What's Holding Your Business Back?

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If you're finally ready to allow the enormous amount of wealth, fun and excitement that's now hiding from you (because your business isn't set up to run at peak efficiency)... then I invite you to read this page.

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My program has changed the lives of hundreds of Internet entrepreneurs just like you! I encourage you to read this page and let me show you how you can learn how to make more and work less almost overnight.

If You Truly Want More Money, More Business, and More Time Off Then You Simply Must Drop What You're Doing and Devour the Liberating Information Revealed Below!

When you boil it all down, chances are, the real reason you're either in business or looking to start a business is because you want to build a lifestyle, not just a business.


But if you're like most entrepreneurs, you're not even close to being wealthy or free. Either you haven't gotten around to launching a "real" business... or you haven't discovered the unconventional business building methods that are required to make the kind of money you deserve.

Oh sure, you may be "free enough" to keep your own schedule, go when you want... where you want. But whether you want to admit it or not, your enterprise would never grow, and your revenue would almost certainly crash without you behind the wheel - and no matter how much you love what you're doing...

You are virtually "chained" to this enterprise every day, day-in, day-out.

And that's where I come in.

I will show you the unconventional path that lets you work less and make more money (lots more) in a business of your own. If you've got a business, you'll take it and push it through to levels you've only dreamed of 'til now. And that's not fluff - I've done it for just about any kind of business you can think of.

If you don't have a business yet - you will discover how to get going in the best possible business for you. Hundreds have profited handsomely from using my business-building coaching to get themselves started, and get themselves free from the strangle-hold their businesses had on them - and ultimately grow their businesses to massive levels or financial success and personal freedom.

I've coached some of the biggest names in the online and offline - using the exact same methods I'm going to share with you to make more money, get more business, and get more time

And I know these methods work.

FACT: My Very First Group Of 25 Coaching Clients Increased Their Revenue By Over $40 Million Dollars In Just 18 Months. Their Results Are Growing By Leaps And Bounds- To The Tune Of Over $142 Million In The Past Two Years Alone...

Recognize any of these names?...

Mike Filsaime
Todd Brown
Jeff Walker
Frank Kern

Ryan Deiss
John Carlton
Alex Jeffreys

Marlon Sanders
Maria Andros
Joel Comm
Willie Crawford

Discover The Strategies To Building An Online Empire No One Has Ever Shared With You.

What I'm about to share with you in my program are the strategies I've accumulated to help build my own multi-million dollar businesses as well as help others do the same. These are the exact strategies you always wished someone would reveal to you but no one ever did.

How to make your investments in your business work on overtime.

The fastest and easiest ways to get other people to do the work for you even if you don't have money for outsourcing.

How to track every aspect of your online business so you'll know when you are really making the big bucks.

How to put your business on automatic pilot so you can take long (and frequent) vacations with your family and still rake in huge paydays.

A quick start solution for people who don't have a website yet but want to have a million dollar business in the shortest possible time.

How to turbo-charge the business building principles so powerful your competition will blink in wonder as you pass them.

How to reap profits from your business without spending huge amounts of money on infra-structure.

Why you can do so much better today with an online business than an offline business.

Five simple ways you are probably overlooking to deliver bigger paydays, more often, with less work.

How to avoid the mistakes most online gurus make before they consult with me.

How to leverage your time and get other people to do all the work for you.

How to organize your office and systematize all processes so you have time for your family.

The world's best strategies for business growth that have never been applied to online businesses.

How to stay focused on your million dollar business goal even if you've never succeeded in any program, coaching program, and haven't followed through on anything in your life.

I have many, many good friends in the online marketing world... but there are only a handful who I RELY on to get the bottom-line great info from.

When the chips are down, or I absolutely need to get clear advice from an experienced and battle-tested marketing veteran... I call Rich Schefren.

He is also the trusted advisor to online wizards like Jim Edwards, Mike Filsaime, and Rob Bell (from 1shoppingcart). Rich is expensive, and hard to get access to. (I'm one of the few who can reach him with a phone call, and I consider that privilege critical to my own success.)

