EXTRA! EXTRA! 12 Internet Gurus Bare All May 28th

12 Internet Marketers Bare All

Imagine the scene…

…if 12 of the top internet marketing gurus stripped down to bare all.


Somehow I don’t think the internet marketing world would ever be the same again.

Fortunately, they all kept their clothes on… but bared it all during a rare, one-of-a-kind Teleseminar about how they each overcame their biggest business hurdle, obstacle or constraint and have since gone on to make millions online.

And, if you’re up for it, I want to invite you to listen-in to a one-time replay of this killer Teleseminar this Thursday night.

This is an ULTRA-RARE opportunity for you to learn from the struggles and frustrations of some of the biggest names in internet marketing.

And, even more important: it’s an opportunity for you to learn exactly what they each did to break-free from their constraint and overcome their obstacle… so you can follow in their footsteps in your own business.

Please keep in mind:

This is NOT your typical Teleseminar about traffic, conversions, PPC, CPA, or anything else like that.

I simply got 12 of the top online marketers on the phone and asked them 4 simple, yet profound questions:

QUESTION #1: What was your biggest constraint to your business?

QUESTION #2: How did you overcome that?

QUESTION #3: What was the quantifiable results of your solution?

QUESTION #4: What did you take away from it?

And, I think you’ll find, the answers they shared are some of the most profound content you’ll hear anywhere about REALLY being successful online.

If there’s anything you’re struggling with right now in your business, this Teleseminar should be a must for you.

When you’re done listening to this rare Teleseminar, you’ll understand how the top internet marketers were able to find and overcome their big obstacle, roadblock, or constraint – so you can do the same for yourself!

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Is Your Website Underperforming?

Hey everybody–Rich here, and that’s a question I was asked recently by CNN…

Take a look for yourself:

Check out the CNN article here

In the Small Business section of CNNMoney.com, they profiled a furniture store in Virginia that wanted to be more competitive in the marketplace.

So they contacted me to have a look around their website. And man, the things I found…

I’m going to highlight a few of them here, followed by some changes I would suggest and how you can immediately add more selling power to your own website:

Problem: They’ve made it extremely hard for prospects to find what they’re looking for.

Solution: Step inside your prospect’s shoes and walk around the website in their frame of mind. Are you finding what you want? Or are your frustrated beyond belief? Then make the appropriate changes.

How You Can Benefit: This problem is a plague upon internet businesses everywhere. So many businesses fail because people can’t find what they REALLY want on their website.

The key here is to make it as easy as possible. Have all of your “hottest buttons” front and center. Make your best offers in plain sight. Don’t make your prospect work for it, because they won’t. They’ll just go to your competitor’s website, which is easier to navigate.

Problem: They were losing traffic due to not taking advantage of misspelled search engine inquiries.

Solution: Adding the misspellings to the meta tags could increase their traffic by 20% or more.

How You Can Benefit: Here’s one I see a lot, yet few take advantage of it. If your URL or product is something that’s misspelled frequently, make sure you do some keyword research and see how many searches are actually entered incorrectly.

You’ll be surprised at what you find. There could be hundreds–or even thousands–of people looking for you. But if they get one letter wrong, they’ll never get to your site.

That’s why it’s important to include ANY and ALL spellings in your meta tags. By doing this, you’ll substantially increase your chances of being found by those who are “grammatically challenged”.

Problem: There’s a page inside advertising their interior design services, but nothing to show us their talents in this area.

Solution: Show us your work–don’t just tell us–with some before and after photos. Or better yet, some video.

How You Can Benefit: This is CRUCIAL to any service provider. In order to highlight your skills. you must show your prospects what you’ve done in the past. That’s why testimonials are so important to your business.

And don’t just throw anything up there. Make sure they’re GOOD. Talk about how you’ve changed their lives, made them more money, gave them a better future, etc (much like the before/after photos I suggested above).

And here’s a tip: write the testimonial FOR them. Word it exactly the way you want to, then simply ask for an approval. It’s fast, easy, and most of the time you’ll get exactly what you want.

Problem: The first hour of interior decorating consultation was free, but they had this perk buried at the bottom of an inside page.

