We Have Our Winners

As many of you know, we launched our “66 Seconds Video Contest” about a month back. And I’ve got just one thing to say…


We received an incredible 89 videos in response. And let me tell you…it was quite a job to go through all of them.

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The Marketing Equivalent Of Putting… A “Fat Picture” On The Fridge

This might be the strangest post I’ve ever written.

You see, so many people said they loved my report… that they really got a great education during the launch… and that they really appreciated my overview of the business acceleration program. But it was written on such a deep protracted level it was hard to fully grasp.

I even got a few emails that said:

Rich, can you summarize what I get with Business Acceleration Program, because I want to buy it, but i want to know what i am buying.

Can you tell me:

1 why I need it?

2 why it’s going to make me money?

3 why I would be foolish not to try it?

4 why the only risk I have is the risk of missing out if it’s too late?

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How I Made $428,000 On My Winter Vacation

If you have any interest in Internet marketing whatsoever, what I am going to share here will be very special… very valuable… and very profitable.

Here’s the story:

It’s no big secret we hit our launch target in just 32 hours. We broke out the champagne, pumped up the music and had an office party that’ll be the cause of gossip for years to come.

But, before we turned off the lights and closed the office for the holidays, we decided to change a single web page on our site. And boy, am I ever glad we did … cause it brought in another $428,000 while we all enjoyed the time off with our families.

Want to know what the change was?

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I’m Not Ignoring You!

It’s been a madhouse around here, and the entire Strategic Profit team has been working around the clock. So they’ve all gone home and won’t be back until after Christmas.

At the rate the Acceleration Program is selling, it looks like we’ll have to pull the page in only a few hours.

I’ve got lots to share, but I promised Debi I’d be home hours ago. So I really got to go.

But I wanted you to know – just because our promotion is coming to an end, I have no plans on letting up on my blogging or free giveaways. No sir – I’ve been blown away at the feedback – and as soon as I can get through all the craziness of this launch I’ll be back to blogging with a vengence.

In fact, I’ve already got a few amazing pieces of free content almost done.

But it’ll have to wait or I’ll be in the doghouse.

The Doors Are Cracking Open…

The pressure is INTENSE.

The anticipation, ELECTRIFYING.

The doors to the Business Acceleration Program are ready to BURST.

The 1500 entrepreneurs with a “Cut To The Front Of The Line Pass” are already lining up to slip through the back door one hour early.

For those of you who were NOT able to get a pass, don’t worry.

There will still be Acceleration Programs available after the the first hour comes to a close.

You can claim your copy here:


I’ve got to run… More Updates Later….