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You want to make money on line, but are overwhelmed with questions
about where to start. And here's the bad news...

The Questions You're Asking
Won't Give You
The Answers You Need!

BUT... Answer this critical question first,
and you'll immediately:

Read on and I'll reveal the question, and show you how easy it is to answer it for yourself.

Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur,

Have you ever struggled with this question?

What's the first step I need to take to get started in business online?.

Well, if you keep searching that answer, the chances of you actually making any serious money online are slim to none.

Because no matter what business you're in... no matter what your plans are... answering that won't matter, unless you answer this critical question first.

What is it?

I want to tell you. And then show you what answering it first can do for you.

It's the key that will give you breakthrough clarity on what you want — and what you need to do to get it.

The first step that will let you build a business that earns you enough money to do whatever it is you really want to do in your life. To turn your definition of success into your own personal reality...

No matter how modest or epic your online goals are, you must answer this critical question first if you ever hope to achieve them.

Let me show you how to do it...

My Name Is Rich Schefren

Rich Schefren
Rich Schefren
CEO And Founder
Strategic Profits

Today I'm in the business of creating massive online success stories.

My very first group of 25 coaching clients in 2006 increased their online business revenues by over $40 million dollars combined… in just 18 months. (That's an average boost of $1.6 million for every one of them.)

I’ve taught business and marketing strategies to info-marketing powerhouses like: Agora Publishing, Boardroom,, Weiss Financial, and even The Motley Fool…

I've been paid upwards of $25,000 an hour to teach social media strategy to the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google and more (when it was still in its infancy.)

I’ve been endorsed by top-level marketing experts, authors, and speakers, including: Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Gary Bencivenga, Bob Bly, Michael Masterson, John Carlton, Chet Holmes, Clayton Makepeace, Brian Tracy, and more.

I’ve been featured on the front of the Wall Street Journal and profiled on every major television network, including: FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC…

I regularly swim in the waters with heavy hitters like these...

But I've also turned more small start-ups and struggling opportunity seekers
into 6- and 7-figure successes than anyone else online.

But things weren't always like this. In fact, it was only after a crushing failure and a late-night epiphany that I discovered this secret to my current success.

Let me back up for just a second and tell you what I'm talking about.

You see, I've always,
been an entrepreneur at heart...

Even when I was just out of college working as business analyst for Arthur Andersen in New York.

I loved business. I'd study them like some kids study baseball cards. Huge corporations to small businesses to sole proprietorships. It didn't matter. I studied their products, their marketing, their business models.

But what fascinated me most, was what differentiated super successful businesses from those doomed to struggle and fail.

After years of studying them, I developed a unique theory about what I believed was central to every huge success story. It came down to answering one key question before they did anything else.

And as luck would have it, it wouldn't be long before I had a chance to test my theory...

In my early twenty's, I had the opportunity to step in to rescue a failing brick and mortar clothing store.

It was a “boutique” shop located in lower Manhattan that was struggling to compete against larger retailers located in nearby malls.

I could see immediately that this business had never answered that question. And that, I believed, was at the root of all its problems. So I set out to relaunch the business – but this time by focusing on that question first.

Here's what I did.

Being a “club kid” at the time, I leveraged my knowledge of that popular scene and transformed the store from a mere clothing retailer into a cutting-edge fashion destination. A move that not only boosted business but attracted celebrity clientele from all over. Names like Madonna, Uma Thurman, Prince, Bon Jovi, and Eric Clapton all came in to buy at my shop.

In a matter of three years, the store did a complete “180.” Revenues more than quadrupled from $1.5 million annually to $6.5 million.

I thought I was on to something. But just to be sure it wasn't just dumb luck, I wanted to test my theory again. I wanted to prove that same first step would work in any business at any level.

So I Launched a Brand New Business...
From the Ground Up

Around that time, I got interested in hypnosis. With only a new passion and my “first step” theory to guide me, I launched “Dynamic Changes Hypnosis.”

By answering this all important question before anything else, I was able to enter a field in which I had no prior experience and grow my business at a meteoric rate... From a single office to a national chain, with revenues topping $7 million a year in just four years.

By the time I was 30, I had built and sold 2 successful brick and mortar businesses.

Frankly, I was lovin' life.

Around that time, the internet boom was beginning to get traction so trying my hand online seemed like the next logical step.

But that's when things took a turn for the worse...

I Had To Learn the Truth About Online Business the Hard Way

Being new to the world of “online” business, I set out to learn everything I could about it.

I dove in with the enthusiasm of a 5-year old on Christmas morning.

Like so many online newbies, I bought and read everything that promised to show me how to achieve success online... Courses, programs, manuals... I attended bootcamps, conferences, teleseminars...

Everything and anything I could find, I bought. (I was so lost in all the information, I even bought some things twice!)