Solution: Put your strongest selling points front and center on the top of the page or even on the main page.

How You Can Benefit: HELLO! Major selling point alert! If you have something that offers value and separates your product or service from the rest, make sure your visitors know about it.

And don’t just mention it in passing–put it in plain sight on your main page. These are the types of things that can swing a decision your way instead of your competitors’. So take advantage of it!

That’s just a few of the suggestions I made. There’s lots more great tips and insights in the article, so make sure you take a look:

Check out the CNN article here

In the meantime, give your website the once over this week. Take a closer look at the offers…the copy…the design…the meta tags…anything that could be improved.

You might be surprised at the money you’re leaving on the table…money that can easily be yours with only a few easy tweaks.

To Higher Profits,


P.S. What about you? Did you see anything else they could improve on?

Check out the CNN article here

Let me know in the comments below. I know all of you have very sharp “marketing radar” and I’d love to see if there was anything I missed.

So make sure you give it a once over and let me know what you find!

Check out the CNN article here

There’s No “Love” Lost Between Jeff Walker And I

Tennis anyone?

The reason I ask is because Jeff Walker paid us a visit last week. And we played a little tennis.

(Okay, actually a LOT of tennis.)


And Jeff’s no slouch. He grew up playing, and has a wicked serve that comes at you like a bright yellow rocket.

Of course, Brian and I aren’t beginners either. We both played quite a bit in our youth, and have recently picked it up again (rather fiercely, I might add) to get more exercise and help alleviate the stress of running an 8-figure company.

So I had Carlos come along and shoot some video of us doing our best Federer imitations. Then we sat down and discussed something that truly has us all scratching our heads.

Find out what 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs DON’T do… that’s costing them BIG BUCKS… here.

Jeff Walker and Rich Schefren Tennis

This critical *forgotten factor* has an interesting affect on your prospects. All of a sudden, instead of being guarded and wary, they’re intrigued. And furthermore, they’re feeling “special”…

You’re building trust with your prospect instead of animosity.

If you want the juicy details about this “forgotten factor” served up on a silver platter, you gotta see this:

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Karen Carpenter: Singer…Songwriter…Copywriting Maven?

“Just like me…they long to be…close to you…”

Okay, okay, I know you probably think ol’ Rich has fallen off his rocker this time, but hear me out…

Because there’s a whole lot of wisdom in that one line from the Carpenter’s 1970 smash hit. And it has absolutely nothing to do with birds suddenly appearing every time you are near.

Let me explain…

Ask anyone here at Strategic Profits and they’ll tell you I’m a pretty private person. I like to come in, focus on my work, and keep my personal business…well, personal.

But over the last year or so, I’ve been slowly cracking the door open and letting everyone have a peek at my life outside the office. And there’s a reason for that.

Back when I was first dipping my toes into the internet marketing waters, I attended a copywriting seminar hosted by none other than the great John Carlton.

John’s legendary in this business, generating multiple millions of dollars with his masterfully crafted sales pieces. In fact, many consider him one of the greatest copywriters living today.

And during this seminar, I was completely enraptured by John’s teachings. His breakthrough ideas on writing copy were very instrumental in my initial success online, and from time to time I still I refer to the notes I took from that seminar whenever I need a copywriting boost.

I remember that one of these instances was about a year ago. I was in the office working on some copy, so I quickly glanced at those notes to get a kick start.

But what I got was a kick all right–a kick in the HEAD!

These were the exact words that popped out at me in all caps and yellow highlighting:


Ever had an epiphany? Because I did right then.

I suddenly realized how closed and impersonal I had become in my copy, and how I had alienated much of my audience because of it.

I realized that, no matter how I may feel or think, in order to become a trusted advisor to my prospects and customers I needed to open up more about me, about my family, and about my life outside of Strategic Profits. And if I opened the curtain a little, they would most likely respond very positively.

In other words, John reached out from that sheet of paper, slapped me upside the head and said: “Yo Schefren…take a lesson from Karen Carpenter. They long to be ‘closer to you’. So LET ‘EM!”

I made a vow right then and there–I was going to create a stronger bond with my audience.