John Carlton, World Famous Copywriter

You Business is Your Baby... Start it and Bring it Up Correctly and It Will Take Care Of Itself - and You - For Years to Come.

So let me ask you...

How do you get PAST doing all the work that's required before your business can run and grown without you?

Do you know what the "right path" is?

Are you ready to get out of the way - and allow "your child" to grow to it's true potential?

Most entrepreneurs do NOT know how to set things up so their business can eventually out-grow them, and run on it's own...

...they don't know how to start and build a business that'll give them financial and personal freedom they dream about - it's just not something most people can figure out on their own!

And it takes more than just common sense to choose and build a business...

Relying on Common Sense in Business is a Sure-Fire Death Sentence!

If all it took was common sense to run a business, then building and managing a business would be easy. But it's not, in fact, over 90% fail! Take a look at this quote from Dunn and Bradstreet - it explains very clearly why common sense just isn't enough!...

90% fail... NOT because they don't have common sense... NOT because they don't have excitement for their business 0 but because they LACK skills and knowledge.

"Of the small businesses that fail, 90% do so because of a lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner." ~ Dunn and Bradstreet"

The Truth Is... Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business Without An "In-the-Know" Someone There To Guide You Is Not Easy.

Choosing and building a real business, at times, is not easy. And a successful "guide", or a "coach" can sure make it easier. And that's why I'm here to help...

I Want to Show You the Easy Way - and the Right Way to Choose a Business if You Don't Have One... Build It... Run It... and Set It All Up So You Really, Honestly Do Work Less and Make More.

Look - starting, building, and running a business is tough - at any level. And I admire you for stepping out on your own... it takes courage and daring to bust out of your comfort zone to go into business for yourself.

But you know what? Even if you've got your business going...

Chances Are You've Found Yourself Hitting An Income Ceiling and a Time Ceiling - and Because You Don't Know How to Break Through Them - You've Probably Slipped Right Back Into Another Comfort Zone...

And maybe you feel frustrated.

Especially when you see other business owners succeeding... increasing their wealth by leaps and bounds, year after year - while you're still in your same house, driving your same cars... telling yourself that, "Next year will be different... things will get better."

But it doesn't get better.

And that ceiling you've hit, just bears-down on you harder and harder.

But it doesn't have to be this way... not for you...

Look - if you're serious about building a business that will set you free, or starting a business that will set you free - both financially and time-wise - you need to take a careful look at becoming the newest member of my "Business Growth System".

My 'Business Growth System" Will Give You the Step-By-Step Roadmap You Need to Build a Business That Can Bring You the Freedom, Prosperity, and Abundance You Truly Deserve...


Because you'll learn how to really build 'a business"... not just pile opportunities up on top of opportunities, like a house of cards waiting to fall... And building 'a business" is something I can teach you. In fact, when it comes to teaching entrepreneurs how to build a real business that works, my track record is second to none.

But rather than just taking my word for it - consider these facts:

In my first Coaching Club there were 25 clients. After implementing what they learned (exactly what you're going to learn), after just 18 months...

Collectively they had a $40 Million Increase.

And since then, these same coaching members have reported...

Increases of Over $142 Million in the Past 2 Years.

Many of these people didn't even HAVE a business when they started. And as impressive as these results seem, it was my first experience coaching - and since then I've actually refined what I teach, and how I teach it... so you're getting a BETTER coaching than they did. And my clients' results have just gotten better and better.

Here's a guy you may recognize who was part of that first coaching program I launched...

You've probably heard of my success but you probably didn't know about the secret strategist I had in my corner advising me on every move.

Rich has been my business growth coach for more than a year. I've worked with him one on one and implemented his strategies.

Before I met him, I was doing okay online: we made $15,000 a month. In May 2006, we banked $184,000. Now WE DO OVER $1 MILLION A MONTH and that is not associated with any launch of a product. Those are the kinds of numbers I've grown accustomed to seeing after working with him.

Mike Filsaime

Mike's doing great now...

But my program isn't just for Internet marketing gurus. Here's a client outside of the traditional marketing space:

Here's another...

