The single marketing secret that turned a struggling coaching program into a $12 million dollar juggernaut…

Boost Your Sales And Make The Competition Irrelevant By Creating A Marketing Message So Compelling That It Will Thrust You To The Top Of Your Niche…

Forget The “Promises And Benefits” Of Conventional Marketing And Actually Create Demand For Whatever It Is You're Offering…

Instead just get your head around this ONE CONCEPT and you can make buying whatever you're offering the only logical choice your prospects can make!

From the desk of Rich Schefren…

Rich Schefren

An open letter to anyone who struggles with their marketing:

Have you ever been in this situation​?

You know you have a good product. A PROVEN product. A product or service that you're sure would make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds or thousands or maybe even ten of thousands of people.

But when it comes to getting the word out, it seems like no one wants to listen.

Maybe you try to work some different marketing tactics. You try making different promises in your copy. You start buying space in different channels. You try testing different price points and offers. And still nothing.

Every sale feels like a massive struggle.

Have you ever felt that frustration? I have.

I struggled with all the same problems you likely experience on a daily basis. Until I discovered the secret that makes selling anything a virtually effortless task. An all important step in your marketing process that doesn't simply convince your prospects to buy, but rather creates a burning desire inside them for whatever it is you're offering. Let me explain what I'm talking about…

A Late Night Revelation

Rich Schefren

About seven years back I had launched a coaching program to help struggling entrepreneurs build and grow real, successful online businesses.

I knew it was a good coaching program. I was achieving amazing results for the small group of clients I had. But for some reason I couldn't grow my customer base.

No one was beating a path to my door. Heck, I was having a tough time just getting anyone to raise their hand just for more information. I kept thinking that something was very wrong here.

I tried using all the conventional marketing tactics that online entrepreneurs use. I was making bold promises of business success. And I was showing them all the results I was getting to back those promises up. I was practically burying them under all the benefits my coaching program would deliver.

But nothing seemed to work.

So one night while I was sitting up trying to figure out what other tactic I could implement that would “move the needle” in my marketing, I suddenly I got hit with a flash of insight. It was one of those real “bolt from the blue” moments. I realized that there was a super-important piece of the puzzle that had been missing in all of my marketing. It was a key step that had to precede any promise, any benefit, any proof. It was absolutely critical. And I wasn't doing it!

And it was so incredibly obvious that I had to smack myself in the head.

You see, I knew that every one of my prospects could benefit from what I was offering. There was no doubt about that. But what I suddenly realized that late night was that none of my prospects knew they needed it.

And you can't show people all the good stuff that'll happen to them after they buy your product when they don't even know they need your product in the first place! It all made perfect sense when you think about it. When your marketing is trying to get your prospects to buy into the benefits of something they don't even know they need – you're going to be fighting an uphill battle the whole way. I had to make my market understand their as yet unmet needs.

And I realized to get them to understand that, I didn't have to convince them of the benefits they'd receive. I simply had to lead my prospects to the revelation that they actually needed what I was offering. And I had to lead them there as fast as possible!

Suddenly I understood that truly powerful marketing has to go beyond simple promises and benefits. It has to create something in your prospects' minds that will motivate them to take action. That will create a burning desire within them that they become powerless to resist.

Back To The Drawing Board

So I went back to the drawing board and completely re-thought the steps required to create that necessary realization in my prospects' minds. And how I could get them to that realization as quickly and effectively as possible.

I think I stayed up the rest of the night working on it. Some weeks later, when I finally exhausted every resource on the topic I could find, I had come up with eleven key points that I believed would lead my prospect to the understanding I needed them to have.

Modesty aside, I had what I thought was a pretty revolutionary concept. Of course what looked good on paper, might not have worked in the real world. I had to be sure.

So I went about applying everything I had come up with into a new marketing campaign for my coaching program. I wrote an educational report and made sure it incorporated all the points I had formulated. When I was done, I truly believed I had something that would finally spark some interest in what I was offering.

I called that report the Internet Business Manifesto.