So I started focusing more on empathizing with them, understanding their situations, feelings, and motives. I dug deep to find out what kept them up at night…what gnawed at their very core…and how my products could help solve that.

Then I immersed myself into their conversations. I studied the forums and social networking sites they frequented. I made note of the buzzwords they tossed out. I wanted to learn the language they spoke, so I could talk to them more effectively on their level.

Finally, I just tried to be myself. I know that sounds overly simplistic, but it’s so crucial. Because we all know of people who have tried to be someone else in their business. And they’ve failed miserably because there’s no truth or integrity in anything they say. So I let my personality shine through a lot more, making a point to tell my audience about the little things–not just the big things–that affected how I live, work, and play.

And guess what? The response was AMAZING! Our subscriber rates went through the roof, we saw significant increases in sales, and my “likeability” factor was suddenly off the charts–all because of this shift in my copy.

But what about you? Is your copy stiff, stale, and lacking in personality? Are you pulling your prospects and customers “close to you” with your emails, sales letters, and blog posts? Or are you pushing them further away?

Because in the words of John Carlton himself, “Good copywriting is like sitting down, cracking a beer, and shooting the shit.” I don’t know how to put it any better.

If you can integrate this mindset into your copy, you’ll create a stronger bond with your prospects, customers, and subscribers And you’ll make LOTS more money (as well as enjoy writing your copy more) in the long run.

But to be honest, that’s only scratching the surface of what John teaches about writing sizzling hot copy that builds a bridge of trust between you and your readers and puts chunks of cash into your bank account. There’s more–LOTS more.

Because John is the undisputed heavyweight champ of copywriting. And he can help you turn your lackluster sales copy into massive profit centers…over and over again.

Right now, John’s got some free lessons that reveal the insider secrets to his simple writing system, including a video on storytelling from Frank Kern’s event that’s PHENOMENAL.

You gotta see this.

Take A Look Here

Go there right now and get registered. And when you’re finished, dig up that old Carpenter’s album (you know you got one), dust off the turntable, and let the silky smooth pipes of Karen Carpenter take your copy to the next level.

Yep, it might be corny. But it’s also EXTREMELY effective.

To Higher Profits,


P.S. Did those tips help you get a clearer picture of how to get “closer” to your audience?

Have you seen a difference in my copy? And if so, what do you think of it? Better? Worse? The same?

Let me know in the comments below. And don’t be shy–if you like it, give a shout out. And if you don’t, let me know why. I’m always open to your feedback.

Listen To Jay Abraham’s Master Of Recessionary Income Call Here–FREE!

It’s been a whirlwind week…

Ever since word got out about Jay Abraham’s FREE Masters Of Recessionary Income Teleseminar, we’ve been flooded with calls and emails from people virtually gushing about this call.

Thousands of marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners have listened so far, and they’re raving about the tremendous strategies and tactics for generating MASSIVE income during a down economy.

Have you listened yet? Because if you haven’t, you should.

And the best part is, YOU CAN. Right here, right now.

Listen To Jay’s Call For FREE Here!

Inside, Jay reveals 42 different ways for your business to make big money when all around you are crying doom and gloom.

And today, I wanted to pull out one specific tactic and highlight it specifically–just so you can see the enormous value of what Jay is offering.

It’s called “Capitalizing on Capitalism” and the premise is very simple: you make money for your business by leveraging the assets of OTHER businesses.

Let me explain…

In a recessionary economy, there’s always leverage points or impact areas inside another’s business that they don’t see, but you can tap into.

So you go to these businesses and offer to exploit these leverage points for them on a pure performance basis, where you only get paid out of the added profit results.

No desperate, shell-shocked business owner in their right mind would turn down an offer of newfound profits, above and beyond what they are earning right now, and only pay you a small share of this increase.

For example, four recessions ago, Jay found a struggling brokerage house that was only doing $300,000 in annual commissions by selling and marketing the conventional way.

He quickly shifted their entire marketing approach from one of paid ads to a pure, performance-based revenue sharing deal with a large group of financial advertising sources.

The result? Sales skyrocketed to $500 million and Jay’s investment of effort (and zero risk) made him $2,000,000.00 in just an 18 month period.

