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Dear Online Entrepreneur,

If you've ever struggled with self-doubt over the right steps to grow a business...

If you've ever felt helpless watching your bank account shrink before your very eyes...

If you've ever sat up late at night and asked yourself "what the hell's wrong with me?"

Then I urge you to keep reading.

Because I'm going to show you what's behind your struggles... your failures... and all your doubts.

Then I'm going to show you how you can immediately...

My name is Rich Schefren

I'm the Founder and CEO of Strategic Profits. It's my
business to make other people's businesses successful...

Rich Schefren
Rich Schefren
CEO And Founder
Strategic Profits

It's my business to make other people's businesses successful.

And I've been paid upwards of $25,000 an hour to do it.

My private client list reads like a who's who of marketing all-stars.

A-level gurus like Mike Filsaime… Jeff Walker… Ryan Deiss… Jim Edwards… Brad Fallon… John Carlton… Yaro Starak… David Deutsch… Tellman Knudson... and Jay Abraham... just to name a few...

In fact, my very first group of 25 coaching clients in 2006 increased their online business revenues by over $40 million dollars combined… in just 18 months.

I've taught my business and marketing strategies to info-marketing powerhouses like: Agora Publishing, Boardroom,, Weiss Financial, and even The Motley Fool…

I've been endorsed by top-level marketing experts, authors, and speakers, including: Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Gary Bencivenga, Bob Bly, Michael Masterson, John Carlton, Chet Holmes, Clayton Makepeace, Brian Tracy, and more.

I've been featured on the front of the Wall Street Journal and profiled on every major television network, including:


I've been personally responsible for literally
hundreds of incredible success stories.

But I have to admit... there have been failures too. But here's the thing...

Every client of mine who didn't succeed, shared one common flaw.

A fundamental inability that built a wall between them and any chance of success... One that virtually guaranteed their failure.

It's likely THE most common cause of failure. And I'm willing to bet it's at the root of your struggles too.

What is the fundamental key to
massive business success?

The ability to... THINK CORRECTLY

Problem solving, Decision making, Information processing... call it whatever you want.

Your ability to think correctly is fundamental to any hope of success you have.

And it is especially important today.

"Correct thinking" is the key skill possessed by every successful entrepreneur… and the lack of it is behind virtually every failure.

It can be your ultimate weapon of power... or your biggest vulnerability... In business and in life. That's because, your business can only be as successful as you design it to be...

But that's easier said than done.

Sure, there are books that promise to show you how to "start your own business" or "be your own boss"...

And the biz-opp market is crawling with all kinds of $97 "done-for-you" opportunities...

But at best they're only pieces of the puzzle. And at worst they'll leave you poorer and worse off than when you started...

They can never give you the success you want.

Because they don't give you the single, most essential skill, you must have to succeed...

The key ability that lets you adapt to any situation and overcome any obstacle that stands in your way...

The power to blow past your competition and launch your business to any level of success you desire.

They don't show you how to think correctly.

Why is this ability SO important today?

Because the internet has caused a massive paradigm shift
in businesses' profit models. One that's put
individual entrepreneurs everywhere at a huge

The Commoditization of Information.

The internet has made access to virtually unlimited information incredibly inexpensive and easy...

Today, what once made your business a stand-out success – your access to specialized knowledge and information – is gone. Today getting information has become like shopping for a box of breakfast cereal at the grocery store…

The information playing field has been leveled... and paved over.

So what is your ultimate edge in business today?

It's what you do with that information.

How you process it. In other words...

How you THINK!

The truth is most people prefer to avoid thinking whenever possible. Why?

It's hard work!

Henry Ford once said:

Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it.

But that's the good news!

It means today if you can think critically, clearly, and with focus... you will have the biggest competitive edge you could ever hope for.

I want to give you that competitive edge.

And show you how easily you can
dominate your market and your competition.

Everything you need to know about accurate, focused and correct thinking is detailed in my most powerful (and most popular) Private Client Report.

It has already changed the lives and fortunes of countless entrepreneurs around the world.

It's called: The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success

It's not available anywhere and you can't buy it for any price.

But today, I want you to have a copy… on me.

But first let me warn you...

It's an unnerving report.

It will challenge you.

