Conference Update: Tom McCarthy On Finding Your Vision

Many of the world’s biggest companies seek out Tom McCarthy for his business wisdom and leadership insights. And in this video clip, Tom goes into detail about finding your vision.

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  • Flashy Version

    You want to be a maven? You gotta create world class visions to share with your community. Period. Otherwise no mavenhood. Wow!

    Makes you want to reach for the stars from the get go.

  • H. Kenneth

    The videos give nice glimpses of the conference. Very entertaining and informative. Thanks!

    One quick note to the moderator: It’s attendees (plural) not attendee’s (possesive). :-)

  • Craig Dewe

    It’s amazing how many companies do that, create great big vision statements that are a paragraph long and use the most complicated words possible.

    If you can’t summarise your core vision and values in a short sentence, how will you be using it every day?

    E.g. Mine is: “Make small business websites better.”

    What’s yours?

  • oli71

    hier gibt es so viele seiten und so viel lug und trug wird hier betrieben das ist unglaublich sollte man echt was dagegen machen ! mfg om

  • Michael Shelley

    Technical difficulty
    Re: With Home study email. Sending reply I sent In case someone knows or would like to know. Also, if inappropriate to place this here, please delete and let me know. Thanks

    Hi Rich:

    Thought you would like to know:
    I opened a site where the video should be with each of the links provided.
    The full page came up with the ususal conent, even the response comments.
    But instead of the video frame with dark background and right arrow to activate the controls,
    the center of that part of the page was blank.

    When the mouse goes over the blank space, the frame outline appears then a tag; click here to activate controls. In the box the pointer turns into a clickable hand but clicking it just makes the frame disappear, leaving the blank section.

    I am using MSN through MS Hotmail.

    A home page news item referring to MS Hotmail announced a global problem with service to some areas not having access earlier today. I have access enough for the page to open, but not loaded with the special contend.

    Michael Shelley


    Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 15:04:51 -0500
    Subject: Conference : Kern and McCarthy Leave Us Spellbound….

  • Jeanne May

    The video only reinforced what I already knew and believed — the vision of your company or whatever must come from deep within you. If it doesn’t resonate powerfully within you it is only as set of words with little meaning.

    Thanks for the opportunity of seeing these glimpses of experts in action.


  • Joseph

    I agree – having a vision certainly will make things easier. It also shows you stand for something.

  • Golden Pen

    THANK you for the correction! Improper use of the apostrophe is one of my pet peeves!

  • Riley Klein

    $2M on a “mission statement” and didn’t even know what it was! Is this a joke or what?

    I know it’s true because I worked at a large university for 10 years. Way too much procedures and politics…. you wonder if any relevant learning takes place in these types of institutions.

    It’s no wonder that college grads are unprepared for the the “real” work world!

  • Paul Simister

    Nice video of Tom explaining the importance of Vision. It is certainly an important element of my Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity as Pillar 2 defines your vision and how it is translated through goals, priorities, do/outsource decisions into time planning.

    More full explained at

  • Gerald Franklin

    Also when you start your vision make sure you know the WHY
    You Google Me

  • Rush Waghorne

    AHA! What a lineup of speakers and Value/ Wisdom! We always hear about knowing our “WHY” but this reminds us to also focus on the VALUE that we provide to the marketplace. Thanks guys for the great content! ~~Rush, video guy

  • Richard Schefren

    Thanks. This has been fixed.

  • Richard Schefren

    WHAT IS YOUR VISION STATEMENT? Post it here and let us know.

  • Government Employee

    I work within a department under a federal agency and I didn’t take notice of what their vision statment was until having read the Internet Manifesto. Are government employees inspired by vision statements? I don’t think the head of my department is. They seem to be only interested in making sure they don’t lose their jobs because they didn’t comply with some regulation. The vision and mission statement appears to be used as a public relations tool, rather that as something that motivates us. At the end of the day, we all go home to our families and count the days before retirement.

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