Another example: Jay found a seminar company that only offered entry level low priced seminars. So he created the first and only advanced seminar they’d ever offered.

It made them two million dollars in 30 days. Jay’s share? A whopping $200,000.00 for a few days work.

Of course, these are not promises that you’ll earn that kind of money so quickly. But it does show you the amazing POSSIBILITIES that this strategy offers to put a bulging wad of cash in your pockets.

In fact, consistent 4 or 5 figure profit shares for yourself is actually quite doable. And here’s 7 easy ways you can implement this strategy NOW for massive revenue.

Revenue Generating Strategy 1. Go to any company who has lost customers, clients or patients. Offer to reactivate old buyers and turn them into new ones. Even in a recession, it’s possible to restart up to 40% of the people who stopped buying in the past.

Revenue Generating Strategy 2. Show companies how to increase the size of each sale by adding other products or services to the purchase mix. They could even offer bigger financial incentives for people making larger purchases. This tactic has been proven to increase sales (and most importantly profits to the business owner), by as much as 50%.

Revenue Generating Strategy 3. Find other related/complementary products or services that you can offer to the past buyers of a business (that will add 50 to 75% net profit to the owner’s bottom line). They are far more available than you possibly think.

Revenue Generating Strategy 4. Show business owners how, instead of adding more products to increase profits, they can cut up to 40% out of their current overhead and get the same effect. This can be attained by utilizing joint ventures, strategic alliances, and host beneficiary relationships–resulting in HUGE savings.

Revenue Generating Strategy 5. Use a discount media service to cut their advertising costs by 40%. Few business owners know they exist and that this is easily done. Once, Jay took over the rights to acquire full page newspaper ads for a company. He negotiated to keep 80% of all ad savings he generated for them over a certain period. On average, Jay saved them $25,000 a month just by pairing the newspapers together and buying those same ads from a discount media source.

Revenue Generating Strategy 6. If your talents lie in the creative areas, you can always step in and help make all their ads, sales approaches, promotions, and marketing activities perform better just by tweaking the copy or design–for a nice percentage of the increase. Even something as simple as a headline change can easily increase responses, leads, sales and profits up to 21 times.

Revenue Generating Strategy 7. If the sales force consists of person-to-person contact (either face-to-face, on the phone, or in email), some small changes in what they say, how they say it, the way the sale is generated, or even the bonuses that are offered can double, redouble, even redouble again the results a business produces–even in a recession.

Amazing, aren’t they? And that’s just seven.

Jay’s got a LOT more inside here. And they won’t cost you a cent.

Listen To Jay’s Call For FREE Here!

There’s no opt-in necessary. Just click, sit back and listen to the most successful marketer in history spill the beans on how he’s made multiple millions of dollars for his clients during a recession.

If you’re an entrepreneur, marketer or business owner who’s struggling to get by during these tough economic times, then you MUST listen to this call.

Because the sage, time-tested wisdom Jay reveals inside can literally transform your business and start putting serious profits in your bank accounts–today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

And that’s what you REALLY want, right? (Beside, it’s free.)

Listen To Jay’s Call For FREE Here!

See you there…

To Higher Profits,


P.S. I’ve listened to this call more than once, and I’ve got pages and pages of notes. But what about you?

What takeaways did you come up with? What were your “aha” moments? Which of Jay’s 42 techniques really got your blood pumping as something you could implement immediately for instant cash flow?

Let me know in the comments below. I’ll compare with my notes and we’ll see if we’re thinking on the same wavelength.

How To Make More Money During A Recession

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

Ah, the infamous words of Chicken Little. Ever tell that one to your kids?

Funny thing is, these days you don’t have to. All you need to do is turn on CNN and you’ll get a big dose of “falling skies” commentary from the talking heads on screen.

I gotta admit–this both amuses me and irks me to no end. Because the truth is, what we’re experiencing with the economy is one big Chicken Little story.

Somebody goes screaming about gloom and doom, and everyone panics. Next thing you know, we’re in a crisis situation. Billions of dollars are being doled out to big business, layoffs go through the roof, and everybody sits on their hands, waiting to see what happens next.


