Shaking In My Boots

I was going to write more about the direct training/cross-training thing today and show you the video I promised. However, I’m skipping over that for now… because… something happened to me yesterday that I want to get out while it’s fresh on my mind.

I think you’ll find it interesting and downright valuable to your business…

Here’s the story…

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Getting Smarter

Q: Are you interested in getting smarter?

I think most people are. However, I also think most people misinterpret what “getting smarter” really means… or… really should mean.

Let me explain…

When most people think of increasing their brain power, all they think about is increasing their IQ.

And there are many books out there that promise that, if you just add a few points to your IQ, your life will improve… and improve dramatically.

Nice hook for selling books… but… I disagree with this concept. I don’t think our goal—if we want to be successful in business and in life—is to raise our IQs…

Not at all. And here’s why…

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Leverage: Maximize Your Income In Minimum Time

“And it’s working like gangbusters. Check out this video below I just got from one of my star pupils, Tellman Knudson.”

So yesterday I spent about 30 minutes on the phone swapping stories with an old college buddy, Josh.

I hadn’t spoken to him in years – but he tracked me down on the internet, sent me an email, and eventually it made it into my personal email box.

So, I called, we caught up, reminisced about our crazy days, and then the conversation turned serious.

Josh was currently experiencing hard times in his business. He’d noticed all the mentions of me and the success I’ve created for others while trying to find me. He wondered if I would give him some advice.

I agreed – and cutting to the chase, he lasered in on this crucial question…

Rich, you’re successful and you’ve made lots of others successful – is there one thing that all successes have in common that the unsuccessful seem to miss?

And without even a second of thought I shot back, “Leverage”.

So what exactly is “leverage”?

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Cut To The Chase…Dammit!

Do you ever end your day wondering… “did I really get the important stuff done today?

Most entrepreneurs, both online or off, do. Here’s a quick strategy that’ll eradicate any lingering doubts you might possess about your productivity. Because you’ll be certain you’re getting the important stuff done.

In my work coaching many of today’s top Internet marketers these questions surfaced quite often:

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Is Copy Really King?

is copy king

For as long as I’ve been in this business, I’ve heard one thing over and over again:

“When it comes to making sales, copy is king.”

So do I agree with it? Yes…and no. Let me explain…

I think that copy is still the most important cog in the sales and marketing machine. Whether we write it or speak it, copy gets inside the head of your prospect and finds those hot buttons that get them stirred up and reaching for a credit card.

But there’s more to writing great copy than just the occasional penning of a sales letter or email that elicits response.

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Join The Conversation Or Watch Your Business Wither Away And Die

Listen friend, I’ve got a gift for you.

Q: Why am I giving you a gift?

Because it’s my way of saying thank you.

You see, at last count there were over 15 billion web pages online. And the simple fact that you are here reading this post means you consider my point of view valuable.

Better yet, it turns out you’re not alone in your opinion. At our recent conference, New Beginnings, a bunch of the speakers (Maryellen Tribby, Jeff Walker, John Carlton, Frank Kern, etc…) were hanging out in the green room when Gary Vaynerchuck asked “who are the most influential bloggers in the internet marketing community?

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The Most Valuable, Most Profitable, Most Result- Certain Marketing Skill You Could Ever Hope For

Listen: No other blog post I have ever written has as much potential to dramatically change your life for the better as this one… so please read this post carefully and completely.

Q: If you held a gun to my head and forced me to pick just one marketing tactic to grow my business from zero to 8 figures in less than 20 months…which marketing strategy would I use?

A: Actually, it’s a trick question…because you wouldn’t have to hold a gun to my head… in fact –Strategic Profits took in $7.4 million in its first 12 months, and broke 8 figures in our second year using JUST ONE marketing strategy.

Better yet, I am convinced you can have the same level of success in less time than it took us. A bold claim? Perhaps, but by the time you finish this post you’ll understand why it’s completely doable for you.

So first, ask yourself this question…

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The Governor and The Guru

My friendship with the new governor Of New York: How it can make you better looking … more successful … And the #1 brand in your market.

Elliot Spitzer.

I’m at the airport, headed back from SXSW? What’s this? In Austin, Texas…I walk to my gate with my headphones blasting techno music. In the corner of my eye I see Elliot Spitzer on one of the plasma TVs now littering the airport, and think to myself… “I wonder what’s going on with him?

But there’s no time to find out. I got to the airport late, by the time I get to the gate – it’s boarding time.

On the flight, my neighbour briefs me on the entire Spitzer affair – I guess what goes around comes around.

Thirty-four hours later I am back in the airport. This time, I’m waiting for my flight to Norway with my headphones tucked away in my pocket. The tragic Spitzer story has me riveted to the TV screen.

But what comes next nearly knocks me off my feet…

Dynamic Changes Hypnosis Centers. In fact, I still have a testimonial he gave us. Take a look … Read More

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away

Sorry–had to get my Red Hot Chili Peppers on for a second. 😉

But if you’ve been with me for while, you know that I’m all about giving stuff away for free…

I believe that’s the key to real success. When you give something away, you’ll eventually reap the rewards tenfold–or more–while creating a loyal audience of followers who hang on your every word.

And I’m not talking about just “any” stuff. I’m talking about your BEST OF THE BEST.

(Basically, if you’re clinging to it with both hands, trying to figure out how much to charge, you should really be handing it out for nothing.)

Because this resonates big-time with your audience. Those who were unsure about you will become fans. Those who were wishy washy followers will now become loyal beyond words. And those who have already bought from you will become your biggest cheerleaders (as well as AWESOME JV Partners).

But I know what you’re thinking:

“Rich, if I give everything away, what am I going to sell”?

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Kathy Sierra, Gary Vaynerchuk, + Rich Schefren

Have you ever noticed that when you’re following the path you were meant to travel down… the universe has a weird way of helping you along the way?

Here’s an amazing but true story about what happens when you find your life’s work and the synchronicity, good fortune, and weird circumstances that seem to come out of nowhere.

It all started nine months ago while conducting research for The Attention Age Doctrine 1. I was at a sticking point, struggling with too many competing concepts, and no clear way to distill them down. I had been fraught for days trying to “crack the code” that would crystallize everything swimming inside my mind.

I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t write, and didn’t know what to do with myself. Finally, I sat down checked some emails, and then surfed the web looking for inspiration and clarity.

Then WHAMO! I stumbled onto a blog that changed everything. In fact, reading this blog shifted the direction of my professional life.

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