"My Front End Went From 25k a Month to Over 100k While Putting In Less Hours On the 'Job' Than Ever Before"

"Since we started your program my sales have been increasing at a phenomenal rate. Our first month working together sales increased 145%. And it just keeps growing. But here's the scary part. I know this is just the beginning."

Mark McCrea

And one that realized his exit strategy...

He Sold His Business For Millions

His name is Rob Bell - he is the CEO of 1ShoppingCart.com. He use to be the owner up until just a few months ago - when he sold the business for millions.

When I started working with him, THIS GUY HAD NOT TAKEN A VACATION IN FIVE YEARS!!! Once I started coaching him, his business started growing like mad - so...

He Took Two And A Half Months Off For Summer!

In fact, he bought a boat, started traveling and guess what?... His business made even more money! Why?

Because I showed him how to recruit, attract and manage an all-star team - and all of a sudden his business really took off!

In other words:

He Got Out of the Way of His Business and Allowed It to Grow!

Imagine that!

All he needed was a little coaching with me - and a little time off. Then BANG - his business took off like a rocket! And he cashed out for millions.

- Rob Bell's Story

Now, here's another guy with a similar story - please excuse his "broken English"... as it is not his native tongue:

"My Profits Tripled!"

"Before your program I was getting about 15,000 unique visitors a day, but my sales were really bad!!! I was desperate because nobody was buying, even though I work 12 hours a day."

"After joining your program, my profits triple because I can do more in less time thanks to your information. Definitely my life changed. "

"Now I go on vacation and work less. Before your program, I go near 4 years without vacations... but this year I'm planning a long, long vacations. My first language is Spanish and I live in Mexico. But nothing affects what I learned on this program... I have learned a lot!"

Luis Alberto Gonzalez, Mexico DF, Mexico

Added $9,626 of Monthly Continuity Income

"Before your program I was getting about 15,000 unique visitors a day, but my sales were really bad!!! I was desperate because nobody was buying, even though I work 12 hours a day."

"After just 16 weeks of starting you coaching program I have already added an additional $9,626.00 in monthly continuity income, and believe that will quickly grow to over $20,000 per month within the next 90 days."

"I've been able to do it in a way that requires very little additional work for me personally. I can honestly say that because of what I learned in Rich's Coaching Program I now have a business model that will continue to grow and grow in a very profitable way, without much needed input from me."

"This may sound corny, but I can easily, sincerely, and honestly say that my business life will never be the same again since going through the coaching program."

Todd Brown, Lake Worth, FL

103% Increase in My Revenue... Loves Her Work Again

"In only 4 months I've experienced a 103% increase in my revenue. Aside from the extra money (which, of course is great) I love my work again. I hadn't realized how much the "daily grind" had worn me down until I started living in the space of freedom and increased productivity that Rich teaches. I really do have "More Money, More Business, More Time Off"."

"Working with Rich has made me realize there really are no business limitations - no outside barriers - only limitations in myself."

"Six months ago I would have sworn up and down that the business I have today just couldn't exist - in fact I DID swear it up and down. But with the tools, coaching, and kick in the butt, that Rich gave me... a whole new world has opened up."

Liz Thomspon, Charles Town, WV

I now have the freedom to step away from my computer for long periods of time without worrying about the business collapsing without me

"Since joining Rich Schefren's coaching I've begun to implement his strategies to remove myself from the day-to-day operations of the business. With extra cashflow coming from my business, I hired an administration person who manages the daily activities."

"I now have the freedom to step away from my computer for long periods of time without worrying about the business collapsing without me. I feel I have a much more solid understanding of what needs to happen in order to reach my desired business outcomes."

Yaro Starak, Brisbane, Queensland, Austrailia

Here's what Marketing Genius Jay Abraham Said...

"The lessons Rich is sharing will transform the lives, business fates and financial destinies of hard-working, ambitious and deserving online marketers. He's a breath of refreshing, sobering and sincere reality in a field fraught with myths, misconceptions and non-truths."

"Rich is someone worth turning to for online marketing and strategic business-building coaching. He's changing the way the online marketing world works. He's teaching marketers to be business owners, entrepreneurs, and strategic thinkers."