C’mon people! Are we really putting our faith in the media to tell us how to think and act? These are the same people who follow up a tragic story of a mass shooting with a video of a squirrel on water skis–and never blink an eye.

Yep–solid, trustworthy news reporting there. Pulitzer Prize material if I’ve ever seen it.

Let’s face it. The days of actual news reporting have gone the way of the dodo. And every time one of these capped teeth morons start spewing their mindless dribble, Edward R. Murrow turns over in his grave.

What we’re hearing these days is not the news. It’s carefully selected tidbits of information designed to elicit a predetermined response. They tell us EXACTLY what they want to tell us. And right now, we’re being fed a large helping of the sky falling all around us in huge, jagged chunks.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying times aren’t tough. Because we’re all feeling the pinch (present company included).

But what I AM saying is this…if you let yourself be lead around by the nose by a bunch of hair-sprayed idiots who call themselves news people, you’ll never grow your business to a high level of success.

Why? Because you’re giving Chicken Little control over your mindset–instead of seizing the reigns and making your own path.

So you want the good news?

There are many MANY ways to prosper greatly in a recessionary climate. In fact, multiple millions of dollars have been made during a “down economy” by savvy business people who didn’t go screaming into the night every time somebody yelled about the sky falling. And during this economic hiccup, more millions will be made again.

But the key is to make some small changes in your business growth strategy now to help alleviate the fears and keep your company’s focus on the matter at hand. And here’s 3 tips to help you get started on the right path:

1) Buy Some Ear Plugs. The main reason there’s panic in the marketplace is because somebody told us that’s what we need to do. And that’s WRONG. Stay away from the naysayers. Ignore newspapers and TV news channels. Put your head down, plug your ears and say “LALALALALA I’M NOT LISTENING TO YOUUUU.” Stay focused on YOUR business and YOUR profits–not what’s going on with the Big Three car companies. And to quote an old Public Enemy tune, “Don’t Believe The Hype!”

2) Increase Your Marketing Efforts. This goes against conventional thinking, but it’s the perfect move. Why? Because everyone else is shrinking back in fear from the future, hiding in the shadows with their fingers clutched to their dwindling budgets. And that includes your competition. Which means this is a HUGE opportunity to grab a sizable chunk of your market share by pushing forward with an aggressive marketing plan. And when the storm settles (and it will settle) you’ll be solidly entrenched in the number one position…while everyone else is clawing to get back in the game.

3) Get Some Sage Advice. This last one is the most crucial of all, because many of us haven’t been through a true recessionary period before. And to put it simply–we don’t know what we don’t know. So we need the guidance and wisdom of somebody who’s been there, done that, and made several million in the process. And for me, that’s Jay Abraham.

If anyone knows how to make money during a recession, it’s Jay. His strategies and tactics are legendary in the business world for turning fortunes completely around and putting struggling companies back in the black in record time–even when the Chicken Littles were running rampant. And now, he’s willing to help you too.

Take a look.

Register For This Landmark Call Here

That’s right–Jay’s holding a very special (and very rare) teleconference titled How To Create Multiple Streams of Recessionary Income Sources. Inside, Jay will reveal 42 different strategies–all proven to work–that will help you not only make money, but make BIG money during a downturn in the economy.

This is 2 solid hours of Jay doing what he does best–dispelling the myths about the recession, crushing your doom and gloom mindset, and handing you the keys to the vault.

And not just one key. Or two. Or even ten. He’s got 42 of those shiny, golden babies…just waiting to unlock your very own treasure chest filled with record-breaking profits.

Which one will you choose?

Register For This Landmark Call Here

Oh, and did I mention this call was absolutely FREE?

Register For This Landmark Call Here

Seriously–quit dodging the chunks of sky falling around you and get on this call NOW. Hands down, it’s the best thing you can do for your business.

I’ll certainly be there.

To Higher Profits,


P.S. I know I went off a little in this post, but dammit–I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with all this recession talk.

But what about you? Are you fed up too? Is your business struggling to get by? Can you pass along more tips and techniques for making massive profits when everyone claims you can’t?