It will show you things most people would rather not acknowledge about themselves or their business. So if the thought of facing reality bothers you, you may want to pass on this offer.

But... if you're up to that challenge, I promise it will give you greater clarity and focus in every aspect of your business.

It will eliminate your personal constraints, and empower you to achieve massive success.

It's gotten raves from those who have already read it.

Here are just a few of the messages I've received...

I'm confident you'll be saying the very same things about it. Why? Because...

It will give you the critical skill necessary
to succeed you can't get anywhere else

Once you've read this report, you'll be on the road to more focused,
more powerful thinking skills, and you'll start reaping
all the rewards that come with it.

Let me show you the short list of what you'll get...

Plus, I'll show you simple tactics and strategies that make thinking right easy...

This is your wake up call!

When you're finished with this report, you'll have a fresh outlook, a sharper focus, a crystal clear understanding
of everything you'll need to light a spark under your business.

It will be your greatest business asset, giving you more confidence, more money, and more enjoyment from your business and everything else.

You'll conquer any challenge and finally be able to pursue your true passions.

When you understand how to think correctly, you'll take total control of your business which means...

Everything you need to get it all is revealed in my report The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success.

I'm waiting to send you a copy – absolutely free.

Stop Struggling and Become a Founder Instead!

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Here's What's Waiting For You In
The Founders Club 2.0

To start, you'll get password protected access to your own personal membership area. I've got some even more valuable goodies waiting for you there that I'll tell you about them just a second.

About every other month you'll receive a brand new private client briefing from me. (Both by mail and delivered electronically to your member area.) These are the heart and soul of the club.

They range anywhere from 25 to over 100 pages. But more important than that, in each and every one, I strive to deliver critical business and marketing insight you don't – and can't – get anywhere else.

For example, in 2009, I wrote a report called “Evergreen Event-Driven Marketing.” And it introduced my Founders members to the concept of marketing via webinars.

Up to that time, the most popular marketing strategy was the “product launch” model. Launches were great. I used them myself. But I could see, for a number of reasons that weren't obvious to the average marketer, they weren't a viable long term solution.

So I developed the concept and process of the evergreen marketing webinar – a very viable long term solution – and shared it with my clients.

Today all you need to do is look around to see what's happened. Webinars now dominate the marketing landscape. It all started with that report.


They are the culmination of years of research, study, and trial and error designed to give you a “business vision” that only those at the very top of the mountain can see...

All packed into a clear, concise, actionable format.

And I've got plenty of great ideas for the future.

Strategic And Tactical Training From
Some Of The Best In The Business

On the off-months – when you don't receive a new report – you'll get my brand new “Accelerated Success CD and Supplement.” (Again, by mail and delivered to your personal member area.)

One of the keys to my success over the years has been that I don't try to do and know everything. I'm really far too flawed as a perfectionist and a procrastinator to even try. Understanding your weaknesses and operating from your strengths is one of the main tenets of being a “Strategic Entrepreneur.”

That means here in my business at Strategic Profits, I've surrounded myself with some of the best talent in the online business world. Specialists traffic, affiliate relations, operations, writing, marketing, and just about every other area you need in your successful business.

And now I've put them to work for you too!

Your Accelerated Success CD is a monthly discussion with one or more of my expert team on a particular tactical topic. Past CDs have talked about topics like how to structure a winning JV campaign and how to get the most from your landing pages.

These are the perfect complement to your reports.

Listen In On My Ultra High-Level Coaching Advice

And then every week, in your personal members area, you'll receive a brand new “audio dispatch from the field.”

What are these?

One day each week I spend several hours (actually as many as six or seven) working with my high end coaching clients on a private Q&A call. Personally helping them work through their specific struggles.

But before I dive into their questions, I always start off with some observations I believe are extremely important for them in their pursuit of success. Things like, how to deal with setbacks and overcome your fears, what specifically they need to focus on at that time, how to achieve maximum productivity in whatever they do, and a whole range of other topics.

This is your chance to listen in to them.

To hear what's usually reserved only for my high-end clients.

Every week you'll get an mp3 copy of the recording along with a printed transcript you can dive into to sharpen your business skills to a razor's edge…

Now if access to all this weren't enough to keep you on the cutting edge of online business and marketing, I've got your personal membership area already stocked with even more powerful business building information.

