Conference Update: Frank Kern On Finding The Core Identity Of Your Market

In this clip, Frank Kern of Mass Control shows us how to use our “infinite power” wisely…and the correlation between this concept and the work of Mother Theresa.


See for yourself if you don’t believe me.

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  • Flashy Version

    Speaking of core identity, Frank Kern is not showing signs of turning into a Mother Theresa, he’s looking more and more like a goldie-blondie version of Jesus Christ, omg!

    Learning to speak from your core center to the core center of your marketplace is one lesson well heeded. More details coming up… I hope. Thanks Frank! Do get some sleep

  • Cay Cole

    Mr. Kern is on it. People want to buy, not be sold, as other mavens have said. With increasing perfection of information flow, the b.s. detectors of our prospective clients grow ever more sensitive. If you are ONLY in this for the money and not to provide a solution, heaven help ya.

  • frann

    Frank Kern has his finger on it, for sure. It’s like, if you hang with a group of people, and some person from outside the group comes along and tries to act like one of you, but they really haven’t got it. I’m sure most people will know what I’m talking about. To join one of those groups, you have to BECOME one of them, not just pretend to be one. Like, I can talk about geeky stuff, because I’m really into it, but if I was to try and talk about surf stuff I wouldn’t have any credibility because I don’t know what it’s really like to ride a wave and there’s no way to know that without actually doing it.

  • Craig Dewe

    It’s great to see more and more business people starting to get this concept.

    > That we’re here to help, not to sell.
    > That marketing is wanting the best for the people around you.
    > That you don’t need to increase sales, you need to help more people!

    Help enough people, and the cash starts flooding in.

    Thanks for the snippets Rich.

  • James Constantine

    Mother Teresa answered the highest calling by helping the poor and sick, IM’ers, mostly want to relieve you of your money and make you poor and sick.
    I’ve only been doing this IM thing for a little while and what I’ve found is, unless you serve the greatest good by helping people get to where you are, or farther, your only reward will be more money(maybe).
    Sure I want to “earn” money doing this, but, I will not sell my soul for mammon.
    When I find my niche, I hope I actually help folks get to where they want to go.

  • Mary Alice Tully

    Umm… I appreciate this, but when your attempts at hypnotic copy intersect with egos…it’s almost beyond words, this is really disgusting.

    Many Internet marketers are not helping humanity, they are making money selling things to other internet marketers one level down the food chain. Now to read comments like this

    ” …Frank speaks about finding the core identity of your

    market…and how it can turn you into Mother Theresa.
    Yes, THATS Mother Theresa.

    Frank even goes as far to compare himself with her.

    Yeah, I know–unbelievable (especially if you really
    know Kern) but altogether true.”

    Rich!…Altogether True? That such a thing could be articulated, then Validated by you – to compare internet marketers to a woman who spent her life holding dying children and tending to victims of tragic, horrific unspeakable deprivation, what does this mean about you? What’s next, calling Hitler’s marketing and organizational skills brilliant?

    The clients, the readers, the participants, all deserve an apology. Does not matter what was “intended”. Want to talk about Mother Theresa? Make a huge donation to her cause. Then you all can talk about your connection to her.

    The level of hype in your every day posts is high distraction enough from your otherwise great messages, but this…..I am so disappointed…particularly when you use the words ‘altogether true’.

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  • croz

    Hi Rich

    Some lovely snippets, but I think this young guy has some even better ones

    I sure wish I could have been at the show, just to soak up the atmosphere.

    Abundance to All

    Croz from OZ

  • croz

    Sorry link did not go live

    Abundance to All

    Croz from OZ

  • Dianne Kneller

    Hey Rich, :)

    Been a little while since I have been in here, since reading your lastest & greatest Maven report..

    Gotta love Frank, 😉 wasn’t at all offended by what he said, he actually had a good point in the comparison to Mother Teresa.

    Loved your report, & thanks for the snippets..

    Gold nuggets even from 2min Videos, hey!

    Dianne in NZ :)

  • Free Attraction Marketing Boot Camp

    This is GOLD! Kern compares himself to Mother Theresa!


    You go Kern!

    Danny Arrington
    “How To Get Free Laser Targeted Leads To Chase You Down Without Spending A Dime On Advertising”


    I think what Frank was saying is that if you are genuine and authentic about helping people that the rest will come more naturally. If you are after money then it may come but quiclkly disappear.

