Where Great Ideas Come from for Your Business

The most successful entrepreneurs of all time all started with the same thing — one great idea. But where do great ideas come from? In this episode, Rich Schefren will reveal his personal idea process that allows him to constantly come up with counter-intuitive, market-moving ideas.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/omerfeyzoglu Ömer Feyzo?lu

    gets nowhere
    after 7 minutes ? had to turn it off

  • http://www.jamieleger.com/ Jamie Leger

    no thanks.

  • http://about.me/kringas Nick Kringas

    I think great ideas come from the habit of strengthening you thinking muscle.
    And that exercise can be a systematic process.
    Perhaps not the ideas themselves but the ability to come up with those ideas, yes

  • Anonymous

    The best ideas come by indulging in  great material on a regular basis and totally consuming it so that it is totally understood.

    You can then let the mind process it naturally and when ready the great ideas come out, you cant sit down and try to think up a great idea, it may take hours, days, months or years but if you take on enough information and process it then your brain should eventually come up with a unique angle of it.

  • Dholroyd216

    This is a fantastic concept! I began using it recently and Rich has explained why and how.  I intend to use it for the next few months, if not longer, to obtain better results.

  • http://www.strategicprofits.com Rich Schefren

    I agree with you about searching for meaning rather than profits. 

    I’ve found over the years that if you build your business based on what’s meaningful to you, what you’re passionate about, eventually great ideas come. (And yes, profits can come from that business too.)

    However, in the absence of good ideas, I find having a process to develop those concepts useful. Otherwise, you may waste precious time searching for the right words or the right project to build and grow your meaningful business.

  • http://www.strategicprofits.com Rich Schefren

    I also like surrounding myself with great material. Besides books on business and marketing, I also love reading on as many different unusual topics as I can. Sometimes a concept hidden in a completely unrelated book will spark a new idea that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. :)  

  • Pongrat_ioan

    Many thanks dear Rich Schefren for evrything to do , sure very important your all prezentation

  • http://www.day1charitydonation.com/ Hal Fast

    I get great business ideas, or ideas in general from melding information from many different sources, or just seeing a “hole” that isn’t being exploited by anybody online or off, and it benefits all involved right away. day1charitydonation

  • Anonymous

    Yeah great suggestion Rich, I am not a fiction type person, but autobiographies can inspire a lot whether the person is sports, business or anything else.