I’m About To Ruffle Some Feathers

Okay, my last post was all touchy feely because of Valentines Day. And I hope you learned a lot from the videos.

Today’s post goes more in the opposite direction. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few opt-outs after this goes up. But’s that’s the chance I have to take.

Okay, here goes…

Some of you have asked why I didn’t make the MP3s of the recent Jay Abraham calls available for download. And that’s understandable.

Because many marketing mavens freely give away their calls and teleseminars. I’ve been known to do so myself on occasion.

But not this one–and I’ll tell you why.

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Welcome to the Attenion Age

This is a guest post from THE authority of buzz marketing, the pied piper of the “Killer Bunnies” Dean Hunt from DeanHunt.com – You have been warned, buzz is imminent. Read on…

Hands up if you spotted the intentional spelling error in the title of this blog post?

From tests I did with this exact headline using friends, contacts and family as guinea pigs, only 20% of them spotted the error first time.

You are probably thinking, “But Dean, who cares about a little spelling mistake? Move on!”

Here is the thing… each day I am receiving more and more emails than ever before, thanks to sites like Digg.com and Stumbleupon.com I am reading more web content than ever before, and thanks to YouTube, I am watching more videos of monkeys falling out of trees than ever before.

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Lightning Strikes Twice but We Still Prevailed

This is certainly not the easiest blog post to write…but it’s probably one of the more interesting ones.

I won’t beat around the bush… yesterday the stars and the moon converged in a very unusual way.

Visualize this: Jay Abraham is in his war room in Los Angeles… and I am sitting in Strategic Profits Command-Central in Florida… and we’re both chomping at the bit… ready to wage battle…primed for performance greatness… notes in hand… red bull to the left of me… b-12 to the right of me… my staff poised for red alert… and then the fateful hand on the clock read 8:30 Pm est. (5:30 Jay’s time)… and all hell broke loose!

So here’s Jay lunging at his phone…I am doing the same in a parallel universe 3,000 miles away…we’re dialing feverishly and anxiously…the phone number and pass code…and then…NOTHING HAPPENS…we can’t get on…our first inclination was to scream at our assistants for giving us both the wrong number.

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Free Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren Tele-Seminar Tomorrow Night

Yesterday, Jay Abraham and I hosted not one but two intense, mind-blowing, transformational two hour tele-seminars.

Jay was on fire, I was on fire. We could literally FEEL the energy from the thousands of participants on the call and it fueled our fire.

To be honest, I was feeling great about the value we delivered, and the impressive number of participants who decided to join us personally or reserved their home study program for our upcoming Maven Marketing Intensive on February 27,28, and 29th.

But, when I got home Debi (my wife), ruined everything!

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The Best Presidential Candidate For Your Business

Have you made up your mind yet?

Do you know who you’ll be voting for in the upcoming presidential election?

Well, whether you’ve already made up your mind, or you haven’t… I want you to choose who you would vote for and who you wouldn’t (if the election were today and you had to choose).

But wait, because before you cast your imaginary vote – I want you to remove politics from your decision. Instead of thinking about the candidates’ positions on issues that are important to you – think about the candidates as people, just normal human-beings like you and I.

You see, Presidential elections can be an extremely valuable gift for entrepreneurs in the Attention Age.

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Is Silence The New No?

I feel awkward writing this blog post.

It’s not the topic, the timing, or any personal event causing me to feel uncomfortable. Nope, it’s nothing like that.

You see, it’s been 8 days since my last post. And while that may not seem like a long time… as I sit here writing to you, my absence feels like a 50-foot wall I must scale.

It’s weird.

On the one hand, I’m desperate to get writing again. But, because of my absence I feel my first post has to be better than normal.

Of course, the more I focus on how great this post needs to be, the less likely it will ever get written. If left unchecked, it could even prevent me from writing altogether.

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