You've probably heard about the results it got. It didn't just spark some interest, it created a wildfire. Where I was hoping for a hundred or so conversions, I wound up signing up clients in the thousands. My business (at the time) was literally overwhelmed. Not a terrible problem to have.

It brought in nearly $8 million in revenue in a matter of weeks. And over $12 million dollars before the campaign was finally over.

And to be sure it wasn't a fluke, I re-applied that same concept to every report I've written since. And each campaign that followed produced similar results. Every report I've written using this concept has been responsible for a minimum of $2 million in sales.

A Breakthrough Idea I Just Had To Share

This discovery was so powerful I decided that I had to share it with someone. So I wrote a report for a special group of clients. I took everything that I had assembled and condensed it into an easy to read report. And I called it your “Core Concept”.

Needless to say, my clients ate it up! They'd never been exposed to anything like the ideas that I was sharing with them.

Because what's really unique about a “core concept” is that it lays the essential groundwork before you actually do any marketing. It LEADS your prospects to that place they need to be, both intellectually and emotionally, before they ever get exposed to your offer.

A well-implemented core concept will make buying your product (or taking what ever action you want your prospects to take) the next logical conclusion in their minds.

When you apply the strategy of the core concept to your marketing, you'll immediately start to see a positive change in your results. It'll put you head and shoulders above your competition and at the same time make making sales practically effortless.

But that's not all.

The power of leveraging your “core concept” goes far beyond creating marketing copy. Once you get it down, it has virtually unlimited applications…

  • You can use it to sell individual items like your latest book for example…
  • You can use it in live presentations that you give (In fact I strongly recommend you make it the basis for any presentations you do)…
  • You can use it to create high-impact webinars…
  • You can use it to write reports that will send sales off the charts…
  • You can use it for your blogging to write really powerful, persuasive posts…
  • You can even use it to create and design our entire business!

Anything that requires you to stimulate massive action on the part of your prospects no matter what medium or marketing channels you use. Master the idea of the core concept and your marketing results will become nothing short of amazing.

This concept made a major difference in the marketing results of thousands of my private clients…

And Now I Want To Share It With You

When you crack open the pages of this report, you're going to immediately enter a whole different level of marketing. When you understand how to create and apply your own core concept:

  • You'll tap into your prospects inner most desires making it easier for you to get that all important agreement to buy. Believe me. There's a huge, gaping difference between looking at something with mild curiosity and drooling over the possibility of getting it. When you spark those desires in your prospects' minds, they'll climb over one another to buy whatever it is you're selling and become customers. They become like little kids whose worlds will collapse if they don't get what they want!
  • You'll virtually eliminate your competition altogether by creating your own “category of one”. Imagine if you were the only beer vendor at the ballpark on a 95 degree day! The line to buy from you would stretch around the park! Same thing when you incorporate a core concept into your marketing. You become the ONLY person in your niche able to satisfy your prospects' burning needs.
  • You'll create demand that was never there before. When you strategically implement your core concept you start moving your prospects to a position where they can finally see and understand their own unmet needs. Once you make them aware of that, the rest of your marketing is easy!

Now, Unleash The Power Of The Core Concept in YOUR Marketing…

I want you to have the full report that introduced this incredible strategy to my clients. The original report that details all eleven key characteristics of a powerful core concept. It's called:

By the end of this report, you'll know everything you need to know about one of the most revolutionary marketing concepts you can ever use.

But That's Not All You Get In This Report

This report also includes two special bonus sections that will let you power up your core concept even further.

Did you ever notice how some ideas and concepts get cemented in the public consciousness while others barely get noticed?

That's a property known as being “sticky”.

And if you're familiar with the book Made To Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, you know what I'm talking about.

Their book was a ground-breaking study of “big ideas” that get wide – almost viral acceptance – by whatever market they're directed at. They analyzed the common characteristics the big winners all had that none of their competition seemed to understand.

In this report I'll quickly outline the six critical characteristics they discovered for you. The intangibles makes some big ideas "stick" while others get ignored and simply fade away. I'll explain them to you and show you how to work them into your core concept to make it even more powerful.

