losing out on income, free-time, and fulfillment that could easily be yours.

If you can't honestly say you know for sure what your one big business constraint is, how can you confidently go forward trying to build your business?

If you don't enroll in GPS 2.0, what are you going to do to eliminate your constraint?

Don't you think you owe it to yourself to see just how much of a positive impact having GPS 2.0 eliminate your constraint can have on your business, income and life?

Think about it...

Aren't You Tired Of Not Experiencing The Exciting

Income-Breakthroughs So Many Other Marketers Are?

Don't you want to move past the status quo and have a real, profitable business that puts lots of extra money in your pocket and allows you to start living some of those dreams you've been putting off?

Take action now.  Get your spot in GPS 2.0 and start making the money online you've always wanted.

Click the 'Add to Cart' button below.

YES RICH! I'm absolutely ready to stop struggling with my online business and have my constraints permanently removed from my path with GPS 2.0. I recognize that unless I know how to identify and remove my constraints, I'll simply continue spinning my wheels with disappointing results, if any.

I understand when I enroll in GPS 2.0 today I get...
  • Access to all 5 Constraint-Busting Modules which will walk me, step-by-step, through identifying and eliminating my specific business constraint. - VALUE $2,997.00

  • Hours of video Q&A sessions, where you helped other marketers skyrocket their income and business-growth by vaporizing every obstacle, roadblock, and constraint holding them back. - VALUE $697.00

  • The GPS 2.0 private Member-Only Website and Constraint-Case Study Vault. With access to this private area, I'll be able see how other marketers overcame their specific and individual constraint, so I can follow in their footsteps.- VALUE $497.00

  • 3 Advanced-Marketing EXPLOSION Seminars designed to take me from my new constraint-free business to a monster 7 or 8-figure operation!- VALUE $1,497.00

  • Private recordings of a GPS 1.0 Student-Only event you held in Delray Beach, where I'll hear from the Strategic Profits staff and see how your company operates on a day-to-day basis. - VALUE $1,197.00

  • FREE BONUS #1: Rich Schefren's personal Learning Acceleration Program, so I can process new business and marketing information at lightning pace! - VALUE $597.00

  • FREE BONUS #2: Strengths Mastery Program, so I can uncover my hidden strengths and maximize my current activities. - VALUE $97.00

  • FREE BONUS #3: The Money-Makeathon DVD Package... which is over 24-hours of hard-core marketing and business-training from Rich Schefren. - VALUE $297.00

  • FREE BONUS #4: Jay Abraham's Mega Royalty Of Marketing DVD Training program with some of sharpest minds in business and marketing today. I understand this is the recording of special one-time closed-door event, so I see the enormous value. - VALUE $2,597.00

  • I understand I get to try-out GPS 2.0 RISK-FREE for the next 60-days. And, if my personal business constraint hasn't disappeared right before my eyes, I can get a complete 100% refund.


Just $4,996.00

Only $1,397

Only 575 Students
Will Be Accepted Into GPS 2.0

(GPS 1.0 SOLD OUT FAST! So Don't Delay)

Sorry, This Offer Has Expired.

To Your Ultimate Success,

Rich Schefren
Founder and CEO of Strategic Profits
“Guru To The Internet Gurus”

PS — Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Brad Fallon, Tellman Knutsen, and Jim Edwards all trusted me with their businesses. Now I'd like to do for you... what I did for them. An entrepreneur's business is his biggest, and most volatile investment. Don't keep yours at risk. Let me help you finally unlock your full potential.

PPS You can try out GPS 2.0 for a whole 60-days without risking any money. If, after 60 days, your business constraint hasn't been completely eliminated from your path, simply let us know and you'll get a complete, 100% refund. 


...turning my struggles and ideas

toward profit.

"Rich is the consummate business coach. His ability to quickly discern where I'm "stuck" in my businesses and address those specific issues is nothing short of amazing.

Being coached by him has been the single most influencing factor in turning my struggles and ideas toward profit. If you grasp the depth of meaning of these words, you'll recognize Rich as a true gem. He's the kind of coach every business needs and I am thankful to be one of the few fortunate enough to have access to him.

- Leslie Buterin, founder www.ColdCallingExecutives.com



I am gaining control

over every aspect of my business...

"I am absolutely amazed by the quality and the info I have got at rich's coaching club.

Rich goes step by step into so many different aspects of the business, that once you realize and start looking over at those things, you will start gaining total control over your business and reach your vision faster. I believe I am gaining total control of every aspect of my business and once that happens I will easily crash my competitors, grow any business, have more free time to focus on what I have to focus and make tons of money, which is why we all are here for... what he covers isn't told anywhere else, you can only find it here. 

Thanks Rich, I am really amazed by your efforts and every detail you put on each and every call.

- Giancarlo Capuccio