A $20 Million Secret You Can Use This Week…

A $20 Million Secret

I want to get right to the point today.

Fact is: I have a secret to share with you that led to the massive success of my seven free reports (and led to over $20 million in sales).

It’s one of the ways I’ve been able to create customers “out of thin air.” In other words: Clients seek me out, instead of the other way around.

It’s a writing secret that you can use in your own free content from now on. You can start using it as early as this week, to write much more compelling content.

It’s called “framing the problem.”

I have used this strategy in every one of my free reports so far, to not only give my prospects value, but to create demand for my products.

Let me show you how it works…

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Business is NOT Common Sense

Business is NOT Common Sense

Yes, business is NOT common sense.

I can think of at least a dozen different situations in business where following common sense wisdom wouldn’t help.

In fact, doing what “makes sense” is much more likely to lead to your frustration and often failure as an entrepreneur.

Don’t believe me?

Here are a few common sense ideas off the top of my head that can and do kill online businesses…

  • “The entrepreneur who works the longest hours will be the most successful.” (Actually, the opposite is true. Entrepreneurs who work the least tend to earn the most.)
  • “If you’re not successful with a task, keep at it until it works.” (Again the opposite is true. If something isn’t working, it’s time to change… not continually fail.)
  • “I’ll just copy what the most successful guys do.” (Following a mentor is one thing, but blindly copying others’ business strategies is NEVER the answer.)

This is why so many entrepreneurs struggle. They believe they can build and grow a business doing what “makes sense.”

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Finding Your Sweet Spot: How to Build a Business Based on YOU

Finding Your Sweet Spot

“I don’t care how I do it… I need to make money now. Can you help me?”

Since I started in Internet Marketing, I’ve heard some version of that sentence dozens, if not hundreds of times. From clients… from prospects… even from strangers cornering me at conferences.

And I feel for all of them – I really do.

Because 12 years ago, I was exactly where they are today. At the time, I had just started out online. I was doing everything that the so-called experts told me I SHOULD do to make money.

I was diving into all the hottest niches, trying all the latest tactics, and staring at my computer at all hours of the day trying to gain an edge online.

And I was miserable.

It was only when I took a step back and really considered my strengths that I eventually developed the business that I have now. It’s a business designed around ME… around what I love to do… not what others tell me I should do.

In other words, I found what I call my “sweet spot” in my marketplace. Today I want to point you in the right direction to discover your own sweet spot, so you can build a business based on who YOU are…

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An Exclusive Sneak Peek at VIP Client-Only Content…

It’s only February. Already, this is shaping up to be an incredible year for Strategic Profits.

We have a ton of projects in the works for 2013 along with surprises and extras we’re planning for clients.

If you’re a BGS client, you’ll be hearing about many of them in the coming weeks.

But of everything we have planned for this year, I’m most excited about our VIP client-only weekends.

The first of these VIP events is our “Relax Your Way to Riches” retreat coming up in April. If you’ve been checking your email, you probably already heard about it.

What you may not have heard is this retreat already SOLD OUT.

Bloody Mary’s and Business Breakthroughs

Bloody Mary

There’s a reason this retreat sold out so fast. I want to keep this weekend as intimate as possible, so we held registration to only five clients.

Come April, I’ll be cruising around South Florida with these five VIP clients for an entire weekend.

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3 Success Secrets of the Not-as-Smart Entrepreneurs

dumbest entrepreneurs

In my last post, I talked about a disturbing reality that we all encounter at one time or another.

At some point, you’re likely to meet a person who you swear isn’t as smart as you… yet they seem to be more successful.

When that happens, it’s painful. It can shake your self-confidence, and make you question yourself.

But the harsh truth is the smartest person in the room doesn’t always succeed.

And sometimes the not-so-bright ones rise above it all and succeed because they don’t let “overthinking” stand in their way.

There are a few other success secrets worth noting that can give you an edge this year.

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Have You Ever Met an Idiot Who’s More Successful Than You Are?

successful idiot

We all have met those people, right?

The people who seem like idiots, yet they’re still more successful than you? It’s irritating, isn’t it? It goes against everything we’re taught to believe. But it does happen.

Frequently, when I am coaching, a client will ask something like…

“I’m just as smart as this person, so why am I working so much harder yet making so much less than them?”

When they ask, I’m never quite sure… Do they really want the truth, or are they simply venting their frustrations?

To play it safe, I usually say nothing and wait to hear what comes out next. After a silent pause, the client speaks…

The next few words out of their mouth tell me everything I need to know. If they are serious they’ll press me and ask again. If not they’ll simply move on to the next topic.

You see, I need to know if they are serious, because if they’re not, then they aren’t ready to hear the cold, hard truth.

So what about you? Do you want to know why people half as smart as you are making 10 times more? If so keep reading…

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