Welcome to the Attenion Age

This is a guest post from THE authority of buzz marketing, the pied piper of the “Killer Bunnies” Dean Hunt from DeanHunt.com – You have been warned, buzz is imminent. Read on…

Hands up if you spotted the intentional spelling error in the title of this blog post?

From tests I did with this exact headline using friends, contacts and family as guinea pigs, only 20% of them spotted the error first time.

You are probably thinking, “But Dean, who cares about a little spelling mistake? Move on!”

Here is the thing… each day I am receiving more and more emails than ever before, thanks to sites like Digg.com and Stumbleupon.com I am reading more web content than ever before, and thanks to YouTube, I am watching more videos of monkeys falling out of trees than ever before.

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Lightning Strikes Twice but We Still Prevailed

This is certainly not the easiest blog post to write…but it’s probably one of the more interesting ones.

I won’t beat around the bush… yesterday the stars and the moon converged in a very unusual way.

Visualize this: Jay Abraham is in his war room in Los Angeles… and I am sitting in Strategic Profits Command-Central in Florida… and we’re both chomping at the bit… ready to wage battle…primed for performance greatness… notes in hand… red bull to the left of me… b-12 to the right of me… my staff poised for red alert… and then the fateful hand on the clock read 8:30 Pm est. (5:30 Jay’s time)… and all hell broke loose!

So here’s Jay lunging at his phone…I am doing the same in a parallel universe 3,000 miles away…we’re dialing feverishly and anxiously…the phone number and pass code…and then…NOTHING HAPPENS…we can’t get on…our first inclination was to scream at our assistants for giving us both the wrong number.

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Free Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren Tele-Seminar Tomorrow Night

Yesterday, Jay Abraham and I hosted not one but two intense, mind-blowing, transformational two hour tele-seminars.

Jay was on fire, I was on fire. We could literally FEEL the energy from the thousands of participants on the call and it fueled our fire.

To be honest, I was feeling great about the value we delivered, and the impressive number of participants who decided to join us personally or reserved their home study program for our upcoming Maven Marketing Intensive on February 27,28, and 29th.

But, when I got home Debi (my wife), ruined everything!

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The Best Presidential Candidate For Your Business

Have you made up your mind yet?

Do you know who you’ll be voting for in the upcoming presidential election?

Well, whether you’ve already made up your mind, or you haven’t… I want you to choose who you would vote for and who you wouldn’t (if the election were today and you had to choose).

But wait, because before you cast your imaginary vote – I want you to remove politics from your decision. Instead of thinking about the candidates’ positions on issues that are important to you – think about the candidates as people, just normal human-beings like you and I.

You see, Presidential elections can be an extremely valuable gift for entrepreneurs in the Attention Age.

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Is Silence The New No?

I feel awkward writing this blog post.

It’s not the topic, the timing, or any personal event causing me to feel uncomfortable. Nope, it’s nothing like that.

You see, it’s been 8 days since my last post. And while that may not seem like a long time… as I sit here writing to you, my absence feels like a 50-foot wall I must scale.

It’s weird.

On the one hand, I’m desperate to get writing again. But, because of my absence I feel my first post has to be better than normal.

Of course, the more I focus on how great this post needs to be, the less likely it will ever get written. If left unchecked, it could even prevent me from writing altogether.

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Don’t let $3k slip through your fingers

First I have to tell you about an exciting conversation I had with Darrel the other day. You see Darrel leads a division at Yahoo and oversees SEO operations for Google. Confused? I thought so.

Yahoo has their own internal SEO division that ranks Yahoo pages high in Google.

Darrel was telling me how he doubled his income in the past year by mind mapping and following my business teachings. The same type of material that I’ve poured my heart into the Business Acceleration Program.

Here’s what Darrel faxed me the other day on Yahoo! letterhead:

“Thank you for everything you have done for me and my team at Yahoo!.

Being able to look back and see the progress that has been made is nothing short of spectacular. From a personal standpoint I have seen my income more than double in the past year.

