If you're ready to build the business and income of your dreams...
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And leaving your old "opportunity seeker" ways behind...

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“Here's How You Can Start Your Transformation
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Rich Schefren
From: Rich Schefren
CEO And Founder
Strategic Profits

Dear Opportunity Seeker,
Do you want to be free to live your life the way you want to? Or work and struggle for the rest of your life?

You know that Strategic Entrepreneurs are much more likely to succeed than Opportunity Seekers.

But most people are not clear about what it means to be an entrepreneur. And that's why Opportunity Seekers make mistake after mistake.

They get frustrated because they THINK they are an entrepreneur, but they are not.

They don't know how to grow a business, so they get overwhelmed by trying to learn every marketing tactic... and every task in their business.

Then they're continually disappointed, wondering why their business isn't working like they expected. Why they're not making the income they expected.

They think building a business is just common sense. And that's the biggest mistake they make.

If that were the case, virtually all business owners would be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. And you and I know that is not the case. Most business owners struggle... online and offline... because...

Business is NOT common sense. And I'll show you why...

Can you answer ANY of these questions, with clarity and confidence?

  • Why are you doing Internet Marketing?
  • Why are you building a business?
  • What will it look like when it's finished?
  • What elements will it compete on?
  • What will be your competitive advantage?
  • How will you deliver your promise?
  • How are you going to run the business?
  • How will you break-free of the business?

If you can't answer most (or any) of these questions right now, don't worry.

Because my Entrepreneur Success Program was designed to make gaining clarity on all the answers you don't have right now easy. And give you the confidence you must have to win in business.

You see, it's an awakening of what business is really all about. That most people, especially those who think like Opportunity Seekers, somehow miss completely.

Because if you don't know what it means to be a Strategic Entrepreneur, the struggle, frustration and disappointment you're experiencing now will just get worse. Until you call it quits, and realize how much valuable time you've wasted. And how much money has vanished before your eyes.

When you make the move from Opportunity Seeker to a Strategic Entrepreneur, which can happen in as little as 60 days...

To ENJOYING your new and better life, where you're THRILLED with your progress... and excited about your business and financial future!

Look... Since You Attended My Free Accelerated Business Course Webcast Event...

You have already seen mountains of proof that my Business Growth System has created this same transformation for myself, and hundreds of my clients.

Here's why my Entrepreneur Success Program has the same power to turn struggling Opportunity Seekers into successful, happy Strategic Entrepreneurs...

You get the SAME first 4 coaching lessons taken directly from the Business Growth System program! (with Special BONUS extras we'll get to in just a moment.)

When you get started with my Entrepreneur Success Program today, you'll jump right into your first "ESP" coaching lesson and assignments in...

The Entrepreneur's
Welcome Module

Inside, you'll get a special "getting started" primer from me. A personal message that shows you exactly what to expect from your time in our Entrepreneur Success Program.

Plus, you'll have two very important assignments before it's time to move on to your next ESP Entrepreneur's Module... to read, reread, and apply the concepts in my two most powerful business-building reports exclusively for Strategic Profits clients...

"Your Business Blueprint" is a detailed plan that will walk you through each and every step you need to take to build the business of your dreams... and create the life of your dreams. If you follow the steps in this special client-only report, you'll be on track for getting everything you want out of your online business. Your chances of success will multiply, and you'll know exactly what steps you must take to make it all happen.

Because this report will immediately
change the way you approach business.

And inside "The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success"... you'll find critical information about business success that you must know now, before you go any further. It's that important to the future of your business, in today's economy.

Because it will quickly eliminate whatever is stopping you NOW... from growing your business, making more money and ultimately, building the business of your dreams that will allow you to live the lifestyle you've always wanted.

Then it will be time for you to move to your next ESP coaching lesson and assignments...

Entrepreneur's Module 1:

“The Big Secrets of Being A Real Entrepreneur
That Almost Everyone Misses”

Get ready for your awakening of what business is really all about.

By the time you're finished with Entrepreneur's Module 1, you'll have clarity about so many factors in your online business... clarity on all of those questions we visited earlier... PLUS detailed answers, advice and direction about:

And much more.

That's why Entrepreneur's Module 1 is so important to your success online.

Because your business is a direct reflection of how good an entrepreneur you are... Period.

And it doesn't stop there. Because after you master The Big Secrets of Being a Real Entrepreneur That Almost Everyone Misses... and get total clarity about your business, you, and what you want to accomplish...

