Business Acceleration Program Q & A

Can you believe how time flies? Seems like just yesterday I was releasing The Attention Age Doctrine Volume 2 and now, we’re just days away from
unveiling my new “Business Acceleration Program.”

Needless to say, we’re getting questions … LOTS of questions… so I thought I’d answer some of them here…

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My complete marketing and launch model

I seriously don’t know what’s gotten into me this morning …

For some reason, I woke up feeling good. Really good. Even … (dare I say it?) downright generous.

Maybe it’s because my 5-year-old daughter’s now the official hero of her soccer team after scoring six goals in this week’s game. Or, maybe it’s because I’ve had more time than usual this week with Debi.

But here it is, 5:00 AM and I’m at my desk, furiously creating the single most valuable gift anyone will give YOU for xmas …

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Digg Your Favorite 66 Seconds Videos

Remember how in The Attention Age Doctrine 2 I showed you how attention is the most valuable commodity in today’s wired world?

Well, we’re getting attention – in spades!

In the last few days, 87 everyday people took time out of their busy schedules to produce videos that bring almost unbelievable praise for The Attention Age Doctrine 2… and tell the world about me and about our upcoming product launch.

I can’t tell you how blown away I am by the quality of these videos and what they’re saying. You’ll laugh … you’ll be rolling on the floor … when you see how funny and creative they are!

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Rich Schefren Is A Big, Fat FRAUD!

I’ve got one heck of a great object lesson for you today, courtesy of a guy named Dennis Tays …

In The Attention Age Doctrine II, I showed you how powerful this new two-way Internet — Web 2.0 — can be.

I documented why everyday people have far more credibility and influence than we marketers do … and I urged you to use message boards, blogs, forums and social networking sites to create buzz for your product.

But I left one pretty important thing out …

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We’re Fed Up And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore

1 Watch This Video

A MSN ad shows the relationship between the advertiser and the consumer today.


2 Read This

The response to the Doctrine has been incredible.

The emails flooding my inbox and the comments on this blog have been truly heartwarming.

Every single positive message I’ve received means a lot to me… especially since the message in the Doctrine 2 is so controversial.

I want you to know that I feel really strongly about what I wrote in the Doctrine 2 about the need for marketing and marketers to change.

That’s why I am posting this petition….

It’s time that we band together and tell “old-school” marketers to STOP IT. Because we’ve all HAD ENOUGH!

It’s time to clean up marketing, improve our response rates and be liked by the rest of the world. Because right now, marketers are Public Enemy #1.

Won’t you help me clean up marketing? All you got to do is read the petition, and then digitally sign it by commenting “I Agree”.

So, read on, my friend… and do what you think is right.

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The Arbitrage Conspiracy

Hey Brad, Brian Johnson here. I want to tell
you about a trip I just came back from…

A few weeks ago I was invited to a highly
exclusive, private summit meeting in Las Vegas.

NOW DON’T GO ANYWHERE, because as you
know there are never pitch emails that come out
of our office from me so you need to hear this.

Inside this room were just under 150 of the
biggest Internet marketers on the planet. We’re
talking billions of dollars in combined profits,
all under roof. And all there for one reason and
one reason only…

To talk about exactly how my friend is able to
pull in $50,000 to $100,000…EVERY DAY.

As you know, I’m the operations guy here at
Strategic Profits…

Which means I have to be very detailed and very
meticulous in my business building efforts.
Because if I’m not, the bottom line takes a hit.

So I went into this seminar with a bit of
skepticism. After all, that’s a BIG claim.

But then I saw what they were doing. And my
eyes popped open.

Get the whole story here

This highly intricate traffic generation approach
is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen…

These geniuses have refined their method to
almost engineer-like precision, so you can start
seeing results in only minutes.

I’m telling you–after they walked us through the
entire process step-by-step, you could see the
light bulbs going on around the room.

It was incredible. All of the big-time gurus were
looking at each other, nodding their heads and
grinning from ear to ear.

Because the door to an enormously profitable
opportunity had burst open. And we were among
the first to see what was inside.

And now you can see it too.

Get the whole story here

Watch Brad’s video first. Then grab your copy of
The Arbitrage Conspiracy immediately.

You’ll be as blown away as I was…

Get the whole story here

Talk again soon,


P.S. Believe me–I’ve seen TONS of traffic

Get Famous… in 66 seconds or less!

I’ve got an incredible contest with big prizes to tell you about. But first, a quick update…

It really is insane over here. Over 30,000 entrepreneurs have downloaded The Doctrine Part 2 already, there’s been over 7,300 downloads of the interview I did with Gary Vaynerchuk, and more and more blogs are linking to us by the hour.

To top things off, the phone has been ringing non-stop, the emails are flooding in and we’ve even had a few curious readers show up at our offices. The pressure has been so intense we’ve even lost a few staff members.

That’s because to stay ahead of the curve we’ve been putting in crazy hours. Even a few all-nighters.

Anyway, late last night… while chowing on delivered pizza with the crew, Alan had an idea…

We needed to do something special to motivate readers of The Doctrine to actually take action on what we’ve already gone over.
Ken suggested we hold a contest with some killer prizes.

Anna and Lauren thought it should revolve around video based on the incredible excitement about The Gary Vaynerchuk interview.
So we all decided – Let’s make it a video contest. Here’s why… Read More

Jersey Boy Cracks The Code And Transforms Into A $50 Million Maven – Here’s How He Did It…

Gary Vaynerchuk MP3 Interview Call
Gary Vaynerchuk

Listen up, this post could actually change your life…

(The super short story: I have an extremely POWERFUL interview to share with you.)

