Would you like Rich Schefren to share with you books he’s reading?

This past week, Winston a very animated visitor from Belgium who’s been visiting the Strategic Profits office grabbed the key’s to Rich’s apartment and made the following video…

Here’s the deal…

As you can see by Rich’s reading process (video below) he reads a lot of books.

If you would like him to share with you what he’s reading in the form of reviews vote below now!

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A Shocking Revelation About Your Marketing

So You Think You’re A Marketer? Let’s Find Out…

I’ve been in the online marketing business for a long time.

To be frank, there isn’t much I haven’t seen in the way of marketing.

I’ve seen effective marketing. I’ve seen ineffective marketing. I’ve seen spectacular marketing. And I’ve seen total garbage marketing.

I’ve studied, analyzed and tested the art and science of persuasion from more perspectives than probably 99 percent of people who call themselves marketers.

I’ve even invented a few “unconventional” methods my self. For instance… Read More

Three Questions To Ask About Your Processes

Here is the undeniable truth…

All success is the result of a process.

Here’s another one…

Whether you want to believe it or not… everything you do is a process.

Even (in fact, especially) the things that don’t seem very “process-like”.

Your process for doing something might be haphazard. It might be inefficient. It might be totally ineffective. But you’ve still got a process.

And everything you’ve got now, in every area of your life, is a direct result of your processes.

  • Not getting enough done in your business? Check your process.
  • Not making enough money? Check your process.
  • Not finding the relationships or maybe that significant other you want? Check your process.

Everything! Read More

“Getting” Distinctions In Your Business

In my last post, I explained that all your knowledge, all your strategy was limited by the distinctions you see.

And that learning distinctions wasn’t enough to overcome the problem.

So if learning about distinctions isn’t enough to have them make a difference in your life, what can you do?

What can you do so you see more? So you have greater range? So you have a greater set of options? A bigger menu to choose from of how you’re going to create your success?

I’ve got an exercise for you.

I’ve got something that you can do starting today that will allow you to start building that muscle of seeing more.

That will allow you to start creating distinctions of seeing the world in a different way. A way where you see more opportunities than all the other entrepreneurs around you. Read More

The Invisible Limit On All Your Strategy

You know that playing strategically is the key to huge success in your business.

But there’s an inherent (and somewhat ironic) limitation that comes with being strategic…

Your strategy will only ever be as good as the options you believe you have.

The choices that you believe you are free to make.

That means the only options you can consider, the only choices you can make, the only opportunities you can explore are the ones you see and don’t see in front of you.

You just can’t use something in a plan or strategy if you don’t see it.

That means if you see less than your competition, you and your strategy are going to be weaker in the market.

And the problem is… Read More

Your Key to Mastering Success… Snow!

Today’s lesson is all about why some entrepreneurs always do better than others. It’s about why some consistently kill it without breaking a sweat. While others can work ninety hours a week and never get off the ground.

And it’s about snow…

If you’re scratching your head, watch the video. (And don’t forget to leave me a comment. What’s your big takeaway? How much “snow” do you see?)

Close The Gap

What’s Your Score?

Did you do the exercise? What did you discover?

If you’re life isn’t reflecting the scores you gave yourself – and most people’s don’t – there’s something wrong with your criteria.

Discover what it is in today’s video…

Where My Transformation Begins

The Single Biggest Breakthrough For Getting Whatever You Want!

What if you could eliminate one obstacle – one sticking point – and suddenly be able to achieve any goal? What if mastering just one thing would let you start taking massive, results-producing action and start living the success you only dream about anymore?

Well you can. (If you’ve got the “you-know-whats”…)

Sound like a lot of hype? Watch the video and see for yourself.
(And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!)

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