The One Question You Need to Move Your Business Forward

All the great, profitable answers start with the right question. In this podcast, Rich Schefren will help you find what’s the right question for you to move your entire business forward.

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For Everyone Who Asks: “How Do I Get More Traffic?”

It’s the weekend, and I hope you’re out enjoying it with your family.

And since it is the weekend, I want to get right to the point…

Today, I want to tell you two very important truths about traffic.

They’re really simple. But nearly all entrepreneurs who struggle don’t fully understand them…

The first truth is…

All Traffic Has Value…

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How Do You Sell To Somebody That Doesn’t Want To Be Sold

These days, most online marketers and entrepreneurs try to sell their prospects through a series of emails or other free communication. However, it is still possible to sell your prospects “cold” in your sales copy – without your prospects knowing who you are. In this podcast, Rich Schefren will explain how it’s done — by starting the sales conversation in the right way.

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The Most Important Question You Should Be Asking About Website Traffic

Every new online marketer always wants to know “how can I drive more traffic to my site?” But in reality, that’s not the question you should be asking. In this podcast, Rich Schefren will explain what you should want to know about traffic, and the role website traffic should play in your business.

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The 30,000 Foot View of Lead Gen and the Marketing Process

Marketing is a process like anything else. If you want to be an online entrepreneur, you need to know how to master this process (and that includes acquiring new prospects). In this podcast, Rich Schefren will give you the 30,000 foot view of lead gen and give you two questions to ponder as you develop your own marketing process.

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An Intervention: Are You Too Busy to Be Successful?

Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy… bankrupt.

That’s the depressing downward spiral I see way too often in the Internet marketing space.

Especially in 2012, when running an online business can include any (or some would argue ALL) of the following…

  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • Filming videos
  • Writing sales copy
  • Writing to your list
  • Managing your traffic
  • Building your funnel
  • Forum posting
  • Maintaining your fanpage
  • Keeping up with Twitter

Sadly, that list doesn’t even include helpful money-generating activities like creating products, or setting up payment options.

If right now, you’re trying to do everything above yourself… If you’re chasing your tail, and not really getting anywhere…

Then you’ll want to hear what I have to say in today’s post…

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The Simplest Way to Design a Webinar, Teleseminar or VSL that Sells

It’s fairly easy to design a webinar, teleseminar or video sales letter that provides value for your prospects. But it’s significantly more difficult to create webinars and teleseminars that consistently sell your products. In this podcast, Rich Schefren will explain how to create the ideal webinar process that actually sells by concentrating on the one factor that 90% of marketers overlook.

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Marketing 101: How to Get Inside Your Prospects’ Heads and Improve Your Marketing

There is a fundamental skill that forms the basis of all entrepreneur’s marketing. Without it, you won’t be an effective marketer or entrepreneur. In this podcast, Rich Schefren will explain what this fundamental skill is. He’ll also explain how to refine this skill so you can get inside your prospects’ heads and improve your marketing.

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How to Change Your Story and Transform Yourself into the Best Entrepreneur You Can Be

Everything you are is a collection of your experiences and the stories from your past. But what many entrepreneurs don’t realize is you can change your story and make yourself a more effective entrepreneur and marketer. In this podcast, Rich will explain how you can do that so you can grow your business as quickly as possible and be the best entrepreneur you can be.

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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Guest Post By Pete Williams

There’s a weird theory in Internet Marketing space.

It goes something like this…. If you’re going to run an online business, you need to know how to do every single thing in Internet Marketing yourself.

And I do mean everything…

  • Designing and maintaining your website
  • Writing all your own blogs
  • Filming your own videos
  • Uploading those videos to YouTube, Facebook etc.
  • Running your own social media
  • Creating all your own information
  • Writing all your own copy
  • Recording and uploading your own podcasts.
  • Running your own traffic to your website
  • Creating your own keynote presentations.
  • Writing all your own emails to your list

I’m always surprised to hear that regular people believe they need to know how to do all these things.

More importantly, they believe their business cannot be successful until they personally learn how to do everything I mentioned above (and keep in mind this is just a partial list here).

If you find yourself constantly running in circles, trying to do all these things, then you’ll want to hear the strategy that I’m going to reveal here. First I want to put this in perspective for you…

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