Three Questions To Ask About Your Processes

Here is the undeniable truth…

All success is the result of a process.

Here’s another one…

Whether you want to believe it or not… everything you do is a process.

Even (in fact, especially) the things that don’t seem very “process-like”.

Your process for doing something might be haphazard. It might be inefficient. It might be totally ineffective. But you’ve still got a process.

And everything you’ve got now, in every area of your life, is a direct result of your processes.

  • Not getting enough done in your business? Check your process.
  • Not making enough money? Check your process.
  • Not finding the relationships or maybe that significant other you want? Check your process.


Processes You Can’t See

The problem is, you don’t realize it.

Albert Einstein once said you can’t solve your problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

Same thing goes for your processes. You can’t easily change your processes because you most likely can’t see them. You’re just living your life in the middle of them. You need to step back and consciously take an objective inventory of the processes you have in place.

Take a hard look at what you’re doing.

That’s critical. Because your processes will continually propel you on the path you’re on.

Three Questions To Create New Processes

What am I trying to get done? Get clear on the big picture of what you want to accomplish. Be specific here. Vague goals rarely get accomplished.

What needs to happen to accomplish that? Go ahead and write down all the steps you can think of that might go into that process. Once you have that list, review it to see what are “must do’s”, what’s redundant and what’s totally unnecessary.

What are my daily commitments? Here’s the biggie. Write down what you are committed to doing when it comes to executing the steps in your process.

  1. What are you going to do?
  2. When are you going to do it?
  3. How long should it take?

And then put those commitments in your daily action plan.

Try, Try Again…

Now doing this exercise won’t guarantee you success right away.

Because creating an effective process is a process in and of itself.

Truth is you’re going to have to do some adjusting and tweaking. No action takes place in a vacuum. And it’s impossible to foresee every possible outcome of every action you take. There are always “unintended consequences” for all your actions. And those are what you’ll have to address.

So put a process in place and try it out.

If it’s not getting the job done, take a look at where it’s breaking down. Go back to your list of steps and see if something else is a better fit.

Remember this…

If you focus on the destination at the expense of the process, you’ll never get where you want to be.


Last weekend I participated in a livestream with Dave Dee from GKIC. We talked about a few of the processes I use for doing research and growing my business.

If you want to see a process for attracting wealth, success and security like a flame attracts moths… I recommend checking out Dan’s proven process here

What’s Your Best Process?

Share your most efficient, effective, original kick-butt process in the comments below. My team will review them all and pick a winner.

I’ll send the winner a signed copy of my private-client report, “A Dent in the Universe” (Which regularly sells for $97…)

It’s your ultimate “how-to” guide to unleash your true, unique strengths and leverage them to their greatest and highest use by creating a business as unique as you.
It’ll let you bend the world to YOU, and make your own personal dent in the universe!

But you’ve only got 48 hours to get in! After that, contest’s closed!

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Three questions for creating killler processes >> via @richschefren (Tweet this!)

Not getting the results you want? Here’s what you need to check… >> via @richschefren (Tweet this!)

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  • Joel Helfer

    I fill my calendar each week with a process for generating leads. I use an automated software to send out messages on LInkedIn to specific groups. When they reply I send a quick follow up message and invite them to schedule a telephone call with me. I send them a url to my telephone scheduler to make this easy and fun. Each week, I generate 30-50 scheduled telephone calls from interested, warm lead ( parties) who are anxious to speak with me. This generates weekly income for me and has worked week after week for over 9 months.

  • Rich Schefren

    Awesome Joel! Thanks for sharing

  • Pete Renzulli

    Set quarterly goals, place priorities into this month, place priorities in the week, the night before take from the weekly and place in my to-do list for tomorrow. Never move on to another goal until the priority is complete. Continue to complete top goals so each quarter has a solid foundation.

  • Virg Lewis

    What are you going to do? When are you going to do it? How long should it take?
    Yikes – if I did this I’d be a whole lot more productive and effective.
    No words of wisdom for others. A big thanks to all you share with us Rich.

