The “Aha” Moment that Can Revolutionize Your Marketing

This “Aha” moment originally led to a quarter of a million dollars in sales, simply by redesigning a marketing piece. In this podcast, Rich Schefren will walk you through the specific questions you need to ask yourself to redesign your own sales pages, or any other marketing piece in your funnel.

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  • Constance J. Archer

    This a great idea lets all share our positve thoughts. Let show the politicians the American people still can get life to work by putting effort into it lets all try to make money. It has nothing to do with age it has to do with training. It’s a matter yourself taking responciability and making an effort to work it will take time to do this.

  • David Kyte

    This is spookey

    Only yesterday I was thinking about doing a check list for our email marketing – was there a call to action, was there urgency, is it too long, is it engaging.

    We are about to outsource our email copy writing and wanted to give them a check list to apply before we ever saw the copy, then we would interpret the same check list our selves.
    Writing copy takes at least 2 people, unless your a Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy or John Carlton of course. And having a framework / check list would add a level of consistency.Any chance of turning the contents in that audio into a written check list review?Would love to work with your team on itI am so looking forward to your next report …

  • Bruno Babic

     Hi Rich,

    What a super inspiring and encouraging post!!

    Thanks to our common facebook friend Alex Jeffreys who’s shared with me how much you’ve helped him start, grow and expand his online business, now I’m really honored to  be able to learn from you as someone whose mentor was Jay Abraham who I very much respect too.

    After my 7 year long painful and shocking struggles to start to make any money online, now I’ve decided to get up like Rocky Balboa again from being down on my knees many times before and finally win the game of making money online.

    I hope you, Alex Jeffreys and Jay Abraham encourage and support me on my journey to gaining and fully enjoying my ever desired financial freedom based on settin up and running profitable automated online businesses.

    Please, feel free and welcome to visit my blog and post your comments there.

    In advance thanks a lot.

    Bruno Babic

  • Rich Schefren

    Glad to hear it’s helpful to you. I like your idea of a “checklist.” I may pass that one onto my team, to create it for an upcoming blog post. :)