It's time for your next coaching lessons, and exciting assignments inside...

Entrepreneur's Module 2:

"Isolating, Developing and Profiting From Your Money-Making Strengths"

You'll have a BIG advantage in business when you're done with Entrepreneur's Module 2. Because you'll know exactly...

And lots more.

The fact is, most people will never be exposed to this information anywhere.

And when you're clear about your strengths, you have something very powerful.

Because as an Entrepreneur, to really win in business, for you to really build the online business of your dreams... a business that can take care of you...

It has to be based on some strength that YOU bring to the table.

To enable you to get total clarity on your strengths, as part of Entrepreneur's Module 2...

You Get Access To The Most Accurate And Comprehensive Personal Strengths Assessment On The Planet...
The Kolbe Index

Most people never take the time to take an inventory of what they bring to the table. Their skills, strengths, assets and core competencies.

It's really sad. Because when you know your strengths, the likelihood of your success grows tremendously.

By completing Entrepreneur's Module 2 and The Kolbe Strengths Assessment, you'll know exactly what you bring to the table. You'll know exactly how to "play to your strengths." And how to develop a competitive advantage around it that others can't touch.

Your likelihood of success will grow tremendously.

Because you'll know the critical success factors that ensure competitive performance... and exactly how to gain an UNFAIR advantage!

Which means you're then ready to move ahead to the final Entrepreneur Success Program coaching lesson and assignments in...

Entrepreneur's Module 3

"Marking Your Turf – Gaining Clarity On Your Big Objective And Generating Immediate Momentum"

The #1 obstacle standing in the way of your success is how clear you are about yourself. About what you want. What your big purpose is. And about what you're willing to do to make it happen.

Excuse me for being blunt... but when it comes to you being in the situation you're in now, and how you feel about the online business you've tried to build...

The problem is you. You are the biggest obstacle to your success.

You've got to look in the mirror. You've got to figure out what you've done wrong.

In this Module you'll get guidance so you can do exactly that, while you make the shift in the way you approach business. The shift away from thinking and operating as an Opportunity Seeker... to thinking and operating like a Strategic Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur's Module 3 is all about:

And much more.

After completing Entrepreneur's Module 3, you'll no longer be the problem.

You'll be the solution. Because you will now be a better entrepreneur.

In just 4 months (or less in our Accelerated Program), you will be a much better entrepreneur than you are right now. Which means you being a Real Strategic Entrepreneur will immediately have a positive impact on everything you do in business.

When you're approaching business as a real Strategic Entrepreneur, you'll live by the fact that the buck stops with you. You either make the right decisions, or the wrong decisions.

And the better an Entrepreneur you become, you will make more decisions that end up being good ones. Which by default, eliminates most of the problems in your business that are caused by operating like an Opportunity Seeker, and not really being an effective Strategic Entrepreneur.

You can start the chain of good decisions right now... by getting started in my Entrepreneur Success Program.

Join The Entrepreneur Success Program Here

Now, I can ensure that you do make the shift in the way you approach business, so you can enjoy a growing, thriving business of a Strategic Entrepreneur.

Because these 4 Entrepreneur Success Program Modules are the same exact lessons and assignments as my Business Growth System clients have used to make 100's of millions of dollars with their online businesses.

And these are the same strategies that enabled me to get out of Opportunity Seeker mode when I got started, and build a $7 Million business in just 18 months.

Being an ESP client will be the catalyst for changing the way you approach business, and for discovering the greatness that's been hiding inside of you all this time. I want you to experience the transformation for yourself so much, that I'm also going to throw in...

A Special Bonus For New
"Entrepreneur Success Program" Clients

Just to sweeten the pot, and show you I'm serious about your success in online business, as a real Strategic Entrepreneur... I'm including an extra ESP Entrepreneur's Module. One of the most powerful of my Business Growth System program... that will connect everything you've learned and accomplished as an ESP client...

And enable you to convert your Entrepreneurial Power into sales and profits... when you dive into our...

Special Entrepreneur's Power Module

"Your Mafia Offer – How To ReCraft Your Business
To Make An Offer That Cannot Be Refused"

The public and many business owners believe marketing and selling are one and the same. In your Special Entrepreneur's Power Module, you'll learn the difference, and be guided to create your own highly-effective, unique and profitable marketing.

But before you create the cornerstone of your business' cash flow... Your Mafia Offer... there's a lot of thinking and investigating to be done.

