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So I’m hanging out in gorgeous San Diego at Frank Kern’s Mass Control event, and who do I run into?

The List Building Mavens themselves–Tellman Knudson and Shawn Casey.

Now, if you’ve been following my blog lately, then you know these guys have been giving away the farm recently in a series of FREE videos on how to build monster lists…

And you know we’re going to do a call this Wednesday when I’ll talk to them about their fastest and easiest behind-the-scenes techniques for generating tens of thousands of devoted followers who know, like, and trust you…

So when I saw them roaming around the hotel, I grabbed my number one guy, Brian Johnson (who had his video camera with him), yanked Tellman and Shawn to a corner table and started rolling.

This is what came out of it…

Okay, did you catch that part about the templates?

I hope you did, because when you check out this link, you’ll find the mother of all take-aways…


We’re talking squeeze pages templates and thank you page templates…all carefully tested by Tellman and Shawn to pull the biggest response possible.

In fact, if you were listening closely, Tellman mentioned that one of these squeeze page templates pulls 65% consistently.


And they’re yours for the taking.

No opt-in necessary. No hoops to jump through. No “ring-the-bell-and-win-a-prize” shtick.

Just solid, proven-to-work templates you can put to work for your business RIGHT NOW–at no charge whatsoever.


How’s that for a nice little freebie?


P.S. And don’t forget to register for the call using the form below…

Because once Brian hit “stop” on the camera, we started talking about an extra-sweet one-time bonus available only for those on the call this Wednesday at 6pm EDT.

But you gotta be there to find out what it is. So do me a favor…

Click on this link to get your FREE templates.


Then register for the “List Building Profits” call using this form:

Register For The List Building Profits Call

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  • http://EarnMoneyOnlineHub.com Chadnan

    Thanks a lot friend. I was just searching for this. I bookmarked your page..

  • http://onlinebusinesssense.com Online Business Sense

    Thanks for the templates and I have to say that I really enjoyed the video. I am working on a new web site and need to build a new list to go with it.

    I am sure that the tips that I picked up from the video along with the templates will get my project off to a great start.

    Ken Toulou

  • http://www.ijango.biz/freshair Isabel Allemang

    I’m looking for the free how to videos. Where are they?

  • http://www.leonardwilliams.me/ Leonard Williams

    This is really great! Thanks for your contribution to the new web.

  • Rob

    Rich your accomplishments are legendary and I have long awaited the opportunity to meet you. Problem we travel on two very plains where never the train shall meet for now anyway.

  • Rob

    Rich your accomplishments are legendary and I have long awaited the opportunity to meet you. Problem we travel on two very different plains where never the train shall meet for now anyway.

  • http://www.makemoneyonlinetvshow.com Jason

    Thank you very much. I love free templates. Definitely going to get me started on the right track!

  • http://supremecandlescents.info Michelle

    The page is timing out now, If this is still available I would really like to take advantage of the free templates. I have been searching online all day for this very thing.


  • http://supremecandlescents.info Michelle

    I got it, I had to copy and paste the link in my browser so if anyone else has a problem that should work. Now how do I get the videos.


  • http://www.testmyidea.com ian

    Hi Rich Thank you for your templates ..just in time for my launch;which is free but still needs a squeeze system to build my optins which are only 1,500 per month currently.

    regards Ian

  • http://www.commissionpayloadbonuspack.com Commission Payload Bonus

    THANKS!!! I was looking for a squeeze page template! With a little tweaking and some graphics it will be perfect. MUCH easier than building it from scratch!


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  • Matt

    Great Template! Looks very professional, I particularly liked Template 3.

    A warning to everyone downloading this, they included their google analytics info at the very bottom of the code and can use it to track your website and see which pages are the most successful.. so if you leave it in and become successful you’ve got a competitor who knows what they are doing and knows about it! It’s a great template but be sure you replace it with your own code!

    Nothing is ever completely free.. I was willing to let them have the free link to their page in the bottom “powered by …” but removed it out of spite once I realized the above.

  • http://forex-currencyexchange.com free forex simulator

    I know I should have gotten into capturing emails a long time ago. I’m just glad that when I started looking into it, I found this blog.

  • http://www.killervideosqueezeme.com William M Amos

    I like your squeeze pages, these are the same free squeeze pages that have been floating around the Internet for years. I bet these simple effective pages have generated millions of dollars over the years. Thank You for a FRESH copy!

  • http://www.les-femmes.info Hans Eric

    I enjoy your squeeze.

    Thank you!


  • http://www.newlinepubs.com Glenn G

    Thank you very much for the templates. I’ll put them to good use right away. Very nice interview as well. I really like the discussion type setting and the explanation. Thanks again

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    Thanks for this great information. It’s been really helpful.

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    Great resources, and information. Thanks!

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    Good Information It Help A Lot, Thanks

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    The templates are very helpful. I’ll put them to good use right away. Very nice interview as well. I really like the discussion type setting and the explanation. Thanks again

  • http://adwordslandingpage.com squeeze page templates

    It’s always nice to find some free squeeze page templates. :)

  • http://affiliatemastertools.info/ Mark

    Thanks for the freebies. I am working on developing an SEO system to help get my sites top listings, utilising an automated back linking system that is helping a lot.

    I will be using these squeeze templates to build my list from the increased number of visitors. If they work as good as stated, I’ll be increasing my email list a lot.


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    Very nice .
    Thank For Sharing,Can I use them on a Free Hosting

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    Yes I do. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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    Great squeeze pages! Thanks a lot for sharing. I’ll be using these for my Earn Money Online and Death Knight Guide sites!

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    Hey Rich… Thanks so much for this.

    I was just having a look at who ranks highly for squeeze pages… no surprise it’s you.

    I personally use Optimise Press for squeeze pages that can be easily customized, but yours are a great free option.



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  • Gracelandinternational

    Wish I never wasted all my time and money to the point of being broke on systems that do not work , also not realising my sweet spot loved the webinar and will save up the money for your mentoring course … thank I now can see where I have been making making big mistake also experiencing all the opportunity seekers failures . William Street

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    Nice work guys, I’ve been using these squeeze pages for around a month now and they have increased my conversions drastically. Thumbs up!

  • Stuff

    Thank you for the squeeze pages. High quality.

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    It is a great idea to serve up templates.
    I wasted an hour looking for different squeeze page templates. Then, who knows if they will convert.

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    Thanks Rich i’m looking for it

  • Matt

    Shawn Casey is the biggest jack off in IM land!

    I unsubscribed from his list once and the spam just kept coming and coming and coming.

    No matter how many times I hit the unsubscribe link or how many emails I sent to ask him to stop, the spam just kept coming.

  • Edison

    My name is Edison green I am new to this Internet marketing stuff can any body help me out to set up my squeeze page  I got a new domain and everything ready to go thanks guys

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    I will install now on a page of my site