  • Deremiah *CPE

    Heeey Rich I’m sort of a Techno-Geek Artist who combines the use of cold Technology with a warm Artistic hands on process that allows me to solve every problem quickly, easily and more effectively hands down. My most effective “Kick-Butt Process” to date…is the way I leverage the combined use of photography, notecards and postcards to interact with the people I meet and at the same time create Customer Passion Evangelist. Here’s what makes my process both One-Of-A-Kind and Uniquely Powerful. Whenever I meet someone I’ll send them a notecard with an Award-Winning drawing I’ve done professionally screen printed at a very high resolution to look like a Lithograph. I have a total of 16 of these to choose from and there are four of them in four uniquely separate category’s. Based on the person’s personality type I’ll send them a card that is emotionally ideal for who they are. This is all done intuitively. After I choose the card I’ll write them a uniquely handwritten inspiring message…often one that Thanks them for something really special that I see in them. It often will be easy for them to remember based on our meeting. All envelopes are hand addressed on 100% cotton envelopes using only the finest Calligraphy marker and a Sharpe with one customized sticker to go on the back of the envelope for branding purposes. The unique lithographic looking drawing on the front of the card, the handwritten words and finally typeset printing on the back identifying (unbeknownst to them and to their surprise) that I am the artist who did the drawing…this often leaves people feeling awestruck, mesmerized and at the same time filled with a heart full of gratitude. They often put the card in a special place where they can see it and thereby allow them to feel the warm emotions of being appreciated on a daily bases. This is my “Kick-Butt Process” for Inspiring people…not just for a day…but for a Life Time. If you did this with a Hallmark or American Greetings card you could easily see how it wouldn’t have the same comparable affect. I’ve tested this process as every process should be strategically perfected…and I’ve used this for over 23 years…and it consistently is the most powerful thing that I have ever unleashed on my Customer Relationship Experiences Guaranteed!

  • Rich Schefren

    Give it a try Virg… Glad you got value

  • Rich Schefren

    A timeless and effective strategy Pete… Thanks for sharing.

  • Modernday Inventors

    I believe the most kick-butt, effective and efficient process to getting something done is taking tiny calculated steps in achieving my goals.

  • Louise Kropach

    I divide my week into 1, 2 or 3 days. 1 days I work on the mechanics of my business, ie accounting, setting up ads, writing copy etc. 2 days I work on creating ideas for ads, ideas for content copy and videos. 3 days are my horse days, these days are where I enjoy my horses, film, teach clients.
    This process gives me a great balance between fun and chores. I get a lot done in a week because 2 days leads into 1 days as everything is set up ready to go ????.

  • Andrew Sutton

    The Fear Code is my favorite and most effective process.

    The essence of it is…whenever I have a fear I have to share it.

    THE PROCESS goes like this:

    1. Whenever I have a fear, recognize it. No matter how big or small the fear.

    2. Ask if I can share the fear with whoever it involves.

    3. Add any disclaimers (if needed).

    4. Share the fear.


    1. I had a fear pop up as I was reading this post and it pertains to Rich Schefren and everyone who is going to read this post.

    2. Since it doesn’t relate to a single person that is standing in front of me, instead of asking if I can share my fear…I will just share it below and…

    3. Disclaimer: Those that don’t want to know my fear can stop reading now.

    4. When Rich asked what processes I use, my fear code was the first thing that came to mind. Then I thought to myself, “Oh that’s not directly a process to get things done” and immediately I could feel a fear (small but definitely there) of providing an answer that was “wrong”. So here I am, sharing my fear of being wrong and possibly writing something that is a waste of everyone’s time.

    MY BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS from using the fear code:

    1. Fears can seriously delay me from taking action so…this actually does help me get things done and they are usually very important aspects of my life…probably due to the fact that they actually scare me. I’ve used this code to date people that I thought were “out of my league” or OBVIOUSLY not interested in me, get paid way more per hour than I thought I was worth, and have some pretty killer conversations.

    2. Before creating my fear code, I rarely would’ve shared something that I thought might be wrong, or never had a chance of happening. The funny part is…I know from testing it…I’m definitely wrong about being wrong, way more often than I’m right. Although, I do have decent intuition in some areas of my life, when it comes to things I’m scared of, my intuition is way worse than I thought it was, so instead of blindly trusting it, I just test it.

    Test finished. :)

  • Rich Schefren

    That’s awesome Deremiah! Tons of lessons to learn from this process… Thank you for sharing.

  • Rich Schefren

    The “Lean” process… Excellent! Thanks for sharing

  • Rich Schefren

    Great process Louise! Balance *is* so important! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rich Schefren

    That’s stretching yourself Andrew. And it’s the ONLY way to accomplish great things! Congrats on following that fear and sharing with all of us. (I’m sure many who are just reading appreciate it!)

  • Pete Moring

    How Brilliant!! is that?? <{:-))

  • Deremiah *CPE

    Heeey Rich…Thanks sooo much for your kind and insightful words…and for the wisdom you put into your generous blogging efforts that Challenges us to Re-THINK PROCESS and “How We Can Do Everything Better”. The one thing I left out is that I use my camera at the end of the process as well…Why? To do 4 very important things that technology is great for. 1. Take a picture of the card I sent (this way I have a record of it on file which keeps me from resending the same card unless it’s my intention to do so). 2. Take a picture of the words I wrote (this way I have a record of what I said…I found that there is a treasure trove of ideas in those words that can be refined, reused and improved). 3. Take a picture of what address I sent the card too (this allows me to easily follow-up…if and when I decide to resend something else of value to them. 4. Finally…I Upload and now I not only have a Digital Record which is important…I also have a systematic process for creating and keeping my own Swipe File…what more would you expect from a guy who has a degree in Accounting & a degree in Art…Leonardo DaVinci would be proud).

