There Is A Crazy Belgian Guy In My Office!


We’ve been getting a lot of attention lately. In fact, our blog has been seeing more visitors than ever before…

You may have seen Andrea Yager’s video a couple of days ago. Well over 1,200 people also saw her go absolutely crazy. All because…

She’s been waiting for The Doctrine Part 2, and she’s had enough.

And there’s a lot of people out there who feel as frustrated as she does… maybe even you.

See, Andrea knows how much The Doctrine 2 is going to help her succeed in our new Attention-Deficit world.

What she doesn’t know yet, though, is how The Doctrine 2 is going to raise questions she (or you) haven’t even thought of.

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Win a Dream Date with Rich Schefren

I have a promise to keep …

For months I’ve been teasing you with information about The Attention Age Doctrine, Part 2.

I’ve promised that it would be a blockbuster report…

I’ve told you to mark your calendars for its arrival…

I’ve asked you to clear the cluttered thoughts from your mind and save enough bandwidth for all of the juicy, actionable, and potentially profitable information you’ll find in Part 2…

Well, all of your patience, all of your interest, all of your anticipation, and – yes – all of your attention will pay off handsomely, because…

It’s finally ready… almost.

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Download – Jay Abraham Mindmap + Doctrine 2 Announcement

Jay Abraham has been my mentor for 10 years. That’s why I am giving you my Jay Abraham Mindmaps to download absolutely free. But I am getting way ahead of myself …

The most-asked question I hear these days is, “Hey Rich, when is Part 2 of the Attention Age Doctrine going to be ready?”
The answer is: Wednesday, November 28. You’ll be able to download your copy then. For those who want something “juicy” you can download right NOW — keep reading. I think I have just the thing. And it starts with this…

The SECOND most-asked question is: “Rich, how do you come up with so many ideas for all these reports, manifestos, blog posts, and so on?”

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Attention All Shoppers: Circuit City Targets Social Media

If you doubt the power of social media, consider what one major retailer is doing to boost sales, gain customer loyalty, and grab attention this holiday season.

Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving Day) is one of the most competitive and profitable shopping days for retailers each year.

Check out what Circuit City is doing to build buzz within its retail community of consumer electronics shoppers…

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Free Chet Holmes and Rich Schefren MP3 For Growing Your Business Fast

Free Chet Holmes and Rich Schefren MP3 For Growing Your Business Fast

Today we’re going to shift our attention for a moment…from getting the attention of your market… to giving attention to your business for maximum profits.

Here’s why: I have a unique teleseminar recording for you that’s going to give you an insider’s perspective into my early days… before the creation of Strategic Profits.

Even better – I’m going to introduce you to one of the men
who played a pivotal role in my writing of The Internet Business Manifesto, the most downloaded Internet business report in history.

Introduced to me by Jay Abraham he’s influenced me greatly… from the way I hire staff… to the way I manage and run my entire business.
The man I am talking about and that you now have a chance to hear is Chet Holmes.

To cut to the chase – you guaranteed to hear some brilliant business principles to grow your business. And at least a few major “Ah-ha” moments, that you can act on immediately.

Then set aside an hour or so and be prepared to take a lot of notes.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to post Chet’s “Four Ways to Double Your Sales” on the wall in your office… and refer to it regularly.

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

Let Me Know Your Thoughts …

P.S. Chet’s “Best Buyer Strategy” can dramatically change your business and your life. So don’t miss a word of it. And when you’re done, come back to my blog and let me know your thoughts.

Phrases That Keep Your Reader’s Attention – Download

In the Attention Age, getting your prospect’s attention is harder than ever.

But it gets worse – because once you get attention, your job has just started.

You see, the real trick is holding onto your reader’s attention long enough to get your message across. 

My good friend and world-class copywriter John Carlton says:

"The most common blunder rookie copywriters make is to assume the reader will ‘hang in there’… Your reader will not hang in there. At the very moment you bore him, confuse him, or ask him to ‘bear with you’…he’s out of there."

Think about it: Doesn’t your own experience confirm it?

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Attention Age Paradoxes

It’s no big secret that I’ve been slaving away at The Attention Age Doctrine II. In order to do that – I often have to step back and reflect on what is currently happening in today’s world. 

One of the many observations I’ve made about the attention age is that it is full of paradoxes. Such as:

We Have…
    -More Information But Less Knowledge
    -More Activity But Less Accomplishment
    -More Achievement But Less Fulfillment

As you can see the paradox is "More but Less"; for instance, it seems logical that having more information would lead to more knowledge – but as we all know the opposite is often true.

I’ve been working on a chart that has all the paradoxes I’ve thought about. Here, take a look: Read More

I Don’t Think We Can Be Friends Anymore

A little over a year ago I left an internet marketing seminar feeling disheartened, disillusioned, and disappointed by what I saw. In fact, I was so disturbed I wrote a warning, a prescription for change, a call to arms for entrepreneurs online – The Internet Business Manifesto.

That’s why it’s rather ironic that I am writing this post from my hotel balcony in Sydney, Australia, once again disappointed, depressed, and disturbed by what I witnessed yesterday at an internet marketing event I participated in.

There were 16 speakers, many of whom were clients of mine. It was an impressive lineup of self made entrepreneurs who got to their current position by learning, thinking, working hard, and marketing even harder.

Yet table rush after table rush were for so-called "short-cuts" like Private Label Rights Products, Push Button Software, And you just sit at home and get rich while my company does all the hard work for you type products.

Not one person speaking from the stage got to their current position by any of these methods. You would think that the audience would see that. But if you did, you would be wrong.

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