"He's taking them out of the theoretical, mythical world of making money-for-nothing and he's showing them how to add true value, benefit and advantage to people's (their customers and clients) lives. He's helping them build themselves true, sustainable businesses - not merely unsuccessful, short-term promotions."

"The quality work he's doing to help people-online become truly successful, prosperous, and enduring. This is something I personally respect, appreciate, admire and laud."

- Jay Abraham

These are Just a Smidgen of the Stacks of Testimonials that Have Been Flooding Into My Office Since Launching My Coaching Program - It's Simply Proof-Positive That If These People Can Do It, So Can You.

In fact, you have my word that you can do it!

Discover The Correct Way
To Lay The Foundation For Massive Growth

Let's Take A Look At How
the "Business Growth System" Is Structured:

First of all - the coaching content "molds" to your individual needs as a business owner. So as you go through the coaching, you'll get exactly what you need to get from it.

I want to see you succeed - and that's why I've done everything possible to position you for success once you get inside (and outside) my coaching program.

Now let's take a minute to look at what you're going to learn from the 11 modules - they are the backbone of the entire coaching program:

Module 1: The Big Damn Secrets to Being a Real Entrepreneur that Almost Everyone Misses

  • Your hidden decision: What you are really choosing when you make the choice to become an entrepreneur.
  • Just Starting Out? How to know what Business is right for you and your goals.
  • Does Common Sense Make Sense? No!... and why "common sense" and the will-to-succeed will never be enough to succeed in any business.
  • Get This Wrong & Your Doors Are Closed for Good - the #1 reason businesses flop... (I guarantee it's not what you think - and chances are that "reason" is haunting YOUR business right now)

Module 2: Isolating, Developing, & Profiting From Your Money Making Strength

  • The two vital areas you must master for winning in business - and how to get them up and running as quickly as possible, with as little hassle and frustration as possible. (These two areas are the master keys to your success.)
  • The truth behind your "Competitive Advantage"... what it is, and how to leverage it - full speed ahead. Get this right and your competitors will have no choice but to beg for mercy.
  • "Core Competency"... what it is, why it matters, and how it can drive your ability to deliver over-the-top value - and provide the foundation from which your future business opportunities are launched.
  • The Pareto Principle - in a way you've never considered it before... if you've even bothered to consider it, or don't have a clue what it is!

Module 3: Marking Your Turf, Total Clarity on Your Big Objective, Generating Immediate Momentum

  • All about the "Attention Economy" and what it can do for your business. (This one will blindside you... yet it's so painfully obvious to the "educated" business owner - you'll instantly see how it impacts your business once you're through this Module.)
  • The scarcest resource of the information age - and why you must win the vicious, never-ending battle for that resource!
  • The concept of "Division" and why it is a key driving force of business. (And no... I'm not talking about mathematics!)
  • Carving out your niche - and finding the winning strategy for your company... and tons, tons more.

Module 4: Your Mafia Offer - How to Re-Craft Your Biz to Make an Offer that Cannot Be Refused

  • At last - the clear answer you need to a tough question: "What Is Marketing?" (Most entrepreneurs get it ALL WRONG!)
  • Discover practical "Competitive Intelligence" and "Competitive Analysis" - how to conduct them, and why they'll lead you to out-foxing the biggest and smallest competitors you have.
  • The SWOT analysis, why it's important - and how to use it to it's full advantage.
  • Opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses - and how it all adds up to better business for you, more money, and less leftovers for your competitors.
  • Your "Mafia Offer" - a proven way to Re-Craft your business - through compelling strategies rarely considered by 90.8% of the businesses in existence.

Module 5: The Most Powerful Marketing Strategies that No One Teaches or Talks About

  • The wrong way to view marketing - and the right way!
  • How to set your business up for explosive growth by focusing on two key areas of marketing that most "experts" never even mention!
  • How to continually improve profitability and growth through "business model innovation" - get this right and your marketing results will get fat-cat results for years.
  • And so much more it will blow your mind.