  • Deremiah *CPE

    Heeey Pete…Thanks sooo much my friend. You must be a real Brilliant Guy too…because you use the word Brilliant and it shows in the work you do with plaster. I love the photos you took of the Plaster work you do…very few people do this and even fewer still don’t completely understand the tremendous power and benefits of doing this…and then doing it effectively on the internet. I can only briefly share with you one thing (because I don’t have enough time to share all the things I’ve learned about the power of using photography online and offline)…but here’s a great idea…1.) you don’t have to give the specific house address of your client but just merely mentioning the area in the UK where you did the work can be beneficial towards driving business back to you online. It’s like Jay Abraham says about using Sales Letters…they create powerful Leverage for you. So let’s put that into context…If you realize that each photograph now has the ability to reach dozens to hundreds of new prospective customers for you (you know have an army of workers (the photographs)…working for you who you don’t have to pay a salary, a sick day of pay for being off…or vacation pay either). So why not put a Process to taking photographs of your finished Plastering jobs there in the UK. 2.) every time you finish a newly plastered site focus on two things”BEFORE & AFTER” photos. 3.) Shoot the picture the “Before” photograph from the same angle you shoot the “After” photograph…Why? Because you want the person whose looking at the photograph to be absolutely sure that this is the same Exact House. 4.) Now with a little tenacity you can Multiply this by shooting at least 4-8 “Before & After” pictures so you can have some variety. 5,) Upload these photographs on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter with the keyword for what city you did the work…and now those photos will be on the internet for that location. (sooner or later you’ll be doing so much more work that you won’t have time to keep up with this…and put a process in place for passing on this work to your new employee who you are now able to hire because of your additional business brought in from just taking good quality “BEFORE & AFTER” pictures. There you go buddy…my gift to you today…now you go and be a Gift for the people of “Reading, Berkshire and Thames Valley” and remember all you need is two high quality photographs shoot from the same angle…(and also remember because it rains a lot in the UK…shoot the photographs on the same type of day. If it’s “Sunny shoot both photographs on a Sunny day…If it’s “Cloudy…shoot both photographs on a cloudy day”…personally the Sunny Day will work much Better for you…and here’s why? because indirectly and unconsciously “Sunshine” in your photographs means HAPPY to the prospective customers who look at your photographs. Okay…I’ve got to go and take care of a real important client of mine. KEEP SMILING!!!

  • Pete Moring

    Thank you Deremiah for taking time out to give such a comprehensive reply. ( much appreciated :-)

  • Deremiah *CPE

    Heeey Pete, you’re sooo welcome…Here’s a Phenomenal BONUS to add to the above #6.) Take the “BEFORE & AFTER” photo…and make a hard copy (physical photograph) and 7.) have it framed up to give to your Customer a “Historic Moment” of the experience of how you Transformed her House, Building or Company…(the better job you do of this the more perceived Value it will have for your Customer. For example if you frame it up poorly with a two dollar frame…it will appear cheap…BUT If you frame it up with a nice frame…(choose a sensible frame according to the decor of their house or buildings interior decorations or design)… Why? 8.) because they’ll want to hang it up…9.) they’ll be more Excited about Sharing the Experience with others…this will benefit you and them for reasons I do not have time to share…You can present it under the title of …”Our Old House (Before) Our New House (After)”. 10.) The goal is to make your “Plastering Work” come across as a “Work of Art”. (Please don’t underestimate the Value this can Contribute to elevating the quality of work you do for your Customer)…Furthermore when other’s see the picture…you get to leverage this as a form of additional advertising as people will now say “Can you give me the name of that guy who did the great Plaster Restoration on your property…I’ve got a friend whose house is really looking run down and they need his kind of work”…as a matter of fact listen to how that sounds…”The Great Plaster Restoration”…you might elevate your work right up there with Michelangelo’s Plaster work (if you do a Great enough Job). Remember how it might have looked before he painted the Sistine Chapel…LOLLL…this is really FUN to Think about. Now all you’ll need is a Town’s Crier to promote “The GREAT Plaster Restoration” …Coming to a City Near You…or to make it very relevant…”Coming to a House Near You”…LOLLL…makes a Great Gift to give away to your family and friends…This is actually a Great Idea…and a way to Elevate how people Look at and Appreciate your work.

  • Lori L Barr, M. D.

