Missing Your Big Break

Anyone can miss a big opportunity once…

In 1982, hot off directorial triumphs including “Jaws”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Steven Spielberg was busy working his next blockbuster – “E.T. – The Extraterrestrial”.

In one scene, the little boy protagonist of the film coaxes ET out of his hiding place by leaving a trail of candy.

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Two And A Half Days Of Total Transformation

Each one walked in carrying some load of “business baggage” that was weighing them down. Holding them back.

In just two and a half days later they all walked out transformed entrepreneurs.

With completely new visions for their businesses.
Completely new ways of operating within their businesses.
With a total “motivation transplant” that would propel them to any new goals.

Of course you don’t have to take my word for it.

Take a couple minutes and listen to what they had to say…

To get more information on the program that transformed these entrepreneurs’ lives and businesses go to:


A Shocking Confession About Success

There’s an invisible “success trap” waiting on every entrepreneur’s path.

And it doesn’t matter where you are on yours. Whether you’re just starting out. Or already a successful entrepreneur.

It’s a trap that’s impossible to avoid because you never see it coming. And when you get trapped in it, you don’t even realize it!

And once you’re tangled in its snares, everything becomes harder for you. Your income stagnates. Your performance struggles. Your focus and motivation disappear right before your eyes.

It’s a devastating trap that no one ever talks about. Except me.

I made a very personal video to tell you about it today.

You might actually find it a little disturbing.

But There’s Good News Too!

You see, despite all my personal successes, I stumbled into this trap myself. And once I did, I spent two and a half years drifting aimlessly in my business. Until I made an incredible discovery that showed me the way back out. The way back to the top-of-my-game success that originally drove my business.

I want to share my story with you. So you can keep from falling victim to the same “success trap” I did. So you can avoid the years of struggle that I endured. And keep yourself and your business on the fastest path to success possible.

You might not find it pleasant.

But it’s incredibly important that you watch it.

(And if you’ve ever experienced anything like this in your business or life, I want to hear your story. Let me know down in the comments section…)

What You Need To Know On The Future Of Marketing

At the end of this month, I’ll be jetting off to Oslo, Norway to headline at Elevate-2014.

If you’ve never heard of it, “Elevate” is the Scandinavian master-mind of all master-minds. It’s a three day conference designed to give you all the strategies, tools and skills you need to crank up your performance and empower you in every aspect of your business and your life.

A couple weeks back, Michael Lassen, one of the organizers of the conference (and an Internet powerhouse in his own right) asked me to share my thoughts on the future of marketing in a video he could send to those registered for the conference.

I was happy to oblige. On one condition…

That I could share that same video with my blog readers.

So here you go…

In the next 60-plus minutes you’ll hear me cover topics including:

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The Key To Conquering Fear

We’re in the home stretch. Today, I’m going to reveal the whole truth about overcoming your fear. But first, let me tell you why I insisted that you share your answers.

If you read through the comments, the first thing you should notice is that your fears are all pretty similar and irrational (if not down right silly!) In other words, you’re not alone in what you fear!

The second thing you should be noticing is that confronting your fears gives you an enormous sense of empowerment. A real momentum that can carry your business forward.

And finally, you should see is that the world didn’t end for anyone even when your worst fears did come to pass. You got on with your life, took whatever next steps were necessary and forged ahead.

All that sharing was meant to give you a boost of confidence. A sense that your fears are largely unfounded. Because it’s a lack of confidence that really holds you back.

And you’re gonna need it for today’s post. Because…

Here’s The Bottom Line About Fear

You can’t escape fear. It’s not possible. It’s wired into our DNA.

The only thing you can do is overcome it. And the only way to overcome fear is to confront it and take action…

Sorry, but that’s it.

As simple as it sounds, your fear isn’t going away. There is no magic pills, no mantras, no meditation practice that will eliminate fear from your life. It’s always going to be sitting on your shoulder, whispering in your ear, warning you of the dangers lurking around the next corner.

What You Need To Understand To Deal With Fear

Here’s something to keep in mind whenever you feel fear wrap it fingers around your shoulders…

That might sound like nothing more than inspirational fluff coming from a blind, deaf, mute girl. With her disabilities, getting out of bed might have been considered an adventure. But stop for a minute and think about that statement from her perspective.

If Helen never “dared” anything, she would have spent her entire life in darkness and silence. A condition not too far from the kind of “auto-pilot” life you end up living when you give in to your fears!

And because it sounds more inspirational than instructional, we tend to not take that kind of advice to heart. We believe we can just go on living the lives we live everyday and things will be just fine.

They won’t! You have to dare more! The less you dare the less you live. I mean truly live.

So let me give you a little motivation…


Honestly I can’t think of much that’s a whole lot scarier than thinking about your own mortality. It’s so unnerving we normally avoid thinking about it altogether.

And that’s a problem.

Because it leads you to believe you have forever to accomplish whatever it is you want. There’s always tomorrow.

“I’ll get started. Right after this episode of America’s Got Talent”

Of course one episode leads to the next and the next and the next. And before you know it the season’s done, you’re moving on to another series to binge-watch. And nothing gets done.

I like to regularly remind myself that my days here are numbered. It sounds cliché, but no one lives forever so you have to make every moment count.

You need to have a sense of urgency about your life, about the actions you need to take in your business, about the impact that you want to have in the world.

Understand if you don’t get it done and enjoy the rewards of what you’ve accomplished today, you may not get a chance tomorrow.

Remember, your fears are both irrational and empowering.

And get out there and do it.

The Undeniable Power Of Fear

So where are we now? You know your fears today are basically pretty irrationa. And that it’s actually your fear of your fears that holds you back.

But all the way up to this point we’re still talking about fear as a “net negative”. As something that only comes with costs. Never a benefit.

Well today we’re going to flip that perspective on its head and talk about…

The Bright Side Of Fear

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