Module 6: Your Master Plan to Blasting Through Every Obstacle that Stands in Your Way RIGHT NOW

  • Identifying your frustrations and pains - your skills and motivations... and how they all tie into why you do what you do.
  • All about planning: your Operating Plan, Marketing Plan, Product Plan and Financial Plan - why plans are useless, but planning is not!
  • Discover the "Prerequisite Tree" and how to use it to overcome obstacles BEFORE they even get in your way! (This concept alone will organize and force your business to focus only on what it really needs... you'll love it!)
  • And tons, tons more...

Module 7: The Secret Language Of Business-Metrics

  • What are "metrics"... and why knowing and understanding them will unlock the exponential power of your business in every way - from soup to nuts.
  • All about "Rate of Change" - what it is, how it impacts your business, and why you'd better "get 'er done"... or else!
  • Metric Basics - and metric roadblocks... and the secret concept behind WGMGD.
  • The 6 most common Metric challenges every business owner faces... and the sure-fire solutions to each challenge.

Module 8: Systemization And Putting Everything On Autopilot So Your Business Grows Without You

  • Understanding the importance of systems in your business, and which areas of your business to systemize.
  • How to develop and document the systems your business needs - this will get you on the path to unlimited profits, prosperity, and freedom faster than a well-bred race horse.
  • How to use "systems" to quickly and easily fix any problem in your business and keep them from popping up again in the future.
  • Discover what you must do to get free of your business and transfer important responsibilities to others - getting "you" out of your own way!

Module 9: Project Management - Exactly to Spec, On Time, Below Budget, Every Time

  • Why project management is such a huge key to success in your business... and the simplest ways to make it work.
  • Discover the little-known secrets for managing multiple projects, balancing workloads, and creating an environment where "things get done!"
  • How to recognize a great project manager - hire one, AND become one!
  • Using project management to bring new products to market quicker, minimize risk and raise the accuracy and quality!
  • Effective ways to increase the output of your staff and vendors... without being pushy.
  • How to use project management as a main tool to drive revenue up, and create a business that can expand without you.

Module 10: Assembling Your Business Building Swat Team To Multiply Your Productivity And Profits

  • Learn killer team-building and hiring strategies that make your life easy.
  • When to hire internally or whether to outsource? The easy way to know - and time-tested ways for doing it.
  • How to assemble and manage a "virtual team"... so you can get "you" out of the business - working on it, instead!
  • Learn the essential keys to effectively guide, manage, motivate, and even inspire your team.
  • Sweet recruiting techniques - where to find great employees, vendors and partners.

Module 11: Making It All Seamless-Your Well Oiled Machine That Cranks Out Cash

  • Answering the unanswered question:"What would happen if I did less?"
  • How to do more, by doing less!
  • Is your "To Do" list "doable"? If not, you may be getting in the way of your business in ways you never imagined.
  • Why creating your own "Personal Rules of Winning" - and then... living by those rules - will get you to your gold mine of personal and financial freedom quicker than greased lightening.
  • 15 key questions you must frequently ask to know if you're "on track" to building a business that can grow and prosper without depending on you.
  • The 7 traits of truly successful entrepreneurs - the impact they can have on your life - and the price you pay when you ignore them.

Please know one thing:

This List Of "Modules" Hasn't Even Begun to TOUCH On One-Tenth Of the Information You'll Discover As Part Of My "Business Growth System" Coaching Program

The "Business Growth Systems" coaching is like nothing you've ever seen before. My approach to starting and building a rock solid business that grows without your involvement is completely different than anything you've ever seen, read, or heard before - and what's more, I am absolutely convinced that anybody can succeed once they go through this coaching.

Besides These 11 Modules, Remember, You also Get 3 Other Killer "Coaching Components" To Ensure Your Success...

Weekly Q&A Calls Directly With Me - Live calls where I answer your specific questions to growing your business.

Comprehensive Action Guides - To assist you in implementing what you learn directly into your business

Killer Mystery Bonuses - More great content that I can't tell you about yet that will get you where you want to go faster.

Others have paid as much as triple for the membership I'm offering you ... and their results have consistently MORE than paid for their investment.

But please understand one thing - this kind of coaching is nearly impossible to find, at any price. There simply aren't that many people on the planet who've been through what I've been through - who know what I know - and who have coached the level of people I've coached - who are willing to offer their time and energy in this way.

Think about it...

