My complete marketing and launch model

I seriously don’t know what’s gotten into me this morning …

For some reason, I woke up feeling good. Really good. Even … (dare I say it?) downright generous.

Maybe it’s because my 5-year-old daughter’s now the official hero of her soccer team after scoring six goals in this week’s game. Or, maybe it’s because I’ve had more time than usual this week with Debi.

But here it is, 5:00 AM and I’m at my desk, furiously creating the single most valuable gift anyone will give YOU for xmas …

My Complete Marketing Model – Free.

It has drawn 81,232 unique visitors to my blog … caused hundreds of ordinary folks to post more than 100 enthusiastic videos praising The Attention Age 2 online … and prompted nearly 50,000 people to opt in with me –all in the last 44 days…

It makes me $7.5 million a year without breaking a sweat …

It helps my personal clients rake in total sales of nearly $650 million every year.

And I want you to have it all – every strategy and tactic … every jot, every tittle – completely free.

Call it my holiday gift to you.

I’ve just put the finishing touches on my complete analysis of this entire launch campaign for my new Business Acceleration Program — and I’m giving it to you free.

And when I say “free”, I mean absolutely positively free – no strings, no holdbacks, nothing to buy.

Just one link to click and it’s all yours: My detailed timeline showing every step we’ve taken together so far – so you can emulate the massive success we’ve experienced in the last few days …

Every email, blog post, video, squeeze page copy, landing page, I’ve created to explode my opt-in file.

All free, all yours for nothing.

See? Generous.

Heck: If you wanted to, you could just take my model and my messages … make a few minor changes to make them a fit with your product and your market … and begin blowing the doors off your competition tomorrow!

So what’s the catch?

Well, you’ll have to click below.

Eavesdropping On The Internet PDF
Download My complete marketing and launch model

But that’s no big deal – right? After all: Your hand is already on that mouse and your finger is hovering over the button. One quick twitch and it’s all yours to begin exploding your business right away.

So go ahead: Click that bad boy and get it all now!

To Higher Profits

P.S. Oh – and one other thing: Watch your inbox tomorrow – I’m sending you a free MP3 featuring legendary marketing maven JAY ABRAHAM, you have to hear to believe!.

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  • Ramkarthik

    Good stuff. I just downloaded the Doctrine 2 yesterday and haven’t finished reading it completely. But as far as till what I have read, I have found every single information useful. Thanks for that. I will download this and read it too.


  • Lee

    I was unable to download the program. Is there anywhere else to go to download it?

  • shawn

    I love free gifts Rich. Please keep them coming…:-)


  • Steve

    I just wana say thank you very much for this information because what I plan on doing is making a product launch and I’m not sure what exctally I wana launch yet but I’ll find out by next year, again thank you very much


  • Dan Thies

    Prof. Click:

    Your last paragraph is an OK summary of what Rich does.

    The document Rich just posted is interesting because it contains the complete sequence of messages from his current product launch.

    For those of us who want to dissect and study Rich’s methods, it’s useful.

    If you haven’t done this before, it would probably be more useful with some added commentary on the purpose of each communication.

  • Armel

    Hi there.

    I’ve download this and was unable to open it. My adobe 8.1 told me that the file was corrupted.

    I try twice, always the same problem.

    Please could someone send it to me by email at armelsoft(@) ?

  • Armel

    Salut Joel.

    Moi c’est Armel, un autre fan français de Rich.

    Dis, j’ai du mal à ouvrir son fichier pdf lauch model. Peux-tu me l’envoyer par mail à armellaminsi(@)

    Merci d’avance.

    Allez l’OM !

  • encik wan

    For those who have problem in opening the PDF file, try the steps below:
    1. Do not save the PDF file directly, e.g. right click on the PDF link and select “Save link as”. Instead click on the PDF link directly.
    2. Once the PDF file is opened in your browser, click on “Save a Copy” button on top left corner.

  • Paul

    Hi Rich,

    As always, only high quality stuff…



  • Maury Wilks

    Thanks a ton Rich!

    The content you provide is outstanding, and you certainly have no problem grabbing my attention amongst the “noise” of so many advertisers out there. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

    Mission accomplished – I’m filled with anticipation!

  • Alejandro


  • http://dontknowwhatthatis kurt

    rick, why bother me with “E”s? my new business is hungering 4 ur info. just send it. any remuneration will b 4thcoming. i’ll let u in on my goodies. u’ll make another fortune. kurt p.s. i am at the moment overwhelmed. thanx 4 whatever happens!

  • Jarrod Morris


    This is too good to be true. Since I’m on your list, I’ve received most of these pieces, but to have it all organized in one location, is exactly what I need to replicate your success.


    Jarrod Morris

  • Bryan

    I cant download this pdf. It keeps repeating an error message ” connection to server lost was reset.”
    Any tips or help would be apperciated

  • Adriane

    Thanks for sharing the generous gift. There’s a Bible verse that reads, “Give and it shall be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over…” Look for the overflow coming your way! Have A MERRY CHIRSTMAS!!!


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  • Kim Roach

    Hi Rich,

    Thank you so much for providing us with your complete launch and marketing model. You never cease to amaze me with all of the valuable knowledge you give away.

    Thanks Again.

    – Kim

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  • sandrar

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  • megan fox

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  • Everette

    Everette Hi there Rich … So glad for this info.I have 2 costumers whoare just waiting for me to start sending leads and costumers to them and now I at least have something to go on. Thanks a million times.