    My Quick Process to Create Energy When You Are Too Tired or Overwhelmed:
    1. Close you eyes and take three “belly breaths” where you diaphragm actually moves down toward your belly when you inhale. (No sucking in your gut for this!)
    2. Recall to mind a peak intimate moment with your partner and relive the way that moment looked, sounded, tasted, smelled and felt. (It only takes a moment to do this.)
    3. Allow yourself to feel the full power of that arousal energy.
    4. Assign an anchor to this feeling grounded in one of your senses (anything you can capture with a camera, or a sound recorder, etc). I use the phrase “silver chest hair” as my anchor.
    5. Now envision the task at hand that demands your energy and mentally will the arousal energy to shift into your implementation of that task.
    6. Don’t forget to reward yourself with more epic intimate experiences so you can reinforce the power of this recall process!

  • DavidHH

    I wanted (needed) to create a process to create and manage processes for a customer, McCaw Cellular (now AT&T Wireless),
    to stop programmers from tossing test junk into production..It was a major challenge, but done in six months with one coding assistant. It met ISO 9001 standards for anything created by it.

    It was later used by Salesforce to rapidly deploy a new product; proof: – see below.

    I’ve reconstructed it for business focus, and it addresses all of the “processes” in the Founder’s Club mindmap (Report #1) and is APQC compliant.

    One of my goals is to create an alliance with Strategic Profits (among others) to provide cohesive tactical and operational components to entrepreneurial business management, operations and support processes.


  • DavidHH

    I can’t get the video out, I just wanted the link!

  • DavidHH

    BTW, I found Rich via Mark Ford (aka Michael Masterson) on Early To Rise many moons ago, but “life” got in the way.

    Strategic Profits is worth more than gold to a budding or experienced entrepreneur. I KNOW so.

    It is not for lazy, “make money today” people. But, you won’t see those people around in a year, if ever.

    The very first report in the Founder’s Club sets the pace.

    As I mentioned before, the Mind Map in that document (which was written “spontaneously”) is about 80+ percent accurate as measured against industry models. It’s 100% accurate if you haven’t got a clue.

  • Rich Schefren

    Excellent process and excellent advice. Thanks for sharing that Lori

  • Tayo

    My quick process is to wake up in the morning and do a routine is to drink a glass of water and do 10 minutes exercise. Then dive into my to do list and start off the day.

  • Mark Yurik

    The ‘ process ‘ of visualizing a daunting mighty unforgiving Mountain for which no one competitor is willing to risk, attempt or climb and by taking one step each day, everyday, toward this unforgiving brutal summit using newly gleaned knowledge, understandings, maps, tools and gear, knowingly and without any doubt, that when the summit is reached there shall be no competitor left to compete for they do not know an avalanche is about to give way… with gratitude, the process of the climb, is the price worth paying.

  • Rick Carter, Stress Judo Coach

    My best process is actually 2 of Rich’s. The first is the “1. What are your goals? 2. Why aren’t you there now?” application of the theory of constraints. The second is “find the problem behind the problem”
    Using these 2, I was able to open my own law office with $0 out of pocket; and maintain steady income, client levels, and excellence of personal service for 1 year now. My goals for next year are to expand my services into mediation and appeals, and to use software tools to automate many of the repetitive processes.

  • JPH Business Solutions

    For us, updating current processes is the most important process. With digital marketing constantly changing, it is really important to learn about the news and implement those that are needed. There is always something that can improve your business, and the key is to keep on searching and using this knowledge.

  • Click4Advisor

    Thanks for sharing these useful post. Well in today’s modern era we need to update our self with all latest changes.

  • Manasa Rao

    great post.. very much inspired

    GPS Tracking

  • Mark Yurik

    So ironic how much my mind set has changed over the prior 2 months from my first reply. That daunting mountain, in hindsight now, is so so wrong in that the mountain I perceived was the ” process ” I imagined before entering into module 1. To stand corrected, “my process is a journey” so breathtaking, so inspiring, so serene, so enchanting… words may not accurately describe. For this I share, Thank you Rich for paving the path.

  • Amro

    Hi Rich,

    I’m in the freight forwarding business where I get quote requests through my website. But most of the time
    I hear its expensive or whatever. But I only add 20-30% margin ontop of my purchase price. How can I improve this
    process? Do I need to lower my margin even more?

    Hoping to hear something from you.

  • ioan pongrat

    Yes is true sir Rich Schefren .. i thank you very much your post

  • Mike

    Looks like Rich has stopped posting. I’ve been getting a lot out of reading Monty Campbell’s blog ( about achieving financial freedom. He’s been on CNN and James Altucher’s blog. Good info there to read until Rich starts posting again. :-)

  • ahmed

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