The Secret to Getting Everything You Want Out of Life

You only have so long to build the business you want and get the life you feel you deserve. So how do you do that? In this episode, Rich Schefren will reveal his secret for getting everything you want out of life.

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  • Russ Ruffino

    This is the best and most profound thing I’ve heard in a long time. This covers why 99% of people don’t succeed. Some hard truth here, but the ideas Rich covers here are the basis of success in anything. Amazing stuff, Rich.

  • Aarron

    Awesome stuff Rich, I too really enjoyed this. It’s strange too, I had been thinking about the whole were not here for very long thought process recently and although it freaked me out, it has pushed me to want to do and get more out of life.

    Thanks Rich,


  • Bruno Babic

    Hey Rich, a great point about selfishness and clarity on what we really want to achieve in our lives. I think that exactly doing the work that’s necessary is that key obstacle that distracts many from committing to achieving their desired success or dream.

    For example, it’s taken me quite some time to get myself committed to do some serious blog commenting in order to get some links to my luxury playboy lifestyle themed blog.
    It’s taken me some time because I wasn’t 100% sure whether it’s really a good thing for me to do especially for the fact that I’m visiting and posting my comments at top IM blogs in order to get links to my luxury playboy lifestyle themed blog.

    Funnily enough, while doing this “ugly” work of blog commenting I must say that there have been quite a few blogs where I had the awesome opportunity to add value and also indirectly promote my big ideas on for example, overcoming comfort zones and sexual anxiety when it comes dating. So, I went “wow!! it turns out that my time is worth it doing this odd blog commenting stuff.

    By the way, your podcasts are really awesome. I would also like to do the same on my blog. Could you tell me the easiest way I could install the podcasts on a Word Press blog?

    Thank you.

    Bruno Babic


  • Rich Schefren

    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. :)

  • Rich Schefren

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the podcasts. I can’t answer your question because I don’t personally manage the technical side of my site. A member of my team handles that. But I’m sure you can do a search to find the plug-in you need.

  • Dennis M.

    Good stuff. A string of ideas that are easy to understand and simply complicated to execute. Having been in the corporate world for many years, I’ve learned many things from some very special people along the way. 
    It is positive rational self-interest, clarity around what you want from your life, and a knowledge of how that self-interest aligns with contributing something meaningful to all those around you…..your faith, family, friends, community, and career.
    It’s taken me many years to really internalize what that means and to act on it. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s how it was intended to be. With the time I have left, with the grace of God, I can make a difference.