Conference Update: John Carlton On Killer Testimonials

In this clip, Copywriting Legend John Carlton offers up 3 essential elements your testimonials must have to give you maximum credibility and instant maven status.

Take a look…

This is just one of John’s 17 points for writing kick-ass copy. To see the rest (for a fraction of the price), click here–but do it before Friday at midnight.

What the attendee’s are saying …

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  • Dan Ricci

    John Carlton is the man. I was able to attend his copywriting workshop this past weekend and it was one of the best class-room experiences I’ve ever had. He’s one of the most “down-to-earth” successful people I’ve had the opportunity to meet.

    His ability to teach copywriting is phenominal. If you get the chance to learn his Kick-Ass Copy Course, definately take it because it will transform the way you express a message not only in business, but in almost every other aspect of your writing as well.

    In the video above, really embrace what he says about a powerful testimonial…from experience alone I can recall buying a lot of products based on the testimonials on the sales page.

    Thanks for posting all these videos! All my friends have been wondering what’s been going on down here and this has been a great way to try and show them. Looking forward to more!


  • Janet

    People have recently been saying we are in the Recommendation Age and certainly having a “wall of testimonials” on your webpages as well as verbally and in writing for offline businesses is a great way to get people to trust you and believe in you. Stories sell.

  • Paul Sterling

    Hi Rich,

    How do you work with someone who is being a reluctant maven. He is the head of a non-profit that is working on a project that Buckminster Fuller inspired called GENI…

    it’s about “How do you make the world work for 100% of the people…” so it’s a huge project.

    He thinks the project should be the center of attention. I think the project needs a face and someone people can relate to – any suggestions?

    Paul Sterling

  • Shawn Lebrun

    I’ve learned more about copywriting… and LIFE in general, from John Carlton, than any other source.

    His Kick Ass copywriting course is the only one I still use and read every single day. It’s that good.

    If you want to get better as a copywriter, marketer, and human being, study all of John’s work.

    Shawn Lebrun

  • Wallace

    This DVD Course could help alot of people including myself. For some of us this the answer, but we’ve spent some much on all the other garbage out there. Any chance you’d offer a payment plan, broken up into 3-4 payments? I’ve got to imagine even though I know its more of a pain, that you’d sell alot more of them as well with that option. Guess one never knows until he asks aey? I guess I’ll just have to save up and pay double…ouch!

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  • Newbie Guide To Affiliate Marketing

    I know testimonials still carry some clout in most niches.

    But in the internet marketing niche, i wonder how relevant testimonials are?


    On Page Search Engine Optimization, A beginner’s Guide

  • Brian

    I do not understand the hype? Very basic information is being given and in tiny little videos? I found this guy that isnt being pumped up by gurus and his stuff is pretty interesting. And looooong. . Idk, maybe I am just wierd, but the stuff here just seems like conference hype?

  • Judy H. Wright

    Hello from beautiful Montana:

    How fun! I was just asked to give a testimonial today and so I made sure it was specific, short and spicy. Now I know it will get read and hopefully clicked on to lead them back to my url.


    Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, the storytelling trainer.

  • Jeanne May

    It was good hearing that testimonials need to be short… too often I read them and they are so long and boring! I like John’s delivery style.


  • Gerald Franklin

    This Is good for the people that is just getting started, but anyone who has been marketing for any amount of time should already know this.
    You Google Me

  • Gerald Franklin

    Hello Brian,
    Or should I say hello Frank? I went to your web site and I signed up, but have not recieved any thing yet.
    I also Google you today and could not find any thing about you.
    You Google Me

  • nashwan

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    thanks iwant and i hope call to you but i need many money
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  • Niche

    Hi, thanks for the excerpt. I tend to agree with one of the comments above. In the internet marketing or affiliate marketing niche, testimonials are widely believed to be abused. There is a sense of a Quid pro quo agreement going on.
    What do you think?

    Niche Research and Traffic Generation Tips

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