But all I really got were a string of empty dreams from a bunch of false prophets. Program after program that delivered little on what they promised.

I pulled all-nighters chasing after every opportunity with every tool and tactic that was supposed to turn my business around.

Nothing worked.

I was working harder and longer than I ever had before, and only falling further and further behind.

Everything I tried only added one failure on top of another.

My confidence was crushed. My enthusiasm began to fall off. My savings began to deplete even faster. And worst of all, the bills were starting to pile up. (Let me tell you... For someone who had been so successful in the offline world, this was a bitter pill to swallow.)

I was racked with self-doubt. I couldn't stop asking, “What's wrong with me? How could I have been so successful off line and struggle so badly online?” I was beginning to feel like a complete and total failure.

I kept scrambling to discover some “secret” to the riddle of online success. What was it that I didn't know? What was I missing?

Then one night – actually well into the wee hours of the morning – in the depths of desperation, I was analyzing my struggles in my journal. Listing and reexamining everything I had tried – and where it all went wrong.

And Then Suddenly, The Light Went On!

I realized that I had been operating under a huge misconception about online success.

And as I thought about it some more, I realized that virtually every other online entrepreneur I knew was struggling under that same misconception.

We'd all been seduced by the idea that making money on the internet should be different. Easy... Cheap... “Magical”... And in truth, there are differences online. But there was something else we all forgot.

An online business is STILL A BUSINESS.

I don't know why the thought of the internet has this strange effect on people, but it does.

Think about the dot com bubble back in the 90s. Investors were running with cash in hands to pay ridiculous sums for internet companies that hadn't made dime-one in profit (or in some cases dime-one in revenue!) The media convinced everyone that was OK. It was a “new investing paradigm.”

You know how that story ended. The media was dead wrong. The bubble popped. Reality hit like a tidal wave. You see...

An investment in an internet company still has to be a good investment, and an online business still has to be run like a business.

It's not like buying a model airplane kit. There is no “solution in a box” for becoming successful online.

And that was what I realized that night so many years ago.

I had bought into the idea that you could “buy” success online. That there was some kind of “new online business paradigm.”

But looking at the list in my journal, I realized I had tried virtually EVERYTHING... except answering the question that had brought me so much success in the past.

So the next day I set out to re-think my online business. To answer that key question I left unanswered.

And do you know what?

As soon as I did, things started to change for me and my business.

The specific steps I needed to take became clear. I actually started working less. And while I did, my progress began to accelerate. The money started to roll in like never before.

Again I wondered if I just got lucky, or this was the key to my online success.

So I took on a few struggling friends as clients. I taught them to answer the same question I had. And like clockwork, they started to experience similar results too.

So what is it? What is that critical question you must answer The golden thread that ties virtually all successful entrepreneurs together?

“What Is My Vision For My Business?”

Before you write your first blog post... before you buy your first online ad... before you create your first premium... before you buy your domain or set up your website...

Before you do anything, you have to clearly establish your business vision.

That's critical. Why?

Because when you do, it ensures that you are working toward your correct goals. Nothing sidetracks a business faster – wastes more time, energy, and money – than when an entrepreneur starts chasing the wrong objectives.

Establishing your vision allows you to eliminate unnecessary tasks, which in turn accelerates your path to success. It's an obvious conclusion.

It allows you to monitor and track your progress so you can be absolutely certain you're moving in the right direction. (And it allows you to quickly correct your path if you find you've gotten off track.)

It allows you to target your ideal market with the right message to get them to take immediate action...

That simple question “what is my vision for my business” is so critical to any success.

It lets you determine what you want from your business. Who your ideal customer is. What your unique value proposition is. What kind of profit model you should use. And so much more.

Answer that question first and I promise you'll be on your way to achieve great things.

And Here's the Main Reason
So Many Entrepreneurs Struggle and Fail...

They want someone else to answer that question for them. The want “pre-packaged” answers to all their questions.

But the truth is, no one else can answer that question of business vision for you.

You can't buy it from an online “guru.” You can't find it in a box or a book. It isn't hidden in some opportunity out there waiting for you. (All the things that the online marketplace is trying to sell you!)

Your business vision has got to come from YOU. Why? Because you are the heart and soul of your business – your strengths, your ideas, your abilities. Not someone else's.

Your business is as unique as you!

Every success in my career has been based on this single premise – establishing a vision for my business first. Before I did anything else.

I'll be honest with you. It's not always the easiest thing to do. You have to spend some time thinking and planning.

But if you do it, the results can exceed your wildest dreams.

Establishing your business vision first will let you:

Get the maximum clarity about your business goals... Most entrepreneurs goals are little more than fuzzy ideas in the back of their minds. To succeed you need to have razor sharp clarity of what it is you're really after. Once you do, you'll know exactly what you need to do to achieve it. You'll get where you're going faster than you ever thought possible.