This Power Module will open your eyes to the world of competitive intelligence. The fact that your sharp competitors are surely watching what you're doing. And you better be watching what they're doing... like a hawk.

Through a diligent competitive intelligence regimen, comes a sustainable competitive advantage. Essential for staying in business in today's economy. And essential to build wealth from owning an online business.

This is so important, you'll also get a separate blueprint to guide you in setting up your ongoing competitive intelligence... "Your Competitive Intelligence Program."

Using this concise Action Guide, you'll always know where your customers can go to purchase the same products you sell them. Your competitors. You'll know who they are, and you'll always have a huge advantage over them by keeping track of what they're doing on a regular basis.

You'll get step-by-step details explaining:

Also in this Special Bonus Power Module, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of the basis for putting together an effective strategy for your business in current circumstances... addressing the strengths and weaknesses inside your business... and the threats and opportunities that exist outside of your business.

This Special Bonus Power Module will enable you to connect all the dots from Entrepreneur's Welcome Module, and Entrepreneur's Modules 1, 2 and 3... to complete your transformation from thinking and operating like an Opportunity Seeker, to thinking and acting like the real Strategic Entrepreneur you are.

Now this Special Bonus Power Module is part of my Business Growth System too. And costs $397 to access. As do The Entrepreneur's Welcome Module... and Entrepreneur's Modules 1, 2 and 3.

Plus, when you become an Entrepreneur Success Program client today, you'll get two extra bonuses that will come in handy as you're growing your newly improved online business...

My "Complete Guide To Highly-Successful Joint Venture Partnerships" (which sells for $97 every day)...

Plus Free Access to our "Strategic Profits Personal Accelerator Program" (which sells for $297), that will help you take in information many times faster than you do now, with higher recall and comprehension. Along with my personal "productivity hacks" and tools. What a time saver!

That's $2,379 in retail value. Now, you may be expecting that my Entrepreneur Success Program requires an investment of $1,200 to $1,500 for access.

But since you already know you need to make the shift from thinking and operating like an Opportunity Seeker, to thinking and acting like a real Strategic Entrepreneur...

I'm not going to leave you hanging, just because the $3,000 price tag of my full Business Growth System Coaching Program may not have been a good fit for you right now...

So I've decided to make my Entrepreneur Success Program... a 4 month program... not $397 or $297 a month. Only $197 a month for 4 months.

(You can even save $109 instantly, and progress through ESP as fast as you want by choosing the Accelerated Program option.)

Join The Entrepreneur Success Program Here

For less than $7 a day, you can totally change the way you approach doing business, and completely transform yourself from thinking and operating like an Opportunity Seeker (like you do now...) to being a Real Strategic Entrepreneur.

You'll finally go from being continually overwhelmed by focusing on learning every new marketing tactic that comes around, and learning every task in your business...

To finally knowing and leveraging your unique strengths... so you can strategically build your business FAST, enjoying every step of the way.

To finally knowing and leveraging your unique strengths... so you can strategically build your business FAST, enjoying every step of the way.

Here's Everything You Get In Our
Entrepreneur Success Program

Month 1: "The Entrepreneur's Welcome Module"
($397 value)

Month 2: "Entrepreneur's Module 1"
($397 value)

"The Big Secrets of Being A Real Entrepreneur
That Almost Everyone Misses"

Month 3: "Entrepreneur's Module 2"
($397 value)

"Isolating, Developing and Profiting From
Your Money-Making Strengths"

Month 4: "Entrepreneur's Module 3"
($1,188 value)

"Marking Your Turf – Gaining Clarity On Your Big Objective
And Generating Immediate Momentum"

BONUS: Special Entrepreneur's Power Module

"Your Mafia Offer – How To ReCraft Your Business
To Make An Offer That Cannot Be Refused"


That's a total retail value of $2,379.

And you can get started today for only $197.

Then just 3 more payments of $197 each.

You have nothing to lose... because you're covered by my 30 Day Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

And you have the business and income of your dreams to gain.

If you are ready to go from suffering from "shiny object" syndrome, thinking that every new thing that comes along will be your "magic bullet"... THE way to success...

To wisely investing in your business knowledge, since you know it's the only way to grow a REAL business...and set yourself free from the daily grind of DOING...

Join The Entrepreneur Success Program Now!

To higher profits and beyond,

Rich Schefren
Founder, Strategic Profits