Why Most People Die Without A Happy Ending

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Last week I got a massage.

It was different than any massage I ever received (which is why I am telling you about it). It reminded me of a key distinction between my most successful clients and those that seem to continually struggle.

The masseuse (I’ll call her GP for short) discovered a big knot in my shoulder and asked me if I work in front of a computer. I said I did and I’d been spending a lot more time typing than I usually do.

(The reason for my recent marathon typing sessions is the new report I’m working on. I’m sure it will open people’s eyes just like the Internet Business Manifesto did last year. More on that later…)

The conversation with GP drifted to how many hours a week I work, what I do, and what I do on the weekends.

When she heard how much time I took out of my schedule for fun and time with my family, she was surprised at how I’m able to squeeze in everything.

Her response was not unusual at all. In fact, whenever I explain my schedule I’m always greeted with envy first, followed quickly by confusion, then wonder at how I’m able to live my life so well.

Being polite, I asked GP about her schedule. Her answer absolutely horrified me…

GP had been working seven days a week for the past 6 months with no days off and no vacations. At first I thought I had misheard her, but I hadn’t. Six massages a day, day in and day out, for over 180 days straight.

She making six figures – but she’s living her "life" based on a faulty assumption I see entrepreneurs making far too often.

Look, even though I’m only 36 years old, I’ve already retired twice. Yet, today I am typing this note to you from my office surrounded by 12 exceptional employees. What happened?… Why the hell am I still working?

The reason I work today is: the whole concept of ‘Retirement’ is fundamentally flawed.

The idea that you should sacrifice the best years of your life hoping to discover magical happiness in your later years doesn’t prove out at all. It’s just an old-fashioned theory you’ve been sold – and all you have to do is look around to prove to yourself how unrealistic it is.

In case you didn’t know… only a very small percentage of seniors can actually retire. Nowadays most are forced to work to supplement their income. And the trend is only getting worse. With the recent collapses of private pensions and the continual decrease in purchasing power of social security, many experts have come to the same conclusion…

“I don’t think were going to see another generation that’s going to fully retire. There’s going to be a lot of people that are going to continue to work for the rest of their lives.” Doug Lockwood, Retirement Specialist, Harbor Lights Financial Group.

But what’s even worse is this sort of “hoping it will be better later” dramatically decreases the likelihood you’ll ever achieve the success you desire.

Soon I’ll tell you why this is. But for now you need to think about the answers to these two questions as you go through your day:

What if you could never retire?

What if the way you choose to work today would set the pattern you must continue until the day you die? What would you be doing differently?

Let me know your answers to these two vital questions by posting your comments here:

And if you think you know why this reduces your chances of overall success, tell me why.

Then be on the look out for another message from me… because I’m going to tell you how to dramatically increase your chances of success AND at the same time enjoy your life a whole lot more than you do now.

Interested?… Stay Tuned….

To Higher Profits

Rich Schefren

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  • http://solrak.edcgold.com/ Karlos

    Wow! The comments are so varied and it seems that most everyone is doingpretty much okay with their life. However there are those that are less fortunate with their lives and for the most part our lives are certainly molded and designed to where the corporations and businesses have control of our daily lives to the point that we work 10-14 hours 7 days per week and we do this on auto pilot daily in the stressful traffic slowly killing ourselves without even thinking about it. Then one day we have sickness come into our lives and we are left to survive off our government Social Security disability which is obviously less than adequate. Our Social Security living is not worth the pot to p*** in and even if you do get to retire the few only get to do that. Our lives are surely takwen advantage of by the corporations,big business, and the government. We are slowly loving to no retirement as the norm for everyone, and LIFE WAS NOT INTENDED TO BE LIVED THAT WAY AT ALL. However it is going to be that way for everyone.

    I am one of those unfortunate ones who after a 35 year career, and doing rather well financially, was one day left with an illness that was eventually diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis, and forced to go on Social Security as the years went on. I think I wouldn’t be able to live happily if I would have to work till I died and no life without working a 9-5 J.O.B. To think we have been conned into working our lives away is absolutely pitiful.
    Folks just do the numbers yourself. Maybe we average 6-7 days a week we work, and 2/ 4.1 weeks per month at 10-14 hours a day along with the stress of driving to work in traffic and the stress of our jobs every day. To think of having nothing to look forward to at the end of our working days is simply a crying shame, but seems that most of us are headed for this type of life w/basically no retirement, because our government is not going to take care of us. It’s frightening to think of this happening, maybe some people will just end the days because things will be too hard. Rich, you and many others have hit people with the cold hard facts of our lives and people should truly go into business for themselves intead of working for big business/corporations who we make money forand they give us very little in return, Thanks for your efforts. Now just teach me how to do this Internet Marketing flawlessly.