    -Ray L.,

  • Gary McElwain

    Frank Kern instills faith in me. Since my mother told me, being a beach bum was not a wise decision, for a life style.
    If I didn’t see the board, I’d swear he walks on water.

  • Joseph

    I think Frank has a lot to teach us but I don’t want to guess at what he is really saying. I think “plain speak” works better.

    I don’t doubt that he’s successful but this getting down to the “core” stuff is to nebulous. I suppose it’s in the home study!

    If helping people make money is what keeps us all out of the poor house then more is needed.

  • Rick Carter

    My friend met women with a style he called “politely obnoxious.” He would look at a young lady and then say something like “Nice shoes.” And the tone of his voice almost compelled her to respond “What’s wrong with my shoes?”
    He couldn’t care less about her shoes. But he did care about starting a dialogue – what Rich would call “getting her attention.”
    But the thing that HELD her attention was his personality and ability to actually converse with her. And this came from him knowing himself and his goals – which is what Frank is talking about.
    If my friend met a young lady with similar beliefs and goals – it was almost effortless. If he met a young lady who shared not his intentions, the conversation ended quickly.
    Does this help? Mother Teresa’s message resonated with HER audience because she knew herself and was comfortable and secure with it. Her message did not resonate with everyone – but with those with which it DID, she had to do virtually no “selling” at all.
    Need another example? Matt Furey.
    He knows himself, and his message hits his market’s vibe like no one else.
    Gary Halbert had that ability.
    So look past the Mother Teresa reference to Frank’s actual lesson.

  • Frank Kern

    To be crystal clear, I am not in any way comparing myself to Mother Teresa and nor did I do so on stage.

    Had the other 2+ hours of this video been shown, it would be clear that I was making the following point:

    When you connect with your core values and your core identity and then you identify the core values and core identity of others, you don’t need to go to great lengths to convince people to do something.

    The reference to Mother Teresa was simply proof of the point.

    She did not have to twist any arms to meet her goals. People were naturally drawn to her and her message …and she didn’t have to beat anyone over the head with propaganda.

    That’s ALL I was saying in the Mother Teresa reference.

    Again, I hold no illusions that cause me to believe I’m anything remotely like Mother Teresa.

    When I saw the email that was sent about this blog post, I cringed because I knew this could be taken way out of context.

    Unfortunately, when you’re in the public eye …you run the risk of this type of confusion.

    So hopefully, this gives a little clarity to the matter.

    Frank Kern

  • Jason

    Hey Rich

    This Stuff keeps getting better and better. Frank Kern is droping some really deep stuff here and i really want to see the whole presentation to get the rest of his concept.I know that we really need to seek to help people in order to be successfull and I think you are on the right path to helping us accomplish that. thanks a bunch.


  • larry davis

    What is core identity-connection ?
    Yeah, Frank…
    search-engines have a metric to measure this factor.
    It’s called : bounce rate.

    High bounce-rate=low core-connection with visitors.
    Low bounce-rate=high core-connection with visitors.

    We , as internet-marketers , also ; have a metric to
    measure this factor…

    It’s called : “Keepin’ It Real”.
    So , keep keepin’ it Real , Frank.

    Yeah , I can see ‘Maven-Marketing is a keeper.


  • anton

    I’m really not into the Frank Kern’s stuff. But after seeing his CORE IDENTITY presentation, I’m now a fan. The presentation was so brilliant the entire conference can’t stop raving about it.


  • Jonathan


    Re: Mother Theresa.

    To cut a long story short, your video clip was perfectly respectful of the Saint.

    Make no mistake, if we decide to surrender and become who we were put on this earth to be, then all things will flow to us.

    Furthermore, if we pretend to be something we are not, we will be seen as the fake we are. This applies to our internet businesses as much as in any other arena of life.

    Truth be told, I am sure that is all you were saying.

    My best wishes.


  • Shawn Powell

    As a speaker myself, I tend to watch for different things than the average person in the audience. I look for signs, motions, actions, tricks or ways that professionals use to engage the crowd. I also prefer speakers that build up, not build down. Meaning I dislike speakers that come on strong. I love the opposite when a good presenter invites you in and takes you on the ride of your life. Frank Kern is indeed of this type.

    Myself and my good friends who attended were absolutely blown away, i’d say more like flabergasted, at the depth of this mans profound presentation. It changed me forever.

