The Key to Making Your Website Traffic “Work” for Your Business

All traffic has value.

I told you that in my last blog post. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get it.

Instead, most people in the online business world view the topic of traffic as little more than…

Traffic = Money

Now don’t get me wrong – more eyes on your products can lead to more sales. But it has to be the right kind of traffic that leads to more sales.

Also you have to have the business set up to generate those sales.

And if you understand that, you’ll understand that chasing after just any traffic simply doesn’t get you the results you want…

“Chasing” Any Traffic Gets You Nowhere

Chasing down any traffic is a bad idea.

In the long run, it will do more harm than good for your business. I’ll tell you why in a second.

If it’s so bad, why do most newbie online marketers chase traffic? Simple. They don’t understand the real purpose for this newfound traffic they’re chasing.

Remember, people seem to always boil the concept of traffic down to this equation:

More Traffic = More Money

And in a most basic, rudimentary sense, that equation is true. Well, half true.

But if that’s all you know or believe – you’re ultimately setting yourself up for failure. As soon as you begin to think about traffic in a slightly more sophisticated way, you realize – like I said before – that it’s only half the picture.

That understanding comes from a promise I’m sure you’ve heard over and over,

“Get all the FREE traffic you want!”

“All you need is the traffic.”

That’s how the idea of traffic is usually promoted. An ultimate “all-you-can-eat” key to success.

Well let me tell you. Traffic by itself simply won’t guarantee your success if you don’t have a “traffic worthy” business – one that can extract value from the traffic that comes to you.

Nobody ever makes this promise, “Chase all the FREE TRAFFIC you want – Get NOWHERE – and GO BROKE!”

But the truth is that’s much closer to reality.

Why? Because when you chase traffic with no purpose and more importantly – NOTHING to sell, it will distract you from what you should be doing.

Like building a “traffic worthy” business that works for you instead of demanding that you slave “hands-on” day in and day out.

Do You Already Have a Traffic-Worthy Business?

Do you have a traffic-worthy business already? Let’s find out. Grab a pencil and let me ask you a question…

If you had all the traffic you wanted… what would YOU do with it?

I’m serious. Let’s assume you had a thousand – NO – let’s say TEN THOUSAND – unique visitors to your website every day. What would you do with them?

When you answer this question, I want you to be specific.

List step by step the things you’d do to turn that massive flow of traffic into a huge and GROWING flow of money.

Seriously, what would you do with that traffic? Take five minutes and write your answer down now.

If you wrote something generic like “sell more products” or came up with a blank than all the traffic in the world won’t help you.

You need to be focused on not just traffic – but converting that traffic.

The key to maximizing the effect of traffic on your business is, you not only have to understand how to get more traffic you have to understand what to do with that traffic once you have it.

More specifically, you must know what is THE most profitable path down which you can send your traffic before you even think about focusing on getting more of it.

To that end, I may be able to help you out.

Recently, I added my two cents to Dan Kennedy’s new “Ultimate Lead Generation” product he’s launching right now.

This collection of videos from traffic and conversion experts is designed to both help you get traffic… but more importantly help extract the maximum value from that traffic.

To monetize that traffic and turn that traffic into your paying customers.

In addition to the product, Dan and several traffic experts (including yours truly) recently filmed a series of videos to help you start thinking about traffic the right way.

So you can start building a traffic-worthy business.

As my reader, it’s free to view these videos. But fair warning: You do need to opt-in. (But trust me when I say this video series is well worth it.)

Opt-in to see Dan’s lead-generation videos right now.

The bottom line…

Success comes down to one thing: Whether or not your business is “traffic worthy.” If it turn your traffic into the profits you’re looking for.

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  • Texascowboy
  • Mike

    That is exactly what most people miss. We have kicked ass with a smaller but responsive following, rather than constantly worrying about how much traffic we get. The funny thing is, when you focus on your business and having something of value to offer people, the traffic tends to come anyway.

  • Marcusleerockey

    Great post and I’ve enjoyed Dan Kennedy’s launch too.

    I’ve been surfing the Warrior Forum recently and the one common theme above all others is the topic of traffic. An almost insane cycle.

    What would I do with 100k traffic every day?

    Great question and my best answer is to get them to take one action whilst on my blog (to opt in) so I can turn them to leads. 

    Answer is good but the practical side needs working on…

    Think i’d better go right now…

    Thanks Rich, insightful and you are a legend. 

    Marcus Rockey