  • kamara

    Yeah, Rich,
    I think you’ve got something to offer me in enhancing my life in the future. Infact, I’ve been wondering what business shoul I do to enjoy a better living during my old age. M y mind keeps travelling miles upon miles searching for a better solution. Well, RICH, I think you can help me find the solution. Thanks, and hope to read your next letter.

  • http://www.fromthedarknesstothelightness.com PV Reymond

    I think the most important thing is to have a clear vision of what you want to do with your life, how you want to live it and what you have to do to reach the goal you set up.

    Many people are living their lives doing the same thing day after day, it is a routine.

    You have to realize that you can change your future. You have to pull out the wisdom that you have. You can do it asking questions to yourself, then when you have the answers, you realize that you can do it because you have the potential to reach your goal.

    You were born to be rich, or, inevitably grow rich by the use of our faculties; by the union of thought with nature. The game requires coolness, right reasoning, promptness, and patience in the players.

    Success is constitutional and depends on a PLUS condition of mind and body, on power of work and on courage.

    You need to set your goal and build a long term plan. You have to break it down into short term plans.

    Prepare a work schedule to accomplish every day. Specify the tasks with which you will be occupied during the day and stay focused on what you have to do.

    It is not about your luck, it is about you.

  • http://www.thehealerslibrary.com Lucy Rolfe

    I would definetly be doing something I love to do like a lucrative hobby and not work for someone who could become redundant and go out of business. It would be something with flexible hours, work at home, so I guess the dream of an online business would fit in perfectly here.

  • Garrett

    I would be dead if i continue like this for years, and unhappy. I’d get away from being a technician and start behaving as an owner in my business. I’d start having fun, and spend more time doing things I enjoy.

  • http://www.tradeprofitably.com Brian

    Hi Rich,

    I’ve worked over 20 years in the employment services industry, and one thing I have fist hand experience in as that new jobs and specialisations are popping up all the time, while others are becoming redundant.

    So it’s almost a certainty that whatever I’m doing in 5 or 10 years time is going to be quite different to what I’m doing now.

    Take internet marketing for example.. look how much has changed in 5 or 10 years. Back when I got started it was all about PPC and affiliate marketing – now it seems we’re skipping articles and going straight to blogging – assuming we aren’t podcasting, creating video tutorials or running a subscription site.

    Can I see myself retiring? Not in the traditional sense.. as long as I can keep doing what I enjoy doing, then I’ll keep doing it.

  • Tim Shaz

    Compared to most in the internet world you are without doubt the most forward thinking and informative writer that I’ve come across. You have a great skill at condensing big concepts into workable strategies and tasks. For this I owe you much thanks.

    But when you approach the deeper elements of “Life” or “Death” without reference to God you expose a shallowness and lack of intimate knowledge of the Almighty. You have a long range view of many things, but if your view of man merely extends to the grave it’s not long enough.

    I think I understand the concept of what it means to be a “Maven.” I myself strive to convert abstract knowledge into practical wisdom with the desire to share it liberally and freely. But as you continue the course your on and continue to rise in the estimation of men I exhort you to stay humble brother.

    The more we know the more we should realize how little we know.
    Knowledge that produces arrogance is truly ignorance.

    We know in part and see but dimly, so said Paul the Apostle. An ordinary guy, tim

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  • http://averagejyo.com Jyo

    I have to figure something out quick. I hate what I do and don’t see me stopping any time soon.


  • http://powerfulcoldsoretreatments.blogspot.com/ cold sore treatment

    Thank you for the post! I’m almost shocked! I had some thoughts like that but never gave them much attention. I have to think carefully about what I really want to attain in my life and should not allow my working for maintenance to swallow all my life! Thanks again!

  • http://josephratliff.com/blog Joseph Ratliff

    I wouldn’t want to retire at all.

    I enjoy what I do so much, I wouldn’t be retiring from anything anyhow.

    Instead, what I do allows me the freedom to stop and start marketing when I want to. So a series of “mini-retirements” along the way I guess.