My Phone Number is On the Speed Dial of Almost Every Internet Guru on the Planet... Multi-Million-Dollar Companies Regularly Call Me Searching for Answers... I'm Absolutely Certain I Can Help You Turn Your Business Into the "Opulence Machine" It Should Be!

Now - with all the humility I can muster - I just want you to realize I'm not bringing all this up to brag - I'm bringing it up because you just need to realize that...

When Someone With a Track Record of Creating Massive Tidal Waves of Profit, Success, and Abundance, Offers to Help You Get Where You Want to Go - You Should Run (Not Walk) to Belly-Up-to-the-Bar and Make It Happen

After all... stop and think about what that could mean for you...

Seriously consider it.

If you REALLY think your business has the potential to turn into a "freedom-machine" for you and your family...

If you REALLY think your business may be "primed" to take-off...

And if you're REALLY ready to shift your mental game so that you can believe it before you see it all unfold - then you're ready to claim your spot in my "Business Growth System" coaching program.

So are you ready to adjust your mental game for massive success? You really can live the life you've always wanted - I can show you the way. A new life is waiting for you... if you can get this ONE lesson:

The Biggest Barrier to Your Biggest Success Is Your Own Belief About What's Possible For You...

  • I've done it... my clients have done it... now you can do it too!

  • Starting right now you must believe that you can win in business, have the same success as your predecessors in my program, and build the business and income of your dreams.

  • You're no different - and you can achieve greatness, too!

If You're Ready to Get More Serious About Building Yourself An Empire Of Personal and Financial Freedom - It's Time You Scored Some Intense Coaching With an Honest Pro Who Can Take You There...

So... if you're still reading - and you still haven't taken action... then you must be questioning if investing your money to get my coaching on how to build a solid, self-sustaining, prospering business is actually worth your time and money?


Here's my response:

Are you kidding me?

I can't even begin to understand anyone (who is serious about business and success) who would not JUMP on this opportunity immediately.

If you're still questioning the viability of this coaching... I can assure you - this coaching program is not for you.

But most realistic businessmen and women KNOW they need some kind of coaching to get themselves over the "hump." It's a fact! Why else would a nearly every successful Internet guru go through my coaching? They're already successful... they already make oodles and gobs of money...

They went through it because they wanted to get over THEIR "HUMPS" too!

They invested in themselves... and you should too.

Unfortunately, when they jump in, it also erases the number of openings left for everyone else, who (for one lame reason or another) want to dilly and dally before making such a grand decision.


I wouldn't let another heartbeat skip by before signing up. I never get stingy when there's a chance I could change my life forever. It's always an investment in my mind.

But we're not talking about me, are we?

We're talking about you.

Your future. Your business. Your life!

And all I can tell you is this:

If you feel your business has so much more potential... and if you often feel discouraged because it's just not taking off like you thought it would... I personally promise you things will get so much better for you with this coaching.

Lastly... think of this:

When was the last time you really had fun? Think for a second. Not just a giggle now and then... but when you had a big, stupid smile stretched across your face and you were laughing your guts out and feeling like you did when you were just a kid playing?

If it's been over a month my friend - then you've got to ask yourself: Why am I working so hard?

Life it too short to work it all away. It's also too precious.

Do yourself a big favor... get back to living again - won't you? Whether it's with this coaching or through some other way...

You owe it to yourself.

Join BGS Today

"YES, Rich! I'm Ready To Join The Business Growth System So I Can Learn The Strategies That Can Explode My Business!

I understand that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I can get started for $397 for my first month. I'll get the first module, and WEEKLY Q&A calls with you, Rich.

I can cancel at any time with no obligation for future payments by calling +1-866-211-2773, or by opening a support ticket at www.strategicprofits.com/support.

Upon securing my membership in the program, I will receive a username and password that I can use to login and start devouring your business building tips and tricks.

After my first month, I will pay $397 per month for my membership (One Profit Module each month). I'll also get access to weekly group Q&A calls with you.

I also understand that this price may increase in the future and I am only guaranteed this charter price if I place my order today.

I'm ready to ACT NOW to begin my ONE MONTH trial of the Business Growth System.

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