I'm going to include two more core reports to help you get started. Let me tell you about them.

Establish Your Vision,
and Launch Your Dream Business

This first is called “Your Business Blueprint: Business Success by Design.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are almost always held back by a lack of confidence that stems from not knowing what they need to do – to make their business successful. It's not surprising.

They try cookie cutter solutions that simply won't work. Why not? Because no two businesses, like no two entrepreneurs, are truly alike.

The only way to get clarity on what you need to make your business the life-changing success of your dreams is to answer one critical question before anything else:

What is my vision for my business..

When you do, you'll:

It's a proven road map, an essential guide to answering that critical question.

It doesn't matter if you already have a business that's stuck or struggling... It doesn't matter if you've tried and failed before (or even ten times before!)... It doesn't even matter if you've never even run a lemonade stand.

This report will give you everything you need for that critical first step… to establish that all important vision for your business.

When you open its pages, it will lay out all the fundamental things you need to get clear on before you take any other action.

It will help you get clear on the very basics underlying a successful business…

And there's more. This report will get you started on the road to planning your business the right way from the get-go:

And that's still not all. You'll get a crystal clear understanding of everything you need to know about your prospective market including:

And there's still more. You'll see exactly what you need to run a profitable business virtually on autopilot:

If there was ever an ultimate answer to all your online money making questions… this report is it!

But that's not all that's waiting for you…

Conquer Online Marketer's Number One Complaint
When You Go “Beyond Traffic”

Next you'll get my eye-opening report titled “Beyond Traffic: Six Steps Conquering Internet Marketing's Most Common Complaint.

This report will SHATTER every myth, misconception, and misunderstanding about traffic that is holding you back.

Most entrepreneur wannabes cry, “If I could only get more traffic, things would be great.” But, when you understand the secret behind how traffic really works, you'll see just how wrong they are.

And what's more, you'll have everything you need to do to increase your traffic and maximize its value. Implement what you learn in this report and you'll immediately:

“Beyond Traffic” shreds the curtain of misinformation and shatters the myths surrounding this most misunderstood topic including:

This report will answer questions rookie marketers and entrepreneurs don't even know to ask. Every critical detail you need to understand is included in my private client report “Beyond Traffic…”

And it's waiting for you in your personal member's area.

And that's still not all you're going to get…

Your Core Collection of Audio Dispatches

Call these the “best of the best.”

I'm going to start you off with six of my most popular, most powerful audio dispatches.

And I'm still not done giving it all away.

My Most Recent And Up To The Minute Revelations

And in addition to all this, you're also going to get

  1. My most recent Founders Club 2.0 report…
  2. My most recent Accelerated Success CD, and…
  3. My most recent audio dispatches.

All my most current insights I share with my most successful clients. (The same insights and revelations that made them successful in the first place!)

But be WARNED!
These are powerful business tools
for serious entrepreneurs

Frankly they're not for anyone NOT serious about their success.

You see, this is not just another "make money online" course. And it's definitely not some "done-for-you magic pill."

Products like those are for "opportunity seekers" – people looking to do one more thing to inch further ahead. Who blindly piles more and more on their plates, without ever having a clear vision of their path to success.

So if you're looking for "opportunity-in-a-box," I suggest you to keep looking. Sorry, but membership in the Founders Club 2.0 probably isn't right for you.

But... if you are serious about growing a real business, one that will earn you maximum profits while demanding minimum effort, then I highly recommend you consider becoming a Founder.

When you join, you'll enter an exclusive circle of strategic entrepreneurs who settle for nothing short of total success.

Individuals who build businesses that virtually run themselves – and get it done at breakneck speed.

Entrepreneurs who create their own opportunities. Visionaries who actually know and live the freedom of owning their own business.

In short, you'll be among "Founders,"who make more and work less!

It's Your Personal Roadmap to Success

"Founder" status is an elusive rank. Achieving it on your own can take years of trial and error. Enduring failure after failure. And with no guarantee you'll ever get it right.

But membership in the Founders Club is your roadmap to cut years off your struggle. It's unlike any other mentoring program out there.

