Conference Update: Jeff Walker Spills The Beans About Building Tension

Product Launch expert Jeff Walker explains how he builds tension and creates momentum in a million-dollar launch.

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  • John – Spa Marketing Guy

    This just duplicates what he explains in his “Product Launch Formula” info… that I have used for many successful campaigns and launches. The formula really works.

  • Janet

    AAAAAHHHHHH! Stop that! Please please make these videos meatier. Jeff talks about the 5 slides but you don’t show them? How will we learn from videos like this one? We should be sure to have a product launch, build excitement for 2 weeks, kinda like the SuperBowl and kinda like a scary movie. That’s what that video taught us. OK, got it. I so much appreciate the time you’re taking to share, but please make these videos meatier. Thanks so much!

    By the way, it’s nice to see these people I’ve heard about and seen stills of looking like walking, talking, real people.

  • Janet

    John – Spa Marketing Guy: what’s your website name?
    Would you please just outline here what the Product Launch Formula is? What are the general steps to take? Thanks.

  • Flashy Version

    Don’t make the videos meatier Rich!

    If you really want us to learn stuff, break
    the meaty videos into pint-sized snippets,
    like the ones your giving us here.

    We can then view one by one without
    freezing our comps.

    Anything more than 2 minutes is bad,
    and a lot of times, stupefyingly boring.

  • Jason

    I love this clip, I wish we could see more, I hope that I will learn as much from the maven bootcamp as i am learning here thanks for the testimonial videos they are really pumping me up.


  • Dan Ricci

    I’m sitting in my hotel room here at the Strategic Profits Live seminar and I just have to say that this is a dream come true for me. Last week, I was sitting in the class-room learning stuff I’m sure I’ll never use, and now after only 3 days of attendance, I feel like I’ve learned enough to last me 3 lifetimes.

    If anyone’s sitting at home wondering whether or not they should invest in Rich’s products or seminars in the future, it’ll be the best investment you make in your life!

    Also, make sure to keep participating on this blog! There’s more great content here than you’ll find anywhere else…and it doesn’t cost a thing! Stay Tuned!


  • Deborah Carraro

    I’ve have several clients who use the same strategy for their own successful product launches. The power of storytelling is an essential tool to incorporate into your online business blueprint. Keep the videos coming – they’re great!

    Deborah Carraro

  • Jon

    Showing these short videos is great presell hype for a Product Launch to sell after the conference–Good idea. Let us know when the event will be available and the cost. Sorry I could not attend.

  • Geoff Dodd – Australia

    Great ideas for building expectancy, anticipation, watering at the mouth, hope, attraction, rising temp. Thanks Jeff and Rich!

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  • Jeanne May

    Makes so much sense to turn your product release or launch into an event… even sounds kind of straightforward… like it should be the natural thing to do! But I know I don’t… not for everything… but I sure will now!

    That was great Rich
    thank you


  • James Bryant

    Once again you folks have done it! Looking forward to hearing more.


    James Bryant

  • David Slettum

    Rich, this is a great way to share some information about the conference’s content with us who could not make it. The clips are timely too, this is a great method!

    Keep up the “good stuff” and hopefully we will all ride the wave…too. Thanks!

    -David Slettum

  • Judy H. Wright

    Hello from beautiful Montana:

    Stories sell, inspire, teach and entertain. Stories also build community and loyal fans. Human beings learn and love to share their story with others as a way of connecting.

    I teach a number of teleclasses in the “Healing Power of Stories.” Please join us as we discuss how to find your “signature story”

    Thanks for the videos. Nice little break during the day.

    Judy H. Wright aka AuntieArtichoke, the storytelling trainer

  • Kurt Mitchell

    Combining a good story and video is a perfect match. I can’t wait to start implementing this great concept. Keep up the great work.

    Kurt Mitchell
    google me

  • Larkland Morley

    It always seem there are a lot of good concepts we can get from these freebies but then I think most times we have to pay the big bucks to really believe.

    What I mean is that this is free and we may take it lightly but there is a lot of useful stuff in there..

  • Walter

    Great stuff. Please keep them coming. The benefit from these small clips is likened to having a snipper rifle. One shot-one kill. Thanks.

  • Brian

    I do not understand the hype? Very basic information is being given and in tiny little videos? I found this guy that isnt being pumped up by gurus and his stuff is pretty interesting. And looooong. . Idk, maybe I am just wierd, but the stuff here just seems like conference hype?

  • Cheri Sigmon


    No, it’s not “conference hype.” How do I know? I was there and I saw and experienced it first-hand. What you can see with these short clips is just the beginning of what you can get if and when you invest in the SPL home study course. With a view to the substantial price that attendees paid to get into the conference live, the price that content is currently offered for in the Home Study Course (until tonight, Friday midnight) is an absolute steal. I can’t believe that Rich priced is so low, folks!

    Anyone who is serious about their business will want to invest this relatively small sum into their future, especially considering how CHEAP Rich is letting this excellent marketing education go. The one thing you won’t get is the live networking opp’s; the learning opportunity is there for the taking – if you want it.

    My two cents. Awesome job, Rich. I also got the SPL HSC, although I was there! This is so that I can review the material over and over again, at my convenience and leisure. Why? I have found that a person can learn something new and grasp something that you might have missed the second, third, and fourth time through materials. It’s jam-packed with actionable content. It’s essential to take the time to fully review content.

    I hope that this helps you understand the value of the short clips and decide what is right for you, folks. Good luck…

    Cheri Sigmon

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  • Michael Taylor

    Thanks Rich for sharing the valuable stuff.

    The information provided in these short videos is great.

    Michael Taylor

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