Discover the necessary steps that will beeline you to success... When you focus on only what's absolutely necessary – you'll never waste time, money, or energy on things that don't move you forward. And you'll avoid the mistakes others are doomed to make...

Understand your perfect prospect – inside and out... When you know your prospects as well as they know themselves, you'll deliver your message with laser-like precision... Instead of throwing mud against a wall. And you won't just build a list, you'll establish a rabid fan base. One that will pay you consistently for products they are dying to get their hands on...

Forget the money worries that drain your energy and blur your focus... You'll finally be free to focus on what's truly important to your business. Instead of scrambling to figure out how to pay the bills every month. You'll instantly start getting more done, with a lot less effort...

Determine where YOU want to go in your business and life... Create a business that will give you all the freedom you want. To do the things that are important to YOU... To realize your greatest desires, your wildest goals and aspirations... To live life on your own terms... Things you can't do at the mercy of a boss...

In short... establishing your business vision will let you create a real money-making business that will give you the independence you dream of.

Establish Your Vision,
and Launch Your Dream Business

This first question to answer, this critical first step to success is so important I actually wrote a special intelligence briefing for my private clients about it. And I'd like to give you the opportunity to get your own copy.

It's called “Your Business Blueprint: Business Success by Design.

It's a proven road map, an essential guide to answering that critical question.

It doesn't matter if you already have a business that's stuck or struggling... It doesn't matter if you've tried and failed before (or even ten times before!)... It doesn't even matter if you've never even run a lemonade stand.

This report will give you everything you need to take that critical first step with confidence... to establish that all important vision for your business.

When you open its pages, it will lay out all the fundamental things you need to get clear on before you take any other action.

It will help you get clear on the very basics underlying a successful business...

And there's more. This report will get you started on the road to planning your business the right way from the get-go:

And that's still not all. You'll get a crystal clear understanding of everything you need to know about your prospective market including:

And there's still more. You'll see exactly what you need to run a profitable business virtually on autopilot:

If there was ever an ultimate resource to help you answer all your online money making questions... this is it!

And I'd Like You To Have Your Own Copy!

Your Business Blueprint: Business Success By Design” is one of series of briefings I write for a group of private clients. But I'd like you to have your own copy of it.

This report has helped literally thousands of struggling, frustrated entrepreneurs get started on the right track to their business success.

It could very well be the road map you need, to spark your business to greater profits than you thought possible.

So how much is it?

Ordinarily, my clients pay $97 for each of these reports. And frankly, given the wealth of knowledge and years of experience contained in its pages, I'd say that's a pretty fair price.

But I'm not going to ask you to pay that.

Instead I'm going to cut the price of this single briefing by over half (52% to be exact) and let you have it for only $47.

Why would I do this?

Well, ordinarily I wouldn't. I don't compete with the online guru-types who offer “$29 magic buttons” for success. And I'm not in the habit of discounting my work just to make a sale. (There are entrepreneurs, businesses, and marketers willing to pay me tens of thousands of dollars for a single day's consultation.)

But I realized that some of you may not know me. You may not be familiar with my insights that have propelled business after business to breakthrough success.

So I want to offer you an easy, affordable way to see what I can do for you. A means to help you answer that all important question so you can get started growing your business – without breaking the bank.

Frankly, I don't know if I'll ever make an offer like this again.

Because I'm willing to bet, you've never seen insights and strategies like these in any other book, course or program you've bought before. And that's why...

I'm Willing To Shoulder All The Risk

If within 30 days of purchasing this briefing, you don't believe the content and strategies it contains are more powerful than anything you've seen anywhere else...

If you're not convinced the step-by-step exercises will get you started faster and with more certainty than anything else you've ever tried...

If you are not dead certain that this is simply one of the best business resources you have ever got your hands on...

Simply contact my customer support team, and let them know. They'll give you a full and courteous refund of every penny you paid.

I don't know how I can be more fair than that.

The decision is yours.

Will you keep struggling looking for answers to the wrong questions, taking the long way when a shorter strategic route is waiting for you?

Or will you let me help you establish a clear vision for your business first. And launch the business and life of your dreams?

Click the button below and get your own copy now!

To higher profits and beyond,

Rich Schefren
Founder and CEO of Strategic Profits

P.S. – Remember, no matter what first steps you take in your business, you're destined to struggle (and likely to fail) unless you establish a vision for your business first. My client briefing “Your Business Blueprint” will show you step by step how to properly establish that vision before you do anything else. It will give you clarity on everything you need to build the business you want... To live the life of your dreams.

P.P.S. – And remember, I'm taking all the risk here. If within thirty days, your eyes haven't been opened to exactly what you need to know... If you don't have a clearer, more specific vision of what you want and what you need to get it... simply contact my customer support team and let them know. You'll get a full refund, no questions asked. There's no other obligation.

This is a no-lose opportunity. Click to get your copy now!