It shows you how to zero in on the success you want. And how to design and launch a business that will rocket you toward it.

Now let me ask you...

What would that kind of advantage be worth
to you and your business?

Well, I've got some good news for you.

Considering the countless entrepreneurs who have earned millions of dollars as a result of their memberships – and all the proven tools, strategies, tactics and ideas you'll get when you join, I think you'll find membership to be surprisingly affordable.

You see, other legitimate business guru's will charge you five, six, and even seven figures for access to their years of knowledge.

Dan Kennedy routinely turns down businesses willing to pay over $18,000 just to pick his brain for a few hours...

Jay Abraham charges six-figures to deliver the results his clients beg him for...

Tap into Michael Masterson's business genius and you'll pay upwards of a million dollars!

I, myself, have gotten paid $25,000 an hour – to share my business-building know-how with such big-name players as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

Reality check.

That's what the results of real business coaching are worth.

So how much is membership in The Founders Club 2.0?

Incredibly, full membership in the Founders Club 2.0 is only $47 a month.

Less than you're probably already paying every month for the movie channels on your cable bill. Isn't your business success worth the price of a month of second run movies?

Founders Club members think so...

Why Would I Under-Price This Amazing Resource?

What's the catch? If it's so valuable, why have I made this incredible resource so ridiculously affordable? Two reasons...

First, because helping independent entrepreneurs realize their goals and dreams is my passion.

Over my own career, I've personally built and sold three super-successful businesses and I can tell you, it's a great way of life.

My goal is to help you and as many aspiring strategic entrepreneurs like you as I can. And the best way I can do it, is by making membership as accessible as possible.

But I have a second motive as well...

You see, I want to help you become as successful as possible as fast as possible. Because I know once you are, you'll want more.

(Believe me when I tell you – success is addictive.)

Once you start experiencing all the benefits of that kind of success – the extra free time, the reduced effort, and the bigger paydays – you'll be so thrilled, you won't want to leave. And I'll have another client for life.

So to kick start that initial success, I'm willing to make an investment in you first.

That's why you need to act now.

Isn't your success worth $47? I believe it is...

And To Prove It to You, I'll Take All the Risk...

Here's what I want you to do. Sign up to try Founders Club 2.0 Membership right now, and get your free copy of my report on thinking: The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success.

Read the report cover to cover. Go through all the other reports and recordings for an entire month. Then:

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But I'll bet you won't.


Well, the average online membership site retains members for less than three months. But, over 95% of our current Founders Club have been been grateful, enthusiastic members for over a year and a half!

That tells me our thousands of members are thrilled with the proven, real-world tactics, strategies and guidance they've received... And the results they've achieved that have catapulted their businesses into the stratosphere.

Now your have an important decision to make

Will you keep on struggling in the status quo of doubt and uncertainty? Going from opportunity to opportunity with nothing to show for it?

Or will you take action to grow your business and achieve your goals?

Remember, in this age of virtually unlimited information, your only edge in an increasingly competitive – increasingly global business market, is what you do with all that information.

Your ability to THINK!

Don't give your competition a leg up by shortchanging yourself.

It all comes down to whether you want it bad enough...

Do you value your business enough to
make this tiny investment in your own success?

Don't kid yourself... Saying "I'll think about it" or "Maybe later" are just different ways of saying "No."

Now I've done everything in my power to make your membership a "no-lose" proposition.

Sign up now and get my report The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success

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To higher profits and beyond,

Rich Schefren
Founder and CEO of Strategic Profits

P.S. – Remember – Your success in business and in life starts with YOU! It doesn't come out of a box. You can't buy it in an online store. Arm yourself with this key ability, and you'll have the ultimate edge in virtually everything you do.

P.P.S. – You're not risking a penny. You'll get access to everything membership offers you. This isn't some kind of limited, teaser trial. I want you to prove to yourself how valuable these tools and resources are. If you aren't 100% convinced the Founders Club is everything I've described, if you're not convinced beyond a doubt that your membership will launch you on the path to the success and happiness you've wanted for so long, simply contact us within the first 30 days and cancel. You'll get full and cheerful refund of your membership fee. And you can keep my report "The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success" as my gift to you just for checking it out.

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