You Have Nothing To Fear But…

So in my last post we came to the conclusion that you’re all pretty much afraid of everything.

But if you want to really conquer your fears, we’ll have to dig a little deeper to uncover what lies at the bottom of it all.

Again, Susan Jeffers (Feel the Fear… And Do It Anyway) starts to scratch the surface:

“At the bottom of every one of your fears is simply the fear that you can’t handle whatever life may bring you.”

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How about that for a headline? I thought it might be eye-catching given the topic we’re taking on.


Fear has impacted every one of our lives in one way or another. And every one of us has paid some price in our lives as a result of it. Fear leaves a gigantic emotional footprint everywhere it stomps around.

Let’s face it. Most people would do just about anything to escape their fears.

So to get a handle on fear and how it affects your life and business, I’d like to propose a question.

What Are You Actually Afraid Of?

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Your Turn… Help Me Help You

OK – so that wraps up this little blog series. I really hope you got some great, actionable value out of it. Start re-writing your information overload story right now and watch your productivity skyrocket in the second half of this year!

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Rewrite Your Reality About Information Overload (And start kicking butt now!)

Here’s the place I’ve been trying to get you to…

The reality about information overload is it isn’t about information at all.

It’s about the meaning you assign to it as it relates to an outcome you want.

It’s about some need you create for it. It’s about following a story that you write that demands you keep adding to the pile.

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A Tale Of Two Realities

Let’s talk about two realities.

First there’s “grounded reality.” That’s the reality that’s described by statements of clear fact. “This is a blue pen.” This reality is actually a pretty small of what we concern ourselves with on a day to day basis.

Then there’s “ungrounded reality.” That’s everything else. That’s the “reality” that includes every judgment, every label, every opinion and so on that you create. “This is the best pen in the world!”

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I’m Back… (To Kick All Your Butts)

Had a great trip last week. But now it’s back to business. And before we get started there are a couple things I’d like to say.

First, congrats to everyone who had the “cojones” to step up and share what most entrepreneurs are afraid to confront. I admire your willingness to take some action and speak out.

The second thing is that I’ve been thinking about how best I can help. And I came up with kind of a new idea that I want to try out next week. I think it’ll be exciting. I think it’ll be easier for you to consume. And I think it’ll deliver even better results than me just writing on this blog. (You can let me know as we go along.)

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I’m Throwing Down A Challenge

But first a quick story…

Henry Ford was a pretty legendary entrepreneur. Made millions and millions of dollars building cars back in the early 1900s. (Adjusted for inflation, that’s about a “zillion” dollars today. – OK, I didn’t actually do the math.)

But at the same time you could’ve done pretty well just working for Henry your whole life.

Back in the “good old days”, if you had any entrepreneurial skills, it was considered a bonus.

Today things are different. The economy is less certain. The prospects for long-term employment is less certain. Your earning potential is less certain. Everything is less certain!

They call it the “New Normal”.

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Where do internet marketers go to die?

I don’t go to too many internet marketing conferences anymore.

One reason is I’m kind of introverted to begin with (like I said in my first post). But there’s another reason I don’t.

Because I really don’t look at business and marketing the same way most of the people who go to these kind of conferences do. (I wrote the Internet Business Manifesto after I went to an event and saw what I thought were a lot of mistakes people were making.)

But a few years back I attended an Internet marketing conference put on by a pretty well known guru. I could have written another report after that conference. Because the topic at that conference was something I consider to be another huge mistake. Yet it’s one I see marketers make again and again.

It’s a mistake that has a dangerous downside if you’re not careful. One that promising marketers disappear into and are never heard from again…

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