    I am only sad that I did not get to thank him personally for the best presentation with the most value I had seen in the past 3 years. Bravo Frank!

    ps I am focusing on looking for my Core self now as a high priority. Thank you!

    Shawn Powell

  • Ralph Dreifus

    Fran Kern, you have to love him. He is a wild man with a mind like a steel trap. He is eluding to the idea of perception and reality. Perception is reality.

    You can be the greatest person in the world but if the world preceives you to be a liar and a thief then regardless if your actions behind the scenes and whether your behind the scenes actions qualify you to be cannonized by the catholic church or not, you are still a liar and a thief in the eyes of the public

    Perception is reality, so be measured, humble and modest about yourself.

  • Brian

    I do not understand the hype? Very basic information is being given and in tiny little videos? I found this guy that isnt being pumped up by gurus and his stuff is pretty interesting. And looooong. . Idk, maybe I am just wierd, but the stuff here just seems like conference hype?

  • George

    Frank Kern reminds me of “Sawyer” from LOST.

    Pretty cool.. BUT – Kern is brilliant. Sawyer is an idiot. :-)

  • Bill Broadbent

    Absolutely killer conference. Frank Kern’s presentation was absolutely eye opening. If someone doesn’t 100x or even 1,000x their investment on the content in this conference, then they just don’t get it. PERIOD! Aha moments are abundant.

  • Santos Gregorio Perez Salinas

    Hey Rich,

    Been a little while since I have been in here, since reading your lastest & greatest Maven report..

    Gotta love Frank, wasn’t at all offended by what he said, he actually had a good point in the comparison to Mother Teresa.

    Loved your report, & thanks for the snippets..

    Gold nuggets even from 2min Videos, hey!

    Dianne in NZ
    Conference Update: Frank Kern On Finding The Core Identity Of Your Market

  • Santos Gregorio Perez Salinas

    Mr. Kern is on it. People want to buy, not be sold, as other mavens have said. With increasing perfection of information flow, the b.s. detectors of our prospective clients grow ever more sensitive. If you are ONLY in this for the money and not to provide a solution, heaven help ya.
    Conference Update: Frank Kern On Finding The Core Identity Of Your Market

  • Niche

    Great 2 minutes from Frank Kern

    The message i am getting is to get myself into the position where i don’t go looking for my market, but my market comes looking for me

    This guy’s seems to have the answers


    Affiliate Marketing Articles For Beginners

  • Mary Alice Tully

    I appreciate Frank’s entry here to respond to my earlier post.

    Thank you, Frank.

  • Peter

    With great respect to Frank Kern, his is not the total solution for all occasions. I’m sorry but it just isn’t!

    Whilst in IM, there has been need for a much less hard sale of BS to the more soft sell of mates, but I don’t know about you but of the 27 mass control style soft sell pitches I have received in the last 15 days, I have binned 26 of them with mass contempt.

    I am probably “unusual” but nothing turns me off more than a sales letter from someone who doesn’t know me from Mother Teressa, to say Dear FRIEND. They are not my f*k*g friend!

    It’s furonic to have to say it, but the soft sell is going to get as tedious as the hard sell has, and pretty quickly.

    I certainly don’t want to discourage people from “being nice to each other” and “honest”.

    I’d certainly like to discourage the mass BS that most IM and MLM churns out.

    But mass control will only work while the clients don’t know. And it is becoming a pretty widely known sales tactic.

    It is worth remembering that Frank also points out you should be real and genuine. It’s also worth looking at Frank’s own email pitches, like during mass control. They were not at all friendly really. He was pretty much to the point. Not a hard sell, but still a sell. Certainly not a soft sell.

    After all it is nothing knew. Isn’t what Eve did to Adam a mass control tactic? LOL. I bet she didn’t need an 8 page your head will explode sales letter. “Hey this apple is juicy Adam, that’s all I’m saying. thought you might like to know that’s all, and now I’m going surfing with the snake”.

    Do we really need to be reminded to be “genuine”?


    I’m off to go surfing now….


  • larry

    If you read her Memoirs and Letters, turns out Mother Theresa was MISERABLE all her life, because she lived the life of a Martyr, in “service” to others.
    Success in life is about adding value, not serving every little human foible. So I don’t blame Frankie boy for drawing the analogy.

  • Lewis Clayton

    Good old Frankie boy! I can’t wait for when he mentions in on of his seminars how he managed to bring Mother Teresa into his pitch!

    You gotta give it to him! =0>


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