Online Business Tip: How To Get Top Authors To Create Your Products For Free!

Getting the top authors within your niche to contribute to the creation of your information products is one of the quickest ways to gain tremendous credibility within your marketplace.

Imagine having the names of two, three, or four of the most recognized authors and experts in your niche alongside your name on your next info-product, on your sales letter, and in your email follow-up messages. It instantly makes you more trustworthy. Makes your offer more believable. And positions you and your product well-above your competitors.

In essence, it’s a true business shortcut.

And, fortunately, making it happen… with zero cost or expense… is easier than you might think.

It all comes down to TIMING.

If you want to get virtually any top author within a field to contribute to your next information product via an interview, you need to approach them at the “right time”.

When is the right time to approach a top author, you might be wondering?

When they’ve released a new book.


Because when they release a new book, authors are eager to get as much exposure for their book as possible. So they’re almost always excited about doing an interview. Plus, when a top author releases a new book, they typically get and welcome interview requests from several sources.

Here’s how you do this:

Step #1: Go to

Step #2: Search for books using your potential product’s main keyword or keyword phrase.

Step #3: Sort the books by publication date. This lists the newly published books first.

Step #4: Make note of the top 5-6 authors names. Then, find their websites on Google.  This is so you can get their contact information.

Step #5: Contact each author about wanting to interview them about XYZ topic and their book.  Let them know they can plug their book, and that you’ll be including their interview with a collection of other interviews from their fellow experts for customers who just so happen to be their target market.

That’s it.

Timed correctly, there’s no doubt you can easily get 90% of the experts you approach to participate in a great interview for you. I’ve used this technique on several occasions. Have interviewed at least 7 top authors. And, used this very technique to break into a brand new niche in 2003 when first starting in the info-product business. And, it’ll work for you as well.

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