OK, here’s the deal… my team and I have been working all weekend just to finish going over the nearly four-thousand (!) emails that poured in since the release of The Attention Age Doctrine 2.

It’s truly been overwhelming… it’s obviously struck a chord and the response has been staggering.

Look: I knew when I wrote The Doctrine 2 it would create a stir in the Internet Marketing world, but I never thought it would instantly generate the tidal wave of responses it brought with it.

The discussions are heated and full of controversy in the popular marketing forums. Blogs I’ve never known about are dissecting each and every page and slide. In the first 24 hours alone over 20,000 marketers have read and downloaded their own copy.

The insane response has really pushed me to deeply reflect and re-visit my experience to dig deep to provide you with an amazing case study. And to be honest, I had to work like a Tasmanian Devil on amphetamines to secure what I am about to give you.

Check this out…

Gary Vaynerchuk MP3 Interview Call
Gary Vaynerchuk

He began his video blog last year. Now he spends five days a week in front of a video camera consuming alcohol . And so far his drinking on-air has not only skyrocketed profits, but it’s brought him celebrity status.

His hyperkinetic gonzo approach built a $50 million business, attracted a cult following, and caught the media’s attention. In the past year he’s been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Time, Men’s Health, New York Mag, GQ, The Conan O’Brien Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Fox News, and many others…

He’s living proof of everything you’ve read in The Doctrine2.

But it gets better, because I got him to reveal his philosophies, strategies, and his best advice on how you can do the same.

His name is Gary Vaynerchuk, and he’s going to tell you how he leveraged social media to skyrocket his family’s liquor store into the #1 wine seller online.

His site is, and if there’s a poster boy for the transformational power of being Maven, then Gary is it.

You’re going to hear first-hand exactly how he reached maven status… and his best advice on how you can do the same … in ANY industry.

Gary’s story will excite, inspire, and show you how to take the message from The Doctrine 2 and apply it to your marketing right now.

Download Gary Vaynerchuk and Rich Schefren MP3 Call

Download the entire Gary Vaynerchuk call right now

Right click and select “Save target as”. File size: 21.3MB

Download Gary Vaynerchuk and Rich Schefren Interview Transcript

I even got Gary to give you his best advice, his 5-step strategy to get started and begin to leverage social media for unimaginable success.

So, if you’re ready to take the concepts of The Doctrine 2 and begin to apply them in your market…

If you’re ready to become the Maven of your Market…

And if you’re ready to grow your business to unimaginable levels…

You need to download the audio and the transcript immediately.

Do it right now… What Gary reveals is just too powerful to wait.

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

P.S. – I believe together we’re going to change the face of marketing online. Together we’re getting more and more marketers to realize that the honest, value providing, and customer focused approach is the way to go. So, after you go through my interrogation of Gary, feel free to spread the word and pass along the materials to whomever you think would benefit.

P.P.S – We’ll all get more out of Gary’s advice if you post your best ideas from the Gary right here on the blog. What do you think was the most powerful advice Gary gave? What will you do differently? How could you use Gary’s ideas to pursue your passion… and bring great value to your market?

I want to know, and so do the rest of my readers. So post your comments and use the social bookmarking services below to help me share Gary’s message with the world…

Attention Age Doctrine Part 2 Released

Get the Attention Age Doctrine Part 2.

The Attention Age Doctrine - Part 2

Whew…. The day has finally arrived.

The report is being downloaded by thousands of online entrepreneurs as you read this.

I got to tell you, I’m really proud of it. Even more importantly, I can’t wait to hear what you think.

To be frank, I know many people loved the Attention Age Doctrine 1, but I was somewhat disappointed in myself and the Doctrine for not delivering on the problems I surfaced throughout it.

But now I am ecstatic because I know I have made up for my lapse. Like I said, I know many of you really loved it – but there’s a difference between what others say and how you feel about your own creation yourself.

In the Doctrine 2 I lay out the fastest, most certain approach to growing your business faster than you probably believe possible?

How Fast?

Take a look at Strategic Profits in our very first year we went from zero to over $7.5 million. Or how about clients who have gone from $180,000 a year to $4.7 million a year in just twelve short months.

And here’s the irony…. what you’ve been taught and what you’ve been studying has probably gotten in your way more than it’s helped. You’ll understand exactly what i mean after you’ve read page 80-81.

Yes, it’s longer than expected, but only because each and every page is pure gold for growing your business and I just didn’t feel right robbing you of any nugget.

So now it’s your turn, here’s what you can do for yourself, for your fellow business owners, and me.

  1. Download the report right here
  2. Spread the word – let your peers and fellow entrepreneurs know about it.
  3. Comment below – let me know what you thought, and what you would like me to teach you over the next few weeks.
  4. And last but not least (if you read the Doctrine 2 – you know why) please use the social bookmarking buttons immediately following this post. If you’ve never used any of these sites – it’s time to start, and it would be an honor for me to be your very first.

(the comments I love the most are the ones that are honest, and share the current obstacles you face in applying what you learned in the document)

As I wrote in the report, I’ve got a lot more killer tactics and strategies to share with you but in order to find out about them you are going to have to subscribe to our feed – (press the orange button or green button to the right of our logo).

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting here frequently – and I would hate for you to miss what’s coming.

To higher profits,
Rich Schefren