The second bonus section is just as important. In any marketing effort, you're always up against the threat of your prospects objections. At every step they're subconsciously looking for a reason to hit the delete button on your message. But there are certain traits of that subconscious thinking that you can use to your advantage – if you know what they are.

Those traits were formally revealed by Christophe Morin in his book “Neuro-Marketing”. Neuro-Marketing is all about blasting through your prospects "rational guard". Morin explained that the sub-conscious mind automatically looks for objections to your message. But by structuring your message according to what that subconscious mind actually wants – you can virtually bypass all those objections.

And in your report on the core I'll outline the structural cues you need to keep in mind while you create your core concept. The steps that will let you leverage your prospects' subconscious to the point where he or she is most unable to resist.

Working within these two sets guidelines will be like putting your core concept on steroids.

Add this all together and this report is seriously one of the most powerful tools you can have in your marketing arsenal.

It's loaded with everything you need to create a core concept that will transform all your marketing results.

And best of all it's an easy read that's straight to the point.

I want you to have it all.

But That's Not All I Want To Give You

If you get this report right now, I'm going to throw in the perfect complement to the report.

I'm going to give you special access to a high-quality video presentation I did for the SAM Conference in 2011 on this very topic. (If you're not familiar with the SAM Conference, it's like a TED Talks seminar geared specifically for marketing.)

This presentation was shown to a packed house so you know I put my very best into it. And frankly I haven't released it to the public anywhere else.

But I want to give you access to it right away when you get your copy of my core concept report.

So here's what we're talking about.

  • You get the report that explains the core concept in specific detail.
  • You get the step by step process that will help you create your own core concept for your product or business.
  • You get my case study showing you how I used my core concept in conjunction with my automated EEDM webinar.
  • You get the bonus section on elements of stickiness and neuro marketing that will increase the power of your core concept.
  • Plus you'll get my bonus video that builds on all the powerful new knowledge.


Well if you are, here's the best part.

You can get it all for only $7!

Sounds incredible, I know. But I'm totally serious. Seven bucks and you get immediate access to it all. As fast as the internet will carry it to you.

OK… I'm Sensing Some Doubt

Well there's not.

This is some of the best, most important, most valuable content I've ever created. I'm damned proud of it. And I believe that you're going to love it too. It's the exact same content I teach when I'm working with my private coaching clients. The very same stuff they get. So there are no catches…

But I will confess one selfish motive.

I want to "bribe" you to take a serious look at the value I can offer you and your business. I believe – and I'm being totally honest here – that if you see for yourself the kind of actionable value I can offer you, you'll want to look at more down the road.

Whether that means another report or product. One of my programs or even some personal consulting. Whatever your future needs may be.

But for right now I want you to see for yourself what I can do for you! I want to prove to you the kind of value you can expect.

And I'll Even Take All The Risk

How about this?

I'm guessing it'll take you an evening (probably more like an hour) to read through the entire report once. Then it'll take you a week at most to go back through all the exercises and get started creating your own core concept in your spare time.

And it'll take you about thirty minutes to watch the video.

But I want you to keep it for a full month. Go through it all.

If anytime during that thirty day period you don't think it's everything I've said it is… If you don't absolutely believe that implementing the concepts that it teaches you will add more power and persuasion to your marketing and bigger bucks to your bottom lime, then let me know and I'll refund your money.

No questions asked.

AND you can keep everything with my compliments.

Now does that sound fair?

You've got nothing to lose and potentially the biggest marketing advantage you can have over your competition to gain.

Don't Waste Another Day Struggling With Your Marketing

Remember, you can't win over your prospects by showing them the benefits of something they don't know they need. Instead you need to lead them to understand their needs first. And the ONLY effective, proven way to do that is leveraging your own core concept.

It turned my own struggling program into a multi-million dollar winner. Understand its principles, execute them in your marketing and it can do the same for you!

To higher profits and beyond,

Rich Schefren