More importantly, by combining my skills with some of your core teachings and ideas, it has helped me to achieve 13 consecutive ‘record breaking months’ in my position at Yahoo! As a result, many of my management colleagues have been asking about my unique systems building approach and want to incorporate similar strategies within their own respective teams.

Over 12 months, I have learned a whole new approach to business building that has given me the power to always be at my best and to leverage my core strengths for many years to come. For that, I can’t thank you enough.

Darryl Peddle
Yahoo! Inc.

The same leading information that I taught Darrel, which by the way Darrel tells me his is the fastest growing division in Yahoo right now, is being given away for free to one last winner.


And the winner is Rick Carter!

Check out why Rick is convinced the Business Acceleration Program will change his business and help children at the same time…

Winner 6 of 6 – Rick Carter

I should win the BAP because I have an idea to serve a tremendously deserving niche with Phase 1, and then to help even more people with Phase 2. Let me explain.

I have written a manual for fathers who do not have custody of their children, called “Aggressive Pleadings For The Non-Custodial Father.” It explains 6 aggressive but underutilized pleadings to guarantee visitation, keep their kids safe from dangerous boyfriends or step-fathers, help on child support, and other issues. It has been selling reasonably well; however, I cannot “break through” to establish this manual or its website as a maven for fathers without custody. Oh, sure – there are plenty of “father’s rights” websites, but almost all of them are either specific to a law firm, or to a quasi-political organization. This manual (and at 3 follow-up volumes that I have planned) would be specifically NOT particular to any law firm or political group.

Now, Phase 2. In my practice as a family-law attorney, I focus on helping fathers maintain their relationships with their children after the divorce or break-up. In representing fathers, I have had to counsel them on non-legal issues like dealing with “brainwashed” children, setting boundaries with mothers and their new boyfriends or husbands, keeping fathers from slipping into of back into substance abuse, etc. Phase 2 of this business would be to take these skills and experiences, and develop a manual or series of manuals for helping people – MORE than just divorced people – strengthen their self-esteem and their relationships. Sort of a combination between Dr. Phil (or your favorite pop-shrink) and Napoleon Hill (everyone’s favorite success philosopher).

The Speed Reading component of BAP will enable me to digest cases and statutes from all the states. The Secrets Of Profit Creation will enable me to discern and develop the exact products these 2 unique niches need. The Product Launch Formula, Multi-Channel Marketing and Viral Marketing components will get these products to the largest possible markets quickly.

So there you have it. An identified market, needing to be served. A series of products for that market. An identified larger market. A series of products for that larger market. And how the BAP can help this be achieved.

Thank you.
Rick Carter

Nice work Rick…you’ve got “budding maven” written all over you!

Business Acceleration Program Contest Winners
Number Winner’s Name Prize
1 Margaret Chandler Business Acceleration Program
2 Clint Steiner Business Acceleration Program
3 Carlos Juez Business Acceleration Program
4 Mary B. Business Acceleration Program
5 Liubov Latypova Business Acceleration Program

6 Rick Carter Business Acceleration Program

The Business Acceleration Program Contest Has Ended

So that’s it, everybody–that’s the last of the freebies. Thanks to everyone who submitted comments.

But there’s one more thing we need to touch on before we wrap this up…

Wednesday at Midnight Eastern, I’m more than doubling the price of the Business Acceleration Program to $4997.

That’s a full 3 grand more than it’s priced right now. And I have no intentions of ever dropping it again to the current introductory offering of $1997.


The Business Acceleration Program Will Increase By $3,000 In:

The clock is ticking and midnight is fast approaching. Are you really going to let $3,000 slip right through your fingers?

To Higher Profits,

P.S Get the same information that’s helped Yahoo!, 1Shoppingcart, Mike Filsaime and countless others grow their business. And get it for $3,000 less than you’ll pay Thursday So make sure you place your order before Wednesday Midnight Eastern time (GMT-0500). And I’ll even let you get it for $250 down, that’s significantly less than one Business Acceleration Program cost to produce.