Post your thoughts in the comments below and let’s hammer this out together. Can’t wait to see them!

Why Debi Can’t Parallel Park…

This past Sunday morning, Debi and I piled the girls in the car and drove to Wellington, 40 miles north, to have brunch with some old friends from New York.

We took the Maserati and raced up I-95. It’s a great car (Ferrari engine) and interior straight out of Architectural Digest.

The stereo was cranking out everyone’s favorite tunes–Miley Cyrus (for Elle), Jonas Brothers (for Ava), & Allman Brothers (for me + Debi). Everyone was taking turns singing solos, and we were having a blast.

Until …

We reached the restaurant, Johnny G’s, and Debi tried to parallel park in a tight spot while I was belting out my own rendition of the Allman’s “Crazy Love.”

Her first attempt was…how should I put it…was off a bit (ok, maybe off a LOT).

So Debi decided she needed to concentrate on the task at hand. I was told in no uncertain terms to “shut-up”, the radio was muted, and there was absolute silence.

She came in for her second attempt…and NAILED IT! In fact, it was a better job than yours truly has ever done.

And, that my friend, is where today’s entrepreneurial lesson is hidden.

You see, there are four stages of learning:

Stage (1) – Unconscious Incompetence – you don’t know what you don’t know
Stage (2) – Conscious Incompetence – you now know what you don’t know
Stage (3) – Conscious Competence – you now know it, but you have to
concentrate to use what you know
Stage (4) – Unconscious Competence – you know it, and you can do it without
thinking about it

Let’s take learning the alphabet as an example….

There was a time you didn’t even know what the alphabet was or that it had twenty six letters (stage 1).

Next, you were told about the alphabet and you realized you didn’t know it (stage 2).

Then you learned the alphabet, but you really had to concentrate to draw each letter and not confuse a “b” with “d” (stage 3).

And now–hopefully–you can write words, sentences, and even pages without thinking about the letters themselves (stage 4).

So, back to Debi for a sec….

Debi is unconsciously competent (stage 4) when it comes to driving. BUT she’s only consciously competent (stage 3) when it comes to parallel parking. And you know what? For driving and parking that’s good enough.

“So, where’s the lesson in that?” you ask.

Easy there, Chachi, I’m getting to it – first, let me ask you a question:

Are you unconsciously competent (stage 4) at your money making activities?

For example – can you write an optimized blog post without having to think about keywords and their placement? Or an email with an effective hook, and a compelling call to action?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and marketers, odds are you can’t – and it costs you more than you realize. And here’s why…

When you are only consciously competent (stage 3):

(1) You’re more prone to make a mistake
(2) You’re forced doing it slowly – meaning you also make money slowly
(3) You can only do it in certain places (with your reference material) at certain times (when you can concentrate), so you don’t make money as often
as you could

(4) You never achieve mastery so you’ll quickly fall back into conscious incompetence if you take a few days off.

This is important. Come closer. Listen…

The biggest leap in income happens when an entrepreneur becomes unconsciously competent (stage 4) in their money making activities.

Because it’s easier. And they can do it faster and more often, with better success. In essence, they spend their time doing instead of fumbling.

And, guess what? This Thursday I’m going to show you how to take every money making skill you need to master and make you unconsciously competent.

I’m talking about taking your skills to such a high level of mastery – you could do them half-asleep!

Vault To Stage 4

Imagine the leap of income you’ll have when skills you need are hardwired into your brain like that. When getting JV partners is a snap, writing copy a breeze, and growing your business becomes the healthiest habit you possess.

Vault To Stage 4

I can’t promise to make you a better driver or a parallel parking expert. But I can promise you’ll be doing a lot more “driving” to the bank and “parking” in front of the drive thru window as you make bigger (and more frequent) deposits.

To Higher Profits,


PS -Whether you run an online business or dream of building one, there is no skill more important than this: The ability to quickly absorb and apply new tactics, then turn into habits.

This is one of the secrets to growing your business, and it’s a common trait of all the gurus I’ve coached. And now I am sharing these very same techniques with you.

Seize the chance to make growing your business a snap.

Vault To Stage 4

P.P.S Do you agree with me on the 4 stages? Disagree? Have an example of your own to pass along?

Let us know about it in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

How To Transform Twitter Into Your Own Personal ATM

So…are you tweeting yet?

Because if you’re not, you’re missing out on one of the biggest opportunities to develop a closer relationship with your prospects and blow the roof off your sales numbers.

Let me explain…

A couple of years ago, when I wrote the Attention Age Doctrine 2, I told you that your future success would depend on things like building buzz, word-of-mouth marketing, the influence of networks, the rise of the Viral Visionary, and more.

I also warned you that, without a positive social media influence in your corner, you were treading on thin ice with your business (remember the Kryptonite Locks fiasco?)

And since then, the social marketing arena has virtually exploded. Today there’s a millions different ways to get a millions different people saying a million different things about you–hopefully all good.)

But there’s been nothing–NOTHING–like the Twitter phenomenon.

Twitter allows you to micro blog, using short, 140 character messages to stay in touch with your followers on a minute by minute basis.

Estimates vary, but there’s roughly 6 million users on Twitter–and more being added every second. In fact, my right hand man, Brian Johnson, finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon just recently after much prodding from everyone in the office.

So what does this mean to you? One word–PROFITS.

Because Twitter gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with your audience like never before–without relying on them opening an email or going to your static blog.

Now you can instantly message your followers, handing them valuable tips while also giving them a glimpse into your day.

This fosters a stronger, more intimate relationship with your audience And when the time comes to launch a new product, the whole “do I trust this guy or don’t I” objection is non-existent.

And the result? More sales coming in faster and easier than ever!

I’ve been Tweeting for quite a while now, and I must say–it’s addicting. Once you fire off a few tweets and start seeing what’s going on with others in your business, you’ll find yourself hooked on this amazing technology very quickly.

But let’s face it–there’s LOTS of money to be made here. And I want to help you build your business by giving you a few simple tips and tools that can help maximize your profit potential with your followers…

1) Be transparent–TOTALLY transparent. Talk about your life, your family, your work. Be detailed and honest. Tell them about good days and bad. Show them what it’s like to be in your shoes. Your followers want to know about YOU–not just your products or services. So give them that insight. Then when the time comes to promote, you’ll find a much easier road in front of you.

2) Tweet early and often. One of the best ways to do this is to download a free desktop program called TweetDeck. This is a powerful way to stay on top of what’s happening with your followers (especially the ones you’re looking to JV with) and keep tabs on who’s talking about you–without logging in and out all the time.

3) Retweet constantly. Retweeting (or RT) is a fast, easy way to pass along something valuable you’ve found in another tweet by simply clicking on an icon. This is giving back in its purest form, a way to share the best information with your followers without asking for anything in return. And it WORKS. Retweet the good stuff and you’ll soon have a huge group of prospects who know, like and trust you.

Those are just a few things to help you grow your list of followers by leaps and bounds. But if you REALLY want to jump in with both feet and start making money fast using Twitter, you gotta get Joel Comm’s new book, “Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time.”

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I’ve read practically everything out there on Twitter (you know me–information junkie) and this is by far the best resource for marketers and business owners.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the Twitter waters or you’re an established force in this arena, Joel’s book will kick-start your efforts and help you build a rabid fanbase who hang on your every word…and buy anything you put in front of them.

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That’s it for today. Lots of mind-blowing stuff in the works for the next few months (including a MAJOR announcement to come your way soon), so keep checking back for more updates.

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To Higher Profits,


P.S. So what about you?

Are you a Twitter veteran or newbie?
How often do you tweet?

Are you using it for personal reasons or to grow your business?
What tools do yo use to maximize your Twitter presence?

And most importantly–what tips can you pass along to help the rest of us make more money using Twitter?

Post your comments below and don’t forget to include your Twitter address. I want to know more about you!

My Wife Caught With Her Pants Down

I sent this email out the other day. Since I got so much positive feedback, I figured I would post it here too.

Back in the day, Debi and I lived in Manhattan.

Traffic is always a nightmare in the city.  So, if we were
going someplace close, we almost always went on
rollerblades.  It was fantastic because we’d weave
through traffic, go down one-way streets in the
opposite direction and hop on sidewalks in a mad dash
to our destination.

But ever since we moved to sunny Boca Raton, Florida,
our blades have been gathering dust.

This weekend, we decided to break out the blades and
have some fun as a family.  But before we hit the streets,
Debi and I took our girls, Ava and Elle, to Sports Authority
Saturday morning to get them roller-skates.

We found the perfect skates, protective wrist guards, and
slick helmets.  Both Ava and Elle decided to wear their
skates out of the store so we put their sneakers in the
boxes and carried all the boxes to the register.

On the way to the front, Elle our four-year old lost her
balance and grabbed onto Debi’s sweat pants.  But, they
weren’t tied so in a split second Debi’s pants were down
by her ankles.

So, there she was laughing, boxes in hand and pants at
her ankles.

I quickly put my boxes down, pulled her pants up and got
Elle back on her feet.

And, in that moment I remembered why I fell in love with

She didn’t panic, she didn’t scream, she just laughed at
the situation she found herself in.

And in that episode, she also displayed one of the key
entrepreneurial success traits that many online marketers
seem to lack – Autonomy.

You see, Debi doesn’t really care what others might think.
And this perspective is crucial if you want to succeed in
business today. Bottom line, if you are too concerned about
what other people might think you’ll end up paralyzed by fear.

So, what about you?

Do you laugh when you’re caught with your pants down?
Or, do you panic and worry about what others might think?

Your answer is a bigger predictor of your success than you
might imagine.

Remember this:  You must be emotionally free before you’ll
ever get financially free.

More over, think about where you might be hitting a snag
emotionally and you’ll most likely find the anchor that’s
holding you back financially.

And that my friend, is what you must cast aside on your
journey to success.


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The Power of the “Rolling Launch”

We continue our Q and A series with a really good question concerning product launches from our Guided Profit System lessons.

Take a look…


CALLER: I’m going to be re-launching my product this week. And in terms of a launch strategy, I guess I don’t even want to try to compete with all these big guys that are doing these massive launches right now.

I’d rather just recruit JVs and affiliates and say, you know, “Here’s everything you need to do this. Just promote it as your schedule permits.” Does it make sense to do it that way?

RICH: First of all, I want to commend you on sticking with the product launch strategy in general. I’ve preached time and time again how Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula changed the way I do business (not to mention increasing my bottom line tremendously). So by taking that approach, you’re definitely on the right track to success.

And what you said certainly makes sense. I can understand how daunting it might be to launch against some of the massive promotions out there. You almost get swallowed up in the mix.

But another option you might want to look at is the “rolling launch”. This is where you basically go from affiliate to affiliate and construct an individualized launch for their particular list.

For example, you could go to one of your affiliates and set up a free teleseminar, free webinar, or even a video streaming event for their list. You give away some good content so they’ll get to know you better–all while creating a buzz and establishing yourself as an authority on the subject.

Then, you start cranking up the launch engine to build anticipation and scarcity, which finally culminates in a profitable launch for both you and the affiliate. Then you move onto the next affiliate in line.

Another great thing about the rolling launch is that it tends to actually be even more powerful than the “big bang” launches as far as cash flow purposes. Because in the end, you’ll most likely sell more products by hitting your partners individually as opposed to all at once.

The key to making this launch approach work is by generating some interaction with the actual list owner. Because your prospects from that list don’t know who you are, but they definitely know who the list owner is.

So if the list owner is going to be on a call with you or doing something interactively with you, then you’ll get a much higher draw. See how it works?

Now, let’s take another question…

Strategic Profits has been utilizing the “rolling launch” model for some time now with great success.

It’s so much more personable and intimate than the big launches, because you spend more time with specific partners and their lists instead of the normal “hit and run” approach.

And those relationships you build will pay off for you–not only during that launch, but with future launches as well.

To Higher Profits,


P.S. How’s your launches been working for you these days? Hot or not?

Chime in with your stories and comments below. I’d love to hear your opinions on the rolling launch model as well as any tweaks on the launch process that you